Spine-Chilling Stories

Prepare to step into a world where the veil between the known and the unknown is thinner than you ever imagined. In this collection, witnesses share their most haunting encounters, from the comforting presence of loved ones who’ve passed to inexplicable apparitions and events that defy logic. These tales traverse the spectrum of the paranormal, set against the backdrop of everyday life, revealing that the supernatural can touch anyone, anywhere. From quiet homes where the past refuses to rest to encounters that challenge the very essence of reality, each story invites you to question what lies beyond the realm of the seen. Brace yourself for a journey into the heart of the unexplained, where each account sheds light on the mysteries that lurk just beyond our understanding.

1. Family Of Four Dies In My Arms

I was an RN for 42 years, 17 years as a Hospice RN and 5 of those years I worked inpatient Pediatric Hospice in a 10 bed facility caring for newborn to 17 year old terminally ill patients. This was one of the most memorable patients for me professionally and personally for the vast amount of love that was shared between the family and myself.

I worked in an AIDS inpatient unit very early 1990s. One patient was a lovely woman who had given the disease to her husband and 1.5 year old son. The mother was so sick and treatment was so scarce for the disease back then it was a death sentence. There was a 5 year old daughter that tested negative and was to be the only member of that family to survive so the mother, so sick, did what she could to spend time with her daughter to have memories of her mom as she grew up alone.

That mother was a saint, I’d have to give her so much medication for nausea so every day after school the daughter could eat with her mom. Mom died very quickly, then the little boy then then father. The girl went to live with her grandmother. Our AIDS unit closed due to funding and I moved on to another Hospice working with terminally ill children. I worked night shift and when I came in one evening I was told we had a little girl with AIDS, my mind went back to this family years ago. When I walked into her room I recognized the grandmother and there in the bed was the little girl that was to survive as she tested HIV negative, she had converted later. Testing was still in its infancy at that time.

The little girl told me to let her cat in the room. Her grandmother said she had no cat, but the girl insisted Oscar was waiting for her outside the glass door. I opened the door and in came a black cat, jumped up on the bed and curled up with the little girl. The grandmother said she had no cat. It was Hospice, she loved the cat and the cat loved her so we let Oscar stay. He would come every night and leave in the morning. I had such a strong feeling this was not just a cat but some strong spiritual being there to comfort the little girl, now the last of her family dying. I even spoke to the cat, “you’re not a real cat are you?” I’d get a strange and wise look from Oscar and felt that I was in the presence of pure love. Was this an angel, her mother, both???

The night she died, shortly after midnight, Oscar stayed with her just a few minutes after she passed then left, he never came back, we never saw him before or after. I think Oscar was there to help the little girl through the tough transition into her next life, and left with the little girl’s spirit. What an honor to be in that presence. Over the years I was the Hospice RN for all 4 family members on the day they died, mom, dad, baby brother and the little girl. The love that family shared, that incredible mother, made be a better nurse for the rest of my career. Over 30 years ago and I still think about this family every day. I hope I have an Oscar when my time comes.

2. Devil In The ICU

My mom used to work night shift at a hospital before she retired. Years ago she had a terrifying experience that she recently told me about. During one of her shifts, she had an elderly patient that was in the ICU getting ready to pass. Often times my mom would sit and visit with her patients during her down time. The woman was crying, so my mom held her hand and asked what was wrong. While still crying, the woman said that he was here for her. She said that he was evil when he was alive, and he’s still just as evil now. 

Confused, my mom asked if the lady was talking about her husband. The woman told my mother her dead husband made her life a living hell and now, on her deathbed had been in her room for days tormenting her. He told her he was here to take her. She said he had been standing in the corner of the room since she was admitted into the ICU. My mother offered to pray with the woman which she accepted. The woman eventually passed but had told my mother before she went that she no longer saw her husband and she was able to go in peace.

3. Seeing Ghosts Of People Who Were Autopsied

I was posted in a primary health care center with a fellow senior doctor. It was our night shift and he started to tell me stories of the time when he was doing autopsies in the same hospital. He was shifted to PHC later because he couldn’t deal with the trauma that came later. He said that not all autopsies led to haunting but it was people who had killed themselves or cases of rape/assault where the cause of death was unnatural; it were these cases that led to some of the most disturbing paranormal activities. 

One such case he narrated that night was of a woman (mid 20’s) who was first raped then strangulated and later her body was thrown in the well by her in laws. (Such incidents are common in rural areas of India) They hoped to escape the charges but after thorough examination of her lungs by my colleague (senior doctor) who did her autopsy; it was obvious that she was killed first and drowned later. The in laws of this women tried to pay a heft amount to him so as to escape the charges but he refused. After that incident, he said that he often saw the women (wet hair; bulging eyes, naked with white pale body) often sitting by his bedside, just looking at him. 

He said it wasn’t sleep paralysis. He was shattered when one time as he was combing his hair in the bathroom mirror and he saw that same women just peeking at him through the door. Only her eyes and her wet hair we’re visible through the mirror. It became so traumatic that he left that part of his profession completely, even though he was getting paid a lot for that job. He said he doesn’t ever wish to go back. And the fact that it was the same hospital where I’m working in right now; kinda creepy NGL.

4. Lesson My Two Boys Taught Me A Year After They Died

1989 my two beautiful boys, age 7 and 9 were playing in the yard when an intoxicated man decided to drive his car, fell asleep and take their lives. My world changed at that moment. Family drama with shame and blame didn’t help but I made it through the necessary acts to bury my boys. I froze up. I simply froze up. I took a leave of absence from my job as an RN in a hospital, my supervisor was so understanding and supportive. At home I had paint and covered with windows to let no light in and I sat in darkness for a year never leaving the house. My friends were wonderful, they fed me. They went shopping and brought me food, I ordered pizza. I sat in the dark not knowing if it was night or day. My friends never pushed me to do more than I could, they just fed me, visited, brought groceries and items I needed and let me work myself out of being frozen.

A year later, I was watching a talk show one morning. I didn’t have cable so I had to only watch local stations. I was laying on the living room sofa and noticed some sparkling lights up in the corner of the room. I thought it was an electrical fire and sat up quickly to get a better view. It looked like sparklers burning, lots of them, beautiful white lights growing larger and in number until they were about a yard wide and 2 feet tall, a bundle of thousands of white, silver like sparkles flashing brightly. From this light source I clearly heard the voices of two men, maybe both upper 20’s in age, very articulate, well educated and professional. They both took turns talking to me, very abruptly, sternly, with force, meaning and impatience with me. It was like I was being severely reprimanded. In part they said, “You have been holding us back from very important business we MUST attend to. We can not do the work we need to do that is so very important as you are constantly holding us back. We can not allow this to continue, you have to let go of us so we can move into our jobs and do the work we are suppose to be doing. Your constant attachment and holding on has stifled our ability to work and what we need to do is so very important. You just have to let go and let us move on. You are in the way of the great work we are assigned to do.” I was being sternly spoken to by my two boys that now sounded like young executives. The only ‘nice’ thing they said to me was one of them said, “We appreciate what you did for us but now you just have to let us go.”

I was berated on and on, like I was in court or in trouble at work in an HR meeting. It was not pleasant but it got my attention pronto. I replied, “I’m so sorry, I had no idea, yes, of course I’ll let you do what you need to do. I miss you both so much but I had no idea I was holding you back from what you needed to be doing.” It was like being pulled over by the cops, and told I did something wrong and I was trying to make it right. I admitted I was holding on to them but had no idea it was causing them grief from where they are now. Their voices stopped, the sparkling light diminished in size and brightness into just being a plain corner of the wall. I put my hand on that spot, it felt like a normal wall.

I got in the shower, got cleaned up, had to call someone to jump my car as it’s not been started in over a year and drove to my old work place to put in an application again. My supervisor had moved on. I did a quick interview and got hired again. I started orientation the next day.

The encounter with my two boys was a jolt to my system. I went from frozen to thawed quickly. My deep mourning of my sons immediately changed to missing them, in a healthy way. There was no thinking about it, the stern talking to I got, the lecture, the demand that I let them move on let me move on, too. Giving them their freedom to do the work they have to do gave me the freedom to do the work I have to do still, too. I enjoyed letting the light back into my house as I slowly started using a razor blade to scrape the paint off the windows. It took months but it was so healing to turn from darkness to light again.

Hospice concepts were coming to America at that time, from the UK. I followed up with a local hospice and soon was the charge RN a 10 bed inpatient unit for terminally ill patients. I was a Hospice RN for 17 years, including 5 years as a pediatric Hospice Nurse. The loss of my children gave me the insight to support others that are transitioning into their next life, or career as I see it now. I had many, many amazing experience with many of my patients spreading their wings and practicing moving on before and after their deaths. My experience with my boys gave me the strength to support my dying patients and the family and friends they were leaving behind.

I’ve not seen my boys since. I don’t want to disturb them from the work they need to do. That lecture I got that day was enough!! Of course I think of them so often but never clinging, but now knowing they matured, grew up, and have important work they do that is valuable to them wherever they are. That makes me smile. I hope my story can brighten someone else. We go on, there is no end.

5. My Nurse Was A Ghost

In 2020 at the beginning of Covid, I had just given birth. At this time I could only have one other person in the room with me my entire stay at the hospital. Of course my kid’s father was there. But like the 3rd day he left to clean up our house & get everything prepared for me & baby. I had gotten sick & had a c-section so I had to stay for about 4-5 days. Well while he was away, a nurse named Kelly said she would be helping me throughout the day & spending time with me so I don’t feel lonely while dad is gone. I couldn’t really hold my baby due to me being sick & the pain from the c-section so my nurses would come in every time it was time to feed. 

I noticed when they came in they wouldn’t acknowledge Kelly & she would go to the farthest part of the room & she would tell me “I’m just gonna get out of the way.” Now she did tell me that she didn’t specialize in what they did she was just for comfort. So I didn’t question anything. The entire day she was so helpful & encouraging to me. I really believe I would’ve broken down if she wasn’t in there with me. She was such a sweetheart. Well after about 5 or 6 hours she told me she had to leave & that she would come visit me before her shift was over to see how I was doing. She hugged me & blew a kiss at my baby & walked out of the room. 

Later that night dad came back & he was very upset. He had told me some stuff happened with his mom & that he was sorry he took so long. I was upset but I told him a nurse named Kelly kept me company. As I’m telling him about her, my nurse is changing my sheets & she’s like “who is Kelly?” I explained & she said that nobody named Kelly was in my room or working that day. So I instantly thought about those women who would pretend to be nurses & kidnap children. But my nurse told me that I may be hallucinating & she told my doctor. I talked to my doctor & he said the same thing. 

Well a couple of hours later a nurse that I didn’t recognize came in my room & said “I know this might sound crazy but everyone on the floor is talking about you seen Kelly.” I said “yeah she was here with me for like 7 hours today she helped out a lot!” We’re smiling & laughing while I was telling her about Kelly & how sweet & funny she was. Then she pulled up her phone & showed me pictures of her & Kelly that looked like to be maybe early 2000s. I was smiling knowing that I wasn’t hallucinating. 

Then she sat down & told me Kelly died over 10 years ago from domestic violence with her boyfriend 💔 I wasn’t too shocked because my entire life I’ve been dealing with paranormal. But I got chills because I never had an encounter this deep. Well the lady gave me a hug & starting crying saying “Now I know that she is okay.” Since that day I’ve been wondering why did Kelly come in my room & help me. I kinda wish I could see her again.

6. About 10 Years Ago, I had A “Dream” That Still Gives Me The Chills

Important backstory information: a friend of mine passed away when he was 19 from a sudden illness, his name was Kevin.

A few years after he passed, my bf and I moved in with a friend who is Kevin’s best friend. We shared a one bedroom apartment and had both our beds in the same room. (rent is expensive in your early 20’s, ok? lol)

One night, I was asleep and dreaming. I can’t remember the beginning of it, but my dream suddenly changed.

It got really bright, and I was walking up a set of stairs leading to an apartment door. I opened the door and there was Kevin, sitting on the couch in the living room of this brightly lit apartment. I said hi to him and sat down on the other couch facing him. He said hi back, smiling.

I started asking him how he was and that we all miss him. He said he was great and that he missed us too, that he’s keeping an eye on us from where he is. Anytime I asked him about where he was, he would say he can’t talk about it or he’d have to leave. I said we don’t have to talk about it. He said we shouldn’t be sad about his sudden passing and to live our lives and be happy, love one another, things like that.

After a couple minutes, I suddenly woke up. It’s the middle of the night. I looked around the room. My bf was snoring away and my roommate was asleep in his bed. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t shake the feeling that Kevin was somehow still in the room, as if something was watching me. The dream just felt way too real. While looking around the room, I said “Kevin?” out loud in almost a whisper.

My roommate’s head lifted off of his pillow suddenly and he turned around to face me. He said “…did you just say Kevin?”. I responded with something like “oh yea I’m sorry, I just had a strange dream about him.”

He froze then said “…I just had a dream about him too.” I asked him what happened in his dream.

We had the same dream… at the exact same time…

7. I saw What I Saw.. But… I Don’t Believe What I Saw

Hi.. This is my ridiculous story. I’d like to first say that you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t believe me because I struggle so much with believing it too. I wasn’t alone.. my best friend also saw it and she struggles as much as I do with not believing what we saw.

I’m almost 60 years old and I’m a wildlife and landscape photographer from East Tennessee. I’m from Townsend which is located in the Smoky Mountains and I no longer live at the location where this happened but I’m still close by.

On the night of the new moon in July of 2018, my best friend.. Deb.. came over to my house around 1130pm because we were going to go up the hill from my house to an empty rental cabin to take pictures of the Milky Way over Rich Mountain. I know it was the night of the new moon because that’s the best night of the month for night sky photography since the moon won’t wash out the light from the stars. If you stood on my road where you turn into my driveway, It actually looks like you’re turning into the driveway of the rental cabin because we shared that driveway. You pull into the rental and curve left down our long gravel driveway to the mobile home we lived in before we moved into our house where we are now. Straight across the street from the rental cabin is what locals have always called “the shale pit.” It’s just an empty lot.. about an acre or two big. There’s a family from Townsend who owns it and they use it to dig up shale for new driveways of houses. That was their business.. they built driveways but their part was just to dig it and lay down the shale. They also let the national park bring trees there to use the space to burn them after they collected them when we’d have bad storms, strong winds, or heavy snow. There wasn’t a house there or any other form of structure.. just a big lot with a couple of backhoes for digging. They did put a small mobile home on the lot for the owners grandson but that didn’t happen until 2020 during the pandemic.

Ok.. here it goes. Deb and I had taken her car up the driveway to the rental cabin and we parked right in the front and her car was parallel to the road… the road was about 10 yards from the car and the entrance to the shale pit was across the one lane road we lived on, so about 10 more yards. That means 20 yards total from the car to the entrance of the shale pit. We sat our tripods up and had each taken a couple of shots of the night sky when I heard what sounded like tires on gravel somewhere down at the river. You have to cross a bridge over the river to get to my old house and all houses on that road…the shale pit included, of course. I said out loud to her.. “someone is down at the river.” I can’t remember if she heard it. Just a few seconds later, we heard a loud truck that sounded like it was crossing the bridge and starting up my road. It might be 1/4 mile from the bridge to my driveway…probably less. 

We could hear that the truck was going really slow and it sounded like it was really old and barely running. As it got closer I asked Deb if she locked her car since we were on the back side of the cabin and couldn’t see it from there. She said she hadn’t. Deb has thousands of dollars worth of camera gear and she had a lot of it with her that night. Without speaking, we both took our cameras off our tripods and carried them and the tripods back to her car to lock it. I don’t remember why we brought it all with us.. I think we both just had a weird feeling about that truck. I know I definitely did. I don’t even know what to say other than it sounded like it was creeping around the area because it was going so slow. I could have walked as fast as that truck was going. When we got back to her car, we sat our stuff in the back seat right as the truck got to where it was even with the cabin and us. 

It was a dark colored truck and it looked like it could have maybe been something like a Chevy S10 made back in the 70’s or 80’s. We couldn’t see who was driving or how many people were in it. The truck stopped and turned into the driveway to the cabin which means it was also turning into my driveway. It only got two wheels onto the property when it stopped and backed up across the street into the entrance of the shale pit. It’s lights were shining directly into our eyes. It just sat there with it’s loud, sad motor running. Deb asked me what the hell they were doing and I said… I don’t know but they’re starting to piss me off because they know they’re blinding us with their headlights. I waited about 10 more seconds before I reached into my pocket and pulled out my maglite flashlight and turned the dial around the bulb to high beam. Then I turned it on and pointed it right at the truck. 

I had intended on shining my obnoxiously bright flashlight at them until they turned their headlights off or drove away. Well, they did turn their headlights off.. and in turn, i turned my flashlight off. They didn’t turn the motor off though. This was creepy and my stomach kind of churned because I thought I had pissed them off and we were up at that empty rental cabin after midnight and my husband was all the way back down at our house asleep. The truck stayed there for about another half a minute and then it finally turned it’s motor off…. and it was gone. Yes.. I swear upon everything I’ve ever loved that truck just wasn’t there anymore. We didn’t see it fade away, it didn’t turn off like a light switch or television.. it just wasn’t there anymore. Then Deb and I BOTH did something totally out of character for two old ladies.. we ran to where the truck had been sitting. I couldn’t say a word but, Deb… well, she yelled over and over…”what the f*ck did I just see? what the f*ck did I just see?!?!?!?” 

I told her to stop screaming so i could call Jack, my husband. I was hysterical and told him to get up the hill as fast as he could. He also drove up instead of walking and he was there in no more than 2 minutes. I told him a very short version of what happened and he went across the street to the shale pit and pulled in as far as he could. It’s all just dirt and rock. There aren’t even trees there since they dig in the area. The only trees are the ones the park brings there to burn and there wasn’t any of those at this time. He came back across the street and said there’s nobody and nothing over there except the two backhoes.. they must have left and yall just didn’t see them. lol. Then we explained the whole thing again and he realized they couldn’t have left without us seeing them since we were standing right in front of them. So, he went back over there on foot this time with my flashlight since it has the high beam setting on it. Again, he came back and said there’s nothing there. He said he even looked inside the cabs of the backhoes just in case. There’s actually a ridge above the shale pit lot but it’s vertical and about 100ft high. This one acre lot is literally just dirt and rock with nowhere to go or nowhere to hide even for a person.. let alone a whole truck.

We didn’t take anymore pictures. We went back down to the house and Jack went inside. I was outside with Deb and she said.. “Kellie, there’s no need to go in there and try and convince him of what we saw. Its ridiculous and you can’t expect him to believe you. It’ll just cause an argument. We saw what we saw but nobody is ever going to believe us.”

And now.. we don’t even believe us. lol. We talk about it sometimes and laugh about it but, it’s not really all that funny. Because even though we know we saw what we saw.. what did we see? If it were a scary movie, you’d think the truck would turn the motor off first and leave the headlights on and THEN disappear. But no, it turned off it’s lights and we could very clearly see the truck sitting just yards from us. The motor goes off and it was like I blinked and it was gone.. maybe even in less than a blink.

How can an inanimate object be a ghost? I’m not sure I even believe in ghosts at all, but I saw that truck disappear. And as I type those words, I full-on understand how ridiculous and stupid it sounds. But it happened.. but I don’t even believe it. It’s a weird place to be in and Deb is in that exact same place. I believe in God so I guess that means I believe in the supernatural since God is supernatural. But, I don’t believe in disappearing trucks… but I saw one disappear. Can you understand what I’m saying?… I don’t believe what I saw, but I saw it.

It… drives…. me… crazy!!! Pun intended.

8. Someone Said Hello To My Young Daughter

This just happened two nights ago. I live in a multigenerational house with my husband, his parents and our daughter who is a little under 2 years old. We share the main living spaces, my husbands parents have bedrooms on the main floor and my husband, daughter, and I have an open concept bedroom/office on the top floor.

Two nights ago my husband and his parents left for a music concert they were preforming at around 4:15pm. My daughter and I were supposed to join them but could not because she had gotten feverishly sick the day before. So I popped her on a comfy chair next to me in our office space and tried to get some work done.

Suddenly around 4:30 I heard a nondescript male voice from down in the stairwell. I couldn’t make out what was said. I thought maybe someone had come back because they forgot something. They didn’t come upstairs though so I figured they didn’t want to disturb us and left again.

About 5 minutes later I heard a clear crisp, “Hello” coming from the stairwell. A deeper toned male voice. No one came up the stairs so I went and checked over the balcony edge this time. No one was there and I couldn’t hear any activity coming from downstairs.

I went back upstairs and sat down again at my desk. I heard the voice in the stairwell again. It said my daughters first name. She seemed preoccupied with some toys and didn’t look up. I went and check the stairwell again and yelled, “hello?” down the stairs. No response.

I sit down again and we continue playing and working.

The voice suddenly spoke again and said my daughters middle name. It sounded like it was up in the room with us now. My daughter turned and looked in the direction it seemed to come from, then went back to playing with her stuffies.

I texted my husband who luckily was going to be home in a few minutes to pick something up. When he got home we checked the house up and down. I knew no one was in the house though, this wasn’t our first rodeo with weird shit here.

9. Can You Tell Me The Story That Made You Believe In Ghosts?

Here is my story.

I used to work as a bartender on a military base, and one of the most memorable nights was Halloween. We had gone all out with decorations, including a skeleton perched on a barrel. Whenever someone passed by, it would giggle and pretend to pour a bottle down its throat while spouting pirate sayings.

One eerie night, as I was closing up the bar all by myself, I switched off the decorations and locked all the doors. Just when I thought everything was in order, a strange sensation made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. Startled, I turned around, prompted by the sound of someone clearing their throat.

That’s when things took a bizarre turn. The skeleton suddenly sprang to life, as if someone had just walked past it. I was perplexed because I knew I had turned it off, and there was no one else in the bar. I decided to investigate and found the switch in the ‘off’ position, which left me baffled. Without giving it much thought, I removed the batteries and stashed them in my pocket.

While counting down the till, an unsettling feeling of being watched crept over me. Finally done with my tasks, I was ready to leave for home. However, just as I approached the employee exit, I heard the pirate skeleton’s eerie laughter once again. Without a second thought, I bolted to my car.”

10. What’s The Scariest Thing That Happened To You While You’ve Been Home Alone?

I was a teenager living alone in an apartment in the middle of a terrible neighborhood. There were drug dealers, gangs, prostitutes, addicts, and crazy people everywhere, including next door. And that was during the day, I tried to be home and stay home at night. I wasn’t defenseless or dumb. I had been homeless before managing to get this apartment, so I knew how to take care of myself. Still, being basically a kid, it was scary as hell for me at times.

One night I was up late playing Zelda, just kind of hanging out, when someone banged on my door. It was after midnight and all of my lights were off. No one really knew that I lived there. I thought it was a wandering methhead. I peeked out the windows, which overlooked my front door, the courtyard for the apartment building, and every single other front door. Every apartment was dark, and there was no one in front of my door.

And yet BANG BANG more knocks, followed by a friendly male voice, “Hey, can you let me in? I just want to hang out!”

At this point I was scared af. It took me a minute to build up the courage, but I peeked through the curtains again, this time being careful to look down near the bottom of the door in case someone was kneeling or even laying down. But there was no one there. And yet the knocks continued all night. Usually he would sound friendly and ask me random things: “Do you have kids? I have toys they can play with!” and “I have some food here if you’re hungry!” A few times the tone got a bit more sinister, saying things like “I know you’re in there” and “I don’t know why you’re making this so hard, I’m your friend.”

I didn’t have a phone, and didn’t have anyone I could call anyway, except the cops who I deeply mistrusted. I could have snuck out the back window and made a run for it, but it was a bad neighborhood in the middle of the night. It seemed like the more dangerous option. And lastly, the man never actually tried to break in. All I could do was sit there all night, listening to him talk and bang on the door, hoping he’d go away. I continued to peek out my front window and other windows in the apartment, but I never saw him.

He eventually did go away as the sun began to rise, probably around 5AM. I spent several months in that apartment. He never came back. But I never found out who or what he was.

11. Tenant Ghost

I’m a landlord, I own 2 small houses next to mine, so I rent them to families. One of my tenant was a fifty year old economists, who has been renting for about 10 years. He lives with his son and his older mother. Last Tuesday I got home from work around 5pm, and I found an ambulance in front of his house, and I see them loading him on the ambulance and the rest of the family (even some other nephews I know) rushing to the car to follow the ambulance. I text the son, I I told him I hope his father recovers soon. 

The next day I got to work early, but forgot some paperwork at home, so I decide to use my lunchtime to get them. As I’m approaching my driveway, y see my tenant (the one who was taken by the ambulance the day before) shirtless, on the sidewalk, talking angry to someone over his cellphone. This was quite normal on him, he had a bad temper, and prefer to walk in front of his house while talking on the phone. All I could think then was that perhaps it was not something so big, and he was back on his feet again. 

I got my papers and left, not giving a second thought about it. On Friday my mom asks me if I know anything about the tenant, since she heard rumors that he died on the hospital. I told her that was not possible since I saw him going strong the next day. On Saturday the son calls me, told me his father died on Wednesday and they were vacating the house. My step grandma (who lives a couple houses down the street) said she also saw him the very same day I did, also talking on his phone on the sidewalk. It was almost 1pm, plain in sight. Did I saw a ghost?

12. A Nautical Ghost Story From My Sailor Uncle

I was just talking to my uncle, who is a retired sailor, and he told me a story that I felt was perfect for this subreddit!

my uncle used to work on board the great lakes freighter the SS Arthur M Anderson and they would haul iron ore and limestone across the great lakes.

