Clever, Hilarious Mailboxes From Across The Country

We’ve pulled together the funniest, wildest and most clever mailboxes we could find. It turns out, mailboxes can be a lot more funny than we’ve ever imagined. There’s always that wacky neighbor who knows not to take life too seriously. We’ll go ahead and warn you, you’re going to see some things you never expected to be used as a mailbox. Bikini clad mannequin mailboxes, check. V-8 engine mailboxes, check. Full robot body mailboxes, check. We even have one of the largest mailboxes in the country. The gang’s all here and by the end of these photos you might be rethinking your own mailbox. So without further ado, here is the list of clever and hilarious mailboxes in the country. Please enjoy!

Transformer Mailbox

Transformer Mailbox: This transformer mailbox looks like it took a lot of time and ingenuity. The creativity and attention to detail is top notch to say the least. One would think this home has a power company worker in the family. One might also think they could use this transformer to produce electricity. It may not provide electricity but it definitely brightened our day!

Bender From Futurama Mailbox

Bender From Futurama Mailbox: This creative family has an obvious affinity for the TV show Futurama. More importantly, they have good taste in characters with a full-size Bender mailbox. It must have taken a team effort from the entire family to put this one together. I’m sure the mailman really gets a kick out of this one every day.

The Big Unit

The Big Unit: This is for the family who seems to always be ordering the Samsung 42-inch TV and Whirlpool microwave every other week. Just throw those boxes in that great big mailbox here, Mr. USPS Man. I bet they have a golf cart with a flatbed and a crane to pull down the lane and retrieve they’re oversized mail.

Yamaha 300 Boat Motor Mailbox

Yamaha 300 Boat Motor Mailbox: If custom mailboxes tell us anything about the homeowners hobbies, this one leaves little to the imagination. “Hey Bill, what should we do with the old boat motor?” Oh I don’t know, let’s try and fix it or we can sell it, or we can just turn it into a mailbox! Hopefully they remembered to put their house number on the side to not confuse the mailman.

Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder: We should be able to live-stream each USPS employee’s first day on the job in this town. This is hilarious. What a creative use of a good pair of skis and some quality ingenuity. Hopefully, nobody calls for the emergency search party on this mailbox or tries to save it themselves. Blazemark Trail certainly has one of the coolest mailboxes we’ve ever seen!

AT-AT Mailbox

AT-AT Mailbox: The force is strong with this family and their creative Star Wars-themed mailbox! This is an Art Deco piece that certainly took a while to complete. This family decided to build this amazing mailbox after a driver drove through their original mailbox. Looking at the size of the concrete and the metal they used to construct this mailbox, It will definitely be harder to take down.

Grouper Snack Box

Grouper Snack Box: The big-mouth bass just wasn’t enough. They had it as just the fish for years until one day the homeowner woke up and said…”You know what, we need a touch more danger around this house.” After some brainstorming and days of watching the Jaws marathon. They came up with this wonderful great white trying to eat a snack mailbox

Paul Bunyan’s Mailbox

Paul Bunyan’s Mailbox: I mean my goodness, who’s mailbox can this possibly be, God’s? Is this business receiving daily bikes in the mail? There is just no reason to justify the size of this mailbox unless they wanted to be featured in this article. Maybe the owner of this mailbox got tired of having their boxes left outside by UPS or FedEx.

Microwave Mailbox

Microwave Mailbox: Does your mailman like popcorn? If so, they might have mistakenly placed a 2-minute pop in a bag of AMC theaters caliber kernelled corn in your mailbox. Roadworkers near this house might accidentally put their lunch in this mailbox thinking they could warm up their lunch. Maybe you can run an extension cord out to this mailbox and make some popcorn.

Crushed It

Crushed It: That outfit on that mailbox! Crushed it, girl! We are loving these funky, awesome mailboxes. Does this make your mailbox seem a little boring? One might also wonder if the homeowner changes the outfit for the different seasons of the year. Maybe they put pants on during winter or maybe they just leave the same outfit all year long.


R2-D2: Many robots have appeared in the Star Wars film franchise, but none are as popular as R2-D2. Not only is R2 a cultural movie icon, but he’s also been on a variety of tv shows and even the white house. Maybe the family that had the AT-At mailbox lived in the same city as this USPS mailbox. As far as the out-of-this-world mailbox goes, where do we buy one? 

