Auto Mechanics Share The Funniest Things They See On The Job

Auto mechanics have the task of servicing their local community’s vehicles. Whether they’re maintaining or repairing, it’s necessary to keep the neighbors moving. However, not everyone who owns a vehicle has been taught how to maintain them between visits. This post is specifically focused on the weird and wacky types of projects that can end up rolling into the auto shop. Some of these projects will make you scratch your head; some might even gross you out. But at the end of the day, if we all know a few things to look for, it could save a lot of money on repairs. We hope you enjoy this funny list of the strangest things mechanics have seen on the job.

Spark Plug Oil Pan Bolt

Hmmm….I Don’t Think That Goes There – It doesn’t take an auto mechanic to know that a spark plug is not supposed to go into the oil pan. But hey, it looks like it works! Is this some genius mechanic hack, or is it just a coincidence that the thread pattern lines up perfectly? Either way, that probably shouldn’t go there.

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Rags To Ruins

Here’s what the mechanic had to say. “Co-Worker left a couple of shop rags in the engine valley when doing intake tests. Now he has to replace the engine.” If you’re a car mechanic, this might be one of your worst nightmares. I hope he was able to find some humor in it.

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Stop The Rattle

How to Fix an Exhaust Rattle for 25 Cents! Hey, it happens. Exhaust pipes rattle loose from their housing sometimes, and it can be a hassle to get repairs done, and an even bigger hassle to have to listen to the rattles. Here’s a 25-cent fix that caught the mechanic by surprise.

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Million Mile Club

The Million-Mile Club This is from the auto mechanic himself: “Customer Has Been Coming in Since 200k Miles. Said he’d get to 1 million. I’ve been waiting for that day for years. Today he casually rolled up and asked to plug his tire. Needless to say, Best Tire Plug Ever!”

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Took It To The Rim

Rims Are Making a Funny Noise – The customer was under the impression that there was no spare, and instead of getting this repaired immediately – he drove around like this for 3 days! They must have felt like they were driving the Flintstone’s mobile with how bumpy of a ride that must have been.

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Duct Tape Will Fix It

Duct Tape Is Always The Solution – Cracks in the tire? Use duct tape. Got a flat? Use duct tape. You can use duct tape to hold old tires together by patching holes and augmenting your worn tire treads. What could go wrong? Oddly enough, this funny duct tape solution actually works, though we wouldn’t recommend it long term.

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Thats Now How This Works

Duct Tape Is A Temporary Solution – Unless it’s not. The problem with duct tape is the tire rotation on the road or weather can melt it. That is why it is not a permanent fix, but a temporary solution.

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Check The Tread

Plenty of Tread Left. Right? – Fun fact: If you take your car to the shop and they find something crucially wrong with it (like a completely bald tire driving around out in the rain), then they are required to have you sign a waiver saying you release the mechanic from legal concern if there is an accident because you don’t get the problem fixed. This is one of those cases.

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Gears Are Gone

Gears are Shot – We’ve all wondered about the horror stories/comedies that have to come from the mechanic’s garage. And finally, we’ve put them all together for you. You’re going to love these photos and stories of some of the funniest and scariest moments that mechanics had to deal with in the shop.

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Should Have Used A Wix Oil Filter – The auto shop claimed that the customer swore he hadn’t driven his Camaro in two years. That’s his oil filter there on the right. So…what do you think?  Check out the Fram Oil Filter Guide, we’d suggest, cause you clearly need one.

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Funny Noises

Look Out – During the winter months, animals look for warmer places to live for survival. A common shelter is inside vehicles. These are ideal locations because they are small and compact spaces, plus the engine stays warm long after it is shut off. If an animal enters your car, the problems they can cause is chewing wires, seats, and interiors.

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Steering Problems

Customer Came in Saying He’s Having Some Steering Issues – Now – while we applaud the ingenuity and resolve of this driver to even make it to the shop, we have to warn strongly against using some hand tools as a steering wheel replacement. However, late on in the post you will see a starring wheel replacement we can approve of. So hang around for that.

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Just A Warning

Just A Warning – Here’s the safety cord, just pull on this calmly if all of a sudden, your car won’t stop accelerating. Which seems like a pretty crucial task when operating a vehicle. It is nice that the owner of the car at least gave the mechanics a warning sign before letting them get in and possibly hurt themselves.

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What Does The Light Mean?

What Does This Light Mean? Hey does this mean there is something going on with the brakes, perhaps? Well – good news is that it’s certainly not the engine or the battery. Bad news is that yes there is absolutely an issue ongoing with the brakes. Best of luck with that one, my friend.

