Top 10 Prices For Classic Semi Trucks And Trailers

10/10 Mack B-61 – $5,000 – $46,000 The first on our “Top 10 Prices For Classic Semi Trucks And Trailers” list is the Mack B-61. This truck is made to…

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50 Incredible Custom Car Wraps

  If your car drives like a stack of bricks, it might as well look like it too. Here we have a Volvo brick mobile. Wait until you see the…

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cool and clever truck wraps

50 Cool & Clever Truck Wraps You’ll Love

Who doesn’t love a good sense of humor? And if you don’t love a good sense of humor, then you can at least appreciate a great marketing campaign, right? The…

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Get To Know The Tesla Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck made waves when it was released recently. First of all, for it’s abnormal shape. Secondly, because it is a product of Tesla and genius inventor/marketing maven Elon…

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40 Beautifully Restored Rare Trucks

There are two main things you need to know about these trucks; 1) they were awesome to begin with. I mean, legends. And, 2) they’ve been restored BEYOND their original…

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Jeep CJ-2A(Kaiser Willys)

50 of the Best Off Road Vehicles

If you’re like us then you I’ve for the days you can get one the blacktop and into some mud. What you’re about to see is the coolest, most capable…

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1955 GM Napco Power Pak(ADM Cars)

40 Awesome Old School Trucks

Old-school, the way it was meant to be. These 40 trucks are nothing short of cool, classic and enviable. You’re going to love each of these, if you’re anything like…

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20 Iconic Movie Prop Cars

If you’re like us, then you love a movie that features an awesome ride. What you’re about to see is the most memorable prop cars in Hollywood history. Some of…

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Saab Aero-X(Robin Corps)

50 Coolest Concept Cars

Concept Cars…they’re like a myth, but closer. You can almost reach out and touch them so you know they’re real, but they seem to be just on the other side…

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Subaru BRAT

70 Ugliest Cars on The Road

Listen, we love all automobiles, okay? We do, promise. But that doesn’t change the objective truth that some cars are plain and simply not attractive. It’s okay! They aren’t all…

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