50 Unusual Lawnmowers We Love

These things are odd, to say the least. But what’s the fun in having a regular lawnmower when you could have one of these awesome, fun ones!? These are homemade, backyard projects that reflect the individuality of their owners. You’re going to love them. Would you mow your lawn with any of these? And yes, they all work!

Dragster Lawn Mower

strange lawnmower

This beauty is custom-made to look like a drag racer! It’s always amazing to see how creative people get when it involves yard work and an engine. The lawn mowers on this list are no different. The body detail on this dragster wanna-be turned lawnmower is impressive. But the addition of the snow plow is what takes it over the top for us. When the lawnmower breaks down, do you think this guy takes it to the lawn mower repair shop or the auto mechanic? Trick question, this guy definitely knows how to fix it himself.

1947 Gravely

This is how lawn mowers used to look in the 1940’s. This is a Gravely Clean Cut sit mower from 1947, it’s been refurbished quite nicely. Gravely is a longstanding name in the realm of lawn movers, having started back in 1911. Benjamin Gravely designed his first power-driven push mower in 1911 and didn’t perfect it to sell until 1922. Since then, Gravely has been a household name in the mower and tractor industry.

Vintage 3-Wheel Mower

Although it looks quite quirky, this vintage lawn mower is a pretty simple machine. This is from the 1950’s and is another sitting mower. The row of wooden blocks on the front kept large twigs and debris out of the blade and motors. The British Anzani Easimow and its successor the Lawnrider – seen here – are two of the most distinctive mowers of the past 50 years. When it was introduced in the early 1950s the Easimow was one of the first mowers specifically designed as a ride on machine for the domestic, as opposed to professional, market.

White Walls On This Lawn Mower

If a lawn mower could get cat-called, this one would turn heads left and right by the construction sites. The white walls around the wheels are as sharp as can be, and they match the seat of the mower too. It’s topped off perfectly by the white piping around the body of the mower. Let’s talk about that body…painted pearlescent ruby red has one of those shines that always attracts the sunshine. We could ride on this mower all day long! Strange, yes, but beautiful.

A Different Kind Of Riding Mower

This isn’t the type of riding mower we’re used to, but it sure is strange and fun to look at! Extra metal support bars were welded to the bike frame to keep the mowing blades attached. Obviously, with this type of mower, there’s no motor to speak of so the power comes from the legs. I wonder how fast you can get on a bike/mower? Also, the strip of grass behind the rear tire won’t be getting mowed, so some extra legwork will be needed with this lawn mower.

Cutting Grass or Burning Leaves?

Take a second to take it all in…there’s a lot to look at with this one. Most of what you see is just for show, the actual mower is a fairly standard riding lawn mower. While some of these extravagant parts are most-likely only for show, we applaud the detail on the flame paint job. Really crispy work on the flames. Imagine the faces of the neighbors, or unsuspecting passerby, as they cruise along and see this zipping along the grass out of their window!

Go Dale!

We’ve got a NASCAR fan on our hands, folks. The legendary driver Dale Earnhardt has his name, number, and likeness on all sorts of oddities like shirts, mugs, and tattoos even. But we’ve never seen a Dale Earnhardt replica lawn mower – until now. This well-done No. 3 Goodwrench look-alike has all the sponsorship decals that Dale had in his heyday of driving the No. 3. While we miss the legendary driver, we can still find enjoyment and a little laughter when coming across a special lawn mower like this one.

Military Mower

It’s not often you come across a lawn mower with a turret! But today’s your lucky day because this World War II tank-wannabe not only has a turret, but it cuts the grass, too. Beyond the pretty impressive camo paint job, this is a standard push lawn mower. We’re not sure what on this machine is factory and what was custom-added – but what we do know is that the turret (likely a PVC pipe) definitely is not standard-issue for lawn mowers!

Low Rider, Lawn Mower

Let’s all take a step back to take in everything this photo has to offer. This guy, who is awesome by the way, took an ape-hanger motorcycle, chopped it off at the midriff, and welded it to the body of a John Deere riding lawn mower. Odds are, the bike wasn’t John Deere green and yellow before the remodel – so throw in a custom paint job, too. This has to be the peak of lawn mower luxury, right? Oh and if you haven’t had time to notice all the small details of this wild photograph….this guy has a saxophone in his lap! What is going on!?