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Who Needs Knobs?

Gotta do, what you got to do – Hey man sometimes you’ve just got to put some vice grips into your air conditioning and heating sockets in order to operate the vehicle. Why not just go ahead and use it for the fan controls and defrost as well. And that’s just fine by us.

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Parking Brake Vice Grips

Who Really Needs an Operational Parking Brake Anyway – This entry isn’t from a mechanic, but rather the owner himself. After he bought a new truck, he found something scary/hilarious. He found this holding the parking brake in place. This was on a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. That’s just downright unsafe – good thing he noticed it early.

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Eggs On The Grill

When I Saw This I Told Her It Wasn’t Going To Be Cheep – This is honestly one of the better Robin’s nest we’ve ever seen. This took some time to put together. Don’t worry, the eggs were safely relocated and hatched successfully under human intervention – and the car was fixed up nice and new as well. A happy ending.

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Not How This Works

Customer States Temperature Gage is Reading Full Tank –  Just your every day, filled-to-the-brim tank full of hot. We’re not sure what the specific issue is in this bad boy, but it certainly isn’t because there’s a temperature gage reading full tank. This is hilarious! If your car was running that hot, just be grateful you made it to the shop.

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Under Pressure

111 PSI is Not Right – Everyone knows (well, maybe not everyone but…) that the air pressure in your tires should hover around the 35-45 psi (pounds per square inch) range. Possibly even getting up to the 80 range on some bigger trucks might be ok. So, seeing a tire with triple-digit psi is not only a wild surprise but also a huge concern.

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Over Filled

Woah! – Surprised it didn’t explode into the shop! As crazy as this looks, it’s actually kind of cool-looking. But yeah, definitely going to need to put a new set of Goodyear tires on that bad boy. I kind of want to pop one of the pimples just to see the explosion that ensues. But the boss man said no.

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Protect Your Valuables

Custom Catalytic Converter Cover – U-Haul must be tired of replacing stolen catalytic converters. This photo is taken of the undercarriage of a U-Haul 16-foot moving truck. The re-bar has been welded on to protect the converter from being nicked! Smart move, U-Haul.

Drivers Seat

A Driver’s Seat is a Driver’s Seat – J.D. Power and Associates 5x IIHS Top Safety Pick Award of the Year in Its Class, while simultaneously winning Beach Bum of the Year Award in Rancho Cucamonga, California. If you think these stories are humorous, check out our top 10 funny pictures at auto repair shops.

Whatever Works

It’s A Knob, Isn’t It – Is that a knob from a hose? Like a garden hose? That is crazy! This one is so creative that the mechanics were actually pretty excited to see it.

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Aye, Aye Captain

Aye, Aye, Captain – Don’t let the pirate steering wheel distract you from the fact that gear selector is a bottle of rum. Can you imaging explaining this if you got pulled over? But other than it being so wild – it’s actually a pretty awesome set of edits for this vehicle.

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Plugs Look Bad

Just pulled out Anakin Skywalkers legs – That’s hilarious. Kudos to this mechanic for a high-quality sense of humor. But you know what’s not funny? When the Auto Body Toolmart down the road leaves a wrench INSIDE your vehicle. Check it out…

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Forget Something?

That’s Not Where That’s Supposed To Go – From the vehicle owner this time, “Firestone left me a nice snap-On wrench. Been there for 2 days! I thought I heard something rubbing…” Well, congratulations sir, you are the proud new owner of a brand new, auto body shop grade wrench. Enjoy.

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Football Will Fix It

The Fix-It Football – Are your shocks loosened up? Not as springy as they once were? Do you feel a bounce and rattle every time you break or run over a speed bump? Well, don’t go to some Pep Boys Auto Store for a legitimate fix. No way!

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Mattress Matters

A Mattress Put His Truck To Sleep – Don’t sleep on beds in the road. And don’t think your Ford F-350 is too macho to not be affected by a spring mattress, because it isn’t. Those wires can wreak havoc in your undercarriage! I bet the mechanics got a good laugh about this one.

Fuel Tank Is Loose

Hold on Tight – Fuel tank at risk of clean dropping out of your car? Ehh, just strap it in there, what could possibly go wrong?! We wish we could say we understand the next one…

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Wood This Work?

Wood Block Coil Spring Stabilizers – Because you know what would go really well under the hood – some dry firewood! Why not? This is heinous and the owner of this car should get arrested for gross negligence and stupidity.

