Crazy, Cool, & Custom Golf Carts That Actually Exist

Have you ever seen somebody post a custom golf cart on social media or maybe you drove by a house that had one parked in front of the house. We decided to scour the internet to put together this list of the coolest and most unusual golf carts in the world, just for you. Some of these have been modified to carry more people than normal, some have been modified to look like a specific vehicle. Some even serve a true purpose, while others are just for ascetics. One thing they all have in common is the personalization of the people that own them to show their interests in a different way. Now let us stop talking so you can enjoy these amazing golf carts.

Batman’s Mini Mobile

What is that a Batmobile for ants? It needs to be at least three times that size! Just kidding. Feast your eyes on this bad boy- full custom, possibly 4×4, dual axle rig, guaranteed to take on anything the golf course can surely throw at you! You think the faux-leather seats in the standard factory club car golf carts are comfy? Rest your behind on full blown racing seats in this blacked-out beast! What a cart to start the list off with.

U.S. Air Ford

This is one gnarly collaboration between Ford Motors and the U.S. Air Force. Okay, perhaps the of the biggest names in things that have motors didn’t come together to design a sweet, electric golf cart – but it’s kind of fun to think they did. What are you thinking, an A-10 Warthog remake with some liberal modern modifications? All we know is, the only thing cooler than this custom golf cart, is maybe the next one…

Mind If I Play Through?

This guy probably plays a round in under 2 hours! Look at this custom made Ferrari look-alike, it’s gorgeous. Maybe the sleekest ride on the whole list (except for #19, maybe), this red, tricked-out Greg Norman Shark Experience golf cart has had a major renovation since it’s factory days. You’ve got to love it!

How Big Your Buddy’s Head Gets When He Out-Drives You Once

You’ve heard of the roll cage. You’ve heard of the Air Bag. You’ve heard of the reinforced, impact resistant steel frame. But this person had a different idea for safety – might as well just make the whole custom golf cart a helmet! Not a terrible idea considering seat belts didn’t become mandatory until 1964! The Philadelphia Eagles have themselves one diehard fan here – and one of the cooler homemade golf carts we’ve ever seen that’s for sure.

Big Rigs and Sweet Digs!

Peterbilt is one of America’s leading long haul truck manufacturers, founded in 1939. They’re known for their durability, but more so comfort of the cab. This custom golf cart, modeled after the famous rigs, didn’t skimp on the luxury for this build! As the emergence of hydrogen and electric powered semi trucks become more prominent in the coming years, we can only speculate how these once dominant giants will react to a progressive industry. Progression isn’t something that’s given, it’s earned- and this next cart is ready for battle!

Straighter Drives, Brought To You By Ford Mustang

You’ve got to give it the creator of this electric golf cart that looks identical to the legendary Ford Mustang. There’s some impressive body work on this one, that’s for sure. Can you imagine seeing a golf cart fleet all of different colored ones like this, lining a cart barn like a new Ford dealer? That would be pretty cool.

A Bunker’s Worst Nightmare

Built to imitate a military aesthetic, this cart comes with an OD Green paint job, off road tires, hi-fi light bar, and an assault rifle? Look closely and you’ll see it! This 4×4 golf cart certainly is ready for anything. It honestly looks more like Humvee than it does a golf cart.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

The Pro Shop. We’re going to call the Pro Shop and have you kicked off this course for blaring that insane Ghostbuster’s siren while I’m trying to chip. How am I supposed to chip with that going on Doug?! All jokes aside, how cool is this thing? Custom built and clearly a favorite of the kids – this movie themed golf cart is as fun as they come. Speaking of movie-themed golf carts…

Tomato – “Tow Mater” – Same Thing

This is Mater in 2006 , the release of “Cars” launched on of the most successful animated Disney franchises ever. I’m sure you’ve heard of the lovable character Lightning McQueen and his posse of lovable talking cars. Three full length feature films, a couple of spin off cartoons, and a dedicated themed land at Disneyland, the Cars franchise has generated $8 billion in retail sales alone. You could buy a lot of Mater golf carts with all that dough.

