The World’s Most Unique & Creative Pool Builds – 50 Of The Coolest Pools On The Planet

During the scorching summer months, swimming pools become a sought-after escape from the relentless sun. While many dream of having a personal pool in their backyard, not everyone is fortunate enough to possess such a luxury.

For those without this amenity, creativity comes into play as they seek alternative solutions.

Among the various makeshift pools featured, some are questionable and perhaps should never have been attempted, while others offer intriguing concepts that could be worth replicating. However, it’s essential to acknowledge that nothing can truly compare to a professionally constructed and safe swimming pool. This highlights the importance of not impulsively investing in DIY pool ideas found on platforms like YouTube, as they may not always deliver the desired results or safety standards.

Beer Ingenuity 

The phrase “there are many ways to skin a cat” aptly applies to pool construction, where creativity often knows no bounds. In one inventive approach, individuals have utilized crates of beer as a structural foundation for their pools, cleverly lining the inside and filling them with water. While this method yields visually appealing results, the staggering cost cannot be overlooked. Given an estimated $20 per crate of beer, the expenses quickly accumulate, making it a considerably expensive choice. Surprisingly, opting to purchase a hot tub from Amazon and allocating the remaining funds to actual consumable beer would have been a more economical alternative.

Trash Can Pool

Australia is renowned for its scorching summer temperatures, an integral part of its cultural identity, along with barbecues and the use of “g’day.” Many Australian households combat the heat with backyard pools, but for those without this amenity, creative solutions emerge. In the city of Glen Eira, one resident decided to use a trash can as a makeshift pool, provided it was thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Although the individual appears content with the decision, the notion of using a trash can as a swimming vessel leaves lingering concerns about cleanliness.

The Car Pool

Creating a pool from an old car doesn’t seem like an easy task by any means. Even if the old car was already in possession, the process would involve sawing off the top half, gutting the interior, and installing a liner. Ensuring that any sharp or protruding parts inside the car are safely removed would also be crucial. It’s safe to say that not many people would look at an old Ford and immediately think it would make a perfect pool. However, despite the unconventional choice, the individuals responsible for this transformation appear quite content with the results.

House Pool

Creating a makeshift indoor pool by using a giant piece of plastic sheeting and filling it with water might seem tempting on hot days, but there are numerous reasons why it’s a terrible idea. One of the most significant concerns is the risk it poses to the rest of your belongings. Water damage can be extensive and costly to repair, making it hardly worth the temporary relief from the heat. Furthermore, emptying such a pool raises questions about the process. Did the individuals have to resort to unconventional methods like cracking open a window and using buckets to gradually remove the water? Regardless of the potential cost savings, this DIY solution should be firmly placed on the “Do Not Try This at Home” list due to its risks and impracticalities.

Dumpster Pool

The traditional approach of buying a simple paddling pool for kids to enjoy has its charm, complete with the inevitable moment when the family dog accidentally pops it with a playful paw. However, some youngsters experienced something entirely different. In this unconventional hack, all that’s required is an old dumpster, a rigged water system, and a set of wooden steps. While this method might not be as budget-friendly as purchasing a pool from a store like Target, it’s hard not to admire the creativity behind such an endeavor. Despite the unusual choice, the children involved appear to be quite content and happy with their unique swimming setup.

Risky pool

The concept of repurposing shipping containers for various DIY projects has gained popularity, and one of the latest trends is transforming them into swimming pools. This particular shipping container pool, integrated into a split-level home in Australia’s Noosa Hinterlands, showcases innovative design and modern aesthetics. The project, carried out by Gibson Building, demonstrates how unconventional pool shapes can create a stylish and visually appealing addition to a home. While the container itself likely cost between $4,500 and $5,000, the addition of the lift, essential for creating the elevated pool feature, probably added around $10,000 to the project’s overall cost.

Popping Fun

Taking down a swimming pool at the end of the summer season can indeed make financial sense, as the costs of treating and maintaining the pool during the off-season can be substantial. This practice has even given rise to an online community known as “pool popping,” where enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the ritual of dismantling their pools, often in August or September. Videos of pool popping can be found on platforms like YouTube, and many people find it oddly satisfying to watch the water being released when the pool is taken down. It’s a practical and sometimes entertaining way to conclude the swimming season.

Reversed Boat

Boats are typically designed for water adventures, not for being filled with water, but the individual behind this project seems to have missed that memo entirely. The image reveals a boat that has been carefully lined with sheeting and reinforced with wooden slats to hold water. The presence of a hose indicates that water is supplied from an external source, while the inexplicable traffic light adds an element of confusion to the scene. Evidently, this creation appears to be a labor of love, possibly crafted by a patriotic enthusiast eager to spend the 4th of July admiring the American flag while enjoying a Budweiser and a refreshing dip in this makeshift pool within a boat.

Hay Pool

This homemade pool is a near-perfect embodiment of summertime fun without the need for a professionally constructed pool. It involves stacking hay bales in a large oval shape, lining it, and filling it with water, creating an idyllic family hangout spot. From a practical standpoint, it appears safe and enjoyable. There’s no risk of splinters or sharp edges, the ground is soft, and the sides are cushioned, making it kid-friendly and comfortable. This ingenious farmer’s creation is truly remarkable and seems destined to go down in the annals of inventive DIY projects. Even the dog appears to be a fan of this creative oasis.

Tarp Pool

When you find yourself lacking pool sheeting or a liner in the garage, don’t despair. That long-forgotten tent you bought a decade ago with dreams of summer camping can now be put to a new use. All you need are some sturdy strings, a sturdy fence, and a hose. With a bit of effort, you can transform it into a one-person pool. The expression on this gentleman’s face speaks volumes; he’s got everything he needs for this unique setup, from a glass of Walmart’s Great Value wine to his very own photographer to immortalize this cherished summer moment. It’s a testament to creative thinking and making the most of available resources.

Twisted Inground Pool

While it’s true that most pools begin as excavated holes in the ground, they are typically professionally lined, constructed, and equipped with top-quality water filtration systems to ensure cleanliness and safety. However, a glance at the color of the water in this makeshift pool suggests a concerning lack of sanitation, with the potential for harmful bacteria to thrive. The individuals behind this endeavor may have noticed a sale on shovels at Home Depot and seized the opportunity, but the water’s condition raises concerns about hygiene. It is advisable for them to set aside funds to cover potential medical bills that may arise from the inevitable risk of infections, such as E. Coli, given the apparent lack of proper water treatment and maintenance.

Tire Pool

Creativity truly shines when you’re determined to have some fun, even in the absence of a traditional pool. If you don’t have one, no worries – just locate a large tire, invest in some $20 liner, and with a bit of tape, you can create a makeshift kiddie pool that turns an ordinary summer into something extraordinary. The heat often sparks innovative ideas, and perhaps the individual who came up with this solution possesses untapped engineering and design talents. It takes a special kind of ingenuity to assemble such a unique and practical solution for cooling off during the summer. Who knows, they might just be on the brink of something big in the world of DIY and innovation.

