These Funny Road Signs Made Us Laugh And Cringe

We believe road signs are supposed to provide helpful, even critical information. People would think that would mean that they are always serious with precise messages for drivers and pedestrians. That is not always the case. The reality, however, is that road signs are often pretty hilarious- sometimes unintentionally. People who make some definitely have a sense of humor. Others seem confused or do not know how to translate advice and rules clearly for other people. Keep scrolling to enjoy. These funny road signs made us laugh and cringe. Honestly, if we saw some of these while driving, we’d be left with a good chuckle or completely puzzled. These go beyond everyone’s typical caution or stop sign. These are next level.

What A Great Detour

It is a detour. Wait, it is a dead-end. Wait, what do we do? We just hope you never pull up to a sign like this. That is probably the winning strategy here. If you do, we suggest you simply turn around and go home. It is not your day. We personally do not like being confused. It always causes us to do something inevitably wrong. Going through a dead-end detour seems to be asking for problems. It is definitely a head-scratcher.

Don’t Forget To Bring Your Bible To Camp!

This sign has to be abbreviated “Methodist” because there is no way a road sign would lead people to a camp of that nature. If this sign is literal, we say stay clear. That would be not very comforting for most people but strangely appealing to a select few. In any case, the people who made this sign had to have known what they were doing. They probably thought people would not notice, but nothing is safe from the internet. We love these funny road signs.

This Is Actually Necessary

The sign may not be funny, but the fact that this is real advice that people need to understand is hilarious. If you are not laughing, then this sign is for you. Everyone should definitely pay attention to signs when they are near a street. They may have special instructions that could save your life or others. We all should take a page from this sign’s book and put our phones down when driving or walking. We will go one step further. You do not need to update your Facebook either. 

Honestly, That’s Impressive

It is not entirely clear how you would measure this, but 25mph is pretty dang impressive. It also sounds pretty painful and possibly quite dangerous. A person will have to bring a jug of water or drink directly from a hose to reach those heights. For the record, if anyone wants to test the speed, you might want to say no. We are not saying we would not be curious about the results, but we feel that anything asking might have some issues. 

Is Anyone Else Curious About The Arrow On The Bottom Right?

Sure, the whole sign is super confusing, but what is that bottom right arrow doing? Is that a road that connects to the main road, or just an arrow that tells you where you are on the sign? We are entirely puzzled. It is like someone took a regular road sign and added a ton more routes to it. Guess we will be driving home again because we do not want to deal with this mess. Still very funny, though. Maybe it is a prank.

Stop Or Else

Out of all the stop signs in the world, you absolutely need to stop at this sign. They make sure everyone knows to halt since they wrote “stop” six times. We wonder why this stop is so different from the rest that people felt obligated to take extra precautions. On top of all that, a cop car is in the corner. We have a feeling we will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We know we have to stop, but we are unsure when to go.

Gobble, Gobble, Easy On the Throttle

Everyone loves when Thanksgiving comes around, from spending time with your family to the delicious food. Just make sure to ease up on your speed during the holidays. Now that we think about it, we never remember rushing on Thanksgiving because every highway is jam-packed with people trying to do the same thing. We never had a chance to go fast with all the traffic. We would be lucky to reach 15 mph, let alone going over the speed limit.

Stop! Or…Don’t?

Seriously, what do you do when you approach this sign? Which rule do you follow? Do you get a ticket if you roll through the intersection without stopping? Or do you get a ticket for stopping? It is all very confusing. It seems like another excuse to come home. Everyone should call their boss and tell them the situation and why they cannot go in there that day. We are sure that will go over well. But hey, when a sign is like this, you don’t have a lot of options.

Is This Even Allowed?

This sign looks like it has been up for a while, which is surprising. We are pretty confident that tons of people have been offended enough to try and get this sign removed. However, who do you call to take down a sign like this? We are not sure. There is also the concession that it might be accurate. Hey, do not blame the messenger. Maybe this is a big wake-up call to the town to get in shape. That is a message we think most people can get behind.   

Watch Out!

It could be a warning for the cyclists to look out for the trolley tracks. Or, it could be a notice for everyone else to watch out for the cyclists who hit them. We like to think it is actually both. We are grateful for signs like these that give us a heads up or let us know to proceed with caution. However, we are curious to know how many issues took place before someone decided to put the sign up. We, of course, hope they are okay, but with the cartoon depiction, we couldn’t help but laugh.

Is That Really Necessary?

We would hope that it would be evident to anybody that you cannot drive in this spot because there is no road. However, nobody can really underestimate how risky some people will be. There might be someone out there who required this sign. The only vehicles that could go through this terrain are something like a Jeep Wrangler or a flying car from the future. We are not sure how to get to this summit exactly, but we don’t need roads where we’re going.