Monster Mower

Jack it all the way up, why don’t ya? This mower has bigger tires than most pick-ups! From the looks of it, this is a mid-1990s red Kawasaki riding lawn mower. But let’s not get away from the point at hand: which is those 40+-inch tires with three-inch tread! This one’s a lot of fun to look at. And what backyard masterpiece is complete without Old Glory flying off the back. Oh and by the way, the jury’s still out on whether this monster mower can even cut the grass…

Tank Mower

This Oregon man was cutting his yard when he thought to himself, “What could make this more fun?” A woodworker by trade, he decided to build a custom tank out of his lawnmower. You have to hand it to him, this looks like a lot of fun to cut the grass in.

Drag Racing Across The Lawn?

This is one-of-a-kind mastermind of creativity and spare time. From the writing of the decals of “The Kombobulator”, it was made by Pops & Mike. Mike had this to say about this strange and cool lawn mower, “My dad and I wanted something no one else had so we decided on a lawn mower! With a lot of parts bought from yes you guessed it “Northern” we have the only 5 engine lawn mower with 31×10.50 mudgrip tires anywhere.”

Lawn Mower Of The Future

Check out the ultimate “Yard-Care appliance of the future”. Built by Simplicity Manufacturing, The Wonder Boy X-100 was an experimental lawn mower that was designed not only to cut grass but weed, feed, and sprays the yard. It mower was distinguishable by its five-foot diameter plastic sphere. Inside the mower had cushioned seat with air conditioning and cooling systems for drinks. The company displayed the mower in Port Washington, Wisconsin in October 1957. Unfortunately the X-100 never went into commercial production relegating it to an oddity. It’s a shame too, considering the mower could be used as golf card and equipment hauler.

Ditch Devil

That’s ingenuity right there. We’ve all come across a low point in the yard that we can’t quite seem to trim properly, but this guy’s got an entire ditch to deal with. Rather than risk his safety and his lawn mower, he’s got the perfect plan! Just attach a small push mower on a scale-able bar to the riding mower and get to work. And if you’ll notice the grass on one side of the ditch vs. the other, you can tell that this homemade mower really works well!

Brielmaier Mower

This German piece of engineering is said to be the most accurate lawn mower on the planet? Not sure how that’s possible but here’s what Brielmaier Company had to say about it, “It drives three water powered pumps, which supply oil to the pressure driven motors to drive the wheels and to cut grass. Each wheel’s drive is done exclusively. The machine characteristics guarantees precize operation, even on steep hill. The water driven arrangement of this mower is outfitted with an oil radiator, which permits you to work it at most extreme measures. Check it out yourself and if you need to buy this type of thing, you don’t have to think twice.”

Jeep Mower? Lawn Wrangler?

First question: Is that a fireplace grate used to look like the Jeep’s grill? This completely homemade Jeep Warngler lawn mower is awesome! The beauty of this lawn mower is contained in the small, realistic details. The hoot latches on the mowers hood look just like the Wrangler! Also, how many roll bars do you see on a lawn mower? Probably not many. These are identical to the Wrangler’s. The headlights are perfect! What a fun, strange lawnmower.

Brielmaier Lawn Mowers 2 

This is not a homemade invention. The Breilmaier lawn mower is a professional mower use to cut large sloping areas. Apparently the low center of gravity provides an optimal cut. Pretty odd looking mower if you ask us.

Urban Mower

A lawn mower with massive rims and wheels – that’s one we haven’t seen before. Seriously, these wheels look like they belong on a Nissan 350Z, not a riding mower! So when you factor that in, plus the neat metallic green paint job – you’ve got one of the strangest mowers we’ve ever seen. Hands down.

Yellow Kart Mower

This guy customized his mower into a cool motorized race kart. This yellow kart mower is definitely one-of-a-kind. In fact, it might be the only lawn mower in the world where one tire weighs more than the rest of the mower combined! This is no backyard publicity stunt either – this lawn mowing race kart is there at the race track – fully ready to kick up some dust!

Flame and Exhaust Mower

The sqaured-off edges and over-simplified grill and lights section remind us of a muscle car from the 1970s. Throw in the antiquated stickers of red flames and you’ve got yourself an good old fashioned flaming lawn mower.

Over The Top Lawn Mower

Miami Vice meets RV World. Candy paint meets lawn mower luxury. This revamped lawn mower is one pretty sight. Is that a tan leather seat with a matching tan leather steering wheeler? Is that a chrome-plated exhaust? Does this lawn mower contain over 10 colors on the body and frame? The answer to the above questions is all a definite yes. Whoever owns this beauty is sure turning heads as he maintains the lawn. With this much time and effort spent on the mower, we want to see the lawn!