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Zip Tie Champion

Zip Ties Are A Mechanic’s Best Friend – If it’s broken, don’t weld it. Don’t replace it or even fix it. Just throw some zip ties at the problem and that will do just fine! Pure chaos on the next one…

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Where’s The Battery?

Ferrari Battery – Have you ever seen the battery in a Ferrari? Of course you haven’t. And most mechanics haven’t either. Which is why it takes them a good bit of time to locate it in front of the passenger front tire. Who knew?

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On A Budget

Can’t Afford New Tires –The mechanic said this, “2017 Maserati Owner Refused to buy new tires and insists on driving it away.” Well that makes sense. The owner spent all his money on the Maserati and now can’t afford to put tires on it that aren’t bald! Typical cheapskate.

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The Car From the Future

How would you react if you see something this incredible on the road? I am not sure if I would stop and compliment this gentleman’s skills or laugh inside. This man seems to be moving to another planet. Wouldn’t be too surprised if he’s found to be having a mattress hidden somewhere in this vehicle. I, however, only have one question to ask – is this economical?

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The Wooden Vehicle

I know who to contact the next time my car needs a repair. I don’t care what anyone else says, this hilarious hack is a masterstroke. No more bumps and damages to worry about. You’re doing it right, mister. This wonderful craftsmanship would also serve as an amazing tailgate vehicle for sporting events anywhere. We could think of many different uses for this vehicle.

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Coke to the Rescue

Looks like this gentleman took the ‘Whatever you do, think of good ice cold Coca-Cola’ tag a little too seriously.  Shall we start a petition and ask Coke to hire him as an ambassador?  Will be a better choice than Kendall Jenner. Don’t agree? Prove me wrong. At the very least the owner of this vehicle is a genius like Mac Gyver.

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Open Every Lock

Beer whenever you want it! With this one, you will not have to worry about having to carry a bottle opener. I know a few friends who would love to try this trick on their vehicles. Keep checking this space, this hilarious car repair article may have some new slides for you to see. We could all use some tips and tricks.

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Creative Car Repair

Is this rope or thread? Whatever it is, this repair might have taken a good few hours. Look at it carefully, this is very intricate. The artist has spent time coming up with a design that looks good. Some may argue it’s better than the original. I really wish to check how strong the bond is. I think I know which thread to pull here.

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Oil Change?

Remember to Change Your Oil, Kids – Or else it’ll just bleed out all over your entire engine and then it will look like this and then you will end up on this article and then we will all smile at your misfortune. And you don’t want that, do you?

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Thats One Way To Do It

It’s An Algorithm – If anyone can explain to us what’s going on in this photo, please shoot us an email. Otherwise, carry on to the next photo which is equally confusing and amusing.

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Not Even Mad

Honestly, We’re Impressed – So here’s the deal, take a couple of Craftsmen wrench and then weld them to the frame and ta-da! A brand new auto part that has never existed before. This next photo is lying to you!

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Not What They Appear

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire – Don’t lie to us like that! This dual exhaust made to look like a quad-exhaust is no where near as badass as the driver wants everyone on the road to think. But the mechanics know. They see you for what you really are!

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Don’t Worry Its A Rental

Rental Car Came Back Like This Because The Customer “Had A Plane To Catch” – Hopefully he had the Dollar Car Rental insurance plan. What was this guy doing, driving over a bed of nails for five hours straight!?

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Check The Spare

A Little Water Weight – Customer states, “Interior Smells Like Mold” – the spare tire is literally floating. No wonder it smells like mold, maybe if you had done the slightest amount of leg work into looking at your own vehicle you would know that.

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Rotor Almost Gone

New Aerodynamic Disc Brakes – It’s not like brakes don’t provide any warning sign that they’re dwindling down. The whole town can your thinning brakes and every red light! Go ahead and grab yourself some Auto Zone brake pads and get this fixed, before we take your license away, ya crazy…

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Think It Needs More Air

Car goes bump when I drive – We warned you this was going to be bad. How much pressure were they trying to put in that tire? The wheel can be salvaged but this tire is done.

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Gear Is Gone

Customer Says His Truck Won’t Go Into 3rd Gear – Yeah well, sir, that’s because your third gear no longer exists. So sorry to hear about your loss. How does this happen? it’s about as bald as the tire y’all saw in the earlier part of this post. Moving on…

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Now Thats A Puncture

Customer Stated He Needed a Punctured Tire Repaired – The mechanic had to tell him he was screwed! Oh boy that’s rich. Nothing beats a good auto mechanic pun, huh?