Warhawk In The Mailbox

Warhawk in the Mailbox: Intimidating. Not sure you want to leave any coupon cards or spam mail in this guy’s mailbox. He may call out an airstrike and come after you personally. This is definitely one of the best-detailed paint jobs on a mailbox that we have seen throughout the country. Pretty A+ paint job though if we do say so ourselves.

Engine Box

Engine Box: Is it rusty? yes. Is it necessary? no. Do we love it? yes. Would we put it in our front yard? no. But…kudos to these people! They definitely have some ingenuity to create this cool and unusual mailbox even down to using the newspaper box as an air filter above the carburetor and the oil pan as the mailbox mount.

Can I Get A Hand

Can I Get a Hand? Behold! The hand of a giant human! Just kidding, but the intricacies and size of this sculpted piece are impressive in themselves. Did you know that there is a direct correlation between the size of an art piece and its price? We are sure that makes this one quite expensive. The detail is impeccable even down to the fingernails.

Spam Folder

Spam Folder: Please sort the mail accordingly! These separate boxes for actual mail and junk mail are what Dad’s dream of. I would like to see the mailman who puts some junk mail into the spam folder in real life. Now that would be a public servant. That spam mailbox may never get emptied though since no one ever wants to go through junk mail.

Cat In The Hat Takes The Snail Mail

Cat in the Hat Takes the Snail Mail: This one only exists while supplies last, supplies of snow that is. This homemade Dr. Seuss memorabilia-style mailbox was fashioned on a whim from a family outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado. This must have taken a few long cold days to sculpt this beautifully detailed masterpiece. The mailman must get a kick out of seeing this every day.

I’m Sailing Away

I’m Sailing Away: Have you ever planned an open course for the virgin sea? Sometimes things don’t go to plan. As an ode to what it could have been, you turn your boat motor into a mailbox. The motor doesn’t look like it was in bad shape, maybe this family just got that good at working the sails they figured they didn’t need the motor anymore.

Ice Cold Sarsaparilla

Ice Cold Sarsaparilla: So, these guys probably like beer a lot- their mailbox is a keg for crying out loud. Now that is definitely one very unique idea of using an old keg. Some people have converted them to tables or planting decorations, but a mailbox is definitely a new one. We wonder if you can still drink out of it?

Amityville Horror

Amityville Horror: Why does this mannequin look like she comes to life the minute the sun sets? We’re not sure what type of terror she would ensure – maybe just switching up the neighborhood electrical bills – but still, a bit creepy, no? Maybe they really loved seeing the mannequins in the window while shopping or they just felt bad for the mannequin that was being thrown out, who knows.

Mario n Friends

Mario n Friends: The Game Boy is an internationally iconic handheld device that became a staple in childhood worldwide. No wonder someone made a mailbox duplicate. We wonder if it belongs to Mario himself? This house must have some large packages being delivered if they need a mailbox this size. It is definitely an iconic emblem and may need a wash but we absolutely love it.

Mannequin Mail

Mannequin Mail: The owner of this mailbox is a mystery, but if I had to wager, it would be someone who works in retail or fashion. Creative if you ask me. Picture this- as the seasons change, dress the mannequin up to correspond with the changing weather.

Rooster Mail

Rooster Mail: Folks have different ways for showing admiration for things they cherish. This person decided to pay tribute to the rooster, through display of a mailbox. One could propose this individual is a farmer of sorts.

Fishing For Mail

Fishing For Mail: It’s one thing to have a wacky, tackle box mailbox but it’s another thing entirely to have that entire structure behind it to accentuate your meaning. What kind of spare time do these folks have and where can we get some?

Stardate 204

Stardate 204: If you’re struggling to place the reference like I was, this is an homage to Star Trek. The franchise follows a space exploration team aboard the United States Starship: Enterprise. The goal of this mailbox must be to go where no mailbox has gone before. 

One Man’s Trash Is Another’s Treasure

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure: The intricacies and details on this mailbox are staggeringly impressive! Likely forged from an array of different scrap metals, the creator of this piece did not leave any detail undone.

Tin Man Box

Tin Man Box: You know, Oz never did give anything to the Tin Man, that he didn’t already have. On a different items can you see were used here? I see a keg, funnel, tube piping, watering can, a mug. What else am I missing?

Batman On The Run

Batman On The Run: I could very well be mistaken, but I don’t recall Batman ever running in any of his shows, considering he has gadgets like the rappel hook and the Batmobile. That didn’t stop this artist from portraying his mailbox as the sprinting caped crusader.  

Lung Darts

Lung Darts: Some people forget, but cigarettes were once very