50 Incredible Custom Car Wraps

We have all been on the highway at one time or another. When we are driving, the vehicle next to us occasionally catches our eye. Well, one of the leading contenders that make us turn our heads is car wraps. Many can be outlandishly funny or sleek and cool. When we see creative ones, we cannot help but stare. If anyone does not know what a car wrap is, the item is basically a vehicle vinyl that someone covers a car to give it a different finish or color. The possibilities are endless. With car wraps, people have utilized the item to make some very unique creations. That is what we want to highlight. Please enjoy.

The Brick Mobile

If someone’s car drives like a stack of bricks, it might as well look like it too. Here we have a Volvo brick mobile. This wrap is incredibly detailed. Look around the wheels. The bricks are smaller and tiled to conform around the shape. We think that is very impressive. As for the rest of the bricks, it looks more meticulous than the typical wrap. Whoever did the styling seems to have made the bricks appear lifted while their mortar joints look lowered. It definitely gives it more of a “pop” than simply having a flat texture.

The Challenger Wrap

Look again – there is no Dodge Challenger Hemi here in this image. There is, however, a black Chevy van and an owner with a sense of humor. This will go down as one of the coolest vans we have ever seen. At night we bet it even looks more like a Challenger since the rest of the van will be harder to spot while the car wrap, on the other hand, is very bright neon green. So, if a Challenger does not have enough room, get a van that looks one.

Spider-Man Wrap

Usually, when we think of Japan and Spider-Man, that television show from the 70s comes to mind. However, here we have a 2000 Custom Toyota Celica. On top of the wrap, this car has a custom wide body kit on the exterior. Though hard to see from this picture, if anyone sees the back of the car, they’ll notice it is also painted blue like Spider-Man’s costume. We love those kinds of details. With 180 horsepower, drivers will feel like they can do whatever a spider can.

The Cool Bus

A Smart car dressed up as a school bus totally makes sense to us. You are going to school to get smarter, plus dropping the “S” in school just makes it that much more awesome. If someone comes to High School, it will turn everyone’s heads. A one seated bus with the word “cool” written on the side, it is impossible that the student driving this wouldn’t be the most popular person in their class. But seriously, we hope the wrapping was an easy process with a small car.

SpongeBob Wrap

We thought the Nissan Cube already looked like SpongeBob SquarePants, so this wrap seems like a perfect fit. We like the wrap because it blends perfectly into the decal on the back window. It cannot be easy to line those things up. If nobody has seen “SpongeBob,” it is an animated comedy that began on Nickelodeon in 1999. If someone is interested, we suggest watching seasons 1-3 and the movie because those are the episodes people will quote after they see this driving around.

Rubik’s Cube

A “Nissan Cube,” more like a “Rubik’s Cube.”  We think this car wrap is really clever. It makes us want to pick it up and start rotating it around. The design of the Nissan Cube makes it the perfect canvas for something like this wrap. If there are Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts out there, a Nissan Cube is their perfect vehicle, and the wrap would be icing on the cake. We like the details, such as the correct colors; we just wish we could rearrange the stickers to win.


Quick, to the Bassmobile. If anyone has a fisher in the family, this would be a perfect gift for them; a pickup truck wrapped like a bass. Imagine their surprise on Christmas morning. If nothing else, it would make for interesting conversations. Personally, if anyone catches a lot of fish, they do not need to get a car wrap, but if someone is terrible at it, maybe making a truck look like one is the way to go. For the average Joe, they’d see this vehicle and say, “yeah, that guy is probably a good fisherman.”

The Turtle Cap

Fittingly, the company that completed this wrap is called Turtle Transit. The business focuses on crafting mobile market vehicles in Hudson, MA. We think they did an excellent job because no one on the street will miss seeing this car. Wraps like these will definitely be a way to set a vehicle apart from everyone else’s. Also, people can get really creative with a Volkswagen Beetle. We mean, it already looks like a turtle shell. It just needed the head.

When You Got To Go

We will admit we find this car wrap funny and witty. However, we would not be caught with our pants down driving it. But hey, the man in the photo is committed. He is even wearing the same clothes as the guy on the car wrap. This seems to be some advertising for a business. We wish we could look at the company’s finances to see if the car wrap effectively brought new customers or scared them away. But we are sure they are number one or number two at what they do.