One day, at around 7:00pm in November 2007, they were crossing Lake Superior on their way to Cleveland, Ohio, when they started receiving distress calls on their radio from an unknown vessel claiming to be the SS Edmund Fitzgerald…

… the SS Edmund Fitzgerald famously sank in 1975 taking all 29 crewmen with it…

Well, he said, at first they all thought it was some kind of distasteful prank, until they checked the radar, and found that there were no other ships around for at least 70 nautical miles, and the range on the radios are only 60 nautical miles.

He said that the voice they heard from the radio described a heavy storm, and high winds, and that they were having a hard time holding their own. My uncle said you could hear true fear in the man’s voice from over the radio. but the thing was, there was no storm at all, in fact the water was calm, and the night was clear.

At around 8pm, my uncle describe, the distress calls on the radio came to an abrupt stop, leaving the whole room in a terrifying silence, and the radio stayed quiet for the rest of the night. Nobody was able to sleep that night, haunted by what they had witnessed.

When it comes down to it, there is a sense of irony in this event, being as not only is the ship my uncle was on, the SS Arthur M Anderson the sister ship to the Edmund Fitzgerald, but it was also the last ship to make contact with the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975 when she sank!

Could my uncle and his shipmates have actually made contact with the ghosts of the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald, or could there be another explanation to this event?

We’ll never know, but it made one of the creepiest stories I’ve ever heard!

13. I Think Somethings Wrong With My house. Desperate For Advice

I26f have moved into with my grandmother who has dementia. I am her caregiver. She is only downstairs, her legs can’t make it upstairs. She has to have help getting out of bed and can barely make it down a hallway even with her walked. She lives in an older home and she’s lived here since the 60s, and the house is even older then that. I’ve only been here about 3 months now, but weird things keep happening in.

The first thing happened three days in. I sleep in the upstairs bedroom, and like I said, my grandmother isn’t capable of going up the stairs. Im the only one up there. Around 130 am, I heard someone walking down my hallway. We have really creaky floors so you can hear pretty much everything. I went out and checked, and saw nothing. I was a little freaked out but tried to forget it so I could sleep. This continued to happen the next two nights, then stopped. Then it happened again about 2 weeks later but it sounded like running. And another time, I have a bathroom in my room upstairs, and I came up to my room with the sink running.

Things go missing after I sit them down, and I find them in spots I checked, hours later. I’ve heard knocking on upstairs windows. I was still trying to debunk all of this, but finally couldn’t when I woke up out of a dead sleep to feel like someone was playing with my feet. I could feel it, something going up and down the sole of my foot and it didn’t even stop till I quickly moved my foot. I’ve tried asking my grandmother about this experiences but she’s too confused these days. I’ve never experienced anything like this before? I’m too nervous to talk to my mom or my aunts because I don’t want them to think I’m insane. Does anyone have any ideas or helpful advice?

14. My First Night Shift

Okay, okay. I have a pretty interesting story… Please note, when this happened, I would have probably been about 19…

Im from Australia, and I used to work at a 24/7 rural petrol station in a small town called Barham. It’s on the Murray River, and if you dont know, there are quite a lot of spooky stories around the river. If you ask any local, they will have a story to tell

Anyway, when I started the job, I was told not to mind the shadows that you may see get picked up on the security cameras. As these cameras were constantly recording, you could watch the cameras on a small tv behind the counter. My boss said that they come and go around the petrol pumps, and sometimes the lights would go out over the pumps. He said to ignore it, and if you want, you can stay in the back room until a customer walks in.

When I asked why, what are they? In the most Aussie way possible, he goes, “Because they aren’t customers, they aren’t your friends, and f**ked sh*t happens if you acknowledge them”

With this, I started my first grave yard shift. lucky for me, they had put someone else on the shift with me because I was new, but that didn’t prepare me for that night…

It got to about 2am in the morning before things started to get weird. Every now and then the fridge lights would flicker, or the radio would go in and out of static, but what was truely unsettling was watching this figure on the cameras going back and forth just on the edge where the overhead lights for the pump stopped and beyond just being pitch black road…

The other worker – his name was Tony – could also see it and seemed to try and ignore it (it felt like he was trying to not seem spooked for my sake, bless you, Tony).

What was strange was that when car headlights shone onto the road where the figure was pacing, it just vanished, confirming that it wasn’t physical…

When the owner of the car finished filling up and came to the counter to pay, I tried my hardest not to look like I’d just seen a ghost, but what the man said to me next just tipped me over that night. He said, “Just had my first experience of a ghost car! I see his tail lights, and then suddenly gone! Creepy sh*t out in the bush tonight!”

The understatment of the year. Needless to say I am not ashamed to admit that i quit that job after four days, as i could not bring myself to work another night shift at that place, and still till this day i dont know how anyone could…it was a wild experience

We fast forward a few months later and I had gone to a mate’s house for a bonfire on his parents property (we would call this a “gatho”, we would burn off garden waste, and sit around the fire having a chat with a few drinks and maybe a joint to share, it was always very chill). It was mid July – so it was quite a cold night. Now, this is a small town, so it’s not uncommon to know everyone, especially teenagers. So it was no surprise to see Tony from the petrol station at the gatho. I knew I had to pick this guys brain for some context of what happened that night…

As soon as I sat down to chat with him, we got to talking, I remember him saying, “You know, you got out of that place at the right time.” I asked him why that was? Did something happen? He then said, “One of them managed to speak…I saw the shadow pacing, but then it started to call my name.” I remember at this point that poor Tony looked really uncomfortable, and I remember his eyes getting teary when he said “it sounded like my mum, she passed away when I was like, 12”. He struggled so hard to get the next part out. “It showed up every night after that using the same voice asking me to come outside. I quit about two weeks after you did because of that, and I still can’t get the voice out of my head. It sounded like my mum, but it was way too sinister…”

When he said that last part, I felt that chill you get in your buttcheeks. The kind that you know what you are being told is legit. Even if this wasn’t a paranormal encounter, whatever Tony did hear or see really got him.

After that, a few more of us joined in the conversation. We talked about our encounters and other things we saw out in the bush.

I now live in Meanjin/Brisbane. City life is completely different, but the paranormal doesn’t stop. Ever since that night, I have had a huge interest in the paranormal and started to find tools for sceptical thinking. I learned pretty quickly that most of the time, paranormal activity can definitely be explained, but I do have a few more stories of encounters I have had that I can not explain to this day.

But Barham will forever be the most haunted place I ever lived, I’m convinced that the land is haunted there…

I’m going back there in winter, back to the petrol station to see if I can capture this encounter again…

15. Haunted By Best Friend

The best man of our wedding and my husband’s lifelong best friend, Terry, died about 2 years after we were married. It was very sudden and very unexpected. We had even joked with him on the phone the night before. He died in his sleep.

My husband was asked to be a pallbearer for the funeral. We were so poor when we first started out. It literally took every penny we had ($700) to buy my husband a sports coat for the funeral. (My husband is 6’8” tall and over 300 pounds, so it had to be custom made. It’s easy if you are tall OR big. Not so much if you are tall AND big) We could not afford an entire suit. This all happened in December, so we decided not to celebrate Christmas that year since all of our money went towards the sports coat. We were bummed, but what can ya do?

Then we started finding money everywhere. I found a 50 in the dryer after doing laundry. The company my husband worked for decided to drop the employees off at the local gambling town (tackiest “Christmas party” idea ever!) for the evening. I took ONE a quarter and put it in a slot machine just out of boredom. I won 300 bucks! My husband found money in his wallet, and we both found money hidden in our desks. We ended up with exactly $700 so we were able to celebrate Christmas after all

A few months later, we moved to the house we live in now. The strangeness came with us. My husband and Terry were roommates before our wedding, and they fought like two little old ladies. My husband liked to watch TV in the evenings, Terry did not. For awhile our TV would only come on if I pushed the button on the remote. It would not work for my husband at all. Out of frustration my husband took things apart, determined to fix whatever was broken. But nothing was broken-there was no logical reason it wouldn’t work for him.

Then Christmas rolled around again. Terry liked flashing lights on the tree and my husband liked solid lights. Their fights about it as roommates were hilarious. One would always change the settings when the other one wasn’t looking, and it went back and forth for the entire time the tree was up. Well we put our tree up, with the lights set to solid of course. But every time my husband looked at the tree they were flashing. He would try to change that one bulb that decided if the rest flashes or stayed lit constantly, but that bulb was set up correctly. Then I would get home from work, and my husband would be beside himself (like a little old lady) and demand that I watch the lights. I did. They were not flashing. But whenever I left the room, they flashed. I thought it was hilarious and exactly the sort of thing Terry would do.

Then we got a Pug named Sarah. Terry and I both adored pugs. She was the cutest thing and loved to play. One morning I was in the shower in the master bathroom. I could hear a doorstop on the other side of the house just a twanging away. (It makes a very distinctive sound. If you have never heard it, go flick one and you will hear it) at the time I thought, oh how funny, sarah is playing with the doorstop. But I got out of the shower and Sarah was in the bathroom with me. And I could still hear the doorstop. So I laughed and told Terry to cool it, and it stopped.

Silly things like this happened for a couple of years. Then one night I had a dream that I was talking with Terry. He was telling me how mad he was that he died, and we reminisced about the good times the 3 of us had over the years. My husband said I was laughing and then crying in my sleep all night and he tried to wake me up but couldn’t. I figured that was his goodbye. The fun/silly stuff stopped after that 

My best friend since 8th grade, Sarah (the pug was named after her-with her permission) fought a long battle with breast cancer that had spread to her brain. Then I was diagnosed with brain cancer. For a while there we didn’t know which of us was going to outlive the other. (I “won”) so of course we joked about it. I promised not to divulge the more sordid details of her teen/early 20s love life. I made her promise to tell funny stories about me at my “celebration of life” (I just want everyone to eat BBQ and laugh. Not cry in a church) I just asked that she please edit stories as needed to keep it clean. She agreed to keep everything appropriate for all ages. We also promised to haunt each other after we passed. She passed away in March of 2021. That summer, my husband and I were in the living room and heard the loudest bang come from our laundry room. It was gunshot-loud. We were afraid the washing machine just blew up because we had just replaced the dryer, and that’s usually how things go for us. We opened the laundry room door and the giant Costco sized jug of laundry soap somehow fell off of the flat surface of the dryer. The container broke and soap was everywhere. The more we tried to clean it up, the sudsier it got. I did the splits several times in the process-and not by choice. It was truly a horrible mess. As I am cleaning and being super annoyed, my husband said he thought it was Sarah doing her promised haunting. One thing about Sarah was that she loved her puns, so he said this was her “clean joke” to pull on me. I didn’t mind cleaning up the soap so much after he said that 

May you all have best friends who haunt you, in the best was possible 

16. My Best Friend Was Murdered By Her Ex-Boyfriend. She Still Answers Her Phone

So, my neighbor, Lynn, who was also my best friend, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend on the sidewalk in front of her house. I guess maybe because she was my best friend, I couldn’t make myself delete her number from the contacts list on my phone, even after a year had passed. Every so often, when I deleted people I no longer wanted to hear from, or no longer needed to call, or couldn’t remember who they were, I would think about deleting it, but I could never go through with it. I don’t know, the idea of “deleting” her just seemed like too much.

So one day I scrolled past her name looking for somebody else’s number and wondered what would happen if I called her. The phone rang twice, and she answered. I thought I was going to faint from the adrenaline shot that exploded inside my head. I said, “Lynnie, is that you?” She said, “Hello?” and I said, “Lynnie, can you hear me?” She said, “Hello,” again and I said, “Hey, Lynnie, it’s me.” Then she hung up. I thought about calling our other friends and telling them, but I realized how crazy I would sound, and how much I might upset everybody, so I didn’t.

The next day I called the number again and she answered again, and once again she couldn’t hear me. I called her eight or ten times over the next few days before she finally stopped answering the phone. I kept calling–I’m not proud of it, but there you go–even though the calls went straight to voice mail. I would’ve left a message, but the box was full. I tried texting, but she didn’t respond. I finally decided, OK just one more time, and this time she answered. She said, “I don’t know who you are, but please stop. You’re scaring me.”

I felt like the biggest jerk in the world. I mean, in her last minute alive she had been afraid–of a man who wouldn’t stop calling her. And I certainly didn’t want to be the guy that frightened her after she was dead. That breaks my heart to even think about. I wished I could’ve apologized, but that would’ve meant dialing that number. I didn’t call her again, I stopped texting, but I also didn’t delete her contact. I just couldn’t and still can’t.

A month or so later, when our friend Betsy mentioned Lynn one night at dinner, I asked her if she still had Lynn’s number on her phone. She did. I said, “I wonder what would happen if you called it?” She pulled out her phone and called. She listened for a minute and then and shrugged. “It’s been disconnected,” she said. “What did you think was going to happen?” I kind of halfway laughed and said, “I was hoping she would answer.” Betsy said, “I get that, but, seriously, that’s a little messed up,” and that was the last time we talked about it. I haven’t tried to call Lynn again, because I don’t want to scare her, but I still wish she would call me.

17. I’m Sorry

You don’t have to believe me it won’t matter either way because once you read this, once you know of this…. It will know of you.

First, I must say if the door is open shut it. This thing uses them but can only do so if they are open. I don’t know how or why but just shut the door but I’m getting ahead of myself. This isn’t a horror story or a creepy pasta. It’s a tale of caution and a way that I hope perhaps I can live a little longer..

I first learned of this, thing, this being, this entity from an old book. One I found on the floor of my local book shop I frequent there often and enjoy seeing the cat that lives there. But on this day, I had no real reason to be there; in fact I’m not sure why I even went in but as I opened the door I was met with a “thud”. Well, that’s not fair to say I opened the door, it was slightly cracked and this should have been my first clue that something was wrong but the thud I had felt as the door hit something took precedence in my mind. A small leather bound book, simply titled “From Beyond the Threshold” lay on the floor. Silly little thing really I thought as I picked it up, a book titled about thresholds and here it lies at one.

Opening the book I found it to be fairly short for as heavy as it felt in my hands. It was filled with a poem:

“Shut the door and don’t look back, the thin man comes in black.

He wants not and needs not still, he simply enjoys the kill.

From beyond the threshold he does go, for all those whom are in the know.

There is no place to run and hide, that the thin man cannot glide.

For to know of his being, is the same as true seeing.

Now take leave and do not run, for soon the thin man come.”

Each page was a line of the poem and each had a simple door on it, almost as if it were a children’s book. A thick wooden door aged with time and painted blue but weathered and cracked beneath each line stood. But as the poem went on the door slowly opened to a crack. And on the last page I looked at the picture before reading the line, I could have sworn there was a hand reaching around the doors edge. Long impossibly thin fingers stretched out and around the door but when I looked back only a shadow was cast upon the floor. An unnatural shadow almost as if darkness was seeping from the door instead of light. Suddenly and unexpectedly a loud noise jarred me from the book. Behind the counter old man Smith stood staring at me wide eyed with a look of fear and confusion on his face.

“I, uh, found your book on the floor.” I stammered

With a sharpness in his voice which I hadn’t heard from him he replied, “You shouldn’t be here this late and that book is not for sale give it here immediately!”

“Uh sure..” I muttered “this late?”

As I handed him the book, I noticed for the first time since coming to that the shop was dark. I turned to face the large dust covered glass store front and saw the sun had set long ago. But how? I had just come in at not ten past three, how long had I been there? How long had I been reading that book?

“Leave, now!” snipped Mr. smith

As I walked out of the store he yelled from behind the counter, “And shut the door.”

I walked home quietly and quickly but on edge by the odd encounter with Mr. Smith. He was always so sweet and kind, why had he been so short and mean?

As I got ready for bed the book came back to my mind, who would write such an odd story for children? Or I assumed it was a children’s book with the pictures and the short length of it. I hadn’t really got a chance to see the author. As I entered my room, I left the door cracked for Mr. Nibbles my cat, he loved to come in and curl up between my legs but as most cats are, he was very much nocturnal and would often run around the house at odd hours. I settled down in bed and shortly there-after fell asleep.

I woke sometime after midnight and felt the familiar weight of Mr. Nibbles between my legs and could hear the soft rain hitting the window. As I reached down to pet Mr. Nibbles my hand was met by moisture, his fur was wet and I was confused. Surely, he hadn’t gotten out in the rain as I didn’t have a pet door and he was an inside cat. And even if I had a pet door it would have been shut for it was a cold fall night and it would have let a draft in. That’s when I realized something, the moisture on my hand wasn’t cold, hell it wasn’t even cool. It was warm, and thick.

Quickly turning the bedside table light on I was met with the horrible sight of Mr. Nibbles torn in half laying between my legs. I panicked and scrambled to get out of bed as fast as I could. I grabbed my phone and called the cops. “Likely an animal attack” they said. An. Animal. Attack. But how the fuck could another animal get into my house and kill my cat without me noticing. It didn’t even make sense but the responding officers didn’t seem to care that something, someone had killed my cat, my best friend. They didn’t even have the decency to clean up the mess. They took pictures and made a report but left my furry companion smack dab on my bed, a gruesome reminder that I was now alone.

As I returned to my bedroom, I was greeted by a pool of blood that had seeped down and run to puddle perfectly at my door. The rest of the night I spent cleaning up my room and crying for my furry friend. I gently placed both parts of my cat in an old shoe box and told myself I’d give him a proper burial the next day. When the sun came up bringing morning, I called in to work and told them I felt unwell. Which to be fair I did, I had just spent the night mourning and crying but as I hung up the phone from the corner of my eye, I thought I saw movement. Ever so slightly the door to my bathroom moved. Not like the wind moved it but as if someone were hiding behind it. I stood and walked over to it and flinging it wide I was greeted with…


ust my bathroom as it had always been. I turned on the light and the bulb flickered to life Bathing the room in a warm yellow light and humming its song as if the world was right, as if my best friend hadn’t been killed mere hours before. And I felt myself getting angry at the light. As if it showed no remorse. Then I realized, as if it could show anything. It was a light not a living thing. I need air I told myself, I’ll take a walk I decided. I’m tired and haven’t slept I just need air, and maybe a cup of coffee to calm my nerves.

So, I made my way to the coffee shop, passing the florist, the barber and the book shop. I waited in line and ordered a large white chocolate mocha with soy and extra whip. And as I looked at the cashier as she told me the total, I noticed the door behind her to the kitchen. And how I couldn’t see into the kitchen not because it was shut but because it was dark. How there was an oppressive inky black seeping from the doorway that almost called to me. It beckoned.

“Sir, SIR! You can’t come back here!”

The cashiers shout snapped me out of it and I saw I had been stopped by the thin chain strung between the counters. Laughable I thought that this stopped me but what had I been doing? Why was I trying to get behind the counter? I don’t even remember moving yet here I was halfway around the counter pointed straight towards the kitchen. Towards, that door.

I quickly apologized and paid for my drink hurrying off. Taking a seat in a corner booth I realized the lack of sleep and trauma must have affected me worse than I thought. I was suddenly very tired, and regretted walking here instead of driving. As I looked out the window I realized the door to the bookstore was slightly ajar and watched as Captain Whiskers, the bookstore cat I was fond of, came running out. Without even getting my drink I ran out of the coffee shop and across the street to the book store to let Mr. Smith know. But as I opened the door I was greeted by Mr. Smith wide eyed and pale, looking as if he’d seen a ghost.

“Yo.. you’re alive?” he stammered “Did, did you read the book?”

“What book?” I asked bewildered.

“The one you found on the floor. It has many names but they all talk about doors” he said with more resolve.

“From beyond the threshold?” I asked.

“Is that what it calls itself now?..” he asked almost to the air itself.

“What, what is this all about I just came to tell you Captain..” I was cut short by Mr. Smith

“You have to tell someone!” he exclaimed

“Huh? Tell someone what?”

“Have you been experiencing anything odd?” He asked.

“My cat was killed by… something ..” my voice broke.

“It’s here then” he said hurriedly “Listen, I don’t know how much time you have but it will come for you. This thing. Once you know about it, it will come. You have to tell someone else or it will come for you. It wants to disappear, but if someone knows of it, it hunts them. Some godforsaken cretin wrote it down and now it is known throughout the centuries because of that book. And now you know.”

Now of course there’s more to my story but I think you see that doesn’t matter much now. And as my title said, I’m sorry. I’m scared, I don’t want to die and I know this sounds made up but it’s real. I told my friend Sam about Mr. Smith and his weird warning and that I was being hunted by “The Thin Man” as Mr. Smith calls it and the next day Sam was found… in pieces. I’m scared and I don’t want to die, so I came here I wrote it out, and now you and countless others know of it. I’m not proud of what I’ve done but I don’t want to die, god I don’t want to die. Now, you have to tell someone hell share this story maybe that will work I don’t know but as long as this story is on the internet maybe it won’t come for me. Maybe I’ve bought myself more time. Listen, I’ve learned some things ok and I’ll share them, don’t go into the dark I think it lives there. Keep the door closed it uses them like portals or something but it can only access open ones and whatever you do don’t take this as a joke please. You know about it, and now it knows about you.

“I’m sorry”

18. Hunting Trip

When I was 13 I went on a hunting trip with my dad’s friends but it went horribly and i won’t spoil anything but one of them did die..

When I was 12-13 I went on a hunting trip with my dad and his 4 other friends, when we got to the meet up point i wasn’t really paying attention but I did remember hearing my uncle because he talks way to loud.

But when we got to the real spot where we were going to set up camp I finally got to meet everyone the first person I met I learned his name was John, he was the quiet one of the group and a good shot,

James, sometimes quiet sometimes loud sometimes a good shot sometimes a bad shot depending on the wind, Jeff, my uncle loud sometimes on rare occasions he is quiet and he is almost always high, Brian, my dad very good with kids because he’s the only one with kids besides my uncle and a good shot, Randy, the oldest one in the group use to be in the marines.

Now that that’s done back to the story.

After we did that we got ready to go out, but not to hunt just to mainly scout out an area where deer would be and the perfect spot to be when its morning, we discussed the group plans for the morning when we got back from scouting out an area.

Jeff and Randy would be together, James and John went together, me and my dad were together because he was scared i would get lost or hurt.

In the morning we got ready to go out it was about 3:30-4:10AM, after awhile of making sure we were packed and ready to go with some extra ammo me and my dad went to our spot we would be at for the remainder of the morning.

When we got there and got the rifle set up we saw a deer… But when i aimed at the spot my dad taught me to shoot there was a gunshot.

After the gunshot went off birds flew away and the deer ran but as my dad said to everyone else on the walkie talky we had “who the hell shot that” after a few seconds of him saying that everyone responded with a “not me” my dad thought someone was lying and we all met up back at the camp.

Skip to the next day we were back at the same spot me aiming at another deer a buck this time there was another faint gunshot, but when we did the same thing as yesterday we met back up at camp but…

Someone wasn’t there… it was John and the last person seen with him was James, after asking James where John was last he mentioned the mountain we immediately went there thinking the worst happened.

When we got there i was the first one to see it, I saw something on the ground but when i got closer… it was John his open eyes just staring up at me.

When everyone else saw what I was looking at they all looked at James, when Jeff walked over to him he mentioned something about taking the magazine out of the gun for anyone who calls it a clip im sorry. but you need a reality check

When James took his magazine out of his rifle it was full all 5 rounds in there, then Jeff mentioned extra ammunition which James pulled a little plastic bag with 3 or 4 bullets in it Jeff shook his head.

After that there was a gunshot and we all hit the ground looking for cover, my dad pulled me into a trench after making a plan we all booked it to the directions we were going i went with my dad to the camp we get our stuff and called the police with my phone somehow a signal came through.

After that we ran not stopping but after awhile i saw a dark tall shadow out of the corner of my eye 2 gunshots went off and. they sounded high-caliber kind of like a barret mk22 and a barret M82 combined. we waited there for hours because we didn’t know what would happen if we moved my dad aiming in through the rifle scope.

After awhile he finally got hit in the chest by debris and the thing thinking he was alone it moved towards him moving around him.

At that moment I picked up the rifle looked in the scope i took a breath and stopped breathing to make my aim more steady.

At that moment a loud deafening “Crack!” came out of the barrel of the rifle or “Bang”! for anyone who thinks it’s that.

And the muzzle flash was bright in the pitch black forest with crickets cricketing and other insects doing insect things, but then the forest went silent.

At that moment when the forest went silent the tall figure turned towards me, what it looks like is to gruesome to explain and to frustrating and hard to explain but then it just ran away then we just sat there I had the rifle and I was laying on the ground occasionally shooting at shapes some hit some i heard hitting trees in the back ground in the early morning when the sun came up we moved and when I say move, I mean moved like ran we didn’t want to be in that forest any longer.

But after a while we found the forest service rangers with police and K-9 units some even… S.W.A.T when we saw them they saw us we ran to them and after we got back to the police station everyone including the forest rangers said they didn’t hear the gunshots which i thought was a lie.

And after that we met back up with James Jeff and Randy we all went home and had John’s funeral 2 months later… a closed casket because they couldn’t find his body weird enough and we specifically said the specific location they didn’t find him…

After story note-this was 2 years ago in the Canadian forest I don’t recommend trying to find it. sorry for not posting for almost 2 months I’ve been busy with school and its almost my SOL testing so i might not post until summer or atleast 1-2 months before it and i wish you liked this story and if you didn’t then you and have a bad day. for the people who liked it thank you and have a good day

19. Sleepover With Grandma

When i was younger me and my brother stayed the night at grandma’s house one night. During that time grandpa passed away a few months after. My 2 uncles were out that night (they still lived with her) so it was only me, my brother and grandma. We slept in her bed and grandma slept in my grandpas bed in the same room. So it was around 3AM when i woke up to sounds coming from the kitchen, the bedroom’s door was wide open and i didn’t see grandma sleeping on the bed next to us so i figured it was her. 