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Fix A Flat

Tire Off Balance – Customer’s Tire Refused To Balance. Turns out he put an entire can of Fix-A-Flat in it… So if you’re ever wondering if an entire can of Fix-A-Flat is a good idea or not. The answer is a resounding NO.

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That Should Hold

We all know that guy that says, “Oh that’s nothing a little tape can’t fix”. Well this guy took it to the next level. There is just something about this that makes us think we may end up seeing that bumper on the side of the road one day.

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Sounds Funny

Gone Like A Freight Train, Gone Like Yesterday – Customer was wondering why when he started his car this morning, it sounded different. He didn’t understand it when I told him he had been robbed…

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The Paper Car

Don’t worry if you lose the front light in a crash, just go ahead and print a new one. The credit for this goes to technology. The interesting bit is that this isn’t 3D printing. Maybe he should attach an umbrella to cover the art? Definitely a creative idea to not look as obvious as no headlight, but it might be lacking on functionality.

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Thief Proof Car

This driver has one less thing to worry about. I bet nobody can break into this one. This is the kind of security that we all need. Can’t wait to try it. Hopefully, this will make my insurance more affordable. We could all use any insurance discounts and savings possible. Anything to take a little pressure off the hit of the wallet and we love the creativity.

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A Little Pick-Me-Up

You’ve got to hand it to this Nissan driver – the resourcefulness is to be commended! Is this safe, or even operational? We have no idea. We wouldn’t recommend it, but boy oh boy is it fun to think about! Hopefully they made it to a tire shop or home if they had a spare at home, so they don’t take that risk too long.

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The Tree Car

A car has many parts and I have studied most of them since I am a car enthusiast. However, this is something I have never seen before. I am not sure how many accidents this can prevent but it for sure catches a lot of attention wherever it’s parked. Plus, if your ever stranded in the cold somewhere, you could always use your bumper to warm you up.

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What’s In a Seat?

To be very honest with you, I don’t think this is good. This car is in shambles and merely replacing the seat may not be enough. Also, ever heard of seat belts? You gonna run into trouble if you take this thing out on the road. Maybe they are making the seat cushions while somebody snapped this photo for us.

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Hard Cola

Listen, we can’t condone the use of 2-liter bottles of Coca-Cola as a substitute for a tire. And neither would a mechanic. But we sure would absolutely love to see this in real life. Wow. They might also want to look for a replacement for the bolts to hold the wheel on as it appears they might be missing a few.

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Hang Tight

When I was growing up, my mother told me that hangers can solve a lot of problems. She was a DIY enthusiast and I’ve seen her use hangers in a variety of ways, and I can assure you – she’d be proud of this driver. After all, modern problems require modern solutions. If your going to try this one, maybe use a metal hanger though instead of wood for an exhaust pipe.

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Don’t Screw With the Owner

This is not just a repair job, it’s a display of art. There’s no denying that the owner is pure genius and he has a sense of humor. He solved a major problem without spending a huge amount of money. If I was in his place, I’d come home with a huge bill and spend hours arguing with my insurance company.

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It’s Actually Genius

You’ve got to admit – pretty genius solution. We’re curious about the connections inside – but on the face of it, this seems like a viable option to a door handle that won’t work. Not much for the locking mechanism, Probably should have installed it the opposite way so you can lock it from the outside for some sort of security or piece of mind.

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That Pink Car

This smart driver has used tape to secure the bumper of his Alfa Romeo. Al Dente Spaghetti my mother makes has the same adhesive effect. The interesting bit is that the tape appears to be doing a fine job. I just hope there aren’t a lot of bumps or potholes there. Otherwise, he’ll need a backup plan. It also looks like he may need more tape for the rear bumper after backing into that car.

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The Laser Game

I am not too sure what this guy set out to achieve. Can’t even tell what he repaired here. It doesn’t look good from any angle and I wouldn’t like to take a ride in this car. Once you get stuck inside, you’re never getting out. At least you won’t have to worry about falling out of the car. Better stay away from this trap.

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The Sweeper Car

The trick might not be very efficient but it did sweep me off my feet. The only problem is that he did not use a good quality broom, maybe he should have used something other than a straw broom. Also, if you pay attention to the picture, you will see someone has left some very interesting notes on the car. LOV – Where are you E?