Going Plaid

If anyone is not a fan of Ferraris, they probably think this car wrap is hilarious. If we did not find some humor in decking out a car likely worth over $100,000 in plaid, we’d be lying. But seriously, we question people’s decisions sometimes. We are not the kind of group that goes around telling people what they should and should not spend their money on, but there had to be something better than this. Maybe this car is one of those modern art pieces where they take some beauty and make it unpleasant. That is our guess anyway.

The Lambo-Van

We love optical illusions. If an owner of a van wanted to make people think they had a sports car, they might be able to pull it off for a minute or two. In any case, that second glance at a vehicle makes these wraps perfect for advertising. Other drivers will look at this vehicle and look at it again to confirm if what they are seeing is real. Then their eyes will glance at the business or product. That is not a bad way to get a couple of new eyes. Whether or not that translates into sales, we don’t have the numbers.

The Pizza Corvette

Ventura County restaurant chain owner Dan Collier owns this C3 Corvette. His restaurants have the fitting name PizzaManDan’s. Collier had the car wrapped with a pizza picture covered with cheese and pepperoni. The wrap is obviously for promotional purposes, and we bet it works. There is nothing better than seeing America’s favorite sports car covered in America’s favorite food. Collier brought this to the 31st annual International Pizza Expo in 2015, where pictures of this Corvette spread like a wild fire. We didn’t even know Pizza Expos were a thing.

Louis Vuitton Bugatti Chiron

If anyone can afford a Bugatti Chiron, they cannot go wrong. Well, we take that back; there are multiple ways. One of them is adding this car wrap. We will fill everyone in for those not even sure what they are looking at when they see this vehicle. The pattern is from the fashion company Louis Vuitton. People can usually spot this look on bags or other goods. We think it appears fine on certain products, but not so much on a car. We believe if they went with all tan or black that would be incredible. However if anyone is a fan of the company, there is undoubtedly a charm to this piece.

Finding Fiat

This one is neat. It is a Fiat 500 dressed up as clownfish. The paint pattern is bright and colorful. Plus, it would be fun to “swim” through a “sea” of traffic. Though don’t actually drive the vehicle into the water. Something tells us it will not float. Also, the Fiat 500 is a pretty small car. It makes sense why out of every creature in the ocean they could go with, the car stylist chose a clownfish because let’s be honest, the Fiat 500 somewhat resembles a clown car.


Someone saw a Mercedes-Benz C-Class and said, “that looks like a snake.” After witnessing this car wrap, we see it entirely. The vehicle’s shape and the headlights are definitely reminiscent of everyone’s favorite reptile. The wrap just brings all those characteristics to the forefront. Speaking about the car wrap, the detail is excellent. The scale pattern has so many shapes and sizes, just like natural snakeskin. We can almost reach out and feel it. We just do not want the Mercedes-Benz to bite us.

Crazy Taxi

Crazy Taxi is one of our favorite games at the arcade, and now someone has brought one of those vehicles to life thanks to a car wrap. Platinum Motors Cars dealer Jonathan Smith made this vehicle and participated in various cross-country rallies. The company completed this vinyl wrap in record time. We think this is an excellent use for Rolls-Royce Ghost. However, if the owner actually wanted to use it as a cab, the people he picked up would have to know they would get to their destination in no time at all.

McLaren 650S Hulk Edition

The manufacturers of this car created it for the Gold Rush Rally. This McLaren comes equipped with a 3.8L twin-turbo engine with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. It can go 0-97 kmph in only 2.7 seconds. We think that is “incredible.” We see why they chose the Hulk wrap to characterize this car. The McLaren 650S seems angry and fast. We also love the art, and it looks like it ripped right out of the comic books. If someone got this on the street, everyone else better beware.

The Smart Tiny Tikes Cozy Coupe

After looking at this car wrap, it cannot be unseen. The Smart car is truly an adult version of the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. Think about it they are similar shapes and take little power to move. Also, there is not a lot of room inside to move around. Whoever did this wrap is very clever. It is almost a perfect match from the red base to the yellow top. We think anyone who saw this on the road would get a good chuckle. We just hope other drivers do not get confused and believe it’s an actual Little Tikes car on the street.