My uncles put up a picture of my grandpa surrounded by candles on the hallway right in front of the room we were staying at. So i stayed up waiting for grandma to come back to bed. But then i see her walking up to my grandpa’s picture with a bowl and she was eating so desperately and crying at the same time for a good 10 minutes. The next day i asked her about this and she said she didn’t remember any of it. I told my parents about what i saw and they did not believe me. Until this day now that im 24 that moment wont leave my mind. Obviously she was sleep walking but at 12 years old that was very scary to me.

20. My Wife Of 7 Years Wore A Red Ribbon On Her Wrist, When I found Out Why, It Shocked Me To My Core.

I am 35 M and have a wonderful wife who is 32 F. We have been married for 7 years and have 3 beautiful children that gave me shivers of excitement down my spine when they were born. My wife (Marianne) has suddenly been starting to wear a red ribbon around her wrist ever since our last date night (July 18 2023), I wonder sometimes why she wore it. 

The day I found out why she did was the day I almost hung myself out of confusion. “Honey your back from work!” She said with a slight grin on her face whilst tightening the ribbon around her wrist. “Hi babe, the office was a bit crowded today so my boss let me come home early”, as I replied a disgusting stench drafted into my nostrils. I immediately gagged wonder what the hell the smell was and noticed it came from the direction in which my wife sat. “Babe what is that smell?” I say pinching my nose in disgust, “Oh nothing!” she said a few moments later. 

I looked at the red ribbon and noticed it was a bit stained. So without warning I just pulled it off, beneath the ribbon was the most vile thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life. There underneath the ribbon was bits of torn flesh, rotting as maggots swarmed her hand, I instantly shrieked and ran out of the room barfing in the bathroom. I am currently writing this post as she is banging on the bathroom door begging me to open it up. What should I do?

21. My Mother Called To Me In The Night

I’ve been searching for other instances of this phenomena across the internet. And I hope that In reading this; that those of you who have also had this experience will come forth and we can discuss.

I found one story that was nearly word for word the exact same experience as mine (it was honestly surreal, like it had been pulled out of my own brain) this is what made me realize this has happened to others.

So let’s begin.

When I was young 9-10 we moved around ALOT (witness protection) we spent most of my childhood bouncing around hotels or if we were lucky we got a house for a short while before being relocated.

I remember one night shortly after being settled into a new house in Alberta. I was in bed it was the dead of night everyone was asleep and as was often the case with new houses it took me a long time to start falling asleep (I like to figure out a houses nightnoises (creaking, air ducts, etc) but this night something occurred that me and my mother both still talk about to this day.

As I lay in bed (around 1 am) I heard my mom call me from the kitchen, so I hopped out of bed and poked my head out the bedroom and started making my way down the hall towards the kitchen, the only light on in the house was the kitchen light, as I walked down the hall i passed my siblings bedroom doors and my parents bedroom door, I heard my mom call me again from the kitchen. At this point I’m right at the end of the hall not more than 3 paces away from the kitchen doorway, when I hear my mom (From her Bedroom!!) say “go back to bed, I heard it too” at that point I became terrified and ran to my room and hid under the blankets. While my mom woke dad up to search the house. They found nothing.

Those of you who have had a similiar experience let’s talk about it, I’m certain that if my mother hadn’t told me to go back to bed, if I had made it to the kitchen that something terrible would have happened to me.

22. My Brother Can’t Talk

My little brother, Aden, was four when we found out he’d never be able to talk.

I could tell my mom was always concerned, but the panic only really set in when Aden turned three. She took him to every doctor in the country, and not a single person had an answer for her. There was nothing medical about it. He just didn’t talk. He never cried when he was a baby. Even when he was born. He never looked like he wanted to say anything, and he only opened his mouth when he had to eat. Aden wasn’t shy. He would make eye contact, and he would watch you even if you weren’t looking.

My mom decided to homeschool Aden until he could speak, and my dad didn’t really have an opinion. Most of their time was spent studying the bible. My mom tried teaching him basic math, science, history, but she was in no place to be teaching anything. Her whole life, she lived on a farm with her father. She didn’t receive any higher education. She didn’t even graduate high school. But that didn’t really matter to her. As long as she served the Lord as a good catholic woman, the rest would take care of itself.

Aden liked taking my stuff. He liked taking my records, and anything electronic. Eventually it got so bad I started keeping everything in a safe under my bed. When I asked him he wouldn’t admit to anything. He did it to my parents too. Though it took them longer to figure out. Once they did, my dad put Aden over his knee and belted him until he bled. Yet, he never let out a squeal, cry or whimper. He always took his punishment in silence.

He was my little brother, so I loved him I guess, but I was so much older. Could I really love someone I’ve never talked to? Much less, someone who steals everything I buy. I didn’t know what to make of Aden. I never looked at him. Even when I knew he was looking at me. It made the smallest things really hard, to the point where it pissed me off. Why did I have to feel so uncomfortable every night at dinner? I knew it probably wasn’t his fault, but it was affecting my relationship with my parents. The house was bent around the Elephant every single day. Everything was about him no matter how hard we tried to move on, and it wasn’t going to change. Although it’d never come out of mouth, I only knew one thing: I wished my brother was gone.

One Sunday at church, everyone settled in their pews, and it was pretty crowded that day. The service was long and boring, per usual. Looking at the clock made things worse. But after the service was over, Aden handed my mom a note with a big word written in chicken scratch: “CONFESHIN.” My mom’s face was grey. She showed my dad, and he didn’t make much of it. He whispered something to my mom, then took Aden’s hand and walked him to a few members of the clergy at the altar. My mom told me what dad said to her. He said there’d be a chance Aden might talk, and I didn’t know what to think. One of the ministers jovially walked Aden to a booth. What could a four-year-old have possibly done to warrant a confession of sin? The thought made the priest laugh as they entered the booth. The two stayed inside for a long time. After five minutes, I was starting to get concerned. After ten minutes, my dad suggested pulling him out. Then after about fifteen minutes, they finished. Aden walked out of the booth, and blissfully strolled over to hug my mom’s leg. Next came the priest.

His face was ghost white. His miserable eyes held his tears. He was lost in his own mind. We watched as he rejoined the clergy, and I saw the men address him, but he wouldn’t respond. He couldn’t talk.

23. What’s A Weird Or Unexplained Experience You Had While In The Hospital

Back in august of 2020 I woke up one morning and passed out and threw up blood all over the place I was rushed to the hospital where I then learned that I was very close to dying because I had a massive stomach ulcer and I was bleeding extremely bad my stomach had filled up with blood while at the hospital before being rushed into emergency surgery I was terrified I didn’t know if I was going to make it and this woman came into my room she looked at me and asked me are you doing ok I said yeah she then asked me are you scared I said yes I am not religious at all but she asked if she could pray for me and I was so worried about not seeing my kids again that I said yes please I don’t remember the prayer but I remember she finished and told me everything is going to be ok and that she’d see me later she left and I never saw her after that again I was in that hospital for 17 days then I thought about it I realized she wasn’t dressed like the nurses or any other staff she wore all black and it has me wondering who or what was she I had not been given any pain medicine or anything yet so it was not a hallucination I’ve been thinking about it for 3 years now and I need answers

24. Every Year In My Village, There Is A Time During Which Everybody Blacks Out For 24 Hours. In 2015, I Remained Conscious.

The 9th of June. Historical day for some, ordinary day for others, and birthday to many. However, in the village I was born and raised in, it is the day of a big event that went from a strange supernatural occurrence to the most feared phenomenon in our community. It is said to have started in 1931. A whole day or 24 hours during which everybody and everything just shut down, and as a result, no device could never be used to document what events exactly occur in that time frame. You read correctly, I wrote events, because on the next day, everyone usually wakes up to a surprise that can be either very funny or utterly disastrous.

From the senior residents’ testimonies, after the first blackouts, people used to just wake up in random places with no recollection of how they found themselves there. Things then evolved, taking a lighter tone, and people began finding themselves in bars, in other villagers’ houses upon waking up, just to give a few examples. The most common occurrence was called the after party, as most people would apparently gather at a random place, feast all throughout the blackout and wake up the next day with hangovers, sometimes half naked and again no memories about the events. Those events gave birth to very funny stories and speculations that helped people to cope with the strangeness of the blackout, until things took a much darker tone.

Unfortunately, the most recent blackouts from 1983, introduced the whole village to a new form of terror. Honestly, just imagine being on the verge of passing out or sleeping, not knowing if you or your loved ones will ever wake up. The funny stuff was still happening, but along with very terrifying things. One time, a woman drowned in another woman’s bathtub, another time, several children went missing and were never found, again just to give a few examples. There was at least one death to expect and discover after every blackout from 1983. The most gruesome case was that of a girl named Hazel who woke up with a knife in her hand, and next to the eviscerated body of a woman. Following the incident, she was forced to flee the village for good.

Because of those deaths, the villagers started to believe evil supernatural forces to be the culprits and began locking or even chaining themselves before every blackout to no avail. In 2015, my parents, my older sister Vivian, my younger sister Carla and myself Terrence, decided to try something new. Worried about us going out, or anyone getting in our house during the blackout, we put salt at every door and window hoping to stay safe. For extra precaution, we locked ourselves in our respective rooms and slid the key under the door, except for my father who opted for the bathroom. We then patiently waited for midnight and the blackout to strike, each of us provided with a fairly large plastic salt container.

Lying on my bed, my eyes closed, my then 13 years old self recall thinking that I never had to wait that long for a blackout and my nervousness kept on increasing by the minute. I then tried to read the time on my phone but it was suddenly switched off. I noticed a strange darkness surrounding me, and it did not take me long to realize that the electricity was gone in the whole village. I retrieved my flashlight but it would not switch on, just like any other device in my possession. I felt perfectly normal and wondered if I would just wake up the next morning without remembering anything, or if maybe the 84th blackout did not just occur at all or only affected electricity and electronic devices. This is when I heard loud bangs on a door as one of us tried to kick it open. After at least five kicks, the person had succeeded, and I thought it could be my father coming to our rescue after realizing that the blackout did not occur.

“Dad?” I called, not getting any response. “Dad is that you?” I asked again. I could hear the person walking calmly towards my door. “I think we’re still lucid.” I said before hearing the person kick on my door. I jumped back, surprised by such a behavior while the person kept on kicking and successfully broke the door at the fourth attempt. I could not believe my eyes. It was Carla, my 9 years old little sister.

“You.” She spoke, with a deep and adult male voice. “You’re not a vessel. Why? Why are you not a fucking vessel?” She asked, but I could not answer, paralyzed by her shining white eyes. “How did you do that?”

“Carla? Carla what— what’s that?” I managed to ask.

“Carla is unavailable you stupid piece of shit.” She replied, to my absolute bewilderment.

“Wh— what?”

“You broke the covenant. You broke the fucking deal. The punishment for your crime is death.”

She tried approaching but got repelled by the line of salt surprisingly still intact in front of the doorframe. I watched her walk away and come back with a knife in one hand and a bucket of water in the other. I grabbed my salt container and was ready to storm out through the window. Carla understood my intentions and threw the knife at me, missing her target by just a few inches. While I opened the window, I heard her pour the water to remove the line of salt preventing her from entering. I jumped out and started running aimlessly in the dark of the night.

“OUTLANDER!!!” I heard Carla scream behind me with rage in that deep male voice.

Animalistic roars resounded in all the buildings surrounding me as I saw multiple pairs of white shining eyes appearing on the windows. I kept on running, wondering if this night would be my very last in this world.

25. My Mother Called To Me In The Night

I’ve been searching for other instances of this phenomena across the internet. And I hope that In reading this; that those of you who have also had this experience will come forth and we can discuss.

I found one story that was nearly word for word the exact same experience as mine (it was honestly surreal, like it had been pulled out of my own brain) this is what made me realize this has happened to others.

So let’s begin.

When I was young 9-10 we moved around ALOT (witness protection) we spent most of my childhood bouncing around hotels or if we were lucky we got a house for a short while before being relocated.

I remember one night shortly after being settled into a new house in Alberta. I was in bed it was the dead of night everyone was asleep and as was often the case with new houses it took me a long time to start falling asleep (I like to figure out a houses nightnoises (creaking, air ducts, etc) but this night something occurred that me and my mother both still talk about to this day.

As I lay in bed (around 1 am) I heard my mom call me from the kitchen, so I hopped out of bed and poked my head out the bedroom and started making my way down the hall towards the kitchen, the only light on in the house was the kitchen light, as I walked down the hall i passed my siblings bedroom doors and my parents bedroom door, I heard my mom call me again from the kitchen. At this point I’m right at the end of the hall not more than 3 paces away from the kitchen doorway, when I hear my mom (From her Bedroom!!) say “go back to bed, I heard it too” at that point I became terrified and ran to my room and hid under the blankets. While my mom woke dad up to search the house. They found nothing.

Those of you who have had a similiar experience let’s talk about it, I’m certain that if my mother hadn’t told me to go back to bed, if I had made it to the kitchen that something terrible would have happened to me.

26. My Brother Can’t Talk

My little brother, Aden, was four when we found out he’d never be able to talk.

I could tell my mom was always concerned, but the panic only really set in when Aden turned three. She took him to every doctor in the country, and not a single person had an answer for her. There was nothing medical about it. He just didn’t talk. He never cried when he was a baby. Even when he was born. He never looked like he wanted to say anything, and he only opened his mouth when he had to eat. Aden wasn’t shy. He would make eye contact, and he would watch you even if you weren’t looking.

My mom decided to homeschool Aden until he could speak, and my dad didn’t really have an opinion. Most of their time was spent studying the bible. My mom tried teaching him basic math, science, history, but she was in no place to be teaching anything. Her whole life, she lived on a farm with her father. She didn’t receive any higher education. She didn’t even graduate high school. But that didn’t really matter to her. As long as she served the Lord as a good catholic woman, the rest would take care of itself.

Aden liked taking my stuff. He liked taking my records, and anything electronic. Eventually it got so bad I started keeping everything in a safe under my bed. When I asked him he wouldn’t admit to anything. He did it to my parents too. Though it took them longer to figure out. Once they did, my dad put Aden over his knee and belted him until he bled. Yet, he never let out a squeal, cry or whimper. He always took his punishment in silence.

He was my little brother, so I loved him I guess, but I was so much older. Could I really love someone I’ve never talked to? Much less, someone who steals everything I buy. I didn’t know what to make of Aden. I never looked at him. Even when I knew he was looking at me. It made the smallest things really hard, to the point where it pissed me off. Why did I have to feel so uncomfortable every night at dinner? I knew it probably wasn’t his fault, but it was affecting my relationship with my parents. The house was bent around the Elephant every single day. Everything was about him no matter how hard we tried to move on, and it wasn’t going to change. Although it’d never come out of mouth, I only knew one thing: I wished my brother was gone.

One Sunday at church, everyone settled in their pews, and it was pretty crowded that day. The service was long and boring, per usual. Looking at the clock made things worse. But after the service was over, Aden handed my mom a note with a big word written in chicken scratch: “CONFESHIN.” My mom’s face was grey. She showed my dad, and he didn’t make much of it. He whispered something to my mom, then took Aden’s hand and walked him to a few members of the clergy at the altar. My mom told me what dad said to her. He said there’d be a chance Aden might talk, and I didn’t know what to think. One of the ministers jovially walked Aden to a booth. What could a four-year-old have possibly done to warrant a confession of sin? The thought made the priest laugh as they entered the booth. The two stayed inside for a long time. After five minutes, I was starting to get concerned. After ten minutes, my dad suggested pulling him out. Then after about fifteen minutes, they finished. Aden walked out of the booth, and blissfully strolled over to hug my mom’s leg. Next came the priest.

His face was ghost white. His miserable eyes held his tears. He was lost in his own mind. We watched as he rejoined the clergy, and I saw the men address him, but he wouldn’t respond. He couldn’t talk.

27. Maisie’s Kisses

Maisie realised her kisses kill when she was about ten.

She was at the playground with her friend Henry. They ran over the see-saw together, holding hands for some reason. And then by the see-saw, Henry leaned over and kissed her fully on the lips, before letting go of her hand and jumping on the seat. Maisie stood still for a moment, confused, then ran to the other side, raised her arms, gripped the seat, pulled it down and jumped on. Henry went up, and then he fell like a stone with a very loud thud. He lay crumpled on the rubbery pink playground gravel, dead.

They said it was a random heart failure, but Maisie knew better.

After that, she avoided boys. Boys didn’t like that, especially as she was a pretty little thing with soft curvy lips, and the more she avoided them, the more they tried to kiss her. There was Jerry, who cornered her in the school cloakroom, and kissed her with a loud smacking sound. She wriggled out of his grasp and dashed out, only to hear once again that loud thud – she knew before she turned around that he was dead, lying lifeless among the stinky sneakers littering the floor. And Michael, who stole a kiss on the bus, just before his stop. He remained alive long enough to reach the door, and then tumbled out, headfirst, onto the pavement below.

And poor Paul. Maisie actually liked Paul, – he was so good-looking with bright sparkly eyes and he was so kind and smart. They did homework together- they both wanted to be doctors. He helped her patiently with maths while she wrote up his essays. He would never kiss her suddenly, when she didn’t want it. She hoped desperately that would make a difference, inching closer and closer to him in their study sessions, letting her hand accidentally-on-purpose brush against his, until he asked politely- ‘Maisie- I’ve been dying to kiss you. May I?”

She forgot about her curse in her hormonal adolescent delight, and leaned forward with her lips parted and her eyes shining. “Oh Paul”, she breathed. As his lips pressed softly but firmly against hers, her whole body filled with joy and she could barely let him pull away. They looked deep into each other’s eyes, glowing with young love.

And then- she shrieked out in despair as the light dimmed in his eyes. He slumped over, while she sobbed uncontrollably.

She never forgave herself.

She gave up her dream of becoming a doctor, and relentlessly pursued another career, specializing in dealing with unwanted husbands and lovers. A surprisingly lucrative field.

She smiled at her latest prey, Jason, sitting across the restaurant table. She didn’t feel bad anymore, those emotions were long gone. She had a job to do, and he shouldn’t have asked her out when he was already married, asshole. She leaned in. She was busy, and didn’t want to waste too much time on this one.

28. My Parents Leave The TV On Static Every Night. I Now Understand Why

Throughout my entire life my parents have always left the TV on static at night. We are demanded that we leave no devices running in the living room and that we never go into the living room from the times 1am – 6am.

When me and my sister were kids and very curious; our parents had to give us sleeping pills to keep us asleep so we didn’t go down. They put alarms incase we were near the stairs at night. Alarms that were loud enough to wake my parents up but not loud enough for anyone else in any other rooms to hear. Some days they would complain about the electricity bills being high. Me and my sister would just ask them to leave the TV off to save electic but they never listened and said it was mandatory. Me and my sister (my sister called Meghan, she is 18 and myself called Christopher, i am 16). We were going to be left home alone for a week while my parents were on vacation.

Every night while my parents were gone, my sister had the responsibility of leaving the TV on. On the 3rd day of my parents being gone, I left my Alexa plugged into the wall and it was still running. Normally my parents would check the living room before heading to bed. Since Meghan had already turned the static on and went to bed; there was no one to turn the Alexa off. I went to bed and I was woken up at 2:47am to loud smashing. I got up and went to the stairs to go down and see what the commotion was. My sister grabbed me by the arm and she was already standing crouched by the hallway beside the stairs.

“Don’t go down.” She said quietly “Remember what mum and dad told us, we can never go down the stairs under any circumstances”. I told her it didn’t matter and this was urgent but no matter how much I wanted to, she wouldn’t let me. Around 20 minutes later the sounds stopped and my sister went to her room but laid there awake. I on the other hand pretended to go back to sleep but snuck by and went down the stairs. I checked my phone on the way. It was 3:37am.

I crouched near the door and peeked into the living room. I saw a black figure. I would say it was around 7ft tall. No hands or any facial features. Just a pitch black creature staring into the static. My first assumption was that the static was to keep the creature at bay. My alexa was smashed to bits. I was about to go upstairs and get me and my sister out of the house but then at that moment my phone buzzed. A youtube notification popped up and my phone made noise. The creature heard me.

29. I’m Disgusted With My Wife Follow Up Plus Update

The long story Me(29) Wife(33) I may know a couple of reasons why she started doing this. But I think it all started last week Wednesday night around 8. We got into a fight because I kept blowing out these weird black candles which kept making the whole house smell like horse shit. Every time I’ll blow one out she’ll be there right behind me mumbling something “Verlorene Seele” before lighting it back up and going back to her Ipad. Fast forward to Saturday night I heard a loud thud coming from the attic, I called out her name a couple times until I reached the ladder to the attic which she finally reply’s looking down at me from the attic “don’t worry I’m just doing some spring cleaning.” I tried to climb up and see if she needed help but before I could get my first step in she quickly climbed down closing the ladder to the attic before saying“no no don’t worry about it” before pushing me into the kitchen. Sunday night is when I found her crouched above my face cutting her pubic hair into my mouth. After that she’ll still talk to me like nothing happened, every time I try to ask her about it she plays it off like I was dreaming or I’ve been watching too much horror movies.

Update: I want to clarify some things about my wife yes she’s mixed Her mother is from Spain and her father is from czech republic they both died in accident I’ll be posting vids and pictures this Friday because she won’t be home And another thing my profile and username have nothing to with this, this is an alt account I’ve been using. I think she has a Reddit account I’m not entirely sure

Update after work: I talked with my wife about the usual every day stuff she seemed normal the only thing I noticed about her was that she was hiding her wrist. Fast forward to dinner I was cooking listening to a couple of YouTube videos about similar situations I couldn’t help but noticed her in the corner of the living room not sitting or watching the tv but just standing there staring at me I tried to approach her but she just walked backed to sofa. Disturbed I walked backwards to the kitchen and continued cooking. Around 9pm there’s a couple of knocks at the door my wife quickly answers the door I slowly walked upstairs to see. It was a strange looking couple both smiling like cherry salesmen the more I watched them the more uneasy I felt, the strange thing is about them is they both had similar necklaces to my wife. A weird cross shape on the bottom with an oval then like some crown shape on top. After that I went to bathroom and began throwing up.

30. I Was Given A Horrifying Set Of Rules When Entering My Work

I, 25F, just escaped my abusive parents with barely any money. I managed to book a small messed up apartment to keep me alive, so I had to look for a job. I scrolled through all the jobs until one caught my eye, it read “711 overnight shift 50$ an hour”. I quickly applied, not knowing this would be my life over. Once I applied, a text from an unknown number appeared at the top of my screen. “Start tomorrow at 8pm”. I read the message then headed straight to bed.

The next day I drove to the 711, not far from the apartment. As I went in there and put on my work clothes a strange note appeared on the main desk. I picked it up awkwardly as there was no customers around, so I figured it would just be a welcome note. The truth was so much more sickening. The note had a title, rules to the night. 1. If an old lady with a dog walks in, make no eye contact, she will try to make conversation and try to get your attention, don’t give in. Strange, I thought to myself, what type of note was this? I kept reading. 2. If you hear a baby crying, DO NOT LOOK THROUGH THE WINDOW, it will keep crying for 30 minutes. And the third and final rule marked in red, 3. You will hear a little girl singing at 2:30am, lock the doors and cover your ears, she isn’t a little girl. That’s it, I put down the note and paced around the room, I jumped at the sound of the bell rang. An old woman with a dog walked in, I was about to greet her until my mind read the rules again. I looked at my phone the whole time. She asked how my day was and if I had any kids, her voice was a bit scratchy and odd, not like any old woman. I ignored her, but her voice started getting more desperate, more louder. Her voice was screaming in my ear, so I finally looked up. Nothing. I looked at the note again in disbelief, this is real. I quickly calmed myself down and continued with my shift. I was scrolling through Facebook, that’s when I heard it. A baby crying from the window, eerily, loudly. I read the rules so much that they were imprinted in my mind, I turned the other way and continued looking at Facebook. The baby crys stopped at exactly 2:00am. I remembered at exactly 2:30am I’ll hear it, the little girl. I got ready to sprint to the door, locking it.

What felt like hours, the little girl finally started singing. I quickly jumped up and locked the doors, then covered my ears. This has been happening for 2 hours, but the noise got lower. So I unlocked the doors and continued with my day. Scrolling through Facebook, the note that I got given had something behind it in red marker. It read “the little girl never stops trying, she stops singing at 4:30, at that time you have to go to the bathroom for 1 hour.” That’s when I heard it, the little girls singing again, except this time she was behind me.

31. What’s The Creepiest Thing You’ve Ever Seen But No One Believed You?

One day me,my parents and my sister were going to a restaurant that one of my parents friends owned. Me my sister and their daughter decided to go on a walk to the playground(like Wes always used to do when we came). After some minutes my parents called my sister to come back and we did,and halfway back to the restaurant we looked behind us and saw an tall man, he then suddenly started chasing us. We then got lost since we were in a big field. My parents called again and asked us where we were and we just said we stopped for a little break. 

After like 5 minutes we found the way and continued walking but suddenly we heard a manly scream the three of us got scared since there was the tall man again we could only see his black tall figure and his white glowing eyes. Sally (the daughter of the parents and I’ll just call her that since I forgot her name) said “back off please!” He just didn’t and the only choice was to just run away again. 