Fridge Pool

Kids and coolers make an unlikely, albeit small, pool combination that can bring smiles to young faces. However, it comes with limitations—limited space for activities and potential disputes over who gets to take a dip instead of fighting over ice pops. Maintaining this cooler pool means frequent refills, and you might need to establish a schedule to prevent conflicts among the kids. If all else fails, a strategic trip to Target could offer a quick escape from any pool-related disputes.

Private Bag Pool

Have you ever experienced such sweltering heat that you’d try anything to cool off? Conversely, have you ever been so indulgent with beer that the idea of wrapping yourself in a trash bag, inserting a hose, and becoming a human water balloon seemed reasonable? Well, it appears these individuals have been in those shoes. While the backstory to this scenario remains a mystery, one can only assume it was a desperate measure born out of necessity. Nevertheless, they deserve credit for their inventive approach to beating the heat.

Pool Above Ground

In theory, the concept of buying a pool and placing it in the garden seems straightforward. However, in practice, the execution of this idea left much to be desired. It appears that crucial steps, such as excavating a suitable hole in the garden before positioning the pool, were overlooked. The result is far from aesthetically pleasing and lacks any semblance of safety. While the exact details of this situation remain unclear, one can only hope that it was rectified in some way, even if it meant resorting to drastic measures like bulldozing the entire setup.

Wagon pool

Keeping both kids and heat-sensitive adults content during the sweltering summer months can be a challenging task. Finding a solution that works for both groups requires some creative thinking and a balance between fun activities and ways to stay cool. Setting up water play activities like sprinklers or kiddie pools, planning outdoor picnics in the shade, and organizing fun ice cream or popsicle outings can help everyone beat the heat while enjoying their summer. Communication and flexibility are key in accommodating the varying needs and preferences of different age groups when it comes to staying comfortable in hot weather.


This photo evokes a sense of melancholy. Initially, the pool appears to have been a cherished and well-maintained feature, showcasing a once-nice setup. However, for reasons unknown, it deteriorated into a state of disrepair, and instead of opting for a proper replacement, the homeowners resorted to an unusual makeshift solution. Placing a new pool inside the broken one is akin to putting a Band-Aid on a severed finger, an unconventional choice that has now become a permanent mark on the internet. On a positive note, the water in the inner pool does appear to be clean, offering a slight silver lining to an otherwise puzzling scenario.

Hillbilly Hot Tub

Enjoying a relaxing soak in a hot tub with a cold beverage on a summer evening is indeed a delightful experience. However, it’s true that hot tubs can be costly, making them inaccessible to some. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you should resort to rigging your inflatable pool water system with a flaming trash can to heat the water; it’s an unsafe and ill-advised approach. Despite the risks, it seems someone ventured down this unconventional path, possibly inspired by an adventurous spirit. While the outcome remains uncertain, one can only hope that Uncle Earl made it back to his trailer without any severe burns, and that Junior had a memorable, albeit unconventional, good time.

Tank Pool

Credit is due to the creative mind behind this concept. In the realm of makeshift pools, this one stands out for its ingenuity and quality. Rather than being a haphazard job held together with electrical tape, it appears to be more of an upscale upcycling effort. While it may have come at a slightly higher cost compared to some other DIY pools, the investment seems well worth it. An empty stock tank offers the perfect size and shape for a pool, and the craftsmanship, as evident from the photos, is far from shoddy. The addition of proper lining and even a slide adds extra flair to the setup. The only question that remains is when can we take a dip in this inviting pool?

Algae pool

Creating a pool in your yard can be an attractive idea, but the significant annual maintenance costs, estimated between $3,000 to $5,000, are often underestimated. In contrast, there are cases like the one depicted here, where someone seemingly abandoned all maintenance efforts, resulting in the pool turning into a swamp-like environment. This transformation requires nothing more than neglect and can lead to potential health hazards like E. Coli and Staph infections. After allowing it to stew for 6-8 weeks, you might find yourself confronted with a scene reminiscent of the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Truck Pool

Pickup trucks are versatile vehicles with a wide range of uses, from transporting furniture and construction materials to serving as a creative mobile pool. If you haven’t considered this idea before, there’s still time to explore it. All you need is a large plastic liner, a hose, and some refreshing beverages to enjoy while you cool off. While your friends might have a good laugh when they see your pictures on Facebook, they might just be secretly envious that they didn’t have the same inventive idea before it became a trend.

Scorching Hot Tub

We all appreciate a relaxing soak in a hot tub, but the desire for a dip isn’t strong enough to warrant risking our lives for the privilege. This particular DIY endeavor takes extreme to a new level. First and foremost, the pool being plastic poses a risk of melting if exposed to excessive heat. Additionally, there’s the added concern that the wheelbarrow might tip over, potentially spilling scalding water onto an unsuspecting individual. Though in this instance, it might be a case of natural selection at play, as the risks involved appear exceptionally high.

Driverless Pool

Experiencing a scorching summer day in a car without air conditioning can indeed feel like being trapped in the sweltering depths of hell, leaving most of us to resort to simply rolling down a window and hoping for a breeze. However, in this peculiar scenario, someone seemed so eager to get into the pool that they didn’t bother stepping out of the car. Instead, they sacrificed a perfectly good automobile for the sake of their aquatic desires. Whether it was the car wanting to join the pool party or the driver’s state of mind that led to this decision remains a mystery, but the latter seems like a reasonable assumption in this case.

Heated Pool

When faced with a too-cold pool and lacking fancy heated water options, the solution isn’t simply to endure the chilly water. Instead, you can have comfortably warm water in a matter of hours, all thanks to a clever trick involving hula hoops and trash bags. Just stretch the trash bags around the hula hoops and let them float in the pool. The sun works its magic by heating up the bags, which in turn warm up the water. It’s a nifty little hack that doesn’t break the bank, though it’s worth noting the environmental consideration of using single-use plastic trash bags for this purpose.

Campfire Pool

While it may appear unconventional, the growing popularity of these large steel bowl installations designed to provide a cozy atmosphere is noteworthy. The wood beneath the bowl heats it, ensuring warmth without the unintended transformation into a human stew. Constructing these setups is not inexpensive, as they require sturdy materials and a robust structure to support the weight. However, there’s no denying the appeal of this alternative to the typical hot tub experiences that flood social media feeds, offering a unique and captivating way to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

Grill  and Pool

The craftsmanship in this pickup truck pool setup falls notably short of perfection, with the liner not properly covering the sides and tape struggling to keep it secure. Additionally, having a grill positioned perilously close to the murky water raises concerns about safety, rather than creating an ideal environment for cooking hot dogs. However, despite these evident shortcomings, the individuals taking a dip in this unconventional pool seem to be having a great time, suggesting that the experience may have been worth the effort for that one memorable summer’s day. Nonetheless, one can only hope that there were ample bathrooms nearby, considering the potential risk of food poisoning associated with such an unconventional setup.