Jurassic Park Explorer

Any Jurassic Park fan will recognize this vehicle immediately. It is a Ford Explorer XLT 1992. It appeared in the first movie and toured around the park. Whichever person wrapped this car paid close attention because it looks near-identical to its cinematic counterpart. Hopefully, it does not stop working next to a cage of a T-rex. But seriously, we are impressed with the time this must have taken. Looking at it makes us remember the “Jurassic Park” theme on loop. Universal Studios should hire this person if they ever need more Explorers.

Watermelon Car

There is nothing to see here other than your run-of-the-mill Watermelon car. This is such a dedication to the delicious fruit; we are nothing short of impressed by this one. We wonder why someone would make this vehicle, but it looks tasty. One of the favorite touches the creators did to this vehicle is they made the interior red to match the insides of the watermelon. Even the black fixtures like the air conditioning and handles look like seeds. Now do not get us started on the outside. The shades of green, and the texture on the wrap is simply remarkable.

Professor Zundapp

This Zündapp Janus looks straight out of Pixar’s “Cars” franchise. More specifically, people who added the wrap made it resemble Professor Zundapp, a villain from “Cars 2” (2011). If they ever did this in live-action, this is how he would look. The Janus was the only vehicle Zündapp ever produced, named after a Greek god. Manufacturing this vehicle only lasted a year, so seeing this car is a rarity. We are not sure the car wrap was the correct call if this is an original. If it is a replica, all the more power to them.

When The Car Smiles Back

Some experts think that smiling relieves stress and elevates one’s mood. Maybe the same holds true for cars. We can picture kids imagining a vehicle’s grill looking like a smile, and whoever did this car wrap took that bit of anthropomorphism to the extreme. They literally gave the car’s grill a mouth and a highly detailed one at that. Well, if it is smirking, at least the car is always happy about something. The next thing we need to do is give the windshield eyes.

Fed Ex Double Trouble

This looks like another truck is driving past a Fed Ex truck. In reality, it is a car wrap with a picture of a vehicle plastered on the side. It is so detailed they even have a driver in the image. We think that Fed Ex really went out of their way on this one. Park this behind a wall to cover the end, and people might actually think it is two vehicles. Anyway, the company definitely cleverly utilized the space.

Asparagus Cement Mixer

Yum, asparagus. Cement trucks always have the coolest wraps around their mixer tanks, and this Kenworth is no exception. It looks like a bundle of asparagus at a grocery store, complete with a band tying them together—definitely a unique use of the shape. Anyway, seeing this has got us in the mood to repave our driveway and eat some vegetables. We think that might be the big takeaway. Also, we believe the green wrap complements the blue on a side note and makes it really stick out in this image.

Wooden Car

With the price of lumber lately, this car might as well look like pure gold. No, it is not real wood. The material is a wood grain car wrap. If someone saw this driving down the road, they’d have to laugh. If someone actually made a wooden car, it would probably catch on fire really fast. But at the same time, we can’t help feel there is something comfortable looking at this car. It reminds us of an old log cabin in automotive form.

Mecha Street Car

Speed Pro Imaging does everything from wall graphics to banners and car wraps. As evidenced by this image, they even do Smart Cars too. And while we are not sure why this wrap was needed, it gives Smart Cars a little more street cred. The metal panels and the caution tape stick out compared to the standard colors, and it gives the vehicle a very mechanized appearance. We are sure when people drive by, they will look at this unique car wrap creation with awe and envy.

Cosmic Car Wrap

Intergalactic custom car wraps are the thing of the future. Here is a Lamborghini wrap that is cool. Like most Lamborghinis, this car catches people’s eyes, but the difference here is this one has stars covering the whole thing. However, we admittedly like the standard colors a little more. If someone is interested in this wrap, it is available on Rvinyl. They also sell some other cosmic patterns. The best part is that no one needs to own a Lamborghini to apply it. However, if someone reading this does have one, we’d love a ride.

Catfish Car

We wonder why someone would want to make their car look like a catfish. But, hey, we are not complaining. Honestly, going through this list, the Volkswagen Beetle can look like many animals. In this case, a fish. The fins really sell it. We also like the wrap of the grey fading into silver along with details on the hood. The headlights certainly do look eyes, and the grill makes a mouth. Beetles seem to create the perfect fish car. The owner did not even add that much to get the appearance.

Brick Van Wrap

This is the vehicle that legends are made of, a classic Chevy van with brick wrap. If only they would also cover tires and wheels. That was a joke. But seriously, this van looks like a mobile wall on the street. If someone wanted to block something off, this is the vehicle to do it. The van is already huge, and bricks would reinforce the idea that it is not going anywhere. But personally, we’d put a basketball hoop on the side because it would remind us of brick walls in our city.