The Trike!

There’s a lot to take in here, so take some time to adjust your eyes to everything before you. First note: motorcycle front end, automobile back end and lawn mower in the middle. That’s just downright impressive to kick things off. Then the ultra-extended handlebars give the driver the chance to at least control this beast. And then the last thing to note: What is that wooden box on top of the mower! We’ll leave you with that thought.

Lawn Mower or Go Kart?

Seriously, this lawn mower is race ready. We can’t be sure what sits under the hood of this crystal-ice-baby-carolina blue lawn mower…but if the exhaust pipes coming out of the mower are any indication, then this thing has some giddy-up! Our favorite part about this lawn mower is that its not some pretty custom-job done for a show. This thing has some wear and tire to it, so you know it gets used often. What a nice-looking, yet strange lawn mower.

Low Riding Racer

Look at the size of the engine on this lawn mower! It’s not so much a lawn mower any more as it is a dragster. This thing can haul brass by the looks of it. No doubt a custom-job, this steel blue low-set lawn mower can cut the yard AND go from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. And look, it’s even got cup holders. Whichever backyard warrior that’s manning this beast knows how to do yardwork!

Two For One Sale On Awesome Lawn Mowers

And the award for most comfortable armrest on a lawnmower goes to…this guy! I mean, just look at the padding on that bad boy. This is part redneck-remodel, part expert conversion. The duct taped padding is old-school but the green-flame boxed engine is pure pleasure. And it seems like this is a hobby for this guy, that, or he just has so much yard he needs two crazy lawn mowers, cause look at the yellow one in the background! Two for one on aisle No. 97!

Rat Rod Replica

The world’s fastest rat rod reached nearly 200 miles per hour. This lawn mower turned rat rod/lawn mower probably has a top speed of maybe 20 mph? However, the dials on the dashboard indicate there might be more to this mower than meets the eye. We love the slant of the back end, and even the homemade wheelstand in the back is great. It looks like this mower needs a hood to be considered a true rat rod. But as it is, we still love it!

This Mower’s Got Some Bite

Does anyone remember the show Battle Bots? This push mower looks like a piece of work off Battle Bots – a show where mechanics and engineers created remote controlled vehicles the size of a large watermelon and could outfit them with any weapons they desired. Last bot standing wins. This mower would probably do well in that competition. Labeled “The Destroyer”, this mower claims that there’s “No Turf To Tuff” and it looks to be built by Tool Man Taylor. No fancy seat or big engine here, but we bet this thing can dominate your backyard!

Curtiss P-40 Lawn Mower

Looks like we’ve got a World War II vet who likes to mow the lawn on our hand. And dare we say it, the man probably flew a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk in the war as well – that, or he just loves the aircraft. The Flying Tigers, known officially as the 1st American Volunteer Group (AVG), were a unit of the Chinese Air Force, recruited from U.S. aviators. From late 1941, the P-40B was used by the Flying Tigers. They were divided into three pursuit squadrons, the “Adam & Eves”, the “Panda Bears” and the “Hell’s Angels”. What a cool-looking, strange lawn mower.

R/C Lawn Mower

Taking care of the yard is back-breaking. Sweaty, hot, long days are only made better by the thought of a cold one at the end of the day.But what if you could sit under a nice, covered patio, sipping that same cold one, and mowing your lawn from the comfort and convenience of a remote control? That’s the idea anyway, with the GOAT Robot 22T from Evatech. This remote-controlled little machine has the power to climb steep inclines and weighs 200 pounds. How fun would this strange lawn mower be?

Wheelchair Turned Lawn Mower

Well this has to be one of the most comfortable riding lawn mowers out there, right? We’re not saying being in a wheelchair is a comfortable experience, but when you take that chair at attach it to a lawn mower, compared to all the other riding mower seats out there, this is like laying down in the bed! We do have one question, where does the mower put his feet? Seems like right on top of the hot engine might not be the best place for your rubber-soled yardwork shoes.

Moto Mower

This article is full of crazy people doing crazy things to their lawn mowers. And it’s even got several that combine other wheeled-vehicles into their homemade mower. But this one right here looks like the most fun to ride around! Can you imagine how quickly you can cut in and out of tight spots around the yard with this agile lawn mower! This No. 9 motorbike has the word ‘Dream’ on the side, and we have to say…mowing our lawn with this little number would definitely be a dream!