When we came back home we toiled our parents but they just didn’t believe us and said like “stop with this nonsense!” Or “oh, your just making up this whole situation!” We argued for a while then they just decided to take us home (not for sally since she lives at the restaurant) me and my sister just stayed on our phone or talk to each other we then heard a knocking we asked our parents if they knocked at the door they replied with “no we are still at the restaurant and I’m sure you just made up the knocking to prank us” after that we didn’t dare to open the door my sister got a knǐfé to defend ourselves. The knocking continued for a while we looked out the window while the knocking continued but there was no one there and we just calmed down after it stopped and waited till our parents came home to this day I will never forget it

32. I Think I Wrote This As A Prologue To A Horror Story I Forgot To Write. Should I Try To Continue It?

I grabbed my keys from the hook beside the door and rushed out to my car. There was probably about 20 minutes before the party was supposed to start.

‘Do kids even like these anymore?’ I eyed the bagged present with doubt. How the hell was I supposed to know what a 12 year old boy wants for his birthday? Oh well. If he doesn’t like it then he can just give it away or sell it for all I care. I pulled out of my driveway and turned on the vehicle’s Bluetooth.

“Hey Siri, call Monica” I drummed my fingers against the steering wheel as I waited for my request to process.

“Okay, calling Monica” The sound of a phone ringing filled the silence in my car as I started towards the address they gave me.

The call picked up. “Hey! Did you get the address I sent you?” Their end of the call was glitchy as fuck.

“Um yeah, that’s what I’m calling about.” I slowed down to let someone cross the road.

“Oh what’s wrong? Did I give you the wrong one?” There was a rustling sound as if paper was being crinkled near their microphone.

“Well not necessarily..are you sure you aren’t pranking me? Because my GPS says it’s in the middle of the woods. Like 30 miles into the woods.” I continued moving as soon as the pedestrians were clear.

“I told you. The kid’s having his birthday at a horse ranch. The owners have a lot of property so it’s going to be a bit secluded from the city.”

“Right, right. Yeah, okay. Do you need anything from the store while I’m still in town?” I looked at the clock in my dash. 7:30pm. I could still make it.

“Oh sure! Do you mind getting some more ice? Probably a few bags of crisps as well.” Her audio was getting really glitchy again.

“Alright, I should be there in about half an hour.” I pulled into the parking lot of a convenience store.

“See you later Babes!”

“Yep, bye.” I tapped the ‘End Call’ button and reached in the passenger seat to grab my purse.

It was the strangest sensation. As if I was being watched. My hand paused on the door handle. I could have sworn I saw something move in my rear view mirror. There was another moment of silence before I convinced myself it was just my imagination. I got out of the car and headed into the store.

‘This should be a quick trip in and then out. Nothing to be worried about.’

33. My Real Horror Story

Hi im Amy I’m 21 and I will tell you my horror story that I actually lived

When I was younger I lived in a old apartment that my dad grandfather and my grand grandfather built

In this apartment only people from my family lived in it there’s 3 apartments the top the middle and the bottom

A long time ago my father and his ex was living in the top apartments my father never believed in ghost thing like that one day he open the door of his apartment and he saw the rocking chair swinging all by it self and in was in December ( I live in Canada) so no windows or door was open and it happened a couple of times

After that my father and mother moved together in the middle apartment more thing happened we were 6 in a 3 bedroom apartment in my room that I shared with my sister we had a closet and in this closet there’s a trap to go to the apartment below and I always been scared of that and I did know why one day my father and his brother condemn this trap and they didn’t want to know why until my mother told my they condemn this trap cuz the brother of my grandmother hanged his self from this trap a really long time ago before my mother and father got together so keep in mind that my mother never know or talk or know what he look like

One day the guy from the apartment below called my father saying hey I know it’s late but can u say to your kids to stop running around it’s so late and it make a lot a noise my father said I’m sorry but nobody is in the apartment rn we are all out my father ask him to go check and when the men go in my apartment no body was there

And the last thing is that one day I was talking how I didn’t like my closet in my old room and mother said wanna know something crazy she told me that when we lived in this apartment my mother was seeing a men but he was not alive he was half transparent but he was not scary he was looking good always smiling and we was wearing old clothes from the 80’s every time that my mom was alone with me and taking care of me he was just there looking at me and my mom smiling but nothing creepy more like love and joy one day my mother talk about that to my grandmother she was describing the mysterious men to her and my grandmother turn pale until she said u are describing my brother before he hanged him self in the apartment that we was living in

So can u tell me why he was looking at me smiling And we where wearing noise when we was not there And why the chair was swinging all my it self help me figure it out

34. The Monster In The Mirror

I was 7 when I first saw it. Playing in my room with my sister’s dollhouse, I saw the giant, hairy beast in my mirror. I remember jumping away from the doll house when its deep, sunken eyes made my gaze. I screamed to my mom, and even though she checked every nook and cranny of the room, I knew it was still there, waiting for me to slip up.

As the years went on, the problem had only gotten worse. My mother finally got me in to see a therapist, thinking it was the product of an overactive imagination. Several rounds of medication later, and I could finally bear to look at myself in the mirror, knowing the vision of this beast was gone for good.

Twenty years later, I’ve made a name for myself. I have many followers online, which is why I am being careful in posting this. I can’t keep it inside forever. I just can’t. Yesterday, I saw it again for the first time in years. I had done my makeup for a little coffee date in the city, got my outfit together, and hit the town. In retrospect, I had forgotten to take my pills. It was a quick decision, but by the time I realized, I was already downtown. I could just take them when I got back.

The city felt overwhelming, but I had found that it was the kind of overwhelming I usually thrived in. Today, however, was different. I felt like someone was following me. In the city, you’re just a dot in the big painting, and odds are, nobody was following me, but I felt off nonetheless.

I walked in front of an old, abandoned department store. One of the victims of the pandemic, though still standing tall in all its unflinching isolation. The windows were still a bit reflective, and I saw it behind me. I jumped back, and the pedestrians looked for a moment, only to go back to their lives, their toil. The longer fur, the bigger demeanor, and the dripping fangs caught my gaze, and I ran, stumbling over my heels, but refusing to stop for anything or anyone. I knew it was all in my head. The doctors, the therapists, the psychiatrists had convinced me of that throughout the years.

I ran as fast as I could, until I was at the little coffee shop, barely able to catch my breath. My date was sitting there, and he was just.. Staring at me. I walked over, introduced myself. For this story, I’ll use Katy, though I have changed my name for anonymity. These kinds of breaks in reality were common, but if anyone in my life knew I was feeling it, I just know my whole life would fall apart. I caught my composure and began the date in earnest. He was nice. A career man finding time for love. He was a romantic, and I was definitely feeling it. I liked him. He made a couple odd glances at me, perhaps my mask falling momentarily, but overall it was a wonderful little date.

Moving myself back to my little loft apartment, I saw many reflections, the beast shifting in size and shape, but textured the same. The eyes moved towards me, and the beast smiled. Or at least I thought it smiled. The thing became more humanoid the more I saw it, its eyes settling, its mouth forming, and its teeth receding until it looked almost human, but not quite. The giant feet, hands, and wide stature forced itself into the corners of my vision, and as I got out of the bus taking me home, I ditched my heels and made a run for that. I pulled my blinds, turned off all the lights, and attempted to breathe for once. I had calmed myself down a bit.

After my long shower, I washed all the inlay sweat and dirt from the city until I felt clean. Mostly clean. As clean as I could reasonably be. As the steam washed over my bathroom mirror, I opened the door to let the cool air defog it a bit, so I could at least take my pills and do some minor skin care. I used a rag to wipe off a little square of my reflection, and began my work. Or at least I tried. I tried so hard, but my hands would not move, my body frozen, my feet planted firmly on the bath matt. I saw it, first out of the corner of my eye. The beast, oh the beast that had haunted my nightmares and taunted me on my sleepless nights. It stood behind me, embracing my shoulders and smiling. It was my height, just covered in matted fur and moisture.

The thing smiled at me, it DARED to smile at me. With the last remaining shred of energy, I reached for my pills, downed double my daily dose. I needed to get this thing out of my head. I was feeling good about myself, and this beast was not going to ruin that. As the pills hit my stomach, the beast faded, and I took a sigh of relief. I looked at myself, fully, in the mirror, and before I knew it, I had taken a long, hard look at myself. Before my very eyes, the reflection that looked back at me and shifted, slowly at first, barely noticeable, but by the time my face donned a full beard, I was freaking out. My figure had pushed itself out and up, from an hourglass to an upside down triangle. I had seen this figure before.

A crisis came over me, and I looked down at myself and saw the strings of fur growing. Was this some effect of a full moon? I didn’t know, but I saw clearer than day. I fell to the ground, screeching at the top of my lungs as the visual pain had suddenly become very real. Before I knew it, my upstairs neighbors were banging on my door. I donned a bath robe and a face wrap and put them at ease. To them, I had just taken a nasty fall but I was ok. I had to be ok. My phone began to ring, and I scrambled to get it. It was the man. Let’s call him David. I answered with a quick hello, but winced back when I heard the voice that came out, dark and gravely, far too masculine for the man on the other side. I coughed, tried to force my pitch back up, and talked to him for a moment. He grounded me. I told him I had an allergic reaction and apologized. He knew. Everyone knew.

I went back to the shower, shaved every part of my body over and over again until my skin was red with a rash, nicks and cuts all over from all the times my shivering hand slipped. I had used some bandages to patch myself up, but as I looked in the mirror, I felt better. I was red, but I was hairless yet again, and I felt the rage washing away. I realized I had forgotten my other pills. I downed the first two, and slipped a couple little blue pills underneath my tongue. Back to normal. Back to normal. Back to normal. My thoughts raced. I stared at the pile of fur on my bathroom floor, irrefutable proof that this wasn’t just a vision. Is this the new me, or is this the me I have always been but too dumb to notice. My mom always told me not to play with my sister’s doll house. I shouldn’t have been playing with it anyway.

A little boy should be playing with legos, not dolls. My mom always said that. Twenty years later, I was a girl in the city. A barrage of hormones and pills later, and I felt my body realigning with who I always was.

Not the beast I saw in the mirror.

35. The Attic

For anyone who has been keeping up. My wife left this morning. I went into the attic right after I got home from work. Honestly it took me a moment to climb up there to see what my wife has been up to, I started feeling light headed unable to keep my balance being up there I didn’t see any altars or a headless body (thankfully) but all I saw up there was black box sitting in the middle of the attic none of grandma’s books. No black candles like before just a black box, I haven’t opened the box yet I’m scared what I’ll find in it. I did hear something glass like hit something inside the box my wife won’t be home till midnight. 

So I got some time to plant some cheap microphones around the spots my wife hangs around in the house hopefully she doesn’t find them. I’ll be opening up the box soon and taking pictures of what’s inside maybe someone can figure it out what’s what. I haven’t posted anything in the occult subreddit yet I’m not sure if my wife uses the app herself. She did take her IPad with her. (UPDATE) I noticed someone staring at me from across the street when I went to check the mailbox. If anyone’s seen my my comments I found her black book in the corner of her underwear dresser I’ll be posting more photos in google drive as I find more.

36. True Horror Story (Happened To My Friend)

I’ve always been good at hide and seek. Especially when me and my sister were kids she would never find me whilst playing the game. My stealth was always so good and my parents would often lose me in shopping centre shops and supermarkets. Besides that, let’s get into the story. Me and my sister both 14 was left at home while my mum went shopping and was gone for 2hrs because we all know when mums go shopping they take forever, anyways while be at home I was watching Netflix while my sister was showering, someone knocked at the door but I didn’t hear it straight away I was half asleep from the chill atmosphere in my room. 

The knock became louder, this time I paused the show thinking I heard a bang. Again the door knocked this time I knew I wasn’t hearing things…I walked downstairs and they were loud knocks usually whilst my mums carrying shopping she just knocks so she doesn’t have to put down the bags, and who else that didn’t live here apart from my mum knock on the door like that? So whilst I was walking my sister shouted from the bathroom “ [me] I think I heard the door knock.” I responded with “I know.” And got to the door, I said who was it. No one answered I thought to myself ‘that’s weird’ and turnt on the outside light and looked through the peep hole. 

No one was there, phone in hand I got a text on snap it was my friend who was like. “Who was that standing at your door knocking the door like Feds?” I half swiped it as I thought they were lying (I was young and dumb) A couple hours past, I wasn’t watching anything because I was hearing the door for my mum because I was expecting her to come back at any second. I called her asked where she was, she said she was at the checkout just paying and I just said “okay see u soon.” My sister was up in her room doing her makeup and eyelashes, she was going out with her bf later that day I went downstairs to get a drink and in the comer of my eye I saw someone walk past my house wearing black, I didn’t think much of it. 

I was still in my kitchen just on my phone and we have a ring door bell me my mum and my sister have access to the footage on our phones and curious I checked it. With who I remember to be the Person in all black standing at my door on the phone. I was like what the hell who is that. Again I got a text on snap “nah seriously [me] who is that outside your door?!” This time I opened it and said ik I saw who tf is that just standing there?” Then the guy banged at the door I dropped my phone and my phone sounded the snap noise I knew it was my friend whose house was directly across from mine. 

My sister shouted from her room “WHO TF IS THAT AT THE BLOODCLART DOOR!” I was frozen but managed to compose my self to pick up my phone and go in the sitting room and called my sister she answered before she got the chance to so hello or what I said “call mum, tell her to call the police!” She said why? I told her to check the ring doorbell app she did whilst on the phone she said “who is that?! Imma call mum hold on!” She cut off the phone I checked it the guy was booting at the door with a smile of his face, he looked weird didn’t look normal his smile was so contorted. 

I was to scared to move, I felt I was paralysed I knew it was fear. My sister came down stairs quietly and as she did a piece of the door broke she ran to me. We have this storage closet in our hall way and we hid. Put our phones on dnd and into our pockets. The guy shouted “let me innn!” I was almost crying and so was my sister then I held my breath in my mind I was thinking ‘don’t make a noise you will die if you do’.

37. What Is Something That Gives You Chills In Your Spine To This Day?

When I was 4, Before my parents left for work They would drop me off at my aunt and uncles house so they could take care of my while my parents are at work. With them were my 2 Female cousins, One being 8 the other 5 so I was the youngest of them all. One day during the hot summer me and my cousins were playing monopoly inside when suddenly my oldest cousin gets the idea to go up the attic while my aunt and uncle were asleep. 

(For Future reference this house was In a very ghetto and poor neighborhood so break ins would happen all around) We all agree to go up the attic, my oldest cousin quietly pulls down the attic stairs and is the first one to go up there. And the look on her face coming down had me in no rush to look up there, I eventually get enough courage and climb up the stairs, And what I saw nearly made me have a panic attack , What looked to be an old homeless woman in her Possible 50s lying on the floor lifeless. She had cuts and scabs all over herself, her eyes were opened but rolled back, We urgently rush to our Uncle and aunts room and wake them up to tell them about our discovery. 

At first they did not believe us calling us liars and told go back to the living room we told them over and over until they finally went up there and came down shocked and goosebumps were on all of us. The cops were called later on and the woman was identified and it was shown that she had multiple records for burglary and that we were not the first house after that day I informed my parents and I didn’t go back to that house for a while.

38. 2/14

That day was not a good day. It started off with me being late to school. Usually my parents would scold me for running late, but today they didn’t. In fact, they didn’t acknowledge me at all. When I came downstairs and said good morning they didn’t respond. They both seemed upset, probably because I was running late, so I decided not to bother them and just went to school without saying anything else to them. There was one good thing though. I wasn’t feeling hungry at the moment so I didn’t have to waste any time getting myself something to eat. When I got to school nobody mentioned anything about me being late. I decided not to say anything just in case they had overlooked it. I had missed the previous week of school due to illness, and whether it was excused or not I didn’t like the thought of another absence or late mark on my school record. 

After all, if I missed one more day of school or was late one more time then I wouldn’t get an award for having good attendance which was usually just a 20 dollar gift card. I wanted that gift card. After school I decided to go to the park instead of heading home. I wanted to give my parents some time to cool off and stop being mad at me. When I got to the park I saw some of my classmates who were already there. It’s unlikely they would have gotten here before me so they probably were skipping class and I just didn’t notice. I walked over and tried to strike up a conversation. They all seemed to ignore me. At that point, It should have been obvious that something was off but at the time all I could think about was how annoyed I was getting at this silly little game they were playing. I started to grow more and more annoyed as they continued to ignore me. 

I started shouting, screaming bf at them to acknowledge me. But they just kept ignoring me. Eventually I gave up and walked away in frustration. Those jerks, pretending like I didn’t exist. But then I thought back to that morning. Suddenly, I became worried. I ran back home as fast as I could. When I came inside my mother was crying and my father was hugging her. I tried to get their attention but to no avail. That’s when I started to freak out. What was happening to me? Was I a ghost? Did I not exist anymore? Did I die and now I am just a soul without a body, left to wander the earth? I fell asleep praying that night. When I woke up I didn’t want to do anything but fall back asleep. I was tired, confused, and depressed. I didn’t understand what was going on and I just wanted someone, anyone to acknowledge my existence. 

When I finally decided to get up I headed towards the graveyard besides the church that was walking distance from my school. I needed to know. I needed to know whether I was dead or not. When I got there, I visited my grandparents graves. “Hey grandma, hey grandpa. I miss you guys”. I said, standing over their graves. I began to cry, wondering if my parents missed me as much as I miss my grandparents if I turn out to be dead. I cried until I couldn’t no more. That’s why I didn’t cry when I found my tombstone a short distance away from my grandparents. I walked home at a slow pace. It’s not like it mattered whether I was 10 minutes or 1 hour past my curfew. 

I was already dead right? So who cares? When I got home I sat in my room pondering my situation. So was this it? Was I supposed to roam the earth forever? What happened when the earth came to an end? Would I roam space? As I thought I remembered an old arrival I read about ghosts and how sometimes if a ghost focuses hard enough it can move objects in the physical world. I tried it out on a book and after some practice it worked. It actually freaking worked. I rushed downstairs and tried to give my mom a hug but the moment I touched her skin her body collapsed to the ground and she stopped breathing. I tried to wake her but she didn’t move. 

My dad ran into the room hearing the loud thud my moms corpse made when it hit the floor. “Harley?” “Harley are you alright?” My dad rushed over to my mom and soon realized she wasn’t breathing. He called 911 and requested an ambulance be sent right away as sat there next to my moms lifeless body sobbing uncontrollably while trying to explain what happened to the 911 operator. I tried to comfort him but just like my mom he went limp and stopped breathing. I was now more freaked out than ever. I ran as far away as I could not looking back once. It’s been 786 years since the day I discovered that I am death. I still have 214 years left before the next person takes my place and I will finally be able to move on and reunite with my parents in the afterlife.

39. Life On The Farm

I’ve owned and operated a small pig farm my entire adult life, my father owned this farm before me, and his father before him. It’s not glamorous work, but it’s honest. Pig farming isn’t as simple as one would think either, you have to keep up with the latest in disease prevention and keep good track of the pigs bloodlines. My farm consists of a few hundred acres of fenced off woodlands, plenty of streams and ponds for the pigs to keep cool in hot months and shelters for the cold months. I don’t like the modern hog sheds where they live on concrete their whole lives. My pigs are big, happy creatures.

A few years back my neighbors started selling off their farms to a big corporate pig farming operation. They made me a nice offer also, but I wasn’t interested in selling. That was that, they had their farms, I had mine. They built a number of huge hog sheds for mass production all around the county. A few miles down the road the corporation built what I assumed was their big office building. The office was a rather large, nice looking building, two stories tall and about the size of a football field. For the first few years everything was fine, no troubles from them. Then a few odd occurrences started happening.

I first became suspicious that something was wrong when I went out to feed the hogs their corn one spring morning. I was filling one of the troughs to the usual happy reception, when I noticed a sow in that section that wasn’t one of mine. See all my swine were dark colored and woolly. This one was of the pink variety. That wasn’t all that unusual as once in awhile a neighbors pig would find a way through the fences and get in with mine and I’d just check the tags and get it back where it belongs. No, the problem was that this pig had very human like arm growing off the side of its right front shoulder. Not a grown man’s arm, but an older child sized arm. It wasn’t just hanging there either. That pig was using that arm to scoop corn out of the trough and bringing it to its mouth. It worked that arm good, that was no vestigial limb. After staring in shock for a spell I went for a rope to lead that one out of there. Thank goodness it was a sow because I sure as hell didn’t want that mixing with my stock. I’d never seen anything like that before. I took that thing out behind the shed and shot it dead. I burned the remains to ash, and didn’t tell nobody. Thing like that could damage my farm’s reputation. I went around the entire property and reinforced all my fence lines real good. No more of that business, or so I thought.

Might a been a year or better passed without further incident. Then one evening I was out taking a count when I heard some feller calling for help down by the stream. I hurried down there and I seen something I wish I hadn’t. There stood a man waist deep in the stream just a calling out for help. This guy wasn’t from around these parts though. He was naked for one thing, and had a boars head growing out of the middle of his chest. As soon as he laid eyes on me the man’s head went all limp, and the boar head seemed to wake up and start to cackling. That laughing noise will haunt me all my days. I ran as fast as I could get back to the house. That thing giving chase the whole way just making that awful croaking laugh, and throwing rocks at me. I got back to the house and bolted the door fast. With shaking hands I called the sheriff. I didn’t say what was really out there, but said there was some naked lunatic on my property and if they didn’t get here fast I was gonna shoot him myself.

Things got quiet out there for a bit. Then I heard this big thump noise from the living room. I grabbed up the 12 gauge and crept around the corner. At first I didn’t see nothing, but then another thump. It came from the fire place. This thing was up on my roof tearing bricks off the chimney and throwing them down into the fireplace. It had stopped the laughing and had begun carrying on for help again. Just yelling for help down the chimney and throwing bricks. I went over and stuck the 12 gauge up the chimney and fired off a round straight up. I heard it scrabbling around up there, then heard it jump to the ground and run off.

Once the sheriff got there a good 2 hours later I described everything that happened sans the part about the pigs head growing out of that fellers chest. Sheriff said it’s probably some of them kids been smoking wacky tobbacy again and just to call if he comes back. I thanked him for his time and he went on his way. The next day there was some blonde lady at my door asking what exactly I seen. I told her like I told that sheriff. She seemed to be doubtful of my account and asked what I really seent. So I told her the truth of it. Strangely she didn’t seem too phased by my story and wanted me to sign some papers swearing I’d never tell anybody else about what happened. She wrote me a check that could have bought this whole farm twice over too. Gave me her card to call that number if anything else happens. So now I’ve branched out from farming. Now I raise pigs, and I don’t see things.

40. The Boy (True Ghost Story)

I remember my brother getting an iron man light up toy for Christmas when I was younger. He use to play with it a lot but stopped when it wouldn’t work anymore. The toy would light up sometimes and make noises randomly which made me take the battery’s out. My grandmother was asleep in bed when she heard the toy from the kitchen go off mind you, i had taken the battery’s out of this toy a few weeks ago. She brushed it off and went back to sleep. She woke up to feeling someone tap her shoulder and a young boy who she thought was my younger brother calling her name, “mamaw, mamaw. Wake up”. Me and my brother would wake her up when we would have a bad dream and crawl into bed with her. She figured it was my brother waking her up because he had a bad dream, so she opened the blankets to let him crawl into bed with her. She shortly realized he never crawled into bed with her so she opened her eyes and nothing was there. She brushed it off and went back to sleep only for it to happen a few hours later. This happened repeatedly to her.

I remember hearing the boy one time. I was coming out of the kitchen and I heard laughing to the left of me, it sounded like a young boy laughing so I turned to see who it was and nobody was there. I brushed it off knowing it was the boy.

One time the ghost had gotten out of hand. My grandmother was home alone and she heard knocking on the door, she went to see who it was but nobody was there so she went back into her room. A few minutes later she heard knocking on the wall so she quickly got up and nothing was there. She decided to make sure the front and back door was locked due to her being a little scared someone got into the house and was trying to mess with her. (The back door has a turning lock on the door knob and a sliding lock on the top) She locks the front and back door and decides to go upstairs to see if someone was up there. Nobody was upstairs. She heard the knocking downstairs again so she went back down there to see. Nothing was down there but when she went downstairs she saw the back door open. When she looked at the back door it was open but still locked. Mind you it is impossible to open the door while it’s locked due to the sliding lock at the top. The only way is to unlock the door and open it then lock it back but nobody was in the house so how did this happen? This freaked her out pretty bad so she left the house to go on a walk.

My last scary incident happened yesterday. I am 15 years old now so I still have basic chores to do. One of them is to fold the clothes. My grandma called and told me to come fold the clothes. So I went downstairs and walked into the kitchen. I was standing under the kitchen light about to reach up to turn the light on when the light bulb busted over my face. (I wear glasses so luckily none of the glass got into my eyes but cut my neck a little) my grandma asked what the glass nose was and I simply told her I broke the light bulb because I didn’t want to tell her it randomly broke while I was looking up at due to her knowing we have ghost in the house.

41. A Short Horror Story

I had missed the feeling of birthdays, it was gonna be my 15th and we needed a cake. My parents and I were at Walamart and I had to use the restroom so I let my parents know and walked off and being a teenager they of course let me go alone. When I got by the bathrooms my eyes cast over that missing persons board they have at most Walmarts and usually I dont stare for too long but something caught my eye. I looked upon a baby, a baby photo that looked all too familar to one my Parents showed me in passing. I couldn’t move my body as my eyes read on “Missing for 14 years”.