Red Pins In Front Today

This custom golf cart is modeled after Enzo Ferrari’s beautiful high performance cars. I’m sure Enzo never pictured a joy riding machine to be iterated after one of his magnificent stallions.  A pleasure vehicle from different ends of the spectrum, if you will. Founded in 1940 in the racing division of Alfa Romeo, Ferrari wasn’t recognized as an independent manufacturer until 1947.

Driver and 5-Wood

Winnebago is notorious for their world class RV system, not their look-alike golf carts transformed from a Club Car. The Minnie Winnie was originally released in the 1970’s and received by the public with open arms. Years later, a resurgence in popularity and the ability to work many jobs form anywhere in the world, has the youth of the work force traveling the country rent free in their RV. A great way to see the country, save money, and have fun all in one.

That Thing Really Does Have a Hemi!

Have you ever thought about how Americans imitate different accents for humor? I bet all over the world, in different cultures, people are doing the exact same thing, imitating American accents for humor! Despite your country of origin, I bet a getting a laugh out of a different accent is a ubiquitous human tendency. Could you imagine, there is probably somebody out there, right now, speaking French with a Scottish accent.. Better roll out the Royal cavalcade because this next custom golf cart is fit for a queen! Hit the next button to check it out!

Ford Raptor Extended Cab For The Whole Foursome

Is this is military-grade ATV or is this just your everyday Ford Raptor custom built golf cart with roll bars and off-road capabilities? Answer: both. Probably. The front end had to come right off the front end of a Ford pick-up, that’s too beautiful to be a recreation. What a piece of work! This 4×4 golf cart could take us golfing anytime. Say….Did somebody hear a siren?

Do You Smell Something Burning?

You’ve got to appreciate the details in this Club Car turned Engine 87 Fire Truck. Firefighters, along with the other emergency services, are this nation’s backbone. Putting their lives on the line day in and day out to ensure America’s public remains safe. The impressive part is the attention to detail in this custom golf cart, which I wouldn’t typically expect. It even comes with a little ladder I can use to reach the cookies in the cookie jar.

K-9 Unit, Searching For Bombed Drives

On the prowl for those Phil Mickelson-type bombs – not the hellacious seeds – but the high-flying, 340-yard bombs down the middle of the fairway. This Willys golf cart is a special rendition of one of the most used and most beloved military transport vehicles of all time.

Imagine Seeing This On The Tee Box

People stop at nothing to ensure their luxury, especially when it comes to custom golf carts. A beat up, crusty, used golf cart just wont cut it these days! I know you noticed the matching trailer.. that’s the first thing I noticed! Let’s take a minute, think about what you would put in there. I would  put an array of tasty beverages, snacks, frisbee, basketball, pretzel machine, hot dog roller, air fryer, grill, a horse.. What we never said it was a ‘clown’ caboose!

Smell Ya Later..

This custom golf cart is a feat of Fiberglass mastery. Have you ever worked with Fiberglass? If you have, you know it can get very itchy, very quick. For those of you who don’t know, Fiberglass is pulverized class, strung into long, ultra thin pieces, then reinforced with an epoxy. Anyways, this is how big your buddy’s nose gets when he says he found his ball in the woods. The next one is almost kind of intimidating, that guy has to shoot in the 70s…

Bronco Golf Cart

Gosh, who doesn’t love a Ford Bronco? We certainly do, and we know you do, too. Because everyone does. Perhaps the only thing better than a Ford Bronco is the gold cart-sized version of the Ford Bronco. Yeah, that’s right. We like this better than the actual Bronco!