Atomic Yard Master

Atomic Yard Master. Scientifically speaking, it’s the most advanced lawn mower of all time. Actually, that’s a lie. But it sounds like it would be, doesn’t it? It sounds like the mass ratio between the grass blades and the gravitational pull plus the velocity of the mower are all taken into effect here in this little mower. But they’re probably not. It’s probably just another push mower with a cool exterior.

Bike Mower

We’ve got a few bike mowers on this list, but none more sleek than this. The (really) old-school rotating clipping mower is welded to the all black bike. We wonder how effective this could actually be? It seems like a great idea in theory, but after a couple of rows of the grass it seems like might be less-than-effective. But then again, we don’t know. What we do know is that this defintely makes it onto our list of strange and funny lawn mowers.


Woah, baby. This one is…uhh…something. The high-sitting riding lawn mower with some massive pipes – and we’re not talking about singing ability here. These exhaust pipes are big. Now that we look at it…they’re just big enough to take the exhaust and send it over that fence and into the neighbors yard in the background. Interesting…

Bat Mo(wer)bile

Yes! This is special. Fans of Batman span entire generations and exist all over the globe. It’s one of the most well-liked comic books/superhero films/stories of all time – and its fans are diehard. Look not further than this guy who handcrafted his own Batman body around his riding lawn mower. The winged-tips on the back, the red piping with the yellow Batman symbol, even the wing-shaped windshield! It’s all awesome. Kudos to this lawn mowing man and his one-of-kind Bat Mobile.

Flaming Rider

Flame and Exhaust Mower: The sqaured-off edges and over-simplified grill and lights section remind us of a muscle car from the 1970s. Throw in the antiquated stickers of red flames and you’ve got yourself an good old fashioned flaming lawn mower.

Back to Back Flamers

We can’t decide if this guy was just extremely bored and decided to paint these flame all over his puch mower. Or did he randomly have a set of orange paint pens that he didn’t know what to do with so he went crazy on this red lawn mower. We may never know, but what we do know is that this flaming lawn mower has made it on our list of strange, funny lawn mowers for a reason!

Back to Back to Back Flamers??

Create the environment in which you wish to live. That’s what this guy from somewhere up north did! When it’s snowy and frigid outside, all he has to do now is hop on his flame-heavy riding lawn mower and it will warm him right up. Granted, that’s probably just the engine warming up, not the flames. But that’s beside the point. What matters here is this cool riding mower made it on our list!

Roughneck Repair

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And if it’s broke, don’t spend too much money fixin’ it. The only price tag on this repair was the gas money in the chainsaw used to hack off the rear wheel. To be fair, the wood-tire does look pretty round and in proportionate size to the rest of the factory tires. So job well done to this backyard McGuyever.

The Golden Mower

If for some reason you are visually impaired and can’t fully take in this monstrosity before you – allow me to paint the picture clearly for you. Have you ever seen the golden dome of a capital building? Yes? Then you know exactly what this lawn mower looks like! Painted from head to toe in gold paint – this push lawn mower looks a lot more expensive than it is. Definitely one of the strangest on our list!

Solar Powered Lawn Mower

This science project, also known as a solar powered lawn mower, is one impressive piece of machinery. It has spurned the need for gas and relies solely on its electrically charged battery gaining power from the solar panels Does it have a remote? How does it get around? Does it actually work? These are important questions for one of the strangest lawn mowers we’ve ever seen!

Lifted Ex-Mower

No longer used for cutting grass – this one-time lawn mower turned monster truck cab is a sight to behold! Well, it maybe could still cut grass if this guy lived in the grasslands of the Safari! Now, it seems like it is better suited for an afternoon of kicking up some mud, and maybe light farm work. Regardless of what this contraption gets used for, it’s a lock on our list of crazy and strange lawnmowers.

Hot Rod Wannabe

Don’t be distracted by the cute kid in the driver’s seat! This hot rod style lawn mower is truly badass! From the airbrushed flame paint job to the skull and crossbones flag hanging off the back – this transformed machine is one-of-a-kind and we wish we could see it in action.

It’s The Last Flame-Job We Promise

Husqvarna Flames: Of all the flame-ridden lawn mowers on this topsy-turvy list of the strangest lawn mowers ever, this one is probably the most professional looking. It feels like Husqvarna created the mower to look like this from the start, rather than some guy who just started painting. It is a bit ironic though that all of these slow-moving lawn mowers have flames painted on. Where are the turtle paint jobs!?