42. Not Sleeping For More Than Four Days

You know when you stay awake for 4 nights and start to see shadows in the corner of your eyes or random things, people, things move, noises? I believe that it’s not hallucination, I think the less you sleep the more it open your mind and lets your natural instincts go away making you see this stuff. I believe these type of things walk amongst us everyday but we are too afraid to believe you are seeing it so your mind tricks you into thinking you aren’t seeing it.

When you don’t sleep your mind works less harder letting that little instinct fall down making you actually see and believe the scary creepy edgy things that walk amongst us in our daily life’s. Many people will say that you are seeing these things due to your brain dying from lack of sleep which is very much true but, as your brain is slipping away it’s losing parts of the brain that lets you see and hear things. Sorta like that natural instinct. I’m just curious if this makes sense to anyone other than me.

43. I Moved Into A House And There’s Something In The Attic

I recently moved into an old Victorian house in a small, quiet town. The place had character, with its creaky floorboards and intricate woodwork, but there was something unsettling about it from the start.

One night, as I was exploring the house, I noticed a narrow staircase hidden behind a door in the hallway leading up to the attic. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to venture up there. The attic was musty and dimly lit, filled with old trunks and dusty furniture covered in white sheets.

As I made my way through the clutter, I heard a faint scratching sound coming from the corner of the room. I froze, my heart pounding in my chest, and strained my ears to listen. The scratching grew louder, more frantic, and then suddenly stopped.

I slowly turned towards the source of the sound and saw a shadowy figure lurking in the darkness. It seemed to be staring at me with glowing eyes, filled with malice. I tried to scream, but no sound escaped my lips.

Terrified, I stumbled backwards, desperate to escape the attic. But as I turned to run, I felt something icy cold wrap around my ankle, pulling me to the ground. I struggled against the unseen force, panic coursing through my veins.

With one final effort, I managed to break free and scramble down the stairs, never looking back. I slammed the attic door shut behind me and collapsed against it, gasping for air.

From that day on, I avoided the attic at all costs, but I could never shake the feeling that the shadowy presence was still up there, waiting for its next victim. And as the nights grew longer and the house grew colder, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was truly alone in that old Victorian house…

44. A Fake Doctor Convinced Me To Un-Alive Another Patient In My Care

Last year, I snagged a night nurse gig at a swanky rehab, or so they called it—a wellness retreat for the super-rich. Names have been changed to protect me from their sketchy asses. Juggling nursing and looking after my mum meant I needed something close, so I was all in. The recruitment agency hooked me up, and the checklist they sent for day one was borderline obsessive about uniforms and hairdos.

First night, I stroll in, and this spa-like place hardly resembles a hospital. A chic blonde in a suit takes me to Dr. M’s office. He’s younger than expected, but professionalism exudes. He hands me patient files filled with heavy-duty issues—addictions, mood disorders, severe psychosis. I figure, a job’s a job.

Dr. M outlines the night routine, hands me a list of meds and patient needs. I dive in, following his orders. All goes south when about to jab a potent sedative into a patient. A nurse storms in, freaking out. Turns out, Dr. M was in an accident weeks ago, heavily sedated elsewhere. The guy I met was a patient, playing doctor with fake prescriptions. I’d been randomly dosing patients all night. Lucky for me, the nurse stopped me before I zapped a heart condition patient with the wrong stuff.

Fired on the spot (though, conveniently, no record of my hiring). Threatened with a medical board report. Thought my career was toast until a cash-loaded guy showed up at my mum’s the next day with an NDA. The money was tempting, more than five years’ nursing pay, so I took it. But the NDA hinted this wasn’t a one-time screw-up. If Dr. M was out for weeks, who sent me that recruitment letter? Can’t shake the thought of what could’ve happened if that nurse hadn’t busted in….

45. The Creep

I remember the time me and my brother went to Lapland with my parents. (It gets quite dark at night). Me and my brother decided that we would go sledding at night. We went up a mountain. (It is with a forest). We kept going up and up. When we were at the top I already saw a man in the forest between the trees. I thought nothing of it until I looked back and I saw he didn’t have a face. I just saw him duck so we wouldn’t see him. 

I said it to my brother but he didn’t believe me. I said we should stare at the place he ducked at. After like 3 minutes he popped up. We both saw him and ran away. He was following us but we were quicker, so we thought. When I turned back I saw him. He was right behind us. We ran for like 2,5 minutes straight. There was nobody. We saw a gasstation and ran in there. The creep didn’t follow us in there and after that we called our parents to pick us up.

46. True Scary Story

My name is Michael and I’m a 14 year old boy who lives with my aunt in the countryside. Now out here we have no neighbors, the closest place to my house is about 8 miles away. I always loved living out here because I’ve always liked the seclusion and the road we live by is always dead at night, which makes for good sleep. Now my aunt is always working the night shift. So this means I would be home alone pretty much every night. Long story short I came home from school on a relatively crappy day, thunderstorms and rain all day and all night and spent my day playing video games and snapchatting my friends. 

At about 9 o’clock my aunt came upstairs and told me she was heading off to her job. I was always fine with this because I liked being home alone, I had full range of the house and could play loud music all I wanted. Who wouldn’t love it? At about 11 o’clock I had started feeling tired and laid down to watch some youtube and go to sleep. And soon enough, I did. I woke up at some odd hour of the night to somebody knocking on the door. I sat up and muttered, “What the hell?” I thought my aunt had got home from the night shift and reluctantly went to go answer the door and out of habit, checked the window beside the door to make sure it was her. 

But there was nobody there. I thought to myself “Probably some stupid kids knocking on my door and running away.” And I dismissed it at that and went back into my room. I checked my phone to realize it was 3 am and the thought of teenagers ding dong ditching my home was suddenly out of the question given that it was a Wednesday, and I basically lived in the middle of nowhere. Just as I was thinking I heard a bang coming from the basement. I jumped and tried to make up an excuse like a noise of the thunderstorm to calm me down. We always kept our basement door locked anyway out of my aunt’s paranoia and fear of someone breaking in. 

That’s when I heard footsteps slowly creaking up the old wooden stairs in my basement. Frozen with fear I grabbed my phone and called 911. The operator told me to go to an upstairs room in the house and grab a weapon to defend myself. But there was no way I was going to grab a knife from the kitchen, especially when I heard the door being slammed and quickly realized that someone was trying to bust it down. I jumped from my bed and closed my door quietly and hid in my closet like the 911 operator had told me to do. This was easily the scariest moment of my life but suddenly, the banging stopped. But what comes next will haunt me for my whole life. 

Whoever it was screamed at the top of their lungs. But it wasn’t a normal scream, it was an insane and disgruntled scream. And then, I heard the basement door collapse. Now he was full out screaming as he sprinted up the stairs. He went through all the rooms down the upstairs hallway (still screaming) until he reached mine. My door, unfortunately, didn’t have a lock on it and when I heard him open my door, I was paralyzed with fear. I could see him through the shades of my closet, he was still screaming, looking all over my room, even under my bed. But then after trying to hold my breath for too long, I let out a puff of air. He perked up, looked straight at my closet and slowly walked towards it, no longer screaming. I couldn’t even breathe at the moment. 

Especially when he just stopped right in front of the closet door. I could see him through the closet. And he had the biggest smile I had ever seen. As soon as he slowly reached for the closet door knob, there was a loud bang at the door and somebody yelling “Police!” The man quickly ran and tried to run out my window but failed. As soon as I saw the police tackle him I instantly ran out of the closet and outside (now realizing that was a stupid move on my part). After a couple of minutes I saw the police bring the man out in cuffs but on the way to the car, he stared at me with the biggest smile and the craziest eyes I had ever seen. Watching him ride away with the police was the greatest moment of my life. But, what still haunts me today, is the face he made as he was standing in front of my closet door, ready to do something horrible.

47. She Was Beautiful

One day a seven year old boy was playing on a playground. The boy was having the time of his life until he noticed something across the street. The boy crossed the street and was delighted to find a picture of a girl about the same age as him. The girl had beautiful brown hair a beautiful face and she was posing with two fingers up. The boy went home and lay down on his bed. The boy could not stop staring at the picture. “She is beautiful” he thought. 

He was up for hours staring at this photo until he fell asleep with the picture of the girl in his hand. The next day when the boy was playing and telling his friends about the girl he saw her. There she was, the beautiful girl on the photo standing there. She was smiling at him. He went over to her but as he was crossing the road a truck hit him and he died. When the police arrived all they found was a picture of a little girl holding up three fingers

48. There’s A Crack In The Sky

I noticed it only a few hours ago. In my hospital room. I was in inpatient care because of my frequent health problems. Seizures, Liver issues, the list goes on. Being in the hospital room for so long you start to catch on to the little quirks of the place. The window blinds were removed a few days prior to my arrival to 916. The TV volume will never pass 25. And there was always a perfect view of the Pittsburgh skyline. No matter how much pain I was in. I always found comfort in the sunset. It looked like the cover of some jazz music album. Such a calm sight; Until I saw it.

A small hairline crack in the dim sky. A nurse walked in and I pointed it out to her. She could barely make out the small crack beginning to grow. She played it off as just some sort of moonlight anomaly and went on her marry way. I just kept staring at the ever so slightly growing crack. An hour in of staring at it I noticed something. As the night finally set in fully. There was a faint light pouring out of it. Like a small flashlight being shined on something miles away. It seemed like nobody else was paying it any mind. Nobody except me and maybe that nurse. I took a break from my “star gazing” to use the restroom. The air seemed to feel a little colder the every minute. The AC was apparently fixed and yet I was freezing in my shitty hospital gown. So much for a nice cozy October night. I returned to the window and my skin went clammy.

The crack got big and now wider. I stared at what was now massive gap in the night sky. It shined a near blinding light that never seemed to touch down onto earth. At that moment I froze. I couldn’t help but just. Stare. Deep inside the light of this crack that was as massive as second moon. I could her an emergency alert ringing from both my phone and and the quiet TV. It didn’t phase me though at least not yet. A few moments passed and I snapped out of my temporary shock. Immediately messaging my parents and siblings asking if they could see the crack too. No answer.

I didn’t wanna panic. Panicking would only make my condition worse. I glanced back at the window and nearly shat myself. The giant gap in space grew seemingly as big as it could. It took up around a quarter of the horizon. Clouds seemed to warp around it. Like a metal fillings reacting to the wrong side of a magnet. I tried to alert a member of staff about the the macrocosmic crack in the sky that dwarfed the moon. But the door was locked. The building must have been on lockdown. Or maybe my door locked was just broken. I didn’t have time to rationalize the situation though. As I made my feeble attempt to escape my room for help. I heard a loud piercing boom.

The Window shattered sending glass to cascade the floor of my room. Thank god I was still able to wear shoes. I slowly crept back towards the window watching the sky turn a sinister gray. Something began to crawl out of the sky. It looked like an impossible being. A face with infinite eyes and mouths slithering out of the the void of pure light. I heard thousands screaming as the beast touched down to earth. It made an impossible noise that I could only describe as TV static mixed with the roar Godzilla makes. My ear drums bursted. A blessing and a curse. I was released from hearing the agony that was that beings voice. My vision began to fade out slowly. I the last thing I saw the being from the sky laying waste to the world.

49. The Crooked Man

Okay, firstly, I am aware that there’s a myth already called The Crooked Man, that whole “speak the poem and he makes you kill yourself” myth. What I’m about to tell you isnt that myth, but crooked is the only way I can describe what I say.

I’m an officer for the London police force, so as you can imagine I get called out a lot while on patrol. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve seen some weird shit on the job. Shit like suicide by erotic asphyxiation (their partner was understandably traumatized), attempted murder via Christmas lights and even a parent claiming a goblin took her child (the child was later found safe with the parents brother after he became concerned for the child’s safety around the parent).

The call-out that makes me lock the door at night though was actually a wellness check that lead into many more of similar circumstances, none of them good. I remember it was around a week or two after valentines day when I was asked to do a wellness check on a elderly resident after their neighbour hadn’t heard anything from them in a while.

It was an elderly woman of 79 years who was very active despite her age. She always called by her neighbours to say hello on her way home, so when she didn’t call by for two weeks the neighbour called the police out of concern. I knocked on her door but decided to enter when there was no response. I was immediately hit by the smell emanating from the small bungalow and had to fight just to not gag. I pressed on regardless (granted after covering my nose and mouth with my arm) and found the elderly woman in a large armchair, dead.

I assumed she’d passed naturally until I found the multiple empty bottles of pills around her kitchen. This poor woman had lost her husband three years earlier to natural causes, but being alone for valentines had clearly just been too much and she overdosed. Because this was two weeks after she died, her body had begun decomposing in the chair, hence the smell. This didn’t affect me too much because I’d had to deal with decaying suicide victims quite a few times before. Despite that, please seek help and support if you ever feel suicidal. It is not the answer and there is someone out there to help you.

Now, I turned to leave and radio it in but I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw the door to her bathroom slowly opening. I knew it was closed because I’d closed it while performing the regular routine of checking the rest of the home. There was nothing strange in her bathroom when I checked, I’d like to add.

But, as the door slowly freaked open like it was a fucking horror film, I saw a man stood in the doorway, facing away from me. I just stood there, frozen with fear because someone had just…. appeared in the bathroom. I eventually gathered my wits and choked out the words “sir, please turn around slowly so I can see your face” I was going to ask him how he got in but he just stood there, motionless like a statue.

I slowly started to approach him but he did suddenly start to move. Extremely slowly, but moving all the same. “Sir, how did you get in here?” but still no response. The noise I heard next still makes me shiver, even to this day and despite everything I’ve seen as an officer. A deep cracking noise coming from the man, like that noise celery makes when you break it, but being made by this mans neck as it bent and warped until he was facing me.

His head was upside down staring at me, despite his body from the neck down not having moved an inch. His face was just….. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was even more unnatural than the fact that his neck should be broken at the 180° angle it had turned. His eyes were just sunken voids of emotion and his smile stretched from ear to ear, filled entirely with crooked and rotten teeth. Before I could do anything else though, the door just slammed shut with enough force to splinter the wood.

Still shaking, I made my way back to my car and radioed in. When a cleanup crew arrived, they said there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with the bathroom, save for the splintered wood. The body was removed, the neighbour was informed and the paperwork was filed so everything went on as normal. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling the crooked man wasn’t just my fear making me paranoid. Since then, I’ve always heard that cracking noise and seen him out of the corner of my eye every time I find someone deceased after a call-out. I’m still with the force and am currently awaiting a promotion, but the crooked man still stalks me at times of death.

50. Please Answer The Screaming At 1:54 AM

(My name is Jacob. i am a single father of one.) About a week ago, my son woke me up at 1:55 AM in a very scared tone while next to my bed trembling. “Dad our neighbor. She’s outside screaming at me.” I was confused because I didn’t hear anything. But I still ran outside. I was tired, so I grabbed my first aid kit incase she wasn’t okay. I slammed open the door and nobody was there. I looked at my kid with an annoyed face. I saw her! i swear!” I made an even more annoyed face. My son had a worried but a scared facial impression on him. 

“She was there, I promise!” I told him to go to bed. The next day, the same thing happened. Since my son was really scared, I bought a cheap set of cameras to put in my kids’ room. (I know kids need their  privacy but I needed to find out what was happening.) and one for the outside. My son woke me up at the same time, even more scared. “Dad, she was outside trying to get up the wall into my room. She was asking for help, so I asked what was wrong. She stopped screaming. She looked at me. She had blood… blood everywhere on her. Then she ran to the wall and tried to get up and ran away after failing!” After, he said to me, I was definitely nervous. 

I grabbed my phone and checked the cameras. I saw her. She ran into our yard and started to scream and scratch herself until she bled. When I saw that, I called the police. They looked for any hints of anyone there but there was nobody. I was scared, but I had a plan. The next day, I slept with my son in his room. I heard it too, but we didn’t answer and she went away. After a month, it stopped. I came home from work like usual and checked the mail. There was a bloody note that read, “Why didn’t you help me? When I need you guys? I hope you understand what  you just did. You can keep me out. The locks won’t help you guys.

51. I’m A Believer, My Ghost Story

Growing up in the 1970’s, my parents hired a maid. This was a common thing. Black women took the bus to the suburbs. They donned white maid uniforms and worked for upper middle class white families. Becky had been with the family since the early 1960s. She worked for my grandparents as well. I’d often see my grandfather waiting for Becky at the corner bus stop when I was riding to school in the morning.

Becky was truly part of our family. She worked for my grandparents two days a week and for us two days a week. I was always a little jealous of her third family- where she worked that other day. I didn’t know them- but felt like Becky belonged to me. My name is Rebecca. I was supposed to be called Becky but when our Becky came to work for us- it would have been too confusing- so I was always Rebecca. Becky was a kind gentle soul. She always put candy under our pillows. She cleaned our rooms and if she found coins or money in our clothes- she ironed the bills and stacked the coins in a neat pile on our dresser. At Christmas time- she gave me and my sister gifts. She was so sweet and thoughtful. She loved us. Becky and her adult nieces Linda and Sylvia babysat us when my parents were on vacation.

I was interested to see where Becky lived, and one day my mother took us downtown to her apartment. It was nice- a place where elderly people lived. A safe building. She lived up high- maybe on the 10th floor. What struck me was she had every single school photo of me and my two sisters framed and hanging on the wall. Like 20 or so school pictures of these white kids from the suburbs. We really were her family. My parents separated when I was 14, almost 15. My mother was absolutely despondent. She cried all the time. Becky, obviously concerned for me and my sisters, confided to us that her husband had left her many years prior. She identified with my mother. Becky took care of my mother- comforting her. It must have been hard for Becky to see our family dissolve this way. My grandfather (the one at the bus stop) had died the previous fall and we were still in mourning over that. 

My mom’s mom had died the previous August. So my mother was really in a bad state of mind. Becky was our rock- someone who arrived twice a week to keep our home running. Then the unthinkable happened. In the summer of 1980, we returned home from summer camp. My mother told my sister to tell Becky that lunch was ready. My little sister (11 at the time)- came into the kitchen and said Becky is asleep with her eyes open. Mom and I just shot each other a knowing look. Mom ran downstairs to Becky- while I dialed “0”- there was no 911 at the time. The paramedics took her to a hospital. 

She died later that day from a stroke. We weren’t allowed to see her in the hospital (we followed the ambulance) because we weren’t “family”. But yes, we were. Becky spent more time with us than her real family. I saw her daughter and a few other family members behind the glass. That was as close as we were allowed to her room. She was really brain dead by the time she went to the hospital. I saw the paramedics try to revive her in our family room. She basically died in our home. Why this long story, you ask? I want you to have some background.

Mom finally started going out- trying to meet men. One night out of every weekend I had to babysit my little sister (my older sister moved out at 18) I wasn’t happy about this- because I was in high school and wanted to be with my friends. While I was babysitting, I’d hear noises upstairs. I’d run upstairs. Our dog would be asleep on the sofa and my little sister was fast asleep in her bed, but I swore I’d hear footsteps. This kept happening and I’d tell my mother but she didn’t believe me.

My mother and father reconciled briefly. He moved back in. I wasn’t happy about it- he had hurt my mother (by cheating on her). One night, while Dad was there, I heard this weird wailing. I thought it was the neighborhood fox, who routinely wailed at the moon (or was crying for its pups). But this sound was closer. I thought maybe the fox was on the side of the house by the woods. As I tried to lift up my roller blind- I could hear this wailing. It was coming from above my head- the attic. I got in bed- too afraid to tell my skeptical mother. I knew she wouldn’t believe me.

At breakfast, Dad said “Did anyone hear that weird noise last night?” I said “YES!” I wasn’t crazy. There was a weird noise. Dad said it was coming from the attic. He set animal traps up there but there weren’t any animals in the attic. Then Dad and Mom split up for good.

I’d still hear the footsteps when I was alone in the house. Years went by- I moved out and got married. In 1992 I separated from my husband and moved in with my mother. My mother went to Florida for the winter and I was alone in the house. I started dating. One day- in the family room downstairs- my boyfriend said, “What in the heck is that?” He heard footsteps. I was immune to them at this point. I said, “I think it’s Becky. She died in this house. She loved us. If it is her- she’s here to watch over us.”

A couple weeks went by. My boyfriend and I were in the living room having a romantic date by the fire. The lights were off. There was just the light of the fire. He went upstairs to use the bathroom. He came out of the bathroom and I looked up the stairs. He just stood there frozen- with his eyes bugging out. I thought he was drunk. I said, “What’s the matter?” He said, “Didn’t you see that?” I said “What?” He said, “A woman in a pink sweater just walked by you.” I quickly looked around but I didn’t see anything. But I knew- it was Becky. I had never told my boyfriend that Becky wore a white maid’s uniform and a pink cardigan. She wore that pink cardigan all the time. I called my mother and she finally believed me.

I forgot to mention- my father, grandmother and sisters went to Becky’s funeral. My mother didn’t go (she was angry with my father at the time I guess). Everyone there was under the impression that I was named for Becky. In truth my mother told me she named me after Becky Thatcher from Tom Sawyer. But I let Becky’s family believe that I was named after her. It made them happy. They told me how much Becky loved us. I knew that already- but it was so nice to hear.

52. Today’s My Daughter’s Birthday

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. 40 years old. How is it possible she has turned in to this adult with a life of her own. A spouse, kids, her own beautiful home. She presses a hand to my shoulder, “so glad you could come mom, I only wish dad could be here.” The tears well up in my eyes. “I do to Madelyn, I wish he was here, he would be so proud of you.”

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. 30 years old. I’m running late for her party. Her husband said to meet him at their home by 6 p.m. before she gets home from work. “It’s a surprise party” He said. “Tim, hurry up, we have to go!” I yell to my husband. He’s had so much trouble moving quickly since his heart attack.

We arrive to her home but… she’s not there. “Are you sure this is the right address?” Tim says. “Of course! It’s our daughter’s house! She’s lived here for 5 years!”

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. 20 years old. Her eyes light up when I come downstairs with a box wrapped in red, her favorite color. “What is this mom?” She says. “It’s for your birthday my sweet girl, from your father and I.” I hand her the box nearly shaking with excitement for her to open it.

“It’s from you… and dad?” She says. “Well of course I picked it out, but your dad wrapped it for you.”

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. 15 years old. “Only 6 months until I get my temps!” She says while running around our home with her friends. Her best friend Rachel is here. Or I think she is here. “Honey,” I say to her, “where is Rachel?” “Rachel?” She looks at me like I’m speaking another language. “Yes, Rachel! She was just here. Did she go out back? Will you go try to find her so we can start passing out cake?”

She looks at me confused. Why does she look so confused.

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. 5 years old. I can’t believe how big she has gotten. My little girl growing so fast. I wake in bed and reach over to hug my husband, but he’s not there. He must be up decorating already. He always liked to get a head start on everything.

I slowly get out of bed. My back hurts very badly today. I don’t remember how I hurt it? Maybe playing with my daughter.

I think I’ll lay back down, just for a little.

Today’s my daughter’s birthday. She’s turning 1 year old. Or is she turning 2? I don’t quite remember.

Today’s my birthday. I’m turning 20 years old. I wake in bed alone, in a strange room. “Tim!” I yell. “TIM WHERE ARE YOU?” He doesn’t answer. I pull the covers over my head. Was I taken during the night? Where is my husband?

I jump feeling two hands on my shoulders and uncover my head.

“Who are you? Where is my husband?” I yell at a strange woman.

“Mom… it’s me… Madelyn… your daughter” the strange woman says. Does she think I’m crazy? She’s a grown woman and Tim and I dont have any kids!.

Today’s my birthday. I’m turning 10 years old.

I can’t seem to get out of bed. I’m so tired. My mom isn’t home but this nice strange woman keeps bringing me things and asking if I’m okay.

She seems nice, but I think she might be confused. You see, she keeps calling me mom.

53. Don’t Mess With Ouija Boards

It all started on a typical Saturday night with me and a few of my friends, hanging out at my place while my parents were away for the weekend. But what ended up happening that night, is something traumatic I will never ever forget. One of my friends, let’s call her Emily, was the one to come up with crazy ideas that always made everything fun. She suggested we explore my basement and see if we can find anything interesting.

As we were looking for anything to make the night better, I found an old Ouija board hidden there from when my parents were young. I remember my parents warning me about it when I was younger, but Emily mentioned her recently deceased boyfriend. She wanted to see if we could contact him. In the end, we all decided to entertain the idea of contacting Emily’s late boyfriend, just to see if ouija board actually works.

We gathered around the ouija board, fingers trembling as we touched the planchette. We were hoping to chat with Emily’s late boyfriend, but what we got was way scarier. The planchette started moving on its own, spelling out messages that made our blood run cold. We tried to bail, but it was like something was holding us there, refusing to let us go. That’s when things got really horrifying. We heard screams, and one of my friends’ eyes went white. It felt like what was happening, was by something evil, something that wanted to hurt us.

My friends screamed in terror as they were paralyzed by whatever we had unleashed. But I stood untouched, just standing there like a silent witness to the horrifying scene. This was too easy, I thought to myself. My friends were laying down on the floor, eyes still wide open, and I could hear the fear by the way they were breathing. Good thing they weren’t dead, or else the ritual wouldn’t work. I grabbed a knife from the kitchen and began chanting as I continued on with the ritual.

l’d always been drawn to the mystical and the unknown. I believed in something more, something beyond what we can see. And that night, I realized that I wasn’t alone. I had already made a pact with the devil, trading a piece of myself for understanding and enlightenment. The things that happened that night wasn’t scary for me – it was a gift. It showed me who l really am and what l’m capable of.