Shelby Cobra Cart

Caddyshack Golf Cars and Carroll Shelby got together to make this beautiful custom golf cart. You can now order these officially licensed Shelby cobra badged Golf Carts in 6 different colors. You can also add features like ball & club washer, custom suede seats and headliner, roof fan, stereo system and extra large ice chest to name a few. Now if you like custom golf cart, you will enjoy this next convertible golf cart.

Custom Convertible Golf Cart

Things were simpler back in the late 1990s….Dallas Cowboys defensive back Deion Sanders takes a spin around training camp in his customized golf cart with his manager Craig Brooks Wednesday, July 17, 1996, in Austin, Texas. Players use golf carts to commute from the dorm to the practice field. Sanders’ model is equipped with air conditioning and a stereo.

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Something tells us this guy has the best fireworks show in his side of the state. How could he not with this type of 4×4 golf cart decked out in the red, white, and blue! Truly a sight to see. This Yamaha golf cart turned piece of American Pie probably only plays one type of music: Toby Keith. That’s right, Made in the USA is the only song that comes out of these speakers (ironic given the golf cart manufacturer).

Golf Cart on Steroids

Story time: One day, the fellow in the picture took his son to grab some fast food. Of course his son got a meal with the toy, as one does. And to his father’s surprise, it was the most magnificent toy sized custom golf cart he had ever seen. He said, “I must have a life size version of this at once!” Thus the monster-truck-lifesize-happy-meal-toy-golf-cart was born. Those full size off-road tires for a golf cart look more like they’re for a jacked up Ford F-150!

Dude, Where’s My Front Wheel?

I can barely believe my eyes.. is this what I think it is? The long lost, Wheelie Mobile! It uses gyroscopes to operate in perpetual wheelie, similar to a Segway, and you drive with one hand using a magic wand. Do cool golf carts like this one need golf cart insurance? Is that even a thing? If this boat-like golf cart needs golf insurance then the next one clearly does too…

Wheelie Mobile v.2

This style of you see, clean lines, vintage, but also almost as if it were derived from a celestial premise. This, my friend is the glorious world of Retro Futurism! Popularize in the 50s an 60s during the excitement of the space race, Retro Futurism combines components of the past, with aspects of what we believed would be the future. The cosmos has always fascinated humanity, thus proven by the sheer number of entertainment programs televised throughout the years.

Hummer H2 6-Seater

This rendition of the new-age, civilian hummer, the H2, is asbout as beautiful as the actual version! The attention to detail is unparalleled with this one – well done old chap. The front grill is what really gives it away. As far as awesome golf carts go, this Club Car turned mister cart is as awesome as it gets. Are you going for the green? You’re going to be into the next one then…

Green Like Bermuda

This custom golf cart might be the BMF 9000 of the group, guaranteed to tackle any obstacle the terrain throws at you. It looks like a Fox Suspension system, Rockstar rims, an offset differential to increase clearance height and let’s not forget all the green! There was another green super hero that was all about the gadgets.. The Green Hornet! Remember that movie with Seth Rogan? His character was completely useless and his assistant was actually the awesome spy. Anyway, really cool golf cart here.

Special Delivery

The United States Postal Service was as inefficient as any other government entity when UPS started in 1907. I mean how the heck was anyone supposed to get any of their parcel packages anyway? Cue free market capitalism, and BAM you have the United Parcel Service. More than 100 years after it’s founding, UPS is valued at over $110 billion. So the next time your shopping for a luxury golf cart or maybe and EZGO, consider a private entity shipping service!

A Fast Round Is A Good Round

Sometimes simplicity is key, I appreciate the classic lines on this custom golf cart. Do you see the building behind it? Looks kind of like Spanish construction, maybe a historical edifice? Where were we…oh yes, this sports car golf cart that probably has a top speed of something north of 40 mph. Would you drive this bad boy? Speaking of going fast, this next picture looks like the guy is flying!