Jaguar Wrap On A Jaguar

Here is a car wrap for those on the prowl. This Jaguar’s owner wrapped it with a jaguar. We love classic cars, so the Vintage Jag is good in our book. Plus, we are fans of visual gags and those willing to go out to make them a reality. Sometimes a car wrap can look different, cool, or bad. What we have here is pure hilarity and cleverness. We mean it is not the most original idea, but few are willing to spend this much money for a simple pun. We admire the effort.

Nissan GT-R Car Wrap

No, this car wrap was not an effort to combat drive snow blindness. However, it is one of the greatest marketing campaigns we have ever seen. The Nissan GT-R never looked as fantastic as it does in black and white while athletes perform aerial maneuvers on the slopes. We just hope the skier can make it over the car. But if he does a face plant into it, at least he can see the excellent car wrap up close. With a wrap like this, the driver does not seem to mind driving in the snow to show it off.

Colorful Corvette

For some reason, this wildly colorful custom Chevy Corvette car wrap looks equal parts hand-made and yet wholly mechanistic. The cool-colored blue stripe down the middle really offsets the wash of warm coloring that encompasses most of the rest of the vehicle. If we had to describe it, the vehicle looks like someone hydro-dipped it. That is the process where someone mixes paint and water in a bucket, then places an object inside and pulls it out. The method creates some incredible designs. We wonder if the creator did that on a bigger scale.

Odd Grassy Toyota

This is a furry Toyota FJ Cruiser with seashells and some unidentified creatures on top; that is some combination. It kind of looks nice and peaceful or completely outrageous, depending on which way someone wants to think about it. It makes us wonder what the creator’s intent is. In any case, the grass texture looks incredibly real. It reminds us of a golf course. The Toyota’s roof would make for a fun space to practice our backswings if it was not for those creatures. There is probably a lot more to say about this wrap; we just like its oddness.

Progressive Insurance Wrap

Progressive insurance has a little fun with their driver training centers. Recruits drive trucks like this one, themed out with various fun wraps on the doors. It makes us want to apply after seeing how good of a time they have. As for this particular wrap, nothing feels better than swim trunks in the summertime. Though with how hot it gets, the driver might wish he actually was wearing them behind the door. We hope the vehicle has some cool air conditioning on those scorching excursions.

Foxtons X-Ray Car

This driver has that classic X-Ray wrap that lets people passing by see into the car’s interior. We used to call that a window. Seriously, that is a witty car wrap. We like the skeleton of the driver and the fact people can see the gears and inner workings of the car. The thing we find challenging about this wrap is it seems to conform to the exact scope of this vehicle. In short, the wrap is custom to this car and probably expensive. The car actually belongs to British estate agency Foxtons Group plc. Hey, if someone has the money, why not build an X-Ray car.

Taxi Surfer Car Wrap

Nissan Transparent Van

This Nissan Commercial van went all out with a complete custom body wrap. And as far as solid visuals go, this one delivers. We like that everyone can see inside the van. We would have never guessed how much space was inside one of these things. It is incredible how the man in the illustrations walks through it perfectly fine. I think most people would have to hunch over a little or at the very least be hold on to something to balance. This guy is just strolling through the van.

Aligator Tailgate

Running Wrap

Taxi Surfer Car Wrap

Okay, so there are two things we have to mention about this awesome commercial wrap picture. First, this is the coolest Visa sponsored taxi we have seen, and second, there are two guys in the background standing on top of a rail while clinging to a lamp post. We do not know why they are doing that. In any case, the wrap makes it look this person is running. It would actually be really cool if someone used led technology to add some motion to the legs. Maybe that will be the wrap of the future.

Alligator Tailgate

Aligator Tailgate

This alligator tailgate wrap was found on a pickup truck in Gurnee, Illinois. But wait, there is snow in the background. This gator might want to consider moving back to Florida or Louisiana, so it won’t need a jacket to go swimming. Seriously, that is an incredible illusion. We like that we can see through the truck bed. The stylist even included the truck box on the wrap. However, another driver would have to be at the right angle to truly appreciate the artwork.