Muddy Pit

It’s a common understanding that the occasional child might relieve themselves in a swimming pool, which is why pools are heavily treated with chlorine to combat bacteria. However, when the water turns brown, it signals a more severe issue. In such a situation, no one in their right mind would dare step into this muddy and unsanitary oasis, leaving locals out of luck for a refreshing summer dip. Yet, there’s always a pickup truck bed and someone willing to embrace a creative solution to make up for the lack of a proper pool.

Ramen Noodle Bath

Ramen noodles are often associated with an inexpensive yet tasty meal, but their versatility doesn’t stop at the dining table; they can also be part of a unique bathing experience. At the Yunessun Spa House in Japan, guests have the opportunity to soak their limbs in large bowls filled with broth, including pepper-flavored and pork-flavored varieties. The spa claims that these baths work wonders for the skin due to the collagen present in the broth. For those who aren’t fans of ramen, there are also pools featuring green tea, sake, red wine, and coffee for a one-of-a-kind bathing adventure.

You’ll Float Down Here Pool

The concept of this improvised “gutter pool” might not scream luxury, but it did serve a purpose for the original poster, who jokingly suggested it’s a convenient solution for when you wake up thirsty after a night of drinking. While it may resemble an overflowing gutter, it’s surprisingly clean. The best part? It didn’t cost a thing to create—just wait for a heavy rain and hop in. However, it’s likely that the city will need to invest several thousand dollars in repairs to fix the overflowing gutter if the “pool” doesn’t naturally drain itself.

Dumpster Diving

The concept of “dumpster diving” takes on a novel twist in this scenario. In search of a cool spot to beat the heat, a group of resourceful individuals decided to create their makeshift pool when there were no traditional pools nearby. They laid down a substantial tarp inside a dumpster and proceeded to fill it with water using a hose. They even thought ahead and added a ladder for easy access. While it may not be the most elegant or visually pleasing solution, it certainly gets the job done, dumpster or no dumpster, offering a refreshing escape from the summer heat.

El Camino Pool

In pursuit of a makeshift pool, another group of individuals demonstrated their creativity by utilizing the simplicity of tarps. They laid down a blue tarp inside the bed of a pickup truck and proceeded to fill it with water, effectively creating a portable pool for a quick cool-off session. While the legality of this endeavor may be questionable, it’s unlikely they intended to drive around with the pool in tow. Tarps are relatively inexpensive, and the addition of a hose likely kept the total cost of this innovative pool under $10. Despite the unconventional setup, it’s commendable that it managed to hold water without leaking. Hats off to their resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Half / Half Pool

The exact sequence of events leading to this curious situation remains unclear, leaving room for speculation and imagination. Apparently, a homeowner desired an in-ground pool and took the unconventional approach of digging a massive hole in the ground and placing an above-ground pool within it. Given that above-ground pools can cost thousands of dollars, opting for an above-ground installation in the first place would have been a more sensible choice, avoiding the need for excavation. Something evidently went awry during the installation process, resulting in a situation where the expense lies not in how much it initially cost to set up but rather in the significant costs required to rectify the situation. It’s a safe bet that the cleanup and restoration costs will likely tally up to thousands of dollars.

Number One Best Pool

Kids have a knack for getting into unexpected situations, and in this case, one determined baby decided to take matters into his own hands when he couldn’t use the outdoor pool. His solution? Create an indoor pool, right in the toilet. However, this impromptu adventure turned into a chilly and unpleasant surprise as he realized that toilet water is far from the ideal pool substitute. It resulted in a toddler stuck in the toilet. Fortunately, his quick-thinking mom captured a few pictures for the internet before coming to his rescue. Those snapshots are sure to make for amusing stories to share on his graduation or wedding day, a lighthearted reminder of childhood mischief.

Country Pool

According to, professionally installed above-ground pools can range from $1,698 to $5,969. However, one resourceful rural homeowner decided to bypass those high costs and craft their own makeshift pool using materials readily available on the farm. By employing a collection of hay bales, a substantial tarp, and water from a hose, they managed to create an above-ground farm pool that could rival the sophistication of anything concocted by suburban homeowners with deeper pockets. Hay bales are relatively affordable, especially when compared to the price of a professionally installed above-ground pool, so the overall expense of this inventive setup likely didn’t exceed a few hundred dollars.

Military Pool

These resourceful DIY pool enthusiasts didn’t even require a tarp to create their summertime cooling station. Based on the presence of heavy-duty military trucks in the background, it appears that these pool-goers have some military ties. They managed to secure an industrial dump truck that was free from holes or leaks and promptly filled it with water, as any sweltering individual would do. While the brown stains suggest that the truck wasn’t exactly pristine when they decided to repurpose it, sometimes the need to cool down takes precedence. Notably, a dump truck of this caliber typically carries a price tag ranging from $30,000 to $40,000, making it significantly more expensive than even the most luxurious above-ground pools.

Kids Pool

This particular DIY swimming pool has gained attention as a creative improvisation, especially when it comes to kiddie pools. To make this pool, all you need is a cooler, and technically, if the child is small enough, it can serve as a kiddie pool. The child in the photo doesn’t appear to mind, as they get to relax in a makeshift pool during the summer heat. Coolers like the one pictured can typically be found for anywhere from $20 to $60 at Walmart. For instance, you can purchase a 60-quart Igloo chest cooler for $26.88 from Walmart, which closely resembles the one used in this kiddie pool setup, making it a budget-friendly option for staying cool in the summer.

Inside Out Boat Pool

One website aptly described this as the “most redneck thing you’ll ever see,” and it’s hard to disagree with that assessment. While we’re familiar with the idea of putting a boat on the water, transforming the boat into the water is indeed quite a stretch. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what one pool owner did. He repurposed his boat, seemingly not intended for actual water travel, by filling it with water and turning it into a pool. Considering that boats of this kind can cost a few thousand dollars, it’s possible that he didn’t find any takers when attempting to sell it, leaving him with no other option but to convert it into an unusual pool.

After Work Hot Tub

The term “back-alley” often carries connotations of something less than savory, and when looking at this DIY pool, the description seems to fit. This impromptu summer retreat found its home right in the back alley of some undisclosed location. Multiple fans have been strategically placed to provide a refreshing breeze for pool-goers as they soak up the sun in this makeshift back-alley pool. While it may not be a high-end resort, it likely serves its purpose of keeping guests cool. One crucial caveat, however, is to ensure that all 5,000 of those electrical cords are kept well away from the water to avoid any safety hazards.