When You’re Late For Your Tee Time

The Shelby Mustang was an instant classic when introduced in 1964. It kept gaining momentum and became a collectors must have in 1967, when for enlarged the body to house 428 inches of V8 American muscle. Today, Ford has iterated significantly on their Shelby line, extending it to their trucks and SUVs. The classic 60’s models, however, are a timeless gem that collectors clamor to get their hands on. The engineering necessary to make this Ford Mustang golf cart looks like a museum piece is nothing short of impressive.

Shine Bright like a Diamond!

Are sun glasses included with this rig? All jokes aside, the amount of engineering it takes to manufacture a custom golf cart that seats 8 is just impressive! Governing bodies agree, an EZGO golf cart of this caliber might be a hazard to the common folk because of all the attention it will grab. Let me ask you something, have you ever kissed a stranger on the balcony of the “Hotel Du Cap”? Neither have I.. but someday.

Cart Path Only

You’ve got to respect it, I’m sure the whole lowering process is no walk in the park! Honestly, I’d be pretty nervous about the tiniest rock chewing up the underbelly of the beast. Have you ever seen the lowered racing cars with the wheels almost tilted at an outward angle? I actually learned what this is called from a 2Chainz rap song.. He said, “I got my Wraith pigeon-toed”. Learn something new every day!
You’ll be stunned when you find out who owns this next custom golf cart!

Come on Barbie, Let’s Go Party

Real men wear pink, which is why Dwayne the Rock Johnson bought this custom EZGO golf cart for his good buddy Kevin Hart! Just kidding.. but that would make a good comedy bit. The bright pink color splashes so good on the white exterior and leather. These two colors can bee seen against the backdrop of a green golf course from a mile away! The next cart could be a meme.. great idea, stunning execution. You have to see for yourself..

The Future

Opinion piece: I understand why someone would think this cart could be appealing, I really do. But when I’m on the course, 15 Coca Colas deep, hyped up on sugar and caffeine, the last thing I want to do is worry about jockeying this sod donkey up and down the fairway because my golf game is immaculate. This guy looks like he just walked into a 15  person line at the DMV. This next custom golf cart was iterated on sheer determination and a fine attention to detail.. you won’t want to miss it!

Off-Roadin’ & Show-Boatin’

Did you know golf carts were not intended to be used by everybody? In fact, they were designed to help handicapped players be more mobile and date back to the 1940’s. We adapted this tool and made it widely available to everybody, for uses outside the golf course. Now used golf carts and custom golf carts are being exchanged by all walks of life in the free market. Wow, America is the best! Have you ever wanted to give the impression of going really fast, but just can’t figure out how to encapsulate it in a paint job? This person figure it out in the next slide!

America, Home of the Custom Golf Carts

Seriously though, does any other country consider EZGO golf carts to be a corner stone of their culture? Not like America does! Used golf carts seem to have transcended the test of time, however you can’t say that about all the culture classics we’ve seen through the years. Picture this- 4th of July evening spent in the country side enjoying the bucolic splendor of life- the smell of petrichor and smoldering charcoal briquettes stimulate your senses. A leisurely evening until Uncle Dave breaks out the VAULT Energy drink. Life was forever changed. Enough caffeine to run through a wall. That being said safety always comes first, and there is nothing safer than this next cart.

Woah, Take it Easy There, Hot Rod

Did you know, before the invention of the camera, it was impossible for you to see what you look like with your eyes closed? Also, how it it that roller coasters can take crystal clear photos of you at high speeds, but banks can’t seem to catch robbers on tape? Or humans can’t seem to take a clear picture of bigfoot.. If bigfoot had a custom golf cart it would definitely need a big engine. Lucky for you we have lined up a pristine EZGO golf cart with a MASSIVE engine in the next slide!

“Hey Starter, We’ve Got A Jeep Wrangler Out Here On No. 1”

From it’s early beginnings on the American war front, to consumer use back on the home front, the Jeep has recently gained a new surge in popularity. Much like this custom golf cart, the Jeep is one of the most frequently customized cars. Complete with massive tires and upgraded suspension, these rock crawlers can handle anything!