That Word Can Mean A lot Of Things, People

Get your minds out of the gutter. Virgin can mean unspoiled, new, unused, unaltered, etc. This town could be named after olive oil, for all you know. It could be anything such as the airline. We are all here to laugh. So, make all the jokes you want. Seeing the sign on the side of the road, we definitely laughed. However, it was not as funny when we were low on gas and had to turn into the exit. Our passengers will never let us live it down.

We Don’t Know, Either

Is the plane peeing in the car? Who knows? The drawing does not seem very accurate if it is bombing the vehicle. What else could it be? All we can say is if you see this sign, duck. We think. We have a couple more guesses. Maybe it is a caution sign to look out for planes with grappling hooks attaching to the vehicle and taking it into the sky. We are still grasping at straws—quite a bizarre sign in our book. 

We’re Not Convinced This Is Hyperbole

Anyone who has ever spent a summer vacation in Alaska, Minnesota, or Louisiana can tell you that, while the people who made this sign could have exaggerated the mosquito’s size, it is not far off from the truth. People go missing in those places from time to time, and, frankly, we blame the mosquitoes. The insects are, after all, the deadliest animal in the world. With over 3,000 species, we imagine some grow pretty big. Hopefully, everyone’s vehicle is fast enough if they run into something like this.

That’s Oddly Specific

It is weird, of course. We would like to know where these beachgoers got the waffles and why someone felt the need to create a warning sign. We assume that someone was uniquely traumatized by the combination of nude strangers and waffles, but there is a story that really needs to be told. Maybe there is only one breakfast place on the beach with waffles, or maybe waffles are complimentary. So, many possibilities, but we think it is best left up to our imagination. The truth might be gross.  

“Free” indeed

Yeah, yeah. It probably means the ROOMS start at $59.99, but come one, that is not what the sign says at all. Let us all take a minute to enjoy it before you ruin it by pointing out that it is just a typo. They should have probably had more expansive space between the two sentences. By having them stacked, it reads like one. We personally would never pay that much for wifi. We’d definitely have a phone with us and use data and a hotspot.  

Designated Driver

A friendly reminder to never drive impaired. Imagine driving under this on the highway. People are always on the lookout all the time for this behavior. It is probably best for yourself and everyone else if someone different drives if you are going to partake in such activities. We do not know how effective the sign is in discouragement or fear. But obviously, the writer had a fun spin on it. We hope the message was a positive reminder for fellow drivers to be cautious and safe.    


Drivers have to be alert in this area, inebriated people are walking throughout the spot. Still, we are going being honest. It is actually not a bad idea. We’d rather know the area a little bit before diving headfirst. Signs like these are a good communication tool to alert us on possible items that concern caution. We’d probably turn around unless the bars in the area were pretty tremendous, and by judging the fact that someone took the time to make this sign, our answer we’d probably say they were.

Temperature Not Speed Limit

Some drivers confuse the temperature for the speed limit. It’s 95°, not 95 mph. Geez, that is sweltering. However, it would be very cool if we were allowed to go 95 mph. That would seem like an excellent way to cool off in a convertible. Heck, no one is around. They should allow it. Seriously though, it is great to see some sign writers have a sense of humor. With hot weather, a joke and a laugh will always be welcomed. 

Sometimes, Dad Jokes Are The Best Jokes

Yeah, we know, it is a little corny. Okay, it is a lot corny. But sometimes corny is still funny, and if this sign did not make you chuckle, you have no sense of humor. Still, we guess if someone is under quarantine, they will have no choice but to tell jokes inside. Not precisely an inside joke, but that is where wordplay comes into play. This also makes us wonder if there is such a thing as an “outside” joke.

HOV Lane

I know it might look tempting during traffic, but do not drive in the HOV lane yourself. Unless you just want to get smacked with a ticket. Also, we have no idea why this writer of this sign is so brutal. We actually think it is amusing because of the honest bluntness. However, they have a point about avoiding legal penalties. Man, we dislike traffic with a passion. If we were trying to get a date, we guarantee we’d have that trait in common with just about everyone. 

They’re Not Wrong

Hey, we get it. Sometimes, being lectured repeatedly with the same slogan and talking points gets boring after a while. Occasionally injecting a different tactic to get the same point across is more effective. In this case, the person who wrote the sign used humor. Admit it; this is so much better than “don’t drink and drive.” It is catchy. It rhymes, and it puts a smile on your face. And, it is true. Driving after whisky is, indeed, risky.

