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Jeep CJ-2A(Kaiser Willys)

50 of the Best Off Road Vehicles

If you’re like us then you I’ve for the days you can get one the blacktop and into some mud. What you’re about to see is the coolest, most capable…

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1955 GM Napco Power Pak(ADM Cars)

40 Awesome Old School Trucks

Old-school, the way it was meant to be. These 40 trucks are nothing short of cool, classic and enviable. You’re going to love each of these, if you’re anything like…

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40 Awesome Old School Cars

What you’re about to see is a series of awesome photos and facts about some of the coolest old-school cars we know of. These rides are the ones that belong…

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50 Top Cars In Jay Leno’s Garage

If there’s anything that we know about famous television star Jay Leno outside from his TV-career – it’s that he LOVES cars. I mean, it’s crazy the amount of time…

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Most Popular Cars in Each State

I’m sure we’ve all wondered about the answer to this for some time…well here it is! If you’ve ever been cruising the highway and thought to yourself that you are…

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Fastest American Muscle Cars of The 60s and 70s

When you have a need for pure speed, these next 25 classic American muscle cars are what you turn to. These are the fastest muscle cars from the vintage era…

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35 Iconic Movie Prop Cars

If you’re like us, then you love a movie that features an awesome ride. What you’re about to see is the most memorable prop cars in Hollywood history. Some of…

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50 Celebrities With Their Rides

Celebrities, they’re real people too….right? Of course they are, well some of them at least. And some of them actually drive themselves around Hollywood. To those independent celebrities who aren’t…

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30 Celebrities Who Race Cars in Real Life

Some of these play drivers in movies, some don’t play roles anywhere close to a car-lover; but all of the following celebrities have one thing in common: they all race…

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35 Foreign Cars You Can’t Own In the USA

If you’ve ever been to Europe or Asia and taken a good, hard look at the vehicles driving around – you’re bound to notice there’s some cars you’ve never seen…

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