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Chainsaw Motors With an Identity Crisis

Chainsaws are awesome, right? Noisy, smoke-blasting, powerful wood-chewing monsters. They’re even a little bit scary and dangerous in the wrong hands – we’re looking at you, Leatherface – but that…

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Motorcycles Just Got a Lot Safer: Ducati to Test Airbags

Motorcyles can be dangerous. (Check out Ducati’s crash test below.) They’re hard to control, difficult for other drivers to see, and crashes often put the rider’s life in serious jeopardy.…

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Off-Roading RC Trucks: Go Big or Go Home

With views of individual RC vehicles reaching into the millions, it’s clear that what was once a hobby with a cult following is becoming increasingly popular and gaining mainstream attention.…

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Kids Love Trucks muddy

How Awesome Are Trucks? This Kid Explains All

What could be more awesome then a young boy explaining why trucks are so awesome? Well, according to this little guy, not much else. He explains with all the pomp…

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Drone Silage Harvester

Drone Vs. Silage Harvester, A Harrowing Tale

Farming is a way of life for many of us over here in the States. In Ireland it is equally as popular. They have lush green fields that help create…

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World’s Manliest Trailer: Manley Off-Road Vehicle (MORV)

Do you like doing manly things? We’re talking off-road expeditions, your rugged equipment in tow, and setting up camp in the middle of nowhere. We know we do. And that’s…

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A Helicopter Motorcycle? Hoverbikes Are Coming!

You’ve got to love crowdfunding. Kickstarter has brought us everything from smartphone apps to Reading Rainbow remakes. And now it’s on the verge of giving us something revolutionary – a…

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Half Jeep, Half Tank: Full Metal Jacket Jeep Review

A full metal jacket bullet is designed to allow for higher velocity. FMJs are standard ammunition for military exercises and are often used for target practice. Along comes the Full…

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New Tire Pressure App Could Save You Hundreds

We sometimes forget how important maintaining proper tire pressure is to our cars. It keeps us safe, comfortable, and can even save us money. Potentially thousands of dollars, in fact.…

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RC Cars Are All Grown Up: RC Tractor Pulls?

When we were kids, we played with toys. As men, we still have that same fondness for “toys”, they’re just a little different. Today we have sports cars, motorcycles, and…

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