Carmine Red & Satin Black Wrap

Check out this Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z06 with a Carmine Red & Satin Black Wrap. The artist behind this piece is Wraptor Autostyling. If anyone is curious, the film type used by this company is dual-layer. We think it looks fantastic. While we typically prefer original colors, if someone can wrap their sports car in a cool way like this one, we could definitely get behind it. Thanks to the red blending into the black, this Corvette looks like it has grit. It might intimidate people out on the track.  

Ferrari 458 Warhawk

A Ferrari 458 Speciale custom car wrap looks like a ground-attack aircraft’s business end (we’re looking at you, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk). This Ferrari is awesome! Although the U.S. aircraft roundel on the door is a touch confusing, the overall custom car wrap is a thing of beauty. For the record, the military introduced this roundel in the 1980s, so a little after WWII. History aside, the owner made this wrap for the 2015 goldRush Rally in Miami. We are sure attendees got a kick out of it. Also on the back of the car are names of charities regarding the U.S. Military; very cool.

Butterfinger Mobile

Well, if this souped-up Butterfinger mobile is not the snazziest candy ad in the whole world, then we do not know what is. This one is too cool. Lifted with entirely custom wheels and a paint job was no cheap ordeal. The colors even match those of the candy wrappers. Fun fact, Otto Schnering, founder of the Curtis Candy Company in Illinois, invented the Butterfinger in 1923. His company dropped the candy from airplanes into cities in a marketing campaign. So Butterfinger has always been into over-the-top publicity pushes.


Check out this Smike (Smart Car Bike)! This is but one in a long line of Smart Car wraps that have evolved over the years. However, for comparison’s sake, the smart car and BMW bike probably get about the same gas mileage. Again, this is the long line of a Smart car trying to look like something it is not. It might be possible Smart is having an identity crisis. But seriously, if someone mods a Smart car with a different engine, they can go quite fast. Maybe the motorcycle wrap is warranted.

Gorilla Peel-away

Peel-away vehicle wraps are consistently among the most interesting. It’s like people get a sneak peek of what’s inside. Evidently, all it takes is one strong cartoon gorilla with a diet of steroids and growth hormones to get the job done. King Kong has nothing on us. Well, maybe he does. This car looks like a lab or testing facility gone awry. The driver better looks out. We are not sure what it is advertising, but we can say it draws our attention.

Cheetah Wrap

At first glance, we thought this was some kind of actual fake fur, but this is just a really cool wrap on a Mercedes. With this on someone’s car, they will be king of the urban jungle. The texture of this wrap is pretty unique. We can see all the detail in the coat, plus all the bright colors help make this vehicle stand out. We would be curious to see how many other people would put this on their Mercedes. Also, if anyone is wondering, we believe it is cheetah skin.

Bob Ross Wrap

Bob Ross is on the car hood, painting another car hood. This just may be the most creative car wrap we have ever seen! And of course, he’s painting the Buick that doubles as the canvas. What a creative idea. There are several levels of meta here we appreciate. Also, we will throw in fun Bob Ross facts for everyone. He used to be an Air Force sergeant. When stationed in Alaska, he painted landscapes on pans that he sold for 25 bucks.

Smart Car Motorcycle

Here is an incredible car wrap. It is another one that makes the driver look like he is riding on a motorcycle! We are not sure why these are so popular, but they are definitely fun. We can get down with that. As for this particular wrap, we think the blue makes it stand out quite a bit against the silver. Also, a neat touch is the illustrated fenders are right above the wheels. When they move, we bet it will get a chuckle from people passing on the other side of the street.

Russian Bank Van

Corn on the Car

This looks like actual corn on the cob, a very fast corn on the cob. We have never seen anything quite like it. The wrap is highly detailed. Just look at the texture from the image. People can see the groves between kernels. Maybe this car can go fast that the outer body turns into popcorn. But seriously, if someone had this vehicle at a farmers market, we bet it could draw crowds. Just make sure if someone uses it, they are selling corn. It would not make much sense otherwise.

Swat Van

Russian Bank Van

This Russian Bank Van has one clever vehicle wrap. And who knows, the swat team depicted on the side of the van could actually be inside. So, if someone plans on robbing this bank, they might want to choose another one instead. We also think it is clever that the illustration includes the door opening and window on the back. However, we believe people passing by might be a little startled. But then again, if the driver is going 70 on the highway, we doubt the men would be sitting perfectly still if they were real.