Rooftop Pool

Luxury Lounger

This in-ground pool indeed looks like a luxurious and well-kept oasis that likely cost a significant sum to install. With its crystal-blue water, it’s the ideal swimming destination for anyone seeking relief from the summer heat. However, one adventurous pool owner decided to take things up a notch with this daring float. They’ve ingeniously attached two sofas to what appears to be a pool float, providing the user with a comfortable lounging space. It’s quite a feat that this contraption held up long enough for someone to capture a picture. Nevertheless, all it would take is one strong breeze, and they might find themselves retrieving two sofas from the pool. Hopefully, those sofas aren’t too expensive, as water damage could spell their demise.

City Block pool

The city environment isn’t always the most accommodating for traditional pool setups, so people often resort to creative solutions. In one neighborhood, residents did just that by orchestrating a miniature block party for their kids. They took an old, dilapidated boat that likely would never see the water again and transformed it into a makeshift pool. While this pool might not boast the extravagance of a million-dollar above-ground pool, the kids appear to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, playing and making memories. After all, it’s not always about having the most luxurious pool; it’s about creating experiences, and in this case, the boat was repurposed for a fun and unique use.

Guest Pool

Florida is famously abundant in alligators, with an estimated population of approximately 1.25 million of these reptiles in the state. Just like humans, alligators also seek respite from the heat on sweltering days. In this case, a sizable alligator decided to take a refreshing dip in a family’s pool, an occurrence that the family likely wasn’t too thrilled about. Such sightings are not uncommon in Florida, as alligator habitats continue to diminish due to human development in areas where these creatures naturally reside. Despite the substantial alligator population, fatal alligator attacks are relatively rare in the state, with only a few such incidents occurring each year.

Secret Pool

This “pool hack” went viral on TikTok, as people praised one family’s ingenuity in changing their old trampoline into a nice pool. The creators of this pool used the frame of the trampoline, along with a tarp, to create the perfect sumamer cool-off spot.
The creator first got rid of the trampoline’s springs, leaving only the frame. Then, she filled the frame with a giant tarp that she’d bought from the Sam Trade Centre. She secured the entire pool with cling film and shrink wrap. Then, she filled it with water. According to her TikTok, the entire project cost just $45.

Trampoline Pool

This inventive “pool hack” gained popularity on TikTok, with many people commending a family’s resourcefulness in repurposing their old trampoline into a functional pool. The creators of this pool utilized the trampoline frame, combined with a tarp, to fashion a perfect summer cooling spot. To begin, they removed the trampoline’s springs, leaving only the frame intact. Subsequently, they lined the frame with a large tarp purchased from the Sam Trade Centre. The entire pool was securely sealed using cling film and shrink wrap, after which it was filled with water. According to the TikTok creator, the entire project came at a cost of just $45.

Unique Pool Design

The design of this pool, whether intentional or not, leaves little to the imagination, and its resemblance to a certain anatomical feature is quite evident, even though it can’t be explicitly stated here. This peculiarly shaped pool is situated at a motel. In fairness, the pool does seem to be well-maintained and spacious enough to accommodate numerous guests, so cleanliness and capacity don’t appear to be issues. The pool appears to have a shallow end in one section and a deeper end in another, a feature that could have incurred costs ranging from $28,000 to $55,000, depending on the specifics of the pool’s design and installation.

Upside Down Pool

As the poster humorously pointed out, the homeowner in this case had just “one job” to do, and unfortunately, they completely mishandled it. Draining a pool is a complex and time-consuming process, often requiring professional assistance, which can cost a few hundred dollars. While the expense may seem steep, it’s crucial not to attempt it as a DIY project unless you have the necessary expertise. This particular homeowner’s experience serves as a stark reminder of why professional help is essential. In a mishap, the homeowner inadvertently drained the pool into their backyard, leading to extensive flooding and significant water damage to the home. The remediation and repair costs for this incident are likely to run into the tens of thousands of dollars, encompassing tasks such as draining the yard and addressing the water damage in the house. Undoubtedly, the homeowner’s family isn’t too pleased with the outcome of this DIY endeavor.

Trucker Pool

Joskin, a Belgian shipping company, creatively fashioned a DIY pool, complete with charming and colorful pool floaties. Captured on a hot day in late June of 2019, the photo showcases a “Homemade swimming pool” ingeniously crafted from a “versatile…tipping trailer.” What makes this DIY pool stand out is the remarkably clean and inviting blue water, setting it apart from others featured on this list. The level of appeal is further elevated by the inclusion of eye-catching elements like a giant pink flamingo pool floatie, which serves as a testament to the company’s creativity. This DIY pool presents a more appealing and practical option for those seeking refreshing summer relaxation in comparison to some of the more unconventional DIY pool methods witnessed elsewhere.

Driveway Hay Pool

Here’s another example of a DIY above-ground pool that utilizes hay bales, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional above-ground pools available on the market. It’s evident that the homeowner aimed to save money while still achieving a functional and enjoyable pool. To replicate this DIY project, you would require a substantial number of hay bales to construct the pool’s framework. Additionally, you’d need a tarp to line the pool and fill it with water. Ensuring there are no leaks is crucial to prevent potential flooding and associated repair expenses, as you wouldn’t want your driveway transformed into an unintended pool. This creative approach demonstrates how resourceful homeowners can transform readily available materials into a refreshing and budget-friendly summer escape.

Driverless Bulldozer Pool

The tale of how a bulldozer found itself submerged in a family’s pool is a puzzling one. The contractor responsible for this bizarre mishap faces a daunting task in explaining the sequence of events that led to this extraordinary situation. It’s evident that both the bulldozer and the pool have incurred significant damage due to this unexpected encounter. Assessing the financial consequences, the cost of a bulldozer can be substantial, depending on the brand and specifications, likely hovering around $10,000 or more. To extricate the colossal 17,000-plus-pound machinery from the pool, specialized lifting equipment, such as a forklift, will be essential, resulting in further financial implications.

Tight Pool

This pool certainly redefines the term “cramped,” as it accommodates an astonishing fifteen people despite being designed for only a fraction of that capacity. While the in-ground pool itself appears to be well-constructed and likely came with a substantial price tag, it clearly wasn’t intended to withstand the weight and occupancy it currently endures. For those with claustrophobia, this photo might be a source of discomfort, as it showcases an incredibly confined space. However, the individuals in the pool seem to be enjoying themselves despite the tight quarters. In the background, a grill is in full swing, suggesting that this unique gathering combines both a cozy BBQ and pool party, making the most of the situation.

