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Fast and furious

35 Fast and Furious Facts

35. Vin Diesel agreed to Cameo in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, but under One Condition Studio execs thought it would be a good idea to cameo Vin’s character in…

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funny bumper sticker sayings

Funny Bumper Stickers You Don’t See Everyday

Don’t get too close to this guy, unless you want something thrown at you! That being said, we all took driver’s ed here. We all saw the breakdown of where…

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50 Incredible Abandoned Aircraft

The boneyard! No matter the price tag on the jet, the amount of passengers in the airbus, the level of security clearance on the aircraft – at some point, all…

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50 Little-Known Facts About Engines

50. The world record for removing and replacing a car engine is 42 seconds, set in 1985 on a Ford Escort. Not every engine can be that simple though, as…

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50 Awesome Cars With Cool Names

50. Maserati Mistral The Mistral is a 2-seat grand touring car produced between 1963 and 1970 by Italian car manufacturer Maserati. Named after a cold northerly wind in the south…

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M1 Abrams - soldiers uses a smoke grenade to secure an area during a combined arms live fire exercise

Amazing Facts About M1 Abrams Tank

The first time M1 Abrams tanks entered combat was the Persian Gulf War in Operation Desert Storm 1991. Of the 1,848 M1A1s deployed, only 14 were damaged and 9 were…

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