BUGATTI VEYRON(duPont Registry)

25 Cars In Floyd Mayweather’s Car Collection

He’s going to go down as a top-3 boxer in the history of the sport. A lot of people don’t like the way he fights, but you can’t ignore the…

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30 Rides in Shaq’s Collection

It’s kind of odd to think of a 7-foot-1 basketball player known for physical dominance and imposing size doing anything but playing basketball. But, Shaquille O’Neal is much more than…

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1971 Plymouth Road Runner Cena

50 Celebrities with Serious Car Collections

If you had an excess of money, and a good bit of time to strike up a new hobby – you’d probably start collecting, modifying and racing automobiles yourself. That’s…

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The Man with the Golden Gun

50 Greatest Car Movie Chases

Listen, the only thing cooler than a car movie is a car movie with an exceptional chase scene. I mean, that’s the height of entertainment right there! What you’re about…

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50 Incredible Facts About The Presidential State Car

In September of 2018, the newest models of the Presidential State Car debuted for their first day of work. The new model began production back in 2014. In this list,…

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Subaru BRAT

70 Ugliest Cars on The Road

Listen, we love all automobiles, okay? We do, promise. But that doesn’t change the objective truth that some cars are plain and simply not attractive. It’s okay! They aren’t all…

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50 Custom Cars Made From Ordinary Vehicles

What’s better than a car? A custom-made car. And what’s better than a custom-made car? A custom-made car that’s produced out of other cars! That’s what you’re going to get…

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35 of the Best Cars to Learn How to Drive In

35. Chevrolet Aveo The Chevrolet Aveo is a small, affordable compact with solid handling and adequate performance. The Aveo certainly isn’t a race car, so even if you accidentally stomp…

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1971 Plymouth Road Runner Cena

23 Cars Owned By John Cena

John Cena rose to fame as a pro wrestler – and a darn good one at that. But he has since then pivoted into a successful acting career. This is…

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40 Worst Cars to Buy in 2020

There’s a lot of reasons to buy a car. But all it takes is a couple key reasons not to buy one, and that’s all you need. So, without further…

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