54. Our Son Isn’t Spoilt

My mother and I work for a rich family and we have to do all of the cleaning and cooking. They have given me and my mother a small cabin to sleep in and I hate my existence. I also hate the rich parents kid, we are the same age and we are both 16. Their child is 16 and always takes the piss out of me. He mocks me for doing the cleaning and he purposely messes rooms up when he has guests, so that they could laugh at me when I clean it up. My mother has always been strict and tells me that i am lucky.

I have lost my temper a couple of times and started shouting back at their rich son. I called him spoiled and his parents would always calmly and softly reply “our son is not spoiled” and my mother gets angry when I lose my temper. I have grown up with this rich family, and I didn’t have a choice in what I wanted to do with my life and when i finished high school, my life was to serve this family. I am a male and the rich spoiled kid also being male, has made it more hell for me as it’s now competition.

I have actually had near fights with the rich spoiled kid, and when the parents get called and I complain to them how spoiled thier son is. Both parents softly reply “our son is not spoiled” and their son wants me and my mother to get fired, but we never get fired. To be honest I don’t know why the parents haven’t fired me and my mother for every time I had retaliated. I do want to get away from here but I have no idea what I want to do or what I could do as a job. I have spent my life in this posh mansion for majority of my life.

Actually the rich parents have always been nice to me, more nicer to me compared to thier son. Then one day I punched the spoiled twat as he messed something up when I cleaned it. He hit his head on something hard and started bleeding heavily and he wasn’t getting up. Then my mother looked down at the rich kid and screamed “my son no please get up”

And then when the rich kids parents came into the room, I explained to them again “he is so spoiled I’m so sorry for this!” And then softly the rich kids mother tells me “our son isn’t spoiled” and she gently rubs my forehead like a mother does to her child. I get told that I am the real son to the rich couple but they didn’t want me growing up spoiled, so they swapped me with the head maids son when we were both babies.

My real parents are going to make everything go away, as I killed the maids son.

55. It Lurks

I live with my father and brother, for as long as I can remember it’s just been the three of us. this story takes place in November 16th 1981. One night my father had to leave me and my brother grim home alone for a bit so he could get us a few groceries. He left at around 8:30 he said if he wasn’t back for 10pm then I could put myself to sleep. I went downstairs to my parents bedroom since nobody could stop me, I slid myself under my parents bed and grabbed a key. I knew what it was for, the basement.

I quietly spun the key in in lock and pushed the door open and crept down the stairs. When I got to the bottom there was nothing just a big button and some mannequins, I walked closer to the button, I lay my hand on it pressing gently. The wall swung back revealing a hallway. I began to walk up the hall the the door slammed behind me. A saw a black figure making its way towards me, and suddenly I woke up.

I must have fell asleep on my couch after my father left. I felt a bit shook up after that dream so I wanted to stay in grims room until my father returned home. I swung open grims door to find and empty bed, my heart dropped “Grim!?” I yelled, but no response. I walked downstairs to see a red light blairing from my tv I sat down to read “this is not a test, lock your homes and pull your blinds. Don’t trust anyone, if a family member disappears do not attempt to investigate, if you find items missing , do not attempt to investigate.” The tv screen went blank. I did just as the broadcast said.

While I was pulling my shutters there was a knock at my door I heard my fathers void say “help me heather something was chasing me and I lost my keys” I stayed quiet and hid in my parents bedroom, I was sitting on the floor in complete silence when I heard my living room window shatter. I had nowhere to go but the basement I grabbed my key and swung the door open. This was not a basement. It was a maze..

I ran around the series of rooms when suddenly I heard a voice on an intercom the voice was familiar it was my dad he said “ you were never meant to find this” my father started guiding me through when i heard a thud. “Oh fuck” I heard my father yell. The intercom dropped. But suddenly reconnected to a voice “ this is still your father, just follow my directions.” So I did just that .

I walked into the dark room I was lead to. a red light flickerd as I saw my father and brothers dead bodies displayed on the wall. There was a message wrote in blood underneath them that read “you stupid child, you know it lurks.”

56. A Succession Of Eerie Events At My College House In Savannah Georgia

It was my Junior year of college, and I had procrastinated the renewal of my lease. When I realized I couldn’t continue living at my current house, I had scant options. Luckily, some coworkers offered me their upstairs game room for $400/month. This was a stark difference from my previous $900/month rent, so I jumped at the opportunity. It was only supposed to be for a 4 month stint, and by January I would be moving back downtown with some college friends.

The residence was in Montgomery, about 18 minutes from Savannah proper. The house itself was a dark brick home with two levels and a large yard, which backed up to a swampy stretch of land. The property was inundated with oaks trees, draped with Spanish moss (you get the picture).

My roomates were substantially older than me, however they were still fun to hang out with. One night we were playing poker in the kitchen when we all heard a loud banging at the door. It sounded like someone was trying to enter the house, but the door was locked. We all thought it was our roomate Kyle, and that he had forgotten his keys. I promptly got up from the table to let him in, but when I opened the door, no one was there. I looked around outside, but all I saw was an empty yard. I went back to the table and my roomates remarked how they too thought someone was trying to get in. While I was somewhat confused, I didn’t think much of it and we continued with the card game.

A few weeks later my roomate Sean had picked up a bottle of Jameson, and after a brunch shift at the bar Sean, Billy, and I decided to day drink. We were sitting at the kitchen table and had already polished about a quarter of the bottle. We were talking about work, laughing, and taking shots. Then abruptly, the three of us were prompted to look at the linoleum counter top. I don’t know what prompted us, but when I peered over my shoulder I saw a bowl glide across the counter in a stifled manner. It was as if a frail finger was pushing it towards an indifferent destination. My eyes shot back to Sean and Billy, their mouths hung agape with shock. We started laughing again, but it was the type of nervous laughter one experiences whilst in danger. “Y’all saw that too, right?” said Billy. We reassured him, and then I walked over to the countertop. I rubbed my hand over its surface expecting it to be damp, but it was bone dry. There was no breeze, no invisible string, no magician in the cubert. It was unsettling, but we laughed it off and went back to drinking.

A month or so passed and it was October. My parents drove down from North Georgia to visit, and brought Duke, our blue heeler, with them. We walked around River Street, ate at Vic’s, went to the candy kitchen. The whole shebang. After dinner my parents told me that their hotel wasn’t cool with pets, and they wanted me to keep Duke overnight. I was all for this and agreed. When Duke and I were dropped off at the house, I brought him inside. He played with my roomates for a while and when it got late, we went up to the game room. My bed was awkwardly placed in the room’s corner, and it faced two large windows on the wall opposite to me. At some point I fell asleep with Duke curled up at the foot of the bed. I’m a very heavy sleeper, not much will wake me up. Yet, out of a deep sleep I awoke to a low guttural growl. Moonlight shone in from the windows and I saw Duke standing. His heckles were raised and this guttural growl, which I had never heard before, persisted. He was looking up at something, something I couldn’t see. Whatever it was, it seemed to be lingering over the bed. I instantly felt uneasy and I grabbed the dog and pulled him close to me. This seemed to lull his aggression, and I somehow found my way back to sleep.

When November rolled around, I had decided I’d be attending my family’s Thanksgiving in North Georgia. Our house is on a small cattle farm up in Ellijay, and it’s especially nice in the fall. I drove up and visited for a couple of days. On one afternoon I felt overwhelmingly tired, so I went up to my room and took a nap. When I awoke, I couldn’t move. I felt my forehead beading with sweat. From the corner of my eye I could see my mirror, positioned above my dresser. What I saw In the reflection induced terror. An old woman, pale, bony, and damp, lingered over me. She had jet black hair and she exuded an energy of apprehension and malice. At this point I’m freaking out, struggling to break free from this paralysis. After a few moments I snapped out of it. My heart was racing and I leapt out of bed. The woman was no where to be seen.

December was my final month at the house, and one evening my roomates and I were taking turns playing Chess. I don’t remember how we got onto the topic, but we brought up death and dying. Billy then asked Sean about the woman that used to live in the house. Sean was a no nonsense type, honest to a fault and as far from sensational as a person could be. He paused for a second and looked at me. Then he told the story of the previous owners, which was relayed to him by one of our neighbors. There was an older couple who had previously resided there. The gentleman had severe dementia and his wife was his primary caretaker. One day the man was found walking around the neighborhood, and a neighbor returned him to the house. When they got inside, the neighbor was met with a rancid stench in the air. He called for the man’s wife, but there was no response. Concerned, the neighbor looked for her throughout the house. When he got to their bedroom the stench was overwhelming. In the bed the old woman laid dead, she had passed away and remained in that bed for a prolonged period of days.

I got cold chills when I heard this story, and I couldn’t help but think back to that odd sleep paralysis episode and all the other oddities that occurred in the house. I no longer live there, and the home has since been sold. Perhaps it was all unrelated anomalies and tricks of the subconscious. Though in honesty, I think something otherworldly was at play in the kitchen, halls, and bedrooms of that house in Montgomery.

57. Baby Monitor

My grandma passed away in 2021 of cancer. But before this, my grandpa took care of her in their house before she passed. In order for him to do chores around the house or backyard, he had to put a baby monitor in the living room so he could hear if my grandma needed something.

After she passed, he decided to keep it in the living room so he could hear if someone broke into his house since he now lived alone and his hearing isn’t the best. He kept the other half of the monitor in his room when he slept. He told me he would sometimes hear voices coming from the living room at night through the monitor. He could never decipher what they were saying, it sounded like chatter that he couldn’t understand. He got used to this until one night, he heard a familiar voice come through.

He was laying in bed, trying to fall asleep and he heard my grandmas voice call for him. He heard, “Jerry, Jerry”. He was shocked to hear her voice calling his name. He got up out of bed to check in the living room. For a split second, he forget that she had passed. Once he got into the living room, he didn’t see anyone in there. He was creeped out and went back to bed. He has not heard her voice since.

He has had many paranormal experiences in his house and so have I and my grandma. So, I believe him when he told me that he heard my grandmas voice. I have plenty of other experiences from me and other family members that I plan to post 🙂

58. The Scariest Night Of My Life

So in December 2002 I have 3 kids who are adults and I will not forget this so I moved to a new house in hardy and I loved the house but that came to an end so it was a stormy night and I remember my wife said hey get candles incase the power went out so I did well the fish tank bubbled out of nowhere and the tank did not have an air pump thing so I thought what the fuck so I looked at it and I heard a blood curdling scream from the bathroom and I saw a shadow with a long mouth screaming I said we need to leave we did and I remember a face looked at us from the window in 2003 we moved and stayed since

59. It Had My Face

When I was younger my father lived across from a graveyeard which I thought was the coolest thing in the world seeing that I had always been very interested in the paranormal. There was a very large empty field of weeds and dry grass that went up to our knees in between our road and the graveyard which almost made it even more eerie.

The second we got ot the house I was upset that my sister and I had to sleep in the basement alone. There were thirteen red stairs into the basement but our dad laughed at my concern. I didn’t know much about paranormal and evil with numbers but I had a very off feeling about the stairs.

The first experience we had was me and my sister staring out of the doorless room from my mattress on the floor. We listened to a woman’s very quiet voice try to lour us out into the darkness, I felt a strong urge to go and come with her. But something felt off about her so I made sure that I stayed with my sister to keep her safe. This must have made her mad because about the second or third night in the basement we started hearing someone walking up and down on the stairs, sometimes on all fours. We always heard it whispering to itself but we ignored it as it was so quiet it could have just been nothing.

That night something happened that changed my life and how I see the paranormal forever. It was another night and activity was more active than normal, the air felt and sounded like static and there was more movement in the dark than usual. We heard her run down the stairs, this scared my sister so she whimpered and climbed into my mattress right next to me. I grabbed her and we scooted all the way back to the wall. Right when I thought we were safe she finally presented herself physically for the first time. We stared into the darkness when on the top left of the doorway she poked her head into the room but something was very very wrong. My sister screamed but i was too shocked too move until It pulled it’s head quickly back into the darkness behind the wall. I drug my sister into the small bathroom connected to our bedroom.

I always lied about the most important detail of that event to everyone I told it too and myself aswell. I always said it was a girl with very long black hair and pale face which wasn’t far off but my whole life I have tried convincing myself that was the real story because the truth was to disturbing to believe. It had my long brown hair. It had my face. It looked like me but pale, malnourished and tired. I had always been praised and complimented for my very long hair but after that I cut it to my shoulders.

Recently I asked my sister about the event and the house and she has no memory of it ever happening. I think it may have been too traumatizing for her to remember and seeing she was three years younger than me. I won’t stir those memories up for her because I wish I forgot them too.

60. The Soldier

This is my dads story. With all of the weirdest things that have happened, this one takes the cake.

My dad doesn’t really speak of many paranormal experiences. This one freaked him out enough though, that he told me. One night, he went to bed with my mom and their dogs. My dad falls asleep pretty fast but for some reason that night, he couldn’t.

Some background info: My parents at the time had two cats, Sweetpea and Baby Princess( my sister named her when she was 6) Their cats would sometimss go into their room when they were sleeping. My parents always slept with their door open(I could never, creeps me out). Their room is the first room when you would reach the top of the steps.

Anyways, my dad was laying in bed tossing and turning. He flipped on his back and closed his eyes. When he was laying there, he felt a pressure going up his legs. He figured the cats were walking up his legs. He then realized the pressure was going up his legs and ended up to his chest. He couldn’t move a muscle. That’s when he started to choke. His eyes popped open and he looked over and there was a figure standing over him with his hands around my dads throat.

According to my dad, the figure had a black WW2 Nazi uniform on with the black uniform hat that had a swastika on it. The choking lasted for some time until my dad told it to get the fuck off of him, then it disappeared. My dad was freaked out. He got up and checked inside all of our bedrooms and throughout the house but couldn’t find anyone anywhere. Everyone was asleep.

I asked my dad why he thought the Nazi was choking him. He said he wasn’t sure why, maybe he was an old angry relative. My grandma grew up in Germany through the war and my grandmas dad was a Nazi. So to say the least, we had some relatives that were in the war. I’m not sure why this ghost attacked my dad, maybe because he was the strongest in the house? Who knows.

My dad isn’t one to make up stories like this, so I believe him. He’s a very strong and brave man, and it takes a lot for him to get scared. He told me that this really got to him and that he was scared for us and this is why he got up and searched throughout the house. Usually, if paranormal things happen, he doesn’t say much because he didn’t want to scare us when we were kids.

I know that some of you might think that he had sleep paralysis when this happened, but my dad did not suffer from this. He told me that this was the first and only time that he couldn’t move like this.

61. The Uninvited Guest At School Trip

The year was 2000. Our all-girls school trip to a hillstation was a whirlwind of excitement – three nights, four days, packed with sightseeing and cultural events. On the first evening, a fun-filled program kept most of us entertained. Three classmates, however, opted to skip it due to travel fatigue.

The second night, after a day of exploration, we huddled in our room, eight of us. Spooky stories, a staple of school outings, filled the air. Laughter and goosebumps danced in the flickering lamplight as the clock struck 3 AM before we finally drifted off to sleep.

Around 4 AM, a chilling sound shattered the silence – short, periodic bursts of laughter. It was M, the resident prankster. But something was off. Her laughter lacked its usual warmth, replaced by an unsettling emptiness. We thought it was a joke, but a slap on the arm from S didn’t faze her. The laughter morphed into rapid-fire gasps. By 4:30 AM, our bed began to vibrate violently. Panic surged. Was someone having a seizure?

Flicking on the light, we witnessed a horrifying sight. M’s body contorted in unnatural tremors. Little P bravely reached out to comfort her, but M lunged, teeth bared. We scrambled to pull P back as M, in a frenzy, tore into the mattress, leaving a smear of blood. The convulsions subsided, leaving her collapsed, eyes rolled back.

Fear, cold and suffocating, gripped us. We alerted our teachers and the school principal, a revered nun. They rushed in and offered prayers, blessing the room. M, drained but peaceful, slept deeply.

Later, the principal questioned us about the night’s events. We confessed to the ghost stories. Shockingly, the three girls who missed the cultural program revealed a secret – a Ouija board session. They’d used a chart paper and summoned a spirit that wouldn’t leave. After much pleading, they managed to send it back, but perhaps it lingered. Notably, M was sleeping on the exact spot where the board had been placed.

The next day, M awoke with a fever, oblivious to the night’s horrors. The incident left an indelible mark on us, a chilling reminder of the unseen forces that sometimes lurk in the shadows.

62. Travertine Hot Springs

This past October I went on a road trip up the mountain with my Mom and sister. My mom had been trying to bring out to the springs for a while but I always had work or other obligations. Growing up in New Mexico we’d visit our local hot spring at least twice a month and Travertine reminded her of our old spot. I t was a long drive, medium hike, and a short dip but it was worth it. We brought our dogs with us and they loved every minute. Once the sun started getting low the dogs got anxious and we decided to pack up and head up. My dog started barking so I decided to take him out on the trail ahead a few yards and walk back to group. I got maybe 50 yards up the trail and I stopped, “this is a bad idea, dummy it’s almost dark and there might be cats out, you need to be in a group” I said aloud to myself. 

Then I heard what sounded like a shrieking whirlwind surround me and Henry coward between my legs. The tree tops weren’t moving but the wind continued and I heard two women whispering to each other from behind me, “let’s keep whispering and talking about him so (my name) will come and see what we’re saying.” I turned around and saw my mom just getting on trail and my sister halfway, about 25 yards, between us. That’s not whispering distance. The wind faded away but it sounded like laughter. 

I stood still and waited for my mom and sister to catch up, I was worried that turning around when I heard my name might’ve been confirmation enough for them to attach. We got back to the truck and my mom unlocked with her keys and had us pack while she used the outhouse. We were the last vehicle in the lot and we haven’t seen anyone in about half an hour. When we finished packing my sister waited in the truck with the dogs. After a few minutes my mom comes back and asks if she gave us the keys. “Nope, sorry mom you had them the whole time, did you drop them in the whole?!” She didn’t but spent some time searching, it was odd. My sister suggested that I walk down the trail and I suggest that comes with me because it dark and there could be “cougars.” We found the keys placed neatly on a post down trail from the lot. 

I clicked the key fob and it wasn’t in range. “Let’s get out of here” It had snowed the week before and so we drove slow on the way back down the mountain. While chatting on the way down my mom randomly drops, “you two know that if you hear your named called in the woods not to follow it, right?” I laugh and go, “wait so that definitely wasn’t you then?” My moms posture goes stiff and she say not to talk about as we’re still driving through the woods at night. We grab a pizza for the rest of the drive home and don’t talk about it. My mom drops me off and my roommates were watching the prom scene in Carrie, the screams sounded just like the whirlwind. The next day I asked my mom what that was all about and she told me little girls were calling her name trying to lure her away from us further down path.

63. Did Somebody Else Experience This?

I have had a few experiences with a ghost. This all happened in my childhood. Every time I woke up, tried to sleep, or was in my bed, I heard whispers like ‘good morning,’ ‘hello,’ ‘can you hear us,’ and much more. I never paid much mind to it because I thought it was normal at the time, so I ignored it. After my bed was gone, the whispers suddenly disappeared. I just wanted to ask, did anybody else experience this too?

64. Bedeck North Blk 110 HDB (Singapore)

It was long time ago when I was stay over with my boyfriend at his close friend’s house. It was a three room flat. This flat was shadowed by the dark eve if it’s in the morning. No sunshine can shine into the house, which I always found it strange.

Whenever, I am alone at house and actually feel someone is looking at me from one corner. I use to play online games alone in the living room or the kitchen and my hair always stand. As I never encounter any scaring incidents then just a feeling, I brush it away.

Then, one night when my boyfriend now husband was away for re-service. I was at home in my room and fall asleep around 12am after finish surfing the net.

I was woke up by continuance loud knocks on my door as if the door will drop anytime. In my mind I thought it could be my husband’s friend that have urgent matter.

Without thinking, I open my door wide and step out of my room. But to my horror, the living room was pitch dark and no one was at home as the other bedroom door was open but there is no one.

I was damn scare and ran back to my room. Immediately call my husband and start crying asking him to come back. It was 3am in the morning.

I did not dare to step out of the room eve I heard noises outside and hide under my blanket until he came back at 6 am.

It was the only encounter and after that I dare not stay at the house alone ever again.

65. A Face In The Wall

Back in my old house (11)F, I was was getting ready for bed it was around 8 to 9pm, the time I usually slept, I remember getting into my bed but I don’t remember being sleepy enough to hallucinate, although I did have an over active imagination, I turned to face the wall when all of a sudden a face appeared, a dark red color grinning showing a row of sharp teeth a long nose, classic stereotypical demon, out of pure fear and shock I didn’t make a noise but slowly pulled the bedsheet cover over me and as I removed it the face was gone, till this day I sleep with a pillow lying on the wall.

p.s: (The people currently staying in that house complain that something is dragging there legs at night so that’s cool to ig)

66. Yellow Eyes

This experience still gives me chills till this day. When I was about 8 years old, I seen something outside my window that I still can’t explain. I was in the kitchen late at night and I seen a pair of bright yellowish eyes that didn’t have an exact form. It seemed as if they were like fire and they followed me wherever I walked. The part that still gives me chills is, I lived on the second floor and our kitchen window had nothing for any animal to stand on.

67. Never Whistle At Night

For context this happened last November. Me and a now ex friend of mine, we will call him J, were in my driveway just looking at the stars just hanging out. Across the street from my house is a fence with a large open field and woods behind it. Me and J were just talking when we looked across the street at the woods and saw a small orange light, we discussed it decided it was probably just someone walking around with a flashlight. We had dismissed it for a while and continued talking about many things before I looked back at the orange light and noticed it had never moved from where we last saw it. I told J and he decided to start making jokes about horror stories to lighten the mood as he and my whole family knows how paranoid I could get. 

But as I believed in a lot of folklore due to my heritage and things me and my family experienced I had told him to stop making such jokes and for us to go inside. But J wouldn’t listen to me and decided to do one of the dumbest things I’ve seen someone do. He whistled towards the orange light. Without going in to much detail as I don’t know everything, anyone of native American culture would know not to do this as it’s dangerous in many ways. I had told him to stop but he kept whistling finding the situation very funny, until we both notice the orange light slowly getting larger. J was unfazed while I was trying to convince him to go inside the house. He laughed and said it was probably nothing and I was just getting worked up over something that isn’t a big deal. 

Until we both heard it. Whistling coming from the woods. Just loud enough to hear but unable to tell how close it was. I had went pale and looked over at J to notice he had a shocked and horrified face realizing what he did was actually stupid. He had froze in place making it to where I had to practically drag him towards the front door. Once inside we calmed down and locked the front door to feel more secure even if it didn’t do much. We didn’t step foot outside until the next day around noon to make sure we were safe. Nothing else had happened since that night but J had learned something that I’ve been raised to believe,

Never Whistle at Night, even though you might not believe it these creatures are very much real and extremely dangerous.

68. I Think My Mum’s Boss’s New Boyfriend Is Evil And She Should Quit

Okay, so…my Mum has been working as a cleaner in Mayfair for this guy named Jared for about five years. It started off fine, just typical rich people being demanding. But lately, things have gotten really creepy.

Last year Jared got together with his new boyfriend, Steven, and the guy is just… off. Like, my mum was in the middle of hoovering when Stephen asked her to make a coffee. No big deal, she did it and went back to work. When she came back into the kitchen, there was coffee all over the counter- liked the entire cup poured over the counter. Stephen said it was an accident, but then when my mum went to clean it up, he just stood there watching her and then he started laughing at her, like it was a joke.

A few weeks later, Stephen took Jared on this cruise, and when they got back my mum was going through their suitcases to do the laundry. One of the shirts had this big reddish brown stain on it, all down the front. Jared said it was wine, but when my mum went to clean it she had to use hydrogen peroxide to get it out, which is what she usually uses for, like, period stains. Major red flag for me, but my mum just brushes it off saying she’s had to clean worse. Then it got really scary. Jared said he needed to show her something in the bathroom. When she got there, Stephen is there too and they’re asking her why she didn’t clean the mirror. The thing is, she definitely had. Like, it was clearly totally spotless, but he kept insisting it was filthy. She’s used to people like that wanting things a certain way, so she said she was fine to clean it again. 

The guys left and shut the door and she cleaned the mirror, again. But then, when she finished and tried to leave, the door was locked. From the outside. Like- who even has a lock on the outside of the bathroom door? She shouted for them and banged on the door for at least an hour, but nobody came. She said she was pretty sure they could hear her, and she even thought she could hear them laughing at one point. She didn’t have her phone or anything and she was really scared. There is a window to the courtyard, too small to climb through but she opened it and started shouting for help. Almost immediately Stephen was there to open the door. He told her she was an idiot for locking herself in and that she was lucky he’d found her before they’d gone out for the evening.

Now Stephen has suggested that my mum go with them on their next trip- somewhere in Europe. She really doesn’t want to but now Jared’s insisting. I told my mum she should quit, like yesterday. But she’s worried about getting another job without a recommendation. I get it, but seriously, this situation is way too creepy to stick around.

69. I Go Out For A Drive Every Night. This Time, I’m Forgotten

Every night around the same time I take a drive. My boyfriend; Nathan just left my house and I need to clear my head. Driving clears my head. On this day I’d grab my keys half asleep still trying to keep my eyes open. I would click the button on my keys “BEEP BEEP” the car would siren. Nervous I would take the window like every other night. The air was dense, cold and filled with dark clouds, which is unusual considering that it was summer and I live in an area that doesn’t get dark clouds like this.