Auto-Refilling Pool

Using rainwater to fill a pool can indeed be eco-friendly, as it reduces the need for tap water. However, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Rainwater that falls directly from the sky is generally quite clean, but as it flows into gutters and downpipes, it can pick up debris, contaminants, and even pollutants from the surfaces it contacts. In this DIY setup, the homeowner is directing rainwater from the gutter into the pool. While it may save on water bills, it’s essential to ensure that the collected rainwater is adequately filtered and treated to remove impurities and contaminants before it’s safe for swimming. Depending on the climate and local rainfall patterns, relying solely on rainwater to fill a pool might not be a feasible or timely option, as it may not provide enough water in a reasonable timeframe, especially for larger pools.

RV Pool

French artist Benedetto Buffalino is known for his quirky and imaginative art installations that transform everyday objects into unique creations. This RV with a pool on the roof is just one example of his unconventional work. Buffalino’s art often challenges conventional norms and expectations, encouraging viewers to see the world from a different perspective. This particular project, like many of Buffalino’s other creations, blurs the lines between art, humor, and functionality. While it may not be the most practical camper for a road trip, it certainly adds an element of surprise and amusement to the concept of mobile living. Buffalino’s ability to turn ordinary vehicles and objects into whimsical art installations showcases his creativity and innovative spirit.

Best View Pool

The “Modpool” is an innovative swimming pool concept that repurposes shipping containers into portable and stylish pools. With its easy setup and relatively affordable price of $26,900 for the 8′ x 20′ model, it offers a convenient and modern solution for those looking to install a pool quickly and without the extensive construction often associated with traditional pools. The ability to heat the water to 86 degrees Fahrenheit within just an hour is a noteworthy feature, making it suitable for use in various weather conditions and extending the swimming season. The use of shipping containers as the base material not only adds an element of sustainability but also capitalizes on their durability and portability.

Wicker Basket Pool

The oversized basket pool, measuring ten feet in length and boasting an “Elite Frame” with a stylish “dark herringbone” print, has become a noteworthy addition to the world of above-ground pools. With a price tag of $910, it offers a distinctive and eye-catching design that sets it apart from conventional pool options. Despite its uniqueness and popularity, potential buyers should note that it’s currently out of stock on Walmart’s website, suggesting strong demand for this creative and visually appealing pool. For those seeking a pool that combines aesthetics with functionality, the basket pool is certainly an intriguing choice, reflecting the potential for creative designs to reshape the traditional pool experience.

Wagon Boys

This DIY pool certainly stands out from the more traditional options with its use of a repurposed tractor trailer filled with water. While it adds a unique and unconventional twist to the idea of a home swimming pool, the practicality and cost-efficiency may be subject to debate. The choice of utilizing a vehicle of this nature, even if it’s not in pristine condition, could potentially make it more expensive than a standard above-ground pool. Nevertheless, it showcases the creativity and resourcefulness that people employ when faced with the desire to beat the heat and enjoy the summer in their own way.

Safety Pool

Ensuring child safety around a pool is paramount, and this innovative solution to soften the hard edges of an above-ground pool demonstrates resourcefulness and cost-effectiveness. While the pool itself may be a significant investment, addressing potential safety concerns, such as sharp edges, should not break the bank. By utilizing affordable pool noodles and attaching them to the pool’s edge, this parent has not only enhanced safety but also made the pool environment more kid-friendly. It’s a practical and clever approach to safeguarding children while enjoying the pool.

Barrell Pool

The concept of repurposing a stock tank into a pool is a brilliant and cost-effective idea. These galvanized steel tanks, typically used for providing water to livestock, offer an excellent alternative to traditional above-ground pools. Not only are stock tanks readily available and affordable, but they also come in various sizes, making them suitable for different spaces and budgets. This DIY approach allows individuals to create their own backyard oasis without breaking the bank, offering a practical and stylish solution for beating the summer heat.

Simplicity Pool

This simple yet effective setup demonstrates the beauty of creative and budget-friendly solutions to beat the summer heat. Using an inflatable kiddie pool and a folding chair, this DIY enthusiast created a makeshift relaxation spot that’s both comfortable and affordable. With the added benefit of shade, it offers a respite from scorching summer days without the need for an expensive, traditional pool. This ingenious approach emphasizes that enjoying a cool, refreshing experience doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag, making it accessible to anyone looking to unwind and stay cool during hot weather.

The Green pool

This well-constructed DIY pallet pool showcases the creativity and craftsmanship of its creator. With sturdy wooden pallets and thoughtful details like the pallet-made steps covered in green turf, it offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional above-ground pools. The estimated cost of $1,000-$1,500 makes it an attractive option for those looking to enjoy a refreshing swim without breaking the bank. However, protecting it from the elements during the off-season is essential to ensure its durability and longevity. This pallet pool is not only a great way to cool off during the summer but also a testament to the possibilities of DIY ingenuity.

Golfer’s Paradise Pool

The Blue Wave Aqua Golf Backyard Game is a fun and unique way for golf enthusiasts to enjoy their favorite sport while in the pool. Priced at $57 on Amazon, this backyard game includes a 32” x 45” floating green, a 12” x 24” chipping mat, two flags, two cups, and twelve practice golf balls. While it doesn’t come with a golf club, most dedicated golfers likely already have one at their disposal. This poolside golf game adds an extra layer of enjoyment to your pool time, combining relaxation and recreation.

Skybucks Pool

The Skybucks coffee-cup hot tub is a playful nod to the popular Starbucks coffee chain and has made appearances in the kids’ Nickelodeon show iCarly. Resembling a venti latte cup, it adds a whimsical touch to the pool experience. Interestingly, a similar coffee-themed pool can be found in Japan at the Yunessun Spa in Hakone, where visitors can soak in hot coffee, along with other unique options like red wine, ramen, sake, and green tea. Despite its novelty, Yunessun Spa has received positive reviews, and many patrons enjoy the distinct and fun experiences it offers.

Trough Pool

In this amusing photo, cows share a stock tank with humans who are using it as a makeshift pool to cool off. This rural scene captures a low-cost way for people to beat the heat during hot summer days. Stock tanks, typically used for keeping livestock hydrated, cost between $250 and $400. The cows appear to be somewhat perplexed by the unusual situation but remain generally calm and unbothered. While they may find the human presence curious, they likely go about their business and take a drink as needed.

Lincoln Log Pool

This unique pool is a testament to the creativity and resourcefulness of a family with a talent for crafting objects from tree logs. They built this pool using felled trees, a tarp, and water, with the tarp being the most significant expense at around $20. By using trees from their property, they managed to keep the construction cost minimal. With a chainsaw and some spare time, it’s possible to create a similar frame for a tarp, resulting in a functional and enjoyable pool for kids to cool off in during hot summer days.

Tubing Adventure

This DIY tubing adventure might seem like a thrilling experience, but it also poses significant risks. Tying an inflatable to an SUV and riding through floodwaters can be extremely dangerous. Floodwaters are unpredictable and can hide various hazards, including strong currents, debris, and even potentially dangerous wildlife like alligators in certain regions. While the idea of creating your own water adventure can be enticing, safety should always come first. It’s essential to avoid swimming or engaging in water activities in floodwaters and instead opt for safer and controlled environments like waterparks.