Blue Stripe Wrap

If anyone has ever gotten a Dr. Pepper from a gas station in the year 1999, this paint scheme probably looks familiar. Not what you would expect out of a sports car owner, but a unique design that people do not see every day. We think the light blue and dark blue lines really stand out against the rest of the white car. It definitely leaves an impression without overdoing things. Sometimes minimalism is the best route for making a fantastic-looking wrap. We wouldn’t mind driving this around.

Spaceballs The Car Wrap

Why not make the tailgate on your truck into some funky, weird rendition from the classic cult film “Spaceballs” (1987). This is legendary, to be honest. If anybody has not seen the movie – they are missing out. It is hilarious. For those who have, a car wrap like this will make people think that this truck can hit ludicrous speed. The person who drives this is probably always rushing to get to his father’s brother’s nephew’s cousin’s former roommate’s house to watch instant cassettes.

Porche But Pretending

If you need permanent therapy after seeing this we don’t blame you. However, we also ask that you don’t blame us either. Our story is semi nude vehicle wraps are in vogue so we just had to share this one!

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Nebula Car Wrap


What is this, a P-40 Porsche? This Porsche has been wrapped to resemble a completely camo-ed out Curtiss P-40 Warhawk or an A-10 Warthog. The car looks almost as intense as the aircraft themselves, too.

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Spiderman Car Wrap

Maserati In Space

Nebula Car Wrap

What do you do when you want to take your Maserati Gran Turismo Sport to a new level? Theme it out with an awesome Nebula car wrap! Cool, classy, time travel-esque, this Maserati will take you to the moon and back!

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Corvette Nose art Wrap

Spider Wrap

Spiderman Car Wrap

Car wraps really took off as a trend in 2016. They have since evolved to encompass mattes, chrome and texture patterns. It’s a way for car enthusiasts to show off their vehicle, attitude and imagination.

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Trans Am I Seeing Things

Corvette Nose art Wrap

How awesome of an idea is this brilliant car wrap? Normally we would expect to see this on the nose of a B-29 or B-52 WWII bomber or fighter jet. Yet, this car looks just as mean as an aircraft with its WWII era signature toothy grin!

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Flames Car Wrap

Cheetah Lotus

Would you do this to your Lotus Elite Tiger super car? Themed out in a two tone yellow and white, the stripes make it look like a real Bengal tiger. Beast of the jungle, meets of the road; it’s the ultimate allegory come to life through this vehicle wrap!

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Nissan On Fire

Flames Car Wrap

Skinz is know for theming out all sorts of vehicles with incredible commercial vehicle wraps. One look at this Tesla and its easy to see why they are the go to source for high end wraps. Even better, you can choose a fire theme, chrome, matte or anything else your mind can think up!

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Full Flag Wrap

Oh, wow. How good is this one? The red, white, and blue Jeep Wrangler is absolutely stunning. It’s an American flag but it’s so much more than that, the lifted Jeep on black rims is gnarly enough but with the American car wrap…wow. The word ‘perfect’ is not a stretch with this one.

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Pixelated Wrap

Pixelated Custom car wraps that are colorful to attract bees looking to pollinate? Yes, please. The rotating rows of cool colors transitioning into warm colors and back again as the color flows from rear to front is a beautiful custom car wrap. Isn’t this a beauty?

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Dog Face Paint Job

This is what happens when you graduate from airbrushing t-shirts at a beach side stand to doing vehicle wraps. This car looks like it would be a lot of fun to drive. You could catch a lot of bugs with that tongue for sure.

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Full Fur Wrap

The Shaggin’ Wagon!!

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Color Wheel Bentley

This Bentley has to be the most colorful car we’ve ever seen. Bentley Motors makes a great car and this wrap takes it to the next level for those wanting to catch your eye.

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Surf Sitting Wrap


Catching a few waves is no problem with this awesome vehicle wrap. Let the windows down and enjoy the cool breeze while you catch waves on the road. Take it to the beach for a redundant, but fun, play on the entire theme!

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Good Jeans Wrap

Want to make some extra cash while driving around town? Companies will pay you to drive as advertisement for their goods and services. This sharp Levi’s themed car advertises for the company while the driver gets paid too!

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Sponge Bob’d

Are ya ready kids? (Aye, aye, captain) I can’t hear you (Aye, aye, captain). If you are in your 20s or 30s, or you have a child….you know exactly what that song sounds like. I mean, what a crazy car wrap!