Rolling Regal

This custom golf cart has got to be one of the most elegant pieces of rolling art on our list. Complete with heated and cooled seats, 4 wheel drive, over sized tires and a wind shield wiper, this is no ordinary EZGO golf cart. I know what you’re thinking,”Who cares it’s just a windshield wiper”. However, I’ll have you know it is far from ordinary. This wiper actually dispenses fluid directly from the blade to ensure a liberal lubrication of the glass before it is deliberately squeegeed away. This next cart was made with a particular function in mind.

Did You Order Dirt?

We’ve reached a crossroads. The operator needed a vehicle that was light enough on the golf course, but sturdy enough to carry large amounts of various items. The solution- dump truck club car golf cart! Answer me this, when someone orders dirt, are they ordering a specific kind? Is dirt rated on a scale known only to those operating in the dirt industry. Okay you dirt industry guys.. keep your secrets. Wow I can’t believe the cloaking device on this next custom golf cart- I can barely see it!


Get it.. because it’s covered in camouflage we’re not supposed to be able to see it.. Anyway, camo can be found in nature pretty regularly. It’s widely used throughout the animal kingdom, despite species and type of animal. There aren’t just visual iterations of camouflage- Olfactory is the camouflage practice of an animal disguising itself in another animals scent to confuse predators. Nature is outrageous.. Kind of like this next custom golf cart.  I can’t believe someone took it to this level!

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Something about this custom golf cart makes me want to sit beach side sipping on a margarita. It probably has to do with the air brushed paint job that takes me back to college spring break and the debauchery that ensued. You know, if you got a smashed mosquito tattooed on the palm of your had, you could go around slapping people with a proper excuse. I wonder how long you could get away with that before someone noticed you slap people an exceeding amount. In this day and age, we seem to focus on two main things.. the cart in the next slide is a perfect embodiment of this!

Brand New Pearl

Did you know a “Pearl” is what people in the industry call a new baseball? Fresh out of the wrapper, the bleached leather touches your palm. Everyone has their own ritual when breaking in a new baseball. It’s debated that baseball is the most superstitious sport out of them all. Why you may ask? Baseball players are known to be amateur philosophers- what do you think we’re doing while standing out in the field all day shagging batting practice? Contemplating life of course. I don’t recall the Hulk ever driving around in a custom golf cart in any of the Marvel comics. But if he were to, I think he might like this next cart.

Proper Leverage, Mate

If I had to guess, the folks who spend the money to put shocks and outrageous suspension into their custom golf cart, must be geometry aficionados. Hear me out, the reason I say that, you can literally contort the vehicle into a myriad of different shapes and angles, just from the press of a button! Some shocks even have the capability to send the car in a bouncing, levering motion, pivoting the chassis on the tires. It is part of a competition held at car gatherings! The finer things in life, this cart reflects a glorious part of American history.

Surf’s Up!

A tip of the hat to West Coast culture, wood paneled cars became popular in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. You have to give credit where it’s due, The Beach Boys were a prime catalyst for perpetuating the popularity of the wood paneled station wagon. Do you remember the seats in the trunk that faced backwards? Amazing! What ever happened to those. These days it seems wood car paneling is a bit of a lost art form, you rarely see them cruising the road anymore! Like the Ford Mustang, it was just a matter of time until someone turned this American muscle into a custom golf cart!

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting  like a Bee

The Dodge Viper was introduced in 1991, at the brink of the internet revolution and all the big shot Silicon Valley founders had to get one with their new big checks. 16 years later, Dodge decides to relaunch the line of cars, to try and spark some excitement revenue and spontaneity purchases. A lesser known fact, the Viper is on the list of ‘Most American Cars’ which classifies cars that are comprised of parts, 75% or more, manufactured in America. As people become more paranoid, we might see more of these custom golf cart monsters.. you won’t believe your eyes!