Kayaking Pool

The Fastlane Current Machine offers a unique and convenient way to bring the experience of kayaking and swimming against a current to your own backyard pool. While it comes with a relatively high price tag of $7,495, it provides a valuable workout opportunity for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. This swimming machine allows you to transform your pool into a versatile “backyard health club,” making it an appealing option for those looking to incorporate aquatic fitness and training into their lifestyle. It’s a high-end investment that can offer an exciting and challenging exercise routine right at home.

Guitar Pool

The guitar-shaped swimming pool mentioned is indeed an extraordinary and custom-designed creation. It was crafted by Aqua-Tech, a Canadian pool builder, for Garry McBurney, an avid guitar collector who wanted to bring his passion into his pool. The pool is an impressive 62 feet long and replicates the iconic shape of a Les Paul Custom guitar. To achieve this unique design, Aqua-Tech utilized three-dimensional software called Pool Studio, enabling them to meticulously plan and execute the pool’s construction, stenciling, and design, resulting in a stunning and detailed replica of a classic Les Paul guitar. While the exact cost is not mentioned, such a custom project would likely be a significant investment, possibly in the range of $50,000 or more, given its complexity and attention to detail.

Pallet Pool

The swimming pool constructed from recycled pallets represents a remarkable DIY achievement. The creator of this pool utilized nine wooden pallets, a plastic sheet, towels, sheets of tarpaulin, and ratchet straps to build what appears to be a professionally made pool. Compared to other above-ground pools, this DIY version is significantly more cost-effective while maintaining an impressive appearance. Traditional above-ground pools can indeed cost thousands of dollars, whereas this project may have required an investment of around $500 to $1,000. However, it’s essential to note that building a pool like this requires a fair amount of building expertise and knowledge, as constructing pools is not a straightforward task, despite some simpler DIY projects seen on this list.

Container Pool

A swimming pool created from a shipping container is another innovative idea that has turned out well when compared to the other unconventional pools on this list. It makes sense when you consider that a forty-foot shipping container can be effectively cleaned and outfitted to hold water, complete with a ladder for access. The cost of a forty-foot shipping container typically falls in the range of $4,500 to $5,000, and it’s usually ordered online and specially delivered. While new containers are generally clean, it’s safe to assume that the owner of this pool had it thoroughly cleaned before filling it with water, ensuring a refreshing swimming experience.

Natural Pool

This picturesque pool is known as a “natural pool,” designed to replicate the serene ambiance of lakes and ponds found in nature. It is a beautiful addition to any home, as evident in this stunning photo. Natural pools, also referred to as “green pools,” “organic pools,” or “natural swimming ponds,” eschew the use of chemicals and are self-cleaning, making them an eco-friendly choice for homeowners seeking to avoid harsh chlorine treatments. However, natural pools tend to be more expensive than traditional pools, with an average cost of $70,000 compared to the $50,000 for an average traditional in-ground pool.

The Octagon

This octagonal pool is another impressive DIY project, constructed primarily from wooden pallets and showcasing the builder’s expertise in pool construction. With an estimated cost of $900 to $1,100 for the lumber, this pallet pool stands out as a cost-effective alternative to traditional pools. The pool was completed using a tarp and a simple hose for filling, making it a straightforward and environmentally friendly choice compared to chlorine-filled pools. While above-ground pools tend to be more budget-friendly than in-ground ones, the fun and enjoyment they provide remain the same, particularly for kids who are sure to have a blast in any type of pool.

Concrete Heaven

The construction of this concrete swimming pool, documented on Instructables, serves as an impressive DIY project completed by a father and son for an estimated cost of $7,000. Their ingenuity allowed them to build the pool on flat ground, although they mentioned that it could also be constructed by digging a hole and then backfilling it if necessary. By simplifying the plumbing system for their 13′ x 22′ x 5′ pool, the DIY engineers managed to save costs. The primary materials used in this concrete oasis were lintel blocks and rebar, resulting in a pool that appears much more inviting and relaxing than one might expect from concrete construction.

Hidden Above-Ground

A creative pool owner managed to blend the best of both worlds by half-submerging his above-ground pool, creating a unique pool design that gained attention on various DIY pool websites. The above-ground pool depicted in the photo appears more in-ground than above-ground due to its positioning. To achieve this, specialized digging equipment capable of excavating a hole large enough for the pool would have been necessary. Additionally, the surrounding stone deck and fountains likely added to the overall expense of this project. While the exact cost may have ranged between $10,000 and $40,000, it undoubtedly stands as a beautiful and distinctive addition to any home.

Painter’s Pool

This painter’s palette pool is an unconventional and artistic expression of pool design. Unlike many of the DIY pool hacks, this inground pool is a significant investment, likely costing tens of thousands of dollars. Installing such a pool typically requires professional expertise and construction. The unique design features pops of color within the pool, creating the appearance of a painter’s palette. Additionally, the central island adds to the pool’s distinctive charm. The beautifully landscaped courtyard surrounding the pool further enhances its aesthetic appeal, and creating such a courtyard likely incurred costs in the tens of thousands as well. This pool serves as a stunning display of artistry in both design and execution.

Aquarium Pool

The fish-shaped pool featured on this list is another stunning example of creative pool design. To achieve such a unique and stylish look, the pool needs to be custom-made and professionally installed. Creating a pool in the shape of a fish requires specialized expertise and the use of high-tech software by pool architects. Additionally, the colorful mosaics at the bottom of the pool, which give the fish its vibrant appearance, have to be carefully and artistically laid out. This pool, set within a colorful courtyard, serves as a visual masterpiece and showcases the possibilities of turning a pool into a work of art.

Footprint Pool

The foot-shaped pool featured on this list is undoubtedly one of the most unique and intriguing designs. Comprising the main arch of the foot as the actual pool and five successively smaller hot tubs representing the toes, with the largest hot tub making up the “big toe,” this pool is a creative masterpiece. Its intricate design and unconventional shape likely required the collaborative efforts of architects and skilled pool builders. While it may not be the most obvious choice for a pool shape, it certainly stands out as a captivating and distinctive pool design, showcasing the endless possibilities in pool customization.

Cat Lover’s Pool

The cat-shaped pool featured in this historical photograph is indeed a remarkable and extravagant creation. Situated at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, Florida, this iconic pool is a testament to the hotel’s opulence and grandeur. Designed by architect Morris Lapidus, the Fontainebleau Hotel has been a renowned landmark in Miami for decades, and it has served as a backdrop for numerous films, including Scarface, Goldfinger, The Bodyguard, The Bellboy, and more. Given the hotel’s luxury status and timeless appeal, a stay at the Fontainebleau does come at a premium price, typically ranging from $300 to $400 per night, making it an exclusive destination for travelers seeking a taste of elegance and history.