But Use Whatever Ammo You Like

It is clear one of these applies to the unpaved terrain, and the other is for the paved areas, but it is not a good look – we will tell you that much. Still, the order of these signs is hilarious. We halfway think that the person hanging these put them this way intentionally. Let us just hope that no one takes the reading arrangement literally. That would be bad. However, there would be at least a chance for survival. Those weapons take a second to reload.

Even The Guy On The Sign Looks Confused

Seriously, the guy holding the fuel pump appears very confused by what is going on. He does not have a clue what to do. He does not know if this is some kind of new gas-powered wheelchair he is supposed to fuel up or if the guy just needs help fueling his car. Maybe he should just ask and not do something he may regret later. Also, we are not sure what kind of hat that guy is wearing. It looks like an army helmet or construction cap. Now we are confused. We are moving on.

Why Not Close The Road?

Indeed, if the road is failed, it should be closed off, correct? A failed road sounds like it might be a place you do not want people to drive, but it also sounds like exactly the kind of place people will ignore warning signs. We guess people should not operate any big vehicles on it. We are unaware of the weight capacity a failed road can handle. Honestly, we are still trying to picture how a failed road looks. It could not be a lot of potholes because, for whatever reason, cities tend to leave those open no matter how bad they get. 

Must Be A lot Of Kittens

We are used to witnessing signs to warn us about children playing near the road, pedestrians, or wildlife. But kittens are definitely a new one. It must be a lot of kittens if people felt compelled enough to make a sign. We could not imagine a pack of kittens crossing the road. Perhaps we misread it, warning us to watch out for one or two impeded kittens. In either case, everyone should try to avoid hitting animals. Road signs just provide awareness.

Wait, What?

Hold on, which way are the drivers supposed to go? Generally, if there are multiple options, each sign tells you why you should go that way, but here the drivers are just left to fend for themselves. Good luck, drivers. As for us, we are turning around. We are going to find another path. This is just puzzling. It seems no matter which way someone goes, they are getting conned. Signs like these are already making something bad like downtown driving even worse. 

Why Does This Exist?

Really, what is the point of this? Amazingly, someone got paid to make this sign, and someone else was paid to put it up. All so we, the public, would know that there is currently no need for a sign at this particular spot. Excellent work. What is worse is if tax money went toward this endeavor meaning that government spending literally went to a sign that did not need to exist. What a waste and sounds exactly like something they would do.

This Could Have Two Meanings

The first thing this sign could mean is that the town really is so boring that the residents named it “Boring,” in which case, why would you visit it? A second possibility is the town may be great, but the residents are so hostile to tourists that they named their town Boring in hopes of preventing tourism. Either way, it sounds like the kind of place you do not want to be. There are several other exciting things to do in Oregon anyway, such as hiking, camping and we will get back to everyone when we think of something else.

You Really Have To Watch Out For Cows

Cows may appear innocent and non-threatening, but they are 2,000 pound animals with horns raised for meat. There are bound to be some anger issues, and an angry cow is little more than a 1-ton meat missile. Watch yourself next time you are driving through cow country. We guess this is revenge for all the cow tipping. They want to tip everyone’s car. We think the only way to defend ourselves is to eat more chicken. At least that is what all the advertising is showing us.

Kangaroos May Be More Dangerous Than Cows

They are tinier, and they do not have horns, but they kick a lot harder. Plus, they live in Australia, and anything that can survive in the wild in Australia is automatically very terrifying. Be careful around those kangaroos, people. We are serious. They have a kick force of 759 pounds and claws that can slice people open. They can probably do some severe damage to the vehicle with attributes like that. In a short burst, a red kangaroo can hit speeds of 43 mph, so put the pedal to the metal and get out as soon as possible.

It Really Seems Like This Is An Understatement

As you are driving along this road, a tank may appear in front of you, firing its cannon at something. So, while “tanks crossing, sudden gunfire” is technically accurate, it really does not feel sufficient. Hopefully, the tanks are not aiming at cars. In some military contests, they certainly like to drive over other vehicles. We also imagine the gunfire is happening way off at a base and not on the road. We believe that would not end well for anyone.

Um, Guys….

The first rule of secret nuclear bunkers is not to tell anybody the bunker’s location. At least, we are pretty sure that is the first rule of keeping a nuclear bunker secret. Actually, we are confident that is the first rule of anything supposed to be secret. You do not tell anyone, let alone build a sign with an arrow on it. On the other hand, it might be a trap. If nuclear fallout happens, someone would definitely fall for it.

We Do Not Recommend Following This Advice

“Do drunken driving” is not precisely the kind of advice you would imagine to see on a billboard. Frankly, it is really bad advice that no one should follow. Laugh at the sign, but do not ever listen to it. Frankly, in court, we would not be surprised if someone says they followed the sign’s slogan and then legally went after the company that put it up. However, judging by the slashed-out car, we think the text was just a typo; still funny though.