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This Hurts

 This picture is both hilarious and painful. Any driver can relate to feeling like a superhero when you put a Band-Aid on your car. I love my car and I know seeing your baby get damaged hurts like a ton of bricks. The Band-Aid definitely offers some solace. Now all he needs to do is become a brand ambassador and start promoting Band-Aids.

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Dodge ‘Em Car

As embarrassing as it may sound, this is something my dad would do. Too bad he seems to have run out of the black tap before he could finish the job. It seems like he wanted to wrap the entire wrench in black tape. I wonder if we still would’ve been able to tell it apart? 

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The Green Effect

We have reached a stage where we aren’t even trying. This looks less like a repair job and more like a ‘let’s ruin it more’. The only good thing is that the car owner may get some extra points for promoting Green Earth. Now, that’s a campaign I can get behind.

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The Manual Gig

This man knows what he’s doing. Too bad such innovations are not legal. If you think about it, this is very clever. You will not only have a clear windshield, which can reduce the risk of accidents, you’ll also end up with stronger arms. Keep it up, we’re behind you.

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Homemade Limousine

I had to look at this image multiple times as I could not believe my eyes. This still looks like a bad Photoshop job to me but sadly it isn’t. Someone somewhere is out there driving this thing. You, my friend, are incredibly brave, but do you have to pay extra for parking?

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How Many Wheels?

How many wheels does a car really need? You say four, he says seven.  I wonder if they have a different name for this incredible invention. I’d like to Google that. The world needs to know about this impressive vehicle. 

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Lock 2.0

This is something your ex would do to your car for breaking her heart. I really wonder how he reached this point. The car has multiple holes and I’ve no idea why. While the creativity is at peak here, there’s one major side effect. He’ll have to worry about an extra key.

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The Storyteller

Here’s another hilarious car repair job that deserves a round of applause. This guy is making the most of a sizable dent. Instead of spending thousands to get the problem repaired, he’s living with it. You might not find it interesting but this is definitely a good conversation starter.

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Cable Ties to the Rescue

Cable ties doing what they are made to do – holding things in place. They are stronger than most relationships these days. I always carry a bunch of these in my bag and now that I have seen this hilarious car repair attempt, I know where else to use these. Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope they don’t hit a pothole.

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You Can’t See It

This hilarious car repair job deserves a lot of attention for being near perfect. The owner must have spent a good amount of time covering the dent with tape and coloring it red. He most probably thinks we don’t see what he did there. Let’s pretend we really can’t.

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XXL Seat Belt

I am a fan of DIY gigs but very few turn out as excellent and hilarious as this one. It gets the job done while making you laugh. The good thing is that it’s definitely more comfortable than the real deal. Toyota, are you listening? Here’s an idea for a new feature. Get copyright before someone else does.

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Snow Man And the Car

When the manufacturer doesn’t know what customers really want. We have seen that more and more people are using brooms to clean windshields. I will not be too surprised if a car manufacturer introduces something similar in the next few years. After all, some are known for stealing ideas.

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Mirror Mirror on The Wall

I’ve had my car’s mirror get damaged dozens of times and I always had to spend hundreds of dollars to get it repaired. Little did I know we could get it done on our own. This hilarious repair job shows that nothing is impossible. I see nothing wrong with this. It’s perfect but I wonder if it’s adjustable.

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One Little Wheel

Make sure to maintain distance if you see something like this on the road. This isn’t only hilarious, it’s also sad and risky. For the safety of everyone involved, this guy should not be allowed to drive. If you see this on the road, stay away, click pictures, and upload on the internet to make us laugh. We hope you enjoyed this post. But the fun doesn’t have to stop here. Keep checking out some funky automotive decisions with this list of the 50 Worst Car Mods of All Time!

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Made In USSR

This Tire Is Older Than Me – A old truck came hobbling into an auto shop in Warsaw, and needed some repairs as well as new tires. The mechanic went to remove the tires and saw this…

These tires are older than the car! Probably older than the mechanic or the auto shop. The USSR disbanded in 1991 and this photo was taken in 2018. That’s a nice shelf life for that set of tires.

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Overinflate much?

Have you ever seen an overinflated dump truck tire? Here you go! This is why you follow the tire manufacturer’s guidelines printed right on the tire. Could you imagine driving this truck and having this happen? That tire costs close to $6000 new, not including the cost to put in on and dispose of the old one.

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Notice anything misaligned?

“Isn’t The Two Tone Supposed to Line Up” – Customer – A bit nit-picky, isn’t it? The two-tone certainly seems to line up pretty good from our perspective. Sure, it might be off a millimeter or three…but come on! No one is noticing that. Moving on…

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