Buffalo Pool

The impressive bison-shaped pool showcased in this description is undoubtedly a grand and costly installation, likely amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars due to its considerable size and intricate design. Situated at Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino in Primm, Nevada, this unique pool is an emblem of the resort’s attractions. Buffalo Bill’s is a prominent establishment on Las Vegas Boulevard, offering over 1,200 rooms and featuring a theme park. Unfortunately, as of the information available up to September 2021, Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino had closed indefinitely, which means that those eager to experience its amenities, including the captivating pool and the famously thrilling Desperado roller coaster, would need to await any future reopening of the venue. The Desperado roller coaster was a significant investment, costing $54.49 million to construct, adding to the allure of Buffalo Bill’s as an entertainment destination.

Violist’s Pool

This remarkable violin-shaped swimming pool is a true work of art, complete with captivating purple and blue lights that illuminate the pool area during nighttime. Although the exact cost of this luxurious pool installation isn’t specified, it is evident that it represents a significant investment. The pool’s unique design is sure to be a dream come true for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Cipriano Custom Swimming Pools, the company behind this masterpiece, hails from New Jersey and specializes in designing swimming pools tailored to meet the most intricate specifications. In addition to their expertise in pool design, they also excel in landscaping and masonry work. Notably, Cipriano’s skilled masons have meticulously laid over 200,000 square feet of natural patio stone, showcasing the high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into their projects.

Bear’s Paw Pool

This uniquely-shaped pawprint swimming pool is a delightful choice for pet lovers and a perfect addition to any pet-friendly paradise. The pool’s intricate design, featuring mosaics and a distinctive pawprint shape, undoubtedly made it a bit pricier to install. Pools that deviate from the standard square or rectangular shapes often incur higher costs due to the specialized cutting and design work required. Based on its design and complexity, it’s likely that this pawprint pool cost anywhere from $45,000 to $60,000 or potentially even more. Despite the higher price tag, this pool would be considered a worthwhile investment, especially for individuals or builders who hold a deep affection for their furry friends.

Aquarium Pool

If you’re seeking an exhilarating experience of swimming alongside sharks without actually venturing into the open ocean or a dedicated tank, the Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers a unique opportunity. This extraordinary pool surrounds a massive tank teeming with marine life, including sharks and other large fish. The construction of this exceptional pool came with a staggering $30 million price tag. Its cost was driven not only by its substantial size but also by the addition of a three-story waterslide that passes directly through the center of the transparent glass tank, allowing guests to slide through the heart of this underwater spectacle. For those looking to stay at the Golden Nugget, accommodations range from $100 to $300 per night.

Dangerous Pool

One of the most captivating natural pools on this list is undoubtedly Devil’s Pool, situated in Livingstone, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This remarkable natural rock swimming pool is a major tourist attraction, providing visitors with the incredible opportunity to swim right next to the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. While the pool’s appearance may seem perilous, it’s rather surprising that relatively few people have sustained injuries since it was opened to the public several decades ago. The origin of the name “Devil’s Pool” remains somewhat mysterious, though some historians suggest it may have its roots in indigenous legends that regarded the rock pools near Victoria Falls as places where the forces of good and evil converged. Regardless of its name’s origins, one thing is certain: this pool is not for the faint of heart, offering an unforgettable and thrilling experience for those brave enough to take the plunge.

A Texas Sized Pool

Crafted by Lonestar Pools, this backyard pool takes the lazy river concept to a whole new level, eliminating the need to visit a waterpark for a relaxing cruise. Lonestar Pools, a Texas-based fiberglass pool company, offers an impressive selection of twenty-five different pool designs to cater to various residential and commercial preferences. What sets these pools apart is their recently introduced offering of on-site constructed lazy rivers, just like the one featured in the photo. These lazy rivers are meticulously built with gunite right in your backyard, ensuring a customized and luxurious aquatic experience. Lonestar Pools, a family-run business, prides itself on its exceptional craftsmanship, and their website showcases stunning photos that depict their fiberglass pools as true works of art.

Red Blood Pool

Located at the Library Resort in Koh Samui, Thailand, this striking blood-red pool offers a unique and captivating visual experience. Unlike pools dyed with red coloring agents, this pool’s vibrant red hue is achieved through the clever arrangement of yellow, orange, and red tiles that form its striking mosaic. The Library Resort, in addition to its remarkable pool, boasts breathtaking views of Thailand’s Koh Samui Beach, making it a picturesque destination for travelers seeking both relaxation and aesthetic beauty. Furthermore, the resort features a well-stocked library with an impressive collection of 1,400 books, available for guests to borrow and enjoy at their leisure. To spend a night in this remarkable setting, guests can expect to pay an average of $300 to $350.

Artists Pool

This distinctive custom-made pool invites speculation about its shape, resembling a hybrid between a butterfly and a stingray. Regardless of its interpretation, its abstract and intricate design comes at a substantial cost, particularly due to the addition of a bridge connecting the two sides of the pool. The complex mosaics and unique shape of this pool, which some might liken to a butterfly (with the bridge representing the body of a caterpillar), indicate a price range that could extend from $100,000 to half a million dollars. These figures do not encompass the expenses associated with the luxurious stone courtyard that surrounds the pool, further adding to its overall cost.

Billy Joel’s Dream Pool

The Disney All-Star Music Resort is a music enthusiast’s dream, featuring a completely music-themed experience. Alongside this remarkable piano-shaped pool, you’ll find sculptures of guitars, trumpets, and drums scattered throughout the resort. Situated just a few miles from Animal Kingdom and Epcot, it’s a popular choice for families seeking the full Disney experience. Currently closed for renovations and construction, the Disney Value Resort is scheduled to reopen before the fall of 2021, offering Disney fans the opportunity to take a dip in the piano pool once again.

Canine Paradise

This adorable bone-shaped pool is tailor-made for dogs to enjoy a refreshing dip and can be found at the Dioji K-9 Resort. The pool’s design is credited to Gary Kerr, a commercial and institutional architect known for his work in animal hospitals, the Paw Hills Luxury Pet Hotel, and several Petco stores, among other projects. Dioji K-9 Resort caters to dogs that demand the highest level of care and comfort, providing a “tropical refuge” where furry friends can spend their days swimming in the pool with pals before retiring to their “overnight suite” to sleep together in a slumber party-style setting. At Dioji, dogs are never caged or isolated, offering a luxurious resort experience for our four-legged companions.