Decal-Heavy Mower

John Deere Kart Mower: This cool John Deere looks like you can enter it into a race. Tricked out with all the decals and hot rod-like accessories, this lawn mower is definitely race-ready. Lea did one heck of a job with the lawn mower. Who is Lea, you ask? Well check the decal by the driver wheel and that’s all you need to know. Would you mow your lawn with this machine?

Flat Bed Lawn Mower

Two for the price of one! This really unique, odd and definitely awesome lawn mower turned tow truck can multiple jobs for you. Start with the lawn, the load up the mulch bags, then head on down and lay those, and on your way back – stop by Bill’s next door and tow his smart car out of a drainage ditch. The flat bed tow truck lawn mower is a real treat.

Lawn Shredder

Look at this. The owner of this standard lawn mower decided to kick things up a notch by transforming the lawn mower into the lawn shredder. The all black with teeth up front paint job is actually a really well done piece of work. Our favorite little detail is the eyes. Overall, we’d have no problem mowing our yard with this machine, and would probably get a little chuckle out of the neighbors, as well.

Leaf Plow Lawn Mower

The owner of this mower wanted to clean up the leaves while mowing, so he customized the mower to have a plow in the front. What genius! Rather than having to blow the leaves then mow the yard – this wise man made it a two-for-one job! The steel grate in front lowers to meet the top edge of the grass – which collects the leaves while prmiing the glass blades to stand up straight and be cut. What a cool lawn mower!

Lil Scalper

Lil Scalper: the lawn mower that was ahead of its time. Nowadays all the rappers are named ‘Lil’ something – but this I Love Lucy era lawn mower knew that the trend was going to take plac way back when. Also, why did everything in that era come in mint-seafoam green. Anyways, If you’ve got a little yard and need a quality cut…the Lil Scalper is your friend.

Just Hanging Around

We can’t decide if this is the best or worst thing we’ve ever seen. That’s a heavy-duty pickup truck, hauling a crane, holding some linked chain, attached to two straps, wrapped around the lawn mower which is trimming the shrubs. Which, we must add, is a job that handheld tool usually completes. But regardless of all the extra steps, this is some really funny and effective usage of a lawn mower!

Skull and Bones

We’ve all seen the Grave Digger conquer old cars and dirt ramps, but have you seen the Grave Cutter take on a 2-acre oiece of property!? This sweet riding lawn mower, complete with custom neon-green skull and flames paintjob, is one intense piece of work! The owner is clearly quite proud of it, seeing as it’s in a auto show. And as he should be! This neon green and black mower is an impressive grass-mowing machine.

I Wanna Go Fast

Ah, yes…the race car mower. One of our favorites. Loaded from top to bottom, end to end with stickers and decals this strange lawn mower probably can go faster than some cars. It’s clearly in excellent shape and seems to be built by a knowledgeable person, so we think it’s safe to say this cool machine can gut a yard in record time. Is there a national championship for how quickly someone can cut a yard? This is our No. 1 seed, if so.

US Army Mower

Is this a US Army transport vehicle or a lawn mower! This old school riding lawn mower has been outfitted with all the neat little touches that transform it into the Army vehicle you see here. The olive drab green paint job, the Army insignia, the Jeep-style frame and the bench seat in the back create a definite picture in our brain. This guy is probably a veteran, to be this passionate about the Army. So to you sir, we salute you….and your mower!

USA Lawn Mower

One of our absilute favorites on this list. Yes, because it’s patriotic and so are we. But also, because it’s just a clean, simople, classic design that looks like it was born to be on the outside of a riding lawn mower. I mean, look at it! It’s not perfect by any means, there’s some misshapen stars and squiggly lines one the red and white section, but that honestly doesn’t take away from the effect. If anything, it adds authenticity to the paint job which makes us love this mower even more.

Low Rider Lawn Mower

Massey Assassin: This Massey mower with the ever-attractive matte black paint job takes mowing your lawn to new, cool heights. Or shall we say lows, because this mower is a low, low-rider. We’ve got to imagine the guy using this to mow his lawn lives in Kansas and has no trees anywhere near his yard. Because if this thing had to tackle hills or tree roots, it would be done for. But simply as a crazy cool lawnmower, we love it.

Low Rider #2

Mower Kart: This cool mower has been converted into a race kart. It’s a low riding, black and green lawn mower that is clearly designed for some racing on the side! We don’t know how it would be with an actual yard and grass, but it sure looks good on pavement!