By the time I’ve gotten into my car and driven for approximately 45 minutes, there was hail pounding on the roof of my car. Nervous I’d call my boyfriend. No internet, straight to voicemail. My legs started going numb. I needed to step out of my car. I couldn’t, it’s hailing. The 2 ounce hail clusters would slam on the ground shattering. In front of me was dark road. I’m scared. I don’t know what’s going on. Despite my worries, I kept going. A few hours later I cleared my head officially and decided to head back. It’s now raining, the hail stopped. I pick up my phone, one bar of service. I try to recall my boyfriend again, voicemail.

I finally made it home, my car all dented from the hail. I decided to go through the window so I don’t have to wake anybody up. My parents and my sister don’t know that I’ve been going out these past weeks. I finally had gotten to the window and tried opening it. It was locked. Which was weird because I never locked it and left it unlocked when I left. I was creeped out and confused. Thoughts raced around in my mind. “Did they find out?” “How did it lock?” I soon decided to go in through the front door because my parents always leave it unlocked. The front door swung open. It was the same as I left it. I tip-toed up to my room and prepared to shut my door and jump on my bed, Until I opened the door. 

My room was different. Then it hit me. Something is in my bed, SOMEONE is in my bed. I was confused. I rushed up to my parents room to tell them something was in my bed. I flung the door open. My dad sat up faster then light. “WHO ARE YOU!” My dad yelled at me. My mom soon followed his steps. I was confused. “Dad, there is somebody in my bed!” I’d yell back mad at him for not knowing who I am. “Intruder!” My mom finally put on her glasses. My dad opened his nightstand drawer and took out a glock-16. I ran as fast as I could.

70. The Pillows

So picture this Im your friendly neighborhood internet operator,I roll up to this quaint little cottage on the outskirts of town ready to install some high speed internet for grandma lets call her Gertrude. Seemed like a routine job, right? Wrong. The first clue? The pillows. Oh dear god the pillows. Each one adorned with the face of a different family member staring back at me with lifeless eyes. 

I try to brush off the weirdness and get to work setting up grandma Gertrudes internet but the atmosphere in that room is just plain unsettling. As I went about my business installing routers and whatnot I couldnt shake the feeling that those pillows were watching my every move and listening to my every word. As night fell and I prepared to make my exit Grandma Gertrude beckoned me into the living room for a cup of tea. And thats when I saw it the pillows lined up on the couch. 

But then out of nowhere one of the pillows spoke. Yeah you heard me right. It freaking speaks. I freeze in shock as the pillow with grandma Gertrudes as she explained late husbands face on it belts out a one liner in his gravelly voice. Every single pillow in that room had a speaker embedded in it spouting off cheesy one liners and family catchphrases.

Those pillows may seem harmless but theres something about them that sends shivers down my spine.

71. I Saw My Dead Father In His Old Bedroom

So at the time of me posting I’m 13 now but I was 9 when he died for context I don’t live with my mom dueto reasons but to my mom’s bathroom you have to walk throughout my dead fathers bedroom he died in there now on this occasion it had been about a year since he died and it was one of the first times I had been in the room since his passing I walk in there and in the corner I see what looks like him before I can get any closer he disappeared.

72. I Saw A 6ft Roach Creature

First I would like to say this story mentions suicide and murder and I can prove this isn’t a dream because I have asked my mother and sister if they remember this and they both do.

This happened to me when I was around 5 or 6 years old, everyone can recall random things from there childhood or random things from when they were a kid but this moment really really sticks out with me and I remember this vividly.

It started with my family all in the living room, it was probably around noon because I recall the sun shining through our house because of our various windows. I remember me, my Mom and my Sister also my Father were playing a board game on the living room table.

My mom asked me to grab something from my room upstairs. I can’t remember exactly what the item was but I told them I didn’t want to because “it was scary upstairs” as a kid I mostly slept with my parents or sister because I was scared of sleeping alone as many kids are.

Our house was big with many rooms and 3 floors. My room was upstairs. I told my mom I don’t want to get it and her and my sister asked me over and over just to go grab the item. I was too scared to go up, my sister even told me “monsters don’t come out during the day” I got annoyed with them asking and ran upstairs and wanted to get the item as fast as possible.

I as I reached my room I stood at my doorway looking at a what looked like human sized roach. Looking back now i’d say what I say was like a 6 foot large roach looking creature standing up I vividly remember what looked like wounds on its body. I froze for a good 3 seconds all the air left my lungs and my eyes filled with tears as i’m looking at this huge roach standing, I watched its antennas move and it look at me, I screamed and ran all the way downstairs.

I ran into my Dads arms and screamed and told him what I saw. Nobody believed me and I understand why, I was only a kid and seeing this is unimaginable.

What makes this story even creepier is the history of violence in the house. My family was dysfunctional and my Mother is bipolar and my Father was a big gamble and would come home broke and barely able to make rent. The house we were living at was just being rented with him paying around 1k or 2k a month. My mother tried to take her life by cutting her wrists in the kitchen and was rushed to the hospital and thankfully made a full recovery and now has a big scar across her wrist. My Father took a pistol in the bathroom and threaten to take his life, thankfully he didn’t.

After a few years my Mom and Father separated, we moved away from that house. I got a text from my Mom a few years ago it was a news article saying something about a suicide and murder. The news article said “A woman is dead and her husband is hospitalized after a shooting incident at the family home Thursday night.” A father shot his wife in the head and then himself in the living room of my childhood house.

73. Paranoid

I’m a 14 yr old girl, and I’ve always loved horror movies, yet of course am easily scared by small things, right now I’m having a bit of a paranoid attack of feeling like someone or something is watching me. I’m on my bed right now, and my family is downstairs watching TV, so no one else is upstairs. I always have a little paranoid attack where it feels like there’s a thousand people in the room with me, but I always check to see if I’m right, and of course I’m wrong and no one’s here. I live in a tall 2 story house, so I don’t think anyone can be peeking out the windows too. I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not being so paranoid, can cause you to hear faint sounds.

Most likely over reacting Ik, but I ALWAYS get this feeling maybe 1-3 times a week, yet I watch a horror movie every 3-5 weeks.

74. The Man In The Mirror

When we were younger i lived with my mother(44) step-father(52) brother(26) and my younger sister(8) we had moved into a house about 5 years prior and hadnt encountered many scary or creepy untill 2017 where some scary things started happening

It seemed to always be my sister the one who saw them first the hand prints on the attic the scratches appearing on my bunk of the bunk bed and even the cat that wandered into the house despite every door being closed. Now all of these can be explained but it was only ever her that saw them. So of course when she started talking about a man in the bathroom we were naturally concerned once she came downstairs and said that the man in the bathroom was staring at her we all went in ready to confront the intruder but there was noone there she started crying saying it was in the mirror but we brushed her off saying if it was in the mirror it would be in front of us too and just said she was tired so we sent her to bed. Me and her were still young enough to share a room so when i went to bed too and realised she was still awake just staring into her mirror terrified i asked her why she was still awake since we sent her to bed an hour ago she explained thet the man was in the mirror behind her. 

I told her to shut up because i was still young and suceptable to nightmares and went to bed. I looked down at the mirror while turning over and saw a man that looked as if it was glaring at me i moved to try to leave and tell my parents but the moment i even slightly budged it turned its whole head to look directly at me and i called to my sister below she was awake but closed her eyes so that she didnt have to see it i followed and when i opened my eyes again after what felt like a lifetime it was still dark and he was still there looking at me but this time it was stood up at the end of my bed thats when i decided to stare at him untill my parents came in at 8 and looked into the mirror that me and my sister were obsessed with staring at and saw it too staring at them now and with that my stepdad came in and smashed the mirror along with every other mirror in the house. A year later after we seemed to mostly forget about the situation we decided to add mirrors to our house again and as of yet we have not seen him again but are weary and make sure not to place them where we could not escape immediately.

75. I Need Help And Advice

Soo i have been experiencing paranormal stuff in my house..and im only 13. My parents dont Belive in paranormal since they are religious. Me and my younger sister saw a actuall demon or ghost in our closet while sleeping.we were on the floor since my mom had my baby nephew with her on the bed. I had turned around a bit since im the one that was sleeping next to the closet but when i turned back there was a lady looking thing with Black hair and its neck twisted looking at me and my sister i told her and when she turned around she saw it too. 

Since then paranormal stuff occured more and of course we did not tell our parents. It would happen while they were outside or at the shop.And Just today they heard a phone ringing my mom thought it was coming from the living room where me and my dad where but he thought it was coming from the room where she and my sister where.Although i did not hear anything My little sister heard ir specifacly from my brothers room where everything is alqays happening.I need help and advice.

76. The Night Shift

When I was 19 I worked for a movie theater in a small town in Alaska. It was the normal Saturday night, crowded and loud. I worked until 12:00am that night. But tonight seemed rather long, it felt like it was later than what it was. I looked at the clock in the wall it was only 10:43pm, but something else was off, the theatre was silent. The popcorn machine was off and I couldn’t hear the movie playing like I normally was able too. I went to investigate, I opened the main door into the watching area, and when I turned the corner to see the big screen I was greeted by everyone in the theater blankly staring, the screen was no longer on just the dim glow of the screen. 

I slowly started to walk away and I broke out into a sprint, I made it out of the theater and then out of the building where I proceeded to call the police. I turned around to look at the building and the doors to the entrance were filled with people staring at me, my heart sank to the floor. They stood there staring blankly, at least 100 people, I didn’t break staring at them until about 15 minutes later and finally sirens. The police had shown up, they glanced at where I was looking. They stared in horror as they pointed the flash lights at the door to the building revealing 100s of people staring. At me. We hurriedly got into the car they then took me back to the station unable to comprehend what they had seen the sat silently. I stayed in the station that night until the morning. I called off work the next day and the next until I had the courage to tell them I quit. Since that night I’ve never been back to that theater.

This was a story that my grandfather had told me. And he said it was the truth and one of the most haunting things he had ever seen.

77. The Old Lady In White

I don’t have many horror experiences in my life but there are a few that I remember clearly. This is about an incident when I was maybe 12 years old. I remember every detail because my family talks about this almost everytime there’s a family gathering.

From 12 yr old self POV: So my parents, elder sister and I had gone to my aunt’s ( mother’s sister) house for some reason(I didn’t know) . I just knew that it was a family gathering that involved some prayer and community lunch & dinner. So at around 9pm I went to bed. My mother slept beside me. I remember watching a dream where an Old lady wearing white Saree with glasses( those had side chains). The saree was drapped in a peculiar manner different from what I have seen in case of my mother and aunts. She had another lady with her who was much younger. The old lady was calling my name and asking me to come to her lap. I kept declining her offer and kept running away. She was very persistent and asked me to let her lift me up. The dream came to an end all of a sudden and as I opened my eyes I could see the same lady near my bed. I couldn’t scream so I clutched my mother’s hand who was sleeping beside me. 

My mother woke up and I told her about the dream. She hugged me and then carried me outside. It was around 12pm maybe and many of my family members were still awake as they were meeting after so long. After spending some time with them I again went to sleep. Next day morning my mother told my aunt about it and my aunt asked me to narrate the looks of the old lady. I did so, and then she told me that I was describing her dead mother -in-law who passed away 1 year back. The other lady was her nurse who used to be with her all the time and passed away couple of years back due to illness. So basically we had gathered there for my aunt’s MIL’s death anniversary. [There is this ritual where the family/extended family gathers to worship the god and provide food to people for the entire day.]

They were shocked as I had never seen her MIL. I wasn’t born during her wedding and this was my first time visiting her home.

78. I Saw A Skinwalker And Made It Out

It was a few years back during a road trip with my buddy, Jake. We were cruising through the desert, chasing that feeling of freedom you only get on the open road. But little did we know, we were about to encounter something that would shatter that sense of freedom and leave us fighting for our lives.

We were driving through Navajo territory, miles away from civilization, when we saw it – a figure standing by the side of the road, illuminated by the headlights of our car. At first, we thought it was just a trick of the light, but as we got closer, we realized it was something else entirely.

It looked like a man, but there was something off about him. His eyes glowed in the darkness, and his limbs seemed too long, too twisted. And then, just as quickly as we saw him, he vanished into the desert night.

We tried to shake it off, telling ourselves it was just our imaginations running wild. But as we continued down the road, things took a turn for the worse.

We started hearing strange noises outside the car – scratching at the windows, whispers on the wind. Jake laughed it off, but I could tell he was nervous. I was too.

And then, without warning, something slammed into the side of the car, sending us careening off the road and into the desert. The car flipped over, and everything went dark.

When I came to, Jake was nowhere to be found. I stumbled out of the wreckage, calling out for him, but all I heard was the sound of my own voice echoing through the desert.

I searched for hours, but there was no sign of him. That’s when I saw it – the figure from before, standing on a nearby ridge, watching me with those glowing eyes.

I knew then what we were dealing with – a skinwalker, a creature of Navajo legend, able to take on the form of any animal or human it chooses.

I didn’t waste any time. I ran as fast as I could, the sound of my heart pounding in my ears. But no matter how far I ran, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was still out there, hunting me, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It took me days to make it back to civilization, days filled with fear and paranoia. And when I finally reached help, I told them everything – about the skinwalker, about Jake, about the nightmare that had become my reality.

But no one believed me. They said it was just a trick of the desert, a figment of my imagination. But I know the truth.

I know what I saw that night, and I’ll never forget it. The desert may be vast and empty, but it’s also home to things that lurk in the shadows, things that are better left undisturbed. And if you ever find yourself driving through the desert at night, remember one thing – beware the skinwalker, for it is always watching, always waiting, and it will stop at nothing to claim its prey.

79. Headless Man In Malaysia Hotel

So…This happened last year, but I thought it would be interesting to share.Me and my classmates went to Port Dickson Kalana beach resort for an end of year field trip, 2023 June 13 to 14.The morning was nothing unusual, but at about 4’o clock in the morning I noticed a man wearing black overalls and a white shirt with no head sitting at the table moving his arms in slow motion.I was scared, but my roommate which is also my best friend was asleep.Then after an hour I woke my friend up and we got on with the day.

At breakfast another girl reported seeing the same man standing by her bed, waving hello, at 11’o clock.A classmate of the first girl saw his head on her bed.A few boys’ water bottles moved and the paintings changed and someone was watching them pee.Another boy saw a dead body on the floor.When we got on the bus to leave that hotel, I noticed a graveyard about 100 metres away from the hotel entrance.(The back gate not the front).After that day a lot of us got influenza, including me.So really weird.What does everyone think?

80. Is My House “Haunted”?

My boyfriend and I just purchased our first home this year in Norfolk, VA. It was built in 1908 but you would never know!

Before we moved our things in, I was deep cleaning the top of the cabinets that were caked in grime. I saw what seemed like a small piece of paper stuck to the cabinet. After I finally scraped away enough layers, I came across the photo of a little boy. It was face down (hence looking like paper from my perspective), but once I flipped it over, I found a deteriorated photo of a little boy in uniform. I’ve never been one to really delve into the supernatural/spirit world but something about this picture drove my boyfriend and I to keep it (he currently lives on our kitchen window sill).

My good friend came over, who is really into learning about the spiritual world, and when I showed her the picture, she thought it was a boy scout photo from the 2000s. But for some reason, I still have a weird feeling from it!

What are your thoughts?

Am I am also just genuinely curious about the history of my home and the people who have lived here before us! Any websites or links that can help with this is greatly appreciated!

81. My Mom Said Goodbye

So i will say that this isnt particularly scary, nor is it creepy in any form.

My mom had been wheelchair bound with bad hip issues my whole life. She always put up a good fight and a brave face despite constant pain, because she had two kids to take care of, especially me who was the youngest. She had been in and out of hospitals my whole life trying to fix her hip but nothing had ever stuck, and i very rarely if ever saw her walk besides old videos or pictures.

Anyways, unfortunately, her luck continued to go bad as she was dealing with cancer around 2016. Cervical cancer to be specific, and unfortunately, even though the cancer had been beaten, she had radiation too quickly/consecutively and it did irreversable damage. It was a surprise to me that she was dying, and i didnt even have time to really grieve, because the time between finding out and her dying was within 24 hours.

Well i was rocked from this, and it messed me up for a while, but i remember that, a few nights after she had passed, i had a dream about a house party. She was there as i remembered her in her chair, but i remember, despite the dream vibe, where you dont usually remember much, she grabbed me and made sure to tell me “i love you”, in that way your parents or important people do when they really want to tell you something with urgency and clarity.

It might not be much, and it could be my own grief that influenced it, but i think if anything proved of an afterlife to me, it was that moment, and she chose a wonderful way of doing it.

82. Red Shoes

This is not my story, but my grandpas story. My grandpa lives in an older house by himself. My grandma passed away in August of 2021 leaving behind a house full of old antiques. Each room is filled with all sorts of things from old glassware, to old bonnets that ladies/girls used to wear. She collected many different things. She was a hoarder but she kept her house clean and her antiques organzied. Anyways, throughout the years of her collecting, strange things would happen. They would hear whispering, see people that they can’t explain in their house(ghosts), etc. After while they got used to it. Since she’s passed away, he’s continued to have paranormal experiences.

This experience happened recently. There are three bedrooms in the house. My grandpa used to sleep in the bedroom in the back but ever since my grandma passed, he moved himself to the bedroom up front. He figured that it’s easier for him to get to the bathroom. One night, he got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He’s very used to paranormal things happening to him, but this experience scared him. He started walking to the bathroom and stopped dead in his tracks.

In front of him stood a woman. He said she was wearing a white dress, with red shoes. She had blonde hair that was tied back. He stood there as she walked towards him and didn’t say a word. She didn’t say anything to him as she walked towards him. Next thing you know, she vanished right before his eyes. He stood there for a few seconds wondering wtf just happened. He told me that after he witnessed that, he no longer had to go to the bathroom. He has not seen her since.

I asked him did she look transparent or did she look like a regular person. He said she didn’t look transparent and she looked like a random person was just walking towards him in his house until she disappeared that is. He said that this really spooked him and he hopes that he doesn’t see her again.

My grandpa has many more stories that I will post. I have a few myself as well.

83. The Ghost Of My Friend Where He Died

In May of 2012, one of my closest friends and my roommate shot himself in our bathroom. I’ll refer to him as AR. AR had been depressed for years. He’d told me multiple times that he was afraid he’d kill himself, but we were in our early twenties and it had never felt to me like such a thing could actually happen.

He’d seemed way less depressed in the weeks leading up to his death, so I had felt it was safe to head out on a trip. My girlfriend at the time and I had just headed out, and we were staying at my parents’ house when we heard what had happened. AR and I had grown up in the same town and had been friends for a long time, so I knew his parents well.

I can hardly remember my conversations with his parents right after it happened – but at some point they asked me to gather some of his more important possessions from his room and bring them back.

So a day or two later, after we’d had a chance to at least process a little bit, my girlfriend and I headed back to get his things.

The house seemed so dead when we arrived that night. Another of AR’s friends and co-worker had found his body when he went to check on him after he didn’t show up for work. By the time we arrived at the house, the authorities had already scrubbed the bathroom clean, but I’ll never forget the smell that dominated the house. I don’t know what chemicals they used, but it’s a smell unlike any other.

We walked into the bathroom where it happened, and it all was suddenly so real to me I could hardly take it. The house was so silent and the smell was so harsh. So I turned the shower on. It was a single knob shower, and I turned it on all the way.

I left the bathroom and shut the door behind me. I told my girlfriend I just needed to shower running so there wasn’t complete silence, and I figured it might help the smell. She agreed. At least the sound made the house feel less empty.

We sat down in AR’s room. She sat on his bed, I sat at his desk. His room was basically right across from the bathroom. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about, but we tried to make the situation manageable by talking as we built up the courage to start going through AR’s stuff. After a few minutes, I said something to my girlfriend – I don’t even remember what, but I’ll never forget the next few minutes. I said something to her, and her reply was, “wait… Do you hear the shower running?”. Dead silence. Apparently neither of us had noticed, but at some point during our conversation in the past couple minutes, the shower had stopped running.

It’s hard to remember some things about what happened next because it was all so shocking. I remember going up to the bathroom door and listening to the silence. And I remember being afraid to open the door.

But I did open the door. My girlfriend was right behind me. There was nothing. The smell still stood in the air. But the shower was off. I went over to the handle and royated it. It turned back on. I turned it on and off a few times. Everything functioned normally.

My gf and I looked at each other. I don’t know exactly what we said, but after a brief discussion we agreed that whatever had happened with the shower was not explainable with normal logic. I don’t know which one of us started calling out AR’s name first, but we both started doing it. AR, did you turn the shower off? Can you hear us? It didn’t take long before we both felt some sort of immense presence. We only had to make eye contact to know that we were both feeling it. We both started saying things out loud, directed at AR, for a few more seconds before the feeling passed.

I don’t think either of us believed what had just happened, because we confirmed it with each other a number of times before finally promising each other that we’d never let the other think it couldn’t have happened. Then we jokingly started asking AR to prove his ghostly existence by flickering the lights, at which point we started to freak ourselves out a bit and decided we just needed to leave.

And that’s it. I’ve told a few people what happened, including AR’s Dad. He seemed to think I should keep it to myself, but he also had just lost his only son and he hadn’t even begun to start anything resembling a recovery. I don’t even know if he really heard what I said. I wonder sometimes.

84. Forever With Us

This is a sweet but heart breaking story

On July 21st 2019 I lost my best friend to suicide, and it was the most heartbreaking news to hear. He was that older brother// father figure I needed and ended up loosing.

A couple days after his passing I had gone to visit his mom and see how she was doing when she decided to take me to grab a couple of his things from the basement because of how close him and I were. As we turned on the light It didn’t work, so we put in a new bulb and tried again. Still didn’t work. So we asked “Connor are you here? Please turn on the light” and a couple moments later it flickered on. As we walked downstairs I smelt his cologne and then a cold,yet calming grasp around me. I knew he was here, he wanted me to know he was still watching.

Years later I still sometimes smell his cologne and know he’s still watching over me.

Please watch over your loved ones

85. Ghost In The Bog

My family is originally from a small fishing village called Catalina, Newfoundland. 4-5 miles North of Catalina is the even smaller village of Little Catalina. The surrounding area is covered in small ponds and bogs.

In 1913 the town of Catalina held a dance for the local youth. My Great Grandmother was about 13 years old at the time and was in attendance at this dance. According to her a girl from Little Catalina came as well walking the few miles. Her name has been lost to history. Well, that night it was unusually dark, and a fog rolled in off the North Atlantic. The dance finished at about 9 pm and everybody went home. My Great Grandmother said that the next morning the girl’s parents were riding in their wagon stopping at everybody’s houses looking for their daughter thinking she may have stayed in Catalina with friends or relatives. One boy said that he has seen her walking up the road towards Little Catalina after the dance.

A search party was organized and for two weeks local men searched the forests and bogs while fishing boats scanned the coastline but never found any sign of her. Eventually everybody came to the grim conclusion that she must have gotten lost in dark and fallen into a bog hole, which like quicksand will suck you down. Months later one man claimed to have seen her “floating” over the bogs one evening. He said that he attempted to go out to her, but she disappeared into the forest. I suppose nobody put much weight behind his claims because he was a drunk.

Years later, probably the early 1920’s my Great Grandmother said that she was out berry picking in the bog with her sister as the sun began to set. She said looked across the bog and saw a girl “floating” steadily and smoothly over the ground. She said her movement was so smooth that there was no possible way that it was a person walking. Great Grandmother claimed to have seen her a few more times through the years. She passed away in 1991.

In the summer of 2008, I was 16 years old. My Grandfather and I were spending the summer in Little Catalina with relatives. Being old enough to drive I spent most of my days in Catalina at the swimming hole. One evening I was driving back with a distant cousin and as we were passing the bogs he pointed put the windshield “What’s that?” When I looked over, I saw a girl standing in the bog. Except the strange thing was her height. She seemed overly tall for the distance we were away from her about 40 yards. I would have guessed that she would have had to been seven feet tall, but her proportions didn’t seem to match being that tall. I slowed down and I asked my cousin, who’s a local if he knew her? He said no. The girl then turned and smoothly and quickly floated away behind some trees. My cousin and I were genuinely freaked out drove back home.

When I got home, I told my grandfather what I had seen. All he said was “huh” and told me the story my great grandmother had told him. He said over the years he had heard of people who had seen a ghost in the bogs, but always thought it was just a story to keep kids from playing out there since it was so dangerous.

86. The House Intelligence Committee Grew Up In Was Haunted, And Here Are Some Of My Stories

I recently watched a video on YouTube that reminded me of things that happened to me as a kid. It’s something that I think about often, trying to think of anything that could possibly explain what I saw and experienced.

I was just a kid, around 6 or so, when I had my first experience with something unexplainable. I was cleaning up my room and I had a lot of toys laying around. I remember I had a pair of plastic hand cuffs that were laying on the ground, and I was walking toward them to pick them up, when all of a sudden they sort of just jumped at me. Like someone had picked up one of the cuffs and just kind of tossed them a little bit. Almost like a frog would jump. It was extremely bizarre and I can still remember it because I had no idea how it happened. Nothing else was touching it, nothing. I still think about that a lot.

This next story, I was maybe a few years older. Our house had an unfinished basement and all that was really there was 2×4 walls with no sheet rock so you could just walk in between rooms if you wanted. And as soon as you got to the bottom of our stairs, there was a hallway to the right you walked down to get to a room where we had a TV set up in. We would play our PlayStation on it all the time. It was pretty late in the evening and the only light was from the TV we were using. We had the TV set up so when you looked to your right you could see down the hall that leads to the stairs. At some point I looked over down the hall, which was pitch black, and I thought I saw the silhouette of my twin brother. I said hey so and so, can you turn on the light? Because the switch was right there at the entrance of the hall. He didn’t say anything. So I asked him again, hey can you turn on the lights? Then I saw this silhouette move from the entrance of the hallway to the room behind where the TV was. As it moved though, it was getting bigger, like the size of an adult. Then it proceeded to move behind the TV, then just sink behind it and vanish. I freaked out, as did my older brother, and we booked it upstairs to find my twin brother with my mom.