Obsessed Disney Fan’s Pool

Disney enthusiasts are known for their dedication, and one fan expressed their love for Mickey and Minnie Mouse by installing a Mickey-shaped pool on their property. The Mickey head appears to be a part of a hot tub, while the rest of the pool is likely square or rectangular in shape. Custom-cut pools like this can be quite costly, especially when integrating a hot tub into the design. In-ground pools and hot tubs generally require more labor and resources than above-ground alternatives due to the excavation, rebar placement, and cement work involved in the installation process. For diehard Disney fans, however, the investment may be well worth it to bring a touch of the magic kingdom to their backyard.

Summer Cooldown Pool

Located at the “Sweet Escape Mansion” in Orlando, Florida, this unique pool is designed in the shape of an ice cream cone, fittingly complementing the luxurious and playful atmosphere of the estate. The Sweet Escape Mansion, a five-acre property, can be rented for approximately $1,385 per night, offering accommodation for up to 52 guests, which can make the cost more affordable when shared among a large group. The estate is known for its one-of-a-kind amenities, including the ice cream-shaped pool, and each room in the mansion is themed, providing guests with a unique and immersive experience. The property’s exclusivity and themed accommodations have garnered it attention on platforms like SML Cribs on YouTube, making it a sought-after destination for those looking for a memorable and extravagant getaway.

Be Careful! Don’t Pop it Pool!

Zodiac is challenging the traditional notion of inflatable pools with its expansive and robust Ovline Original Oval Pool, priced at over $8,000. This inflatable swimming pool offers a luxurious alternative to traditional above-ground pools, featuring various size options. The largest version of this pool is an impressive 37 feet long and 24 feet wide, making it a significant addition to any backyard. Despite its premium price, it remains a more cost-effective option compared to many similarly sized above-ground pools on the market. Zodiac’s innovative approach to inflatable pools provides a unique and spacious swimming experience for those with ample backyard space and a desire for quality and durability.

Sea Shell Pool

The glittering pool located at the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa in Khem Beach, Vietnam, is a luxurious oasis set in a stunning historical backdrop. This opulent resort was originally a nineteenth-century French university and has been transformed into a lavish beachfront retreat by the renowned resort architect Bill Bensley. Offering luxury suites with private balconies and plunge pools, as well as beachfront villas featuring private pools, the resort provides an unparalleled experience of indulgence and relaxation. With room rates ranging from $200 to $300 per night, the JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort and Spa offers a beautiful travel destination with breathtaking views of the sandy shores and tranquil waters, making it a top choice for discerning travelers seeking an unforgettable escape.

YingYang Pool

The yin-yang pool located at the Reiters Supremehotel in Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Austria, beautifully embodies the Chinese philosophy of dualism symbolized by the yin-yang symbol. This unique pool offers a dual experience, with warm thermal water on the yin side and cool, fresh water on the yang side. The pool’s design reflects the idea of complementary opposites coexisting harmoniously. Additionally, it’s interesting to note that this pool allows guests to swim in the nude, adding an extra layer of relaxation and freedom to the experience.

Airplane Pool

The airplane-shaped pool with matching “W” wings at the Flying W Airport & Resort in Medford, New Jersey, is a unique and eye-catching attraction. This resort, which doubles as a public-use airport, offers a range of amenities, including hotel rooms, live music, and the Landing Strip Beach Club where you can take a dip in the airplane pool. The resort has garnered positive reviews from guests on platforms like Google and Facebook, with high ratings for its services and offerings. Additionally, the Flying W Airport & Resort provides event hosting options, making it a versatile destination for various occasions.

Heartbreak Pool

The heart-shaped pool at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee, paid tribute to the famous Elvis Presley song and was a notable feature of the hotel complex inspired by Graceland. Located just a short walk from Presley’s Graceland mansion, the hotel offered upscale suites and convenient airport transportation for its guests. Although the Heartbreak Hotel itself was torn down in 2016 to make way for the Guest House at Graceland, the iconic heart-shaped pool was preserved and remains as a piece of Elvis Presley’s legacy.

Vodka Pool

The Absolut vodka bottle pool depicted in a 1989 ad for the brand was a creative and visually striking advertisement, even though it didn’t represent an actual pool. The image featured a pool made to look like an Absolut vodka bottle, surrounded by inviting lawn chairs and palm trees, giving it the allure of a luxurious resort destination. Absolut has been known for its innovative and memorable advertising campaigns over the years, and while their approach evolved in the 2000s, the brand has remained popular among vodka enthusiasts, consistently selling millions of bottles of vodka annually.

Bowler’s Pool

The Disney Pop Century Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, is a part of the “Art of Animation” collection of Disney resorts, located near the ESPN “Wide World of Sports” complex. The resort offers three themed pools, one of which is the Bowling Pool depicted in the picture. After a period of closure, the Pop Century Resort reopened in the previous year, providing accommodation options at prices ranging from $100 to $200 per night. It caters to guests looking for on-site accommodations while planning to spend much of their time enjoying Disney attractions and activities.

Dolphin Pool

The pool shaped like a giant dolphin that was found on Google Maps is undoubtedly a unique and visually appealing design. Its custom-made nature and large size likely contributed to its high cost, which could have amounted to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Located in Palafrugell, Spain, at a private residence, it may not be accessible to tourists, but the surrounding area offers many beautiful coastal towns and scenic views, making it an attractive destination for those exploring the region.

Halloween Pool

If you’re seeking a distinctive and eerie Halloween decoration for your pool, here’s an idea. A homeowner decided to add a spooky touch to their outdoor pool by placing two skeletons inside pool tubes and floating them around. The lanterns placed at the side of the pool contribute to the overall creepy theme. You can purchase fake skeletons at Party City for $49.99, and there’s no rule that says you have to remove them after Halloween. With a bit of imagination and creativity, skeletons can serve as year-round decorations, especially if you won’t be using your pool during the winter months.

Wine Aficionado’s Pool

Filling a pool with wine for swimming and drinking might sound like a unique idea, but it does raise several practical and hygienic concerns. Pools can be challenging to navigate safely, and adding alcohol to the mix could potentially lead to accidents. Furthermore, swimming in wine might not be the most comfortable or enjoyable experience. From a hygiene perspective, sharing a pool filled with wine raises sanitation issues, as it’s unclear how effectively the wine would be treated to maintain water quality. In general, it’s essential to consider safety and hygiene when creating unique experiences in the spa and hospitality industry.

Infinity Rooftop Pool

The Sky Pool in London, as you mentioned, is indeed a striking concept, but it also raises questions about its practicality and whether it will attract enough visitors to justify its construction cost. Building a pool without borders and 700 feet above the ground is certainly an attention-grabbing idea, but it’s essential to consider factors like safety, maintenance, and the potential visitor appeal. The transparent floor adds an extra layer of novelty and thrill, but it may also deter individuals with a fear of heights. Ultimately, the success of such a pool will depend on factors like pricing, accessibility, and the overall experience it offers to visitors. While it’s a bold concept, its real-world viability and long-term popularity remain to be seen once it is built and open to the public.