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Ferrari For Real

Look at DHL being clever and relevant. Their commercial wrap is a nice play on their tag line “The Fastest Express Service.” Wa wonder how many double takes people make it a stoplight when they see this van pull up beside them!

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Lambo Wrap

Woah, trippy! The purple, violet, teal and pink ensemble on the Lamborghini is sleek and pops right off the screen. How amazing would it be to see this bad boy cruising up beside you at a red light? Amazing work from whoever applied this custom car wrap.

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Pacman Ferrari

Someone must really love Pac Man to put this wrap on a Ferrari. The car is incredible. The wrap is peculiar as my grandmother would say. Check out the detail on that strawberry on the hood. This is some professional work on a beautiful Ferrari.

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Wave Wraps

Create a custom and hilarious car wrap of yourself surfing, and have it tie in seamlessly to the driver side window so it looks like the driver is in a totally different place! This is a great example to start this list off with.

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Pixel Wrap

This BMW car wrap isn’t funny, but dang is it cool looking! We love it.

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Rick and Morty Car Wrap

Velvet Wrap

Who says you can’t put a rug as the exterior for your car? Not exactly sure how this holds up in the rain but it looks awesome if that’s your kind of thing.

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Rick & Morty Painted

Rick and Morty Car Wrap

Evidently, there is a seedy underbelly of substandard vehicle wraps as proven by this photo. We don;t know why you would do this to a perfectly good sports car. The only advice we can offer is stay away from drugs or you might turn your car into this thing.

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Mazda Car Wrap

Ferrari Zen Wrapped

Sometimes a black and white message is preferable to color. Such is the case with this amazing high end sports car wrap. It has a pop of orange here and there, but the black white image truly elevates this vehicle from excellent to epic!

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Land Rover Camo Car wrap

Camo Mazda CX9

Mazda Car Wrap

This camouflaged Mazda CX 9 is going for its first test drive as a prototype for the 2016 line up. if you saw it then it was barely recognizable. However, car manufacturers use radical camouflage like this as a form of advertising more so than an attempt to hide the true nature of the vehicle.

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Discover Car Wrap

Land Rover Winter Camo Wrap

Land Rover Camo Car wrap

No, this is not a military vehicle used for night ops or wet work. Land Rover themed out their Discovery Sport Edition with a camouflage wrap for its test drive. it looks military, but the pattern was meant to suggest an untuned television snow pattern.

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X-Ray Wrap

Discover Car Wrap

Sometimes car wraps are meant to reveal features mores so than draw attention. Such is the case here with this vehicle wrap from Land Rover. It is meant to draw attention to it’s seating capacity (three rows).

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Acura Car Wrap

False Patina Wrap

Police pulled the owner of this Volkswagen Transporter van over after a mere three days of him wrapping the vehicle in a rust them. He explained that he did it so protect the vehicle from theft and they laughed.

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Honda Test Camo

Acura Car Wrap

Even Honda gets in on the car camo wrap when testing their new vehicles. However, you have to wonder where this idea comes from? Who knows, maybe they are partial to 90s psychedelic poster art.

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Jaguar Swirls car wrap

Tail Gator Wrap

These gators just wanted to stay in Florida, but it looks like this truck driver has other plans for them. Okay, let’s be honest. Did that tailgate wrap trick you too? We had to take a closer look at that tailgate handle to see it was a wrap.

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Jaguar XJ Camo

Jaguar Swirls car wrap

Jungle cats are know for their expert sneak attacks. However, that is not the case with this Jaguar XJ. The black and white swirls make it impossible to sneak up on anything, but it still looks epic!

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BMW Rust Wrap

This BMW i8 is something else. To create the wrap, actual rust was applied to the wrap film so it would look authentic when applied. The end result is stunning and can easily be removed should he ever want his BMW i8 returned to its natural state.

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Custom Mirror Wrap

This car was made for the person that always looks at themselves in the mirror. You will be able to catch yourself from many angles when you look at this one. It is definitely impressive getting that many mirrors to cover the car like a wrap.

Tied-Up And Kidnapped

When we found this insane tailgate wrap, we had to do a double take to make sure that wasn’t a real person in the bed of the truck. This kind of tailgate wrap is something you don’t want to drive in front of police too long with or you will have a lot of explaining to do.