Some years later we had a PC set up down there as well. I remember one night my brother running upstairs to find me asking if I was just down there, because while he was on the computer, he heard something breathing behind him. I can’t say how true it was because it wasn’t really my experience, but I believe he probably did hear something.

Another time I went down the stairs and took a right to take the walk down the hallway, as soon as I turned to look down the dark hallway, there were what appeared to me was a pair of glowing eyes that looked like they just opened up. I remember the feeling of pure dread and it almost made me vomit of how scary that was. I immediately booked it up the stairs.

Now, when I was younger, I would sleep walk a lot. Not sure why, I certainly do not do it now days. But I would sleep walk and I would wake up down in the basement every time. It was very creepy.

And when I got older, I thought maybe it was all in my head. Things did die down a bit when I was in my teenage years, but when I was 18 I had another experience I can’t really explain. I was sitting in my dining room one evening, and I was by myself just on the family computer we had set up there. It was near the stairwell that led to the basement, when all of a sudden I started hearing voices. Voices that sounded like they were coming from the basement. I really had to question myself if it was just in my head? Am I hearing this right? So I got closer to the stairwell and I was certain it was coming from down there. It went on for about half an hour before it stopped. I couldn’t make out any words, just sounded like someone was whispering things that I couldn’t make out. It was very weird.

We moved out very shortly after that and I never experienced anything paranormal since. I’m 100% convinced my childhood home was haunted.

87. My Gma Haunted House

This started around 2008, I was 8 at that time. My grandma had moved in a old house that was built around late 1950’s in Cali. First glance, it was already creepy, felt like a scene from the grudge. She had 5 family member stay with her & I’ll often visit whenever I can.

This particular night, it was about 4-5 weeks in. We were having a lil family gathering, and my cousin (4) was looking out the backyard sliding door, pitch black. She asked my moms bf, “who’s that guy in the back yard?” We all turned our attention to her and asked who is she talking about, she described him as an black male behind the bushes in our back yard. My moms & aunts bf had went to check it out and it was no one there. Everyone was shivering their Timbers LITERALLY.

So this next story involves my cousin (4) again. My aunt & mom had went out shopping, while we the kids were at home watching tv. I remember this particular night very well because it felt like an actual horror movie. Okay so, it was late like 8pmish. While we were watching tv, we started hearing dishes clattering together and it repeated. We as kids were scared af. We decided we all check it together, and we did.. all we see was nothing but the dishes slightly moving, we all ran back and hid under the blanket till moms were back home. When they came, we told them what happened, blah blah.. 10 min goes by and we hear my aunt scream. She said when she went to use the bathroom she seen our lil cousin standing in the bathtub in the dark. She js gets out as says “whattt?”… she had moved in with her dad afterwards and nothing has happened to her since.

Turns out, sadly a male was shot & killed by police in that backyard.

88. Ghost Break In

Growing up, I always heard or saw things in my home. No one ever believed me so I eventually just thought it was childhood nonsense. I now know my childhood home is very haunted and have so many ghost stories but this is only one of them.

In 2015 my little brother (10) and I (21) were home alone for about a week while my parents were in Mexico. One night we had a movie night in my parents room. (For reference, the bedrooms are all down the same hallway with my parents bedroom being the middle bedroom and my brothers room being the one on the right and also, none of the windows are able to open FYI.)

We were about half way through the movie when we suddenly heard the front door open and slam very hard against the wall. I panicked and automatically closed the bedroom door and turned off the TV. We heard heavy footsteps that sounded like heavy men’s boots enter the foyer and start rummaging through things.

I called 911 immediately and put my brother in the closet because this man was rummaging loudly and I could hear him go from the foyer, to the living room, to the dinning room etc. The 911 operator told me to stay in the room and that police were very close and to only come out when they said so. As I am on the phone with 911, I hear the steps walk down the hall and go into my brothers room ( the bedroom on the right) and start rummaging through things there and moving things in the closet. We can still hear the noises in the room next to us when I suddenly hear the police swing open the front door and yell for the intruder to surrender.

When the police finally told us to come out, my brother and I told them to check the bedroom on the right since that’s were we had just heard noises. They flipped that room upside down trying to find someone but found NOTHING. They then ask me to check the house and make sure nothing is missing. When I check the kitchen, most of the cabinets were open and in the dinning room, some of the chairs in the dinning room were pulled out. Although nothing was missing, seeing that scene was freaky because I had not left the kitchen/dinning room like that and for a moment I thought ” maybe it was a ghost”. I even asked the police to check the basement and attic but didn’t find anyone or evidence of a break in. The front door wasn’t even open. I felt like a fool. When my parents found out, they automatically assumed we made these noises up or heard the noises in our heads.

About a year later, my mom was home alone and it happened to her. She was SO scared and finally believed us. The same events happened, first the front door “slammed” open, then footsteps walking around rummaging through everything and finally the noises stop in my brothers closet. The “break in” has happened at least 4 more times

We had not had a “break in” in about 4 years but last week, my little brother said he was home alone and heard the same break in. I am only sorry I was not able to be there for him.

89. Following A Fire Truck

My ex and I were following a fire truck, we had followed it because it looked like it was going to local well known race track, it wasn’t but we decided to keep following just because we were curious where all the smoke was coming from. We reached a road block and turned into a neighborhood to turn around and leave. Half a block and a weird feeling started coming over me. 

He turns right and the feeling gets stronger and I start looking around, where is that coming from? He turns right again and I start feeling my chest tightening up, I’m still looking around, I feel like I can’t breathe and I see the house. Instantly I am no longer in the car, I’m at the front door of the house, my face so close to the screen door, the house door is open. 

I see a black figure moving towards me. The sense of pure evil washes over me and I can’t catch my breath and instantly I’m back in the car, I turned to my ex, his expression when he looked at me was “omg what’s wrong” all I can say between my gasps for air is “get me out of here” and he did, very quickly. The farther we get away from the house the better I feel and eventually I couldn’t feel it anymore. I hope I never do. I had nightmares for a week.

90. My Childhood Fear Was Revealed To Br True

Okay first up I have some other stories too from my time living in this house but this one is the first I’m posting. My mums home that I grew up in has always been haunted. Every day and night there’s very loud footsteps and occasionally something more spooky would happen like hearing voices. Etc.

I’m not the only one who’s experienced these things. My mum, dad, boyfriend and even friends have all heard some weird stuff.

But there was one thing in particular that would terrify me the most. Almost every night when I lay in bed I would feel this gut dropping, heart pounding fear and think that I was just being ridiculous and afraid of the dark. But I could swear that I saw a young girl in my room in the shadows, usually under my bed. She had dark hair, pale skin and big wide black eyes. I would be almost hyperventilating under my covers, peeking out at her through my tiny breathing hole. I would lay there paralysed in fear until I either eventually made a mad dash to my mums bedroom or inevitably fell asleep in my own bed.

I couldn’t work out if she was actually there or if it was just me being already afraid of our creepy house and imagining things. I thought this because nobody else ever saw her but me.

The years went by and these nightly episodes continued. I felt like I was being terrorised by this girl but all she ever did was stare at me. My bed was right next to a mirrored cupboard so I could see her laying under there. Literally inches away from me. It still makes my skin crawl thinking about that. ANYWAY it somehow got even worse as time went by. I swear that she always seemed to be the same age as me. When I was small so was she. When I was 12 and a bit taller…so was she. I got more and more scared of her realising this and when I was about 15 I basically never slept alone at my mums anymore. I was always visiting my dad, staying with friends or having them over.

I eventually forgot about the creepy girl and decided that she mustn’t be real. After all there were other ghosts here that other people saw but nobody ever mentioned her. I also did have a very bad fear of the dark as a kid so that must be it. Right? I even started sleeping alone in my room again after awhile. That creepy feeling always remained (but mums house always felt that way lol) but I just refused to look in that mirror at night ever again.

Now fast forward to now that I’m in my early twenties. Life is good! I live in my own place that’s not haunted. But unfortunately it doesn’t end here. My mum called me in the morning as she usually does to say hi but she sounded a bit off. She said “you’re going to want to hear this. Something happened to Steve( her bf) last night that was really creepy” to cut the long story short Steve isn’t a ghost believer and has always tried to ignore the very obvious sounds at night. I think if creeped him out too.

Well this night. Mum and him were watching tv on the couch when the footsteps were much louder than ever before. Steve tried to tell mum that someone was upstairs in her house and she laughed saying “oh it’s just the ghosts. I’ve been telling you! They are real!” Steve went a bit quiet then. Probably trying to rationalise with himself that ghosts aren’t real. Not long later mum went to bed but Steve stayed up to watch more tv. After awhile the noises were too much for him so he switched the lights off to go upstairs to bed.

This is when shit got real….. from the shadows of the now dark living room Steve saw a shape begin to approach him. He climbed the stairs, going faster and faster as the figure gained on him. It was the girl. He could see her clearly now. She followed a few meters behind him all the way to mums bedroom. He was now basically running and he shut the door firmly behind him. Trying to escape to mums bed like I had many times as a kid.

After Steve made it to the bed. The door cracked open and the girl stuck her god damn head in through the gap looking straight at them for a long time before slowly leaving and closing the door again.

I asked mum, all my hairs now standing on end, “how old was she?” Mum said “Steve said she looked to be in her early twenties”. My stomach dropped and tears prickled my. “So she is real” I whispered back.

There was something very sinister feeling about this ghost. I think that why I’m so creeped out / upset that it seems she was real. The other ghosts at mums are still creepy but not evil feeling. Like her

91. My Grandmas Ghost Story

So my Grandma rehashed this story to me while I was in Highschool. About 9 years ago. I can’t say I remember every detail but I know the important parts.

I will say she is kind of out there I guess? She doesn’t do any drugs but she not exactly the most stable mentally, she was more so when she told this, but I truly do not see a reason she would make this story up.

So when she was young, between the ages of 10-13, she lived with her Mom. Occasionally her Uncle would live downstairs. At this time, he was not living there, but she went downstairs to grab potatoes for her mom. She flicked on the light and saw her Uncle sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. She tried to say hi, but got no response. Just him staring blankly in the middle of the room.

She goes back up stairs and says to her Mom “I didn’t know Uncle was staying with us currently”. Of course her Mom replied with “He isn’t” My Nana was like “well I just saw him downstairs sitting in the middle of the room”

Her Mom creeped half way down the stairs, didn’t see him. My Nana like her Mom was very spiritually outgoing, believed in these sorts of things. So she got my Nana, and they drove down the road a little bit to a trailer where her Uncle was staying.

He was laying on the floor of his trailer, dead, from a heart attack.

92. A Ghostly Message At The Movies

This encounter happened to me in 2010 when I lived in Chicago. I went with my best bud to catch a science fiction movie at AMC RiverEast, my favorite theater in town. It was the matinee. We sat in the balcony in the cavernous theater #2. No one was in the balcony with us. I gave my bud some money to get popcorn and soda.

As I sat there watching those annoying pre-movie commercials, I heard the chair behind me squeak. It sounded like someone sat down right behind me, but you’d have to enter from the side of me. I’d be able to see you walk in.

I didn’t think about it too much until I felt a hand on my shoulder. When I looked at it like why is this person touching me, I saw red nails, a big ol’ wedding ring and pearl bracelet. I heard a woman’s voice say pick up the phone when it rings. It’s your mother. Do as she asks. I didn’t really recognize the voice because it was more of a whisper. Then, I felt a gentle stroking of my hair. I could smell a floral perfume.

At that point, my buddy had returned. He looked at me and asked who that lady was behind me, but he couldn’t describe her well because of the shadows. The theatre lights started to dim and the trailers started.

A few minutes later, my phone vibrated. It was my mother. My grandmother had just died unexpectedly, and I needed to go home to help with funeral arrangements. She thought I would be the only one who could keep it together to organize it.

At the funeral, my grandmother’s hands were crossed like you’d expect. She had shiny red nails, her wedding ring, a pearl bracelet, and I could smell her rose perfume. It was the last thing my grandfather bought for her before he passed, too.

93. Night Shift At The Hospital

I work as a nurse at a hospital in the uk that was initially constructed during ww2 and was supposed to be a temporary facility.

However, that was not the case and it was further built upon and still remains as a slightly modernised building.

I recall doing a night shift during the winter time and had a patient admitted to us with an infection but otherwise had no illnesses that could affect their cognitive function i.e dementia, learning difficulties, etc.

At around 2/3 am, said patient began to scream from the side room that they were placed in. Myself and another nurse responded.

Once in the room, I tried to defuse the situation and calm the patient down. All the while, the patient was screaming about how a ‘man with a bag over his head’ had been stood at the end of the bed watching her.

As we entered the room, I could tell something was off and felt a shift in energy despite myself telling the patient that there was nothing to be concerned about.

Once settled, myself and the other nurse that came with me had turned to leave the room and witnessed what I can only describe as a shadowy figure pass through a set of double doors outside the side room in which the patient resided. The doors are behind a bit of an alcove so you can’t see them from the side room but once you leave the room you can see them.

After a few seconds, both myself and the responding nurse clicked on to the fact that the double doors are always locked and have to be unlocked with keys. The time it took from us seeing the figure pass through that area and how long it would take to unlock said doors, pass through them, and lock them again from the other side would be near on impossible.

Therefore, we both came to the conclusion that it was a ghost or entity of some sort and returned to the desk somewhat unnerved.

The hospital I work at has it’s fair share of ghost stories and this one is one of three experiences I have had personally during my five year stay with this hospital in particular.

94. I Talked To My Dead Uncle On The Phone

Now, this may seem fiction, this is true.

I was awake early Saturday, so I was left alone with my thoughts. I was remembering Pre-school and I remembered this story.

My uncle died 1 or 2 years before this happened.

When I was around 3 or 4 years old, I would always play on my dad’s phone. I remember one night; I got a call. It was an unknown number. This is the conversation went.

Me- Hello?

Person- Hi Shy (my name)

Me- who are you?

person- I’m your uncle — (not saying his name for privacy reasons)

me- Uncle —? where have you been? I miss you.

Uncle- I miss you too!

me- where are you? how are you?

Uncle- I’m better now. I’m in heaven.

Me- Heaven?

Uncle- yes.

Me- Can I see you?

Uncle- Not right now. One day maybe.

Me- I’ll talk to you later. Bye uncle —

Uncle- I’ll see you later Shy.

And the call ended. I tried telling my dad the next day and he kept telling me “no, shy, your uncles gone. You can’t talk to him.”

I told my mom yesterday and she told me my uncle has visited her many times over the years.

Can anybody tell me if they’ve had an experience like this? What is it?

Thank you for reading my story.

95. I Think I Saw A Ghost

So I’m a truck driver, and transport equipment for a construction company. the other day I was on my way to a job site to move a mini ex and this jobsite is in the middle of a bunch of fields. There’s no houses nearby for at least 500 yards in any direction. there’s a road that goes past the jobsite and then hangs a left, basically the jobsite is on a corner. 

I was coming up to the job site and there was this teenage ish looking girl that looked like she was straight from the 1990s walking down the road near the site. I then flipped my truck around to park, and glanced at her again just caught off guard with her style choice. then I looked in my mirror for no more than five seconds to back up my truck and trailer along the side of the job site and then glanced back up where the girl previously was, and she was gone. 

It surprised me and I started looking around like no way she just disappeared. There was no cars currently driving by. Remember there’s nothing for hundreds of yards in any direction. I could see if there were a car that could’ve possibly picked her up and she was just gone nothing but flat fields in any direction, it blew my mind this was like mid day so there wasn’t really any creepy spooky vibes. Its just bizarre and I can’t explain what happened.

96. Demonic/Haunted Apartment

12 years ago we moved into a very haunted (possibly demonic) apartment. For context, I will need to go further back in the timeline as my step son was a huge component of the story. These stories about my stepson were related to me from my husband. I believe my stepson as a child was sensitive to ghosts, paranormal, etc. An incident happened when step son was a baby at another haunted apartment where he woke up in the middle of the night crying like he was hurt in his crib. Husband & mom noticed three scratches on his back. Of course, can be explained yet husband insisted those scratches were not there prior to putting him to sleep. Another strange phenomenon, is that almost every photo of my step-son had some orb near him. Of course can be explained, yet there was photos of just his foot in background and a well placed orb near his foot. No matter the location of the photo, 90% of the photos we had of him had this weird orb.

Now jumping back into 12 years ago, we had found an apartment to rent. We had terrible credit and the landlord gave us a chance. We were excited as the apartment was in a relatively decent part of town and to be getting our own space as we had been living with my mom. One thing I remember when the landlord first showed us the apartment he said that he had to do extensive renovations to the apartment as the previous tenants destroyed the place.

First month, I started noticing small shadows from the two bedrooms out of the corner of my eyes. I chalked it up to just exhaustion because I had my then 1 year old son. Things grew more intense when I put my 1 year old down for a nap and decided to shower. I left the door open that led from the single bathroom to my bedroom just in case my one year old woke up. As I was showering, I felt as though someone was watching me. When I opened my eyes I see a black shadow run past the door. My one year started crying hysterically. I quickly got out of the shower and looked around the house convinced someone broke in. I check the front door and everything was locked.

A month or so past from this incident. My two step kids (7 and 8 at the time) would come one day a week and on some weekends. Their room was relatively unused. I started hearing their sliding wood closet doors knock and a strange rotten egg smell coming from their room. I searched high and low for the source of the smell but never found anything. My mother in law had stayed over a few times and would tease that the kids must have left an egg salad sandwich somewhere. My husband heard the knocking at some point yet chalked it up to the air conditioning kicking on.

One weekend my husband was out of town for work and I was alone with all the kids. I had got them all to sleep and decided to stay up and watch Ghost Adventures. I was laying on the couch when I happened to look up and see my step son standing by the couch with his eyes closed. Immediately realized he was sleepwalking which happened time to time. He started mumbling about an old scary man in his closet. I stupidly figured he was having a nightmare and guided him back to his bed. As I started to walk out of the room, my step son sat up in bed and mumbled again “the old man in the closet is looking at me.” I looked over to see the closet open and instantly got creeped out. Then my step son said “he’s going to knock”. Then three quick knocks happened. Immediately the smell of rotten eggs got heavy in the room. I flicked the lights on and guided my step son to my bedroom. I was freaking out internally because my step daughter was on the top bunk in that room sleeping and I did not want to leave her alone. I got all kids into my bed and stayed up until I no longer could fight sleep.

I’m not super religious but asked my mother advice on what to do. She said to pray over the rooms and get oil on my fingers and place crosses over each door frame. I did exactly what she told me. That night I had a terrible nightmare that my mom was possessed. In the nightmare she had died a gruesome death that I was made to watch. I woke up hysterically crying. I wanted nothing more to just be able to move but it was not an option. After this the activity in the apartment “calmed”. Yet, one new thing started happening. One night I woke up to my bed shaking. It felt as though someone had placed their knees against our mattress and was shaking it. As soon as I try to wake up my husband to see if he felt it, it would immediately stop. This would happen weekly.

For context, My one year old son slept in a toddler bed in front of our bed. One night my one year old and I were were up in the living room. My husband went to bed early as he had to go to work early the next day. He came out looking upset and said to stop allowing our 1 year old to come in the room because he was shaking the bed. I told him our son never went into the room. As soon as I finished that sentence the glass cover to the entry way light which was right behind me came crashing down. My husband stood there sleepily trying to process everything. He finally was feeling and seeing the things I been dealing with. One day a house nearby was for rent and we moved out. We were at this apartment for less than a year. We never experienced anything like what we experienced in that apartment. Relief because I was worried that whatever was in this place might attach itself to us.

My stepson passed away in 2019 due to possible covid. I had told him the story prior to his passing when he was in his teens and he claimed to not remember the incident in the apartment. I believe fully he saw whatever entity was in that apartment. Apologies for length.

97. The First Time I Met My Great Grandfather!

When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I woke up in the night to see a man standing in the corner of my bedroom. Right in front of the closet! I remember running into my parent’s room and to my mother’s side of the bed, waking her up and telling her there was a man in my room. Thinking of course that I was dreaming, she checked my room, the exterior doors, and seeing nothing amiss, she took me to the bathroom and got me a drink of water. She sat on my bed and was sweetly telling me that it was all just a dream, when I asked…” Then why can I still see him?”. 

She was shocked but smart, she asked me if I could see him at that exact moment, and I could. She asked me what he was doing, and I told her he was smiling and waving. She then asked me if I could see his feet, and I explained to her “no, he was wearing shoes”. So, she asked me to describe his shoes…black, shiny boots with shiny buttons on the side. She asked about his clothing, and what I saw was a dark 3-piece suit and tie, and he had a pocket watch (this part was very important!) I went on to describe his face and hair. So, my mother says, “Oh, that’s my grandfather!” 

And for some reason I was convinced she was wrong. But he smiled and nodded his head yes. So, I asked her why he was here, and she explained that when a family member has passed, that their spirit will come and check on those they love from time to time. And that there was school tomorrow, and he was probably making sure I was in bed like a good little girl! And I saw my great grandfather throw his head back and laugh. He came to visit and look in on me many times as I was growing up, and sometimes he would bring a friend. 

But he would always smile and wave at me, and thanks to my mother’s comforting words, I was never scared. I would grow up to learn of my great grandfather’s career of being a tailor and owning several clothing stores in the Victorian era. And how the fob of his pocket watch was a braid of my great grandmother’s auburn hair. I have that watch fob, it is tucked away in my home for safe keeping and for future generations to learn about the first person in our family to leave Sweden and come to America.

98. Has Anyone Lived In A Haunted House?

I have this memory of visiting this big old house in Somerset (UK) as a child, with my family.

This is a house my dad lived in as a baby. My grandfather would go to the pub and leave my poor nan with the baby in this country house with a shotgun to defend herself. She would sit in the living room and watch the light swing back and forth without any prompting. She would hear sounds from elsewhere in the house, also.

She also saw an enormous milk barrel move of its own accord.

There was a chapel on the grounds, so there were obviously stories of a ghostly monk. But when we turned up and asked the family who later moved into the house about these ghosts, they had no idea about them. What do you think?

99. On The Night Shift (True Story)

So I used to work as a security officer, I was asked to work a saturday night shift at an old warehouse in Dudley. I turned up at 5pm where the building was a huge brick warehouse with some makeshift offices at the front. I walked in, took the keys from the day officer and locked the doors behind him.

Everything seemed normal for a while, it was a bit creepy as the building was so old but I was used to that. Around 1am I got a call from the warehouse manager, one of his night drivers had forgotten his paperwork and asked me to go into the office (right at the back of the warehouse) and collect it for him so he can come pick it up. I said fine and headed to the office.

The warehouse was pitch black, I had a small torch but only slightly lit my way. I walked through until I got to the office door, which was a huge metal sliding door. It made a screeching noise as I pulled it open. As I walked in, in front of me was the office fax machine, which was blinking and the paperwork was printed out. I grabbed the paperwork but as I turned round, I looked to the other end of the office and saw what I can only describe as a dark figure, hunched over, shivering. I could hear what sounded like breathing, but like if you were freezing cold. I stood there for about 30 seconds motionless, staring at this figure. I turned back slowly and closed the door behind me, rushing back to the front office where I locked the door and waited for the driver.

An hour later, the driver collected his paperwork and for the rest of the night I’d convinced myself it was just the dark playing tricks with me, but didn’t stop me from unlocking the office door or checking the cameras every few minutes.

5am turned up and I got a knock on the door from the day officer. I handed him the keys and expected him to come in, but he locked the door from the outside. I asked him if he was going in. He said he doesn’t go inside when there’s nobody else in, but sits in his car in the car park and waits. I said that’s a bit strange. He looked at me and asked if I went anywhere else other than the security office. I told him that I went to the back office to get paperwork for a driver (not telling him about the other part). I’ll never forget the look he gave me or what he sad then. He looked me in the eyes and said “well then you know why I don’t go in there alone then”. It’s gave me chills, but I shrugged it off and just said “OK then” and left for home.

Safe to say on the way home I called my office and requested not to go back there.

This is 100% a true story. Hope you enjoyed the read.

100. Creepy Coincidence Or A Sign From A Deceased Loved One… You Decide

I need to share a little context and backstory first. My Dad suffered a massive stroke and passed away in 2006. When I was 10, my parents divorced and my Dad moved to a different town which meant I spent my weekends at my Dads house with my older brother and my younger sister.

Around Christmas in 1989, my brother gave my Dad a Zippo that had a very small rectangular gold metal plate that had been engraved with my Dad’s initials- M.R.F.

My Dad was not much of a cook- the best thing he made was elbow pasta with stewed tomatoes and Sweet N Low 🤮 So when we were with him, most of the time we ate at a little restaurant. (the town he lived in was extremely small and had only this one restaurant)

Four years after we lost Dad, my brother and a friend happened to be driving through that same little town and they decided to stop and eat at that restaurant.

When my brother was getting out of the car something shiny on the ground in the parking lot caught his attention and thinking he might’ve dropped something when getting out of the car, he bent over and picked it up not believing what he was seeing. It was the little gold plate that had Dads initials on it, M.R.F. it must’ve fallen off the zippo my brother had given him years ago. It had been over 15 years since any of us had been to that restaurant. What are the odds?! Is it a coincidence or is it a sign from my Dad? What do you think it was? I know what I believe it to be, just curious to see outsiders perspective about it.