No One Likes A Sloppy Road

Sloppy roads are just gross, plain, and straightforward. No one likes them, but sometimes they are all we’ve got. And before you ask, no, we do not actually know what this is. But we can grasp the sentiment, at least. We think they meant to write “slope.” However, “sloppy” is much more fun. The road would also be named “Joe” in an ideal world. That way, you would be driving on “sloppy joe.”   We would definitely laugh at that prospect.

Mmmmm, Tastes Like Cheken

When we saw this for the very first time, we thought we knew what he meant by Dragon Mom. After reading the whole sign, though, we are less sure about what he is describing by “mom.” And we are slightly concerned by cheken. According to a Reddit user, it might be a misspelling or a different dialect for the word “momo,” which is a dumpling. That would make a lot more sense. Though, without the context, the speculation of the meaning is much more fun.

Is It Funny, Or Terrifying?

We know it is inaccurate, but the thought of worms that big is horrible, even if it is entirely fake. The prankster’s cleverness is on full display with this sign. They turned the image of a wet floor around by reinterpreting the water as worms. After seeing that, it cannot be unseen. It really looks like they are chasing the guy. We would like to see what this prankster’s skills could do with other road signs. The possibilities are endless.

What Do You Think The Actual Translation Is?

This cannot be an accurate translation. Maybe it is the literal translation, but it can’t be the actual meaning of the words. It has gotta be some kind of cultural slang. But we kinda like it. Perhaps there is something spiritual about this grass we don’t know about, or maybe the grass throws loud tantrums when it wakes up. That would be bad. For peace of mind, we will hush up. We definitely want to follow the advice and not disturb the grass.

road surprise

Easy For Guys, Not So Much For The Ladies

Dudes, after all, could just sort of aim through the window if they need to. It might be uncomfortable, but it would definitely get the job done. Women, though, would have a much harder time following these instructions. Maybe they will make an exception for them? Perhaps the best-case scenario is holding it in and finding a more accommodating place, but that would not be as fun. However, we always have paper towels in the car if we run into scenarios like these.

Is Anyone Else Kind Of Excited To See What The Surprise Is?

road surprise

It says “beware,” but it is hard not to be really interested and a bit excited about this. Whatever the road surprise is, it is gotta be pretty interesting. We do not know what the people who put up the sign are hiding, but we have to know now. If they actually warned us what was on the road, we would have probably listened, but since they did not, curiosity is getting better. Hopefully, the surprise does not hurt the car.

Finally, Someone Who Gets Me

Yes, this is the kind of diet advice we have been looking for all our lives. By kicking it off by eating all the junk food, you will make your eventual weight loss even more dramatic. You know, we would go as far as to say you are really doing yourself a favor. Plus, by eliminating all the junk food in your home, you prevent temptation later. We mean, you eat it all at once, but you won’t be eating it on your diet. That definitely counts for something.

How Did This Person See Inside My House?

Who has time to clean up their house these days, anyway? Nobody does; that is who. As long as you can find everything you are searching for and have got clean underwear, who cares what the rest of the house looks like. We are not here to judge. Also, if someone does say anything, tell them it was a struggle. We bet you could get away with it without question. Similarly, when they see the roaches and rats at your place, tell everyone they are pets.

A Bright Future, Indeed

But who are kids going to learn more from- a teacher trying to keep the attention of 40 kids all at once or their own mom who’s three margaritas deep and is finally answering all of their questions truthfully? Neither scenario seems rather ideal. But we will let everyone in on a little secret. In 20 years, the same people who run the country now will still be in charge. No one wants to retire anymore and just stays in jobs and office. So, we don’t think the people who wrote this sign should be overly worried about the homeschoolers.

This Really Explains A lot

This statement makes middle school make a lot more sense. But yeah, we could see people doing something different when they have a tough situation. Hair is probably the safest direction or outlet someone could go if they need a quick change. However, we’d encourage everyone not to over “do” it. Like “hairdo.” Get it? Moving on, so remember, the next time you spot a crazy hairstyle in public, do not judge too harshly – they are probably just going through some stuff.

This Applies To All Clothes, Really

You could say the same about t-shirts and button-downs, flip-flops, dress shoes, etc. If there is one thing we have learned from working from home this year, comfortable clothes are always better than work clothes. However, we actually like jeans if we are honest. We think they are pretty pleasant but to each their own. Though, we would never knock sweatpants either. If we are talking about dress pants or suit trousers, on the other hand, we could see how people have a problem with those.