Zombie Apocalypse, Who?

Is that a.. M134 Minigun mounted to the front of this off road monster? I believe it is! What an impressive piece of engineering this is. While it would be unbelievably cold, this rig can handle snowy traverses with east. The sheer width of the sleds will provide enough surface area to keep thousands of pounds buoyant on the snow. If a zombie apocalypse ever happens, I’m sticking with this guy. Sometimes you love your job so much, your career becomes a part of you. This next cart is modeled after a the owner’s past, and beautifully rendered!

Hot Rod Golf Cart

While I’m not sure the exact benefit of making your car pigeon toed, if I had to speculate it would be to reduce drag due to tire surface area. Have you ever thought that each step in your house, is its own tiny floor? If you have 28 steps in your house, its actually 28 steps tall! 🙂 Chili is historically associated with things that are hot. However “Chilly” is associated with cold things. What a conundrum! Sometimes you’ve got to go big or go home! You’re not going to believe the size of this next custom golf cart.

Firing on All Cylinders

This semi-cartoonish looking car was a definite crowd favorite, it’s oversize engine making it extremely memorable. As history has it, when someone is a comedian they are typically asked to tell a joke. This might be a double standard, because when someone says they’re a dentist, they are not  immediately asked to preform a root canal. Either way, do dentists clean their own teeth or do they go to another dentist. Judging from the next custom golf cart, the owner was definitely a classic cartoon buff. See if you can guess which cartoon it was before you click to the next slide!

We’re All Out of Snacks Scoob!

If you guessed Scooby Doo, you’re correct! The Mystery Machine custom golf cart, featured here, was the gang’s vehicle of choice in the cartoon. Scooby Doo originally aired in 1969 and has been entertaining fans until present day. Did you know Frank Welker has voiced Fred Jones for over 50 years? Amazing! In need of a rescue? This cart might be of service! Check it out!

Need a Lift?

18 Wheeler tow trucks are the unsung hero of the $1 Trillion industry, rescuing stranded truckers night and day. God forbid a rigs brakes ever go out, have you seen the run away truck ramps? Typically found on the side of mountainous interstate, run away truck ramps are long, gravel filled uphill run ways to slow the truck in the even of brake failure. On Teton Pass in WY, there is a steel mesh net woven to catch a falling truck off the cliff! Fans of Wiz Khalifa will love this next custom golf cart.

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

It’s like same- same, but different.. but same-same. Wiz Khalifa sings about material objects including a black and yellow Chevy Camero. Have you ever seen a leaf detach from a tree? Most people live their lives never actually having seen a leaf detach from a tree, they see it moments after. Also, Iced coffee is utterly delicious. However drinking hot coffee that has cooled to room temperature- that is just repulsive. Is that what I think it is.. It couldn’t be..wait, yes, it is one of the most rare custom golf carts in the world probably! Click to the next slide now!

Wax On, Wax Off

The owner of this custom golf cart certainly keeps this principle close to heart. Would you agree that’s the glossiest club car golf cart you’ve ever seen? Maybe it has something to do with the Candy Apple Red, the sun is hitting it just right, and the brightness is turned up all the way on my computer.. But brightness aside, this custom golf cart build was no walk in the park! The fin fabrication alone took 80 hours of fiberglass molding. If your screen brightness is all the way up like mine, I would recommend you turn it down a notch for this next BRIGHT cart.

Everything is Bigger in Texas.. Except this Golf Cart

When I think of Texas, I think bigger than life, ‘Don’t mess with Texas’. Yes, this custom golf cart does have the Texas flag, but am I going to write my mother about this cart? Am I going to put this cart in my Christmas card? Probably not. Is ‘someday’ just a code word for never? Maybe. What is it that you want to do in your life, that you haven’t done yet? Maybe it’s so outrageous, kind of like this next cart, that you just have to click to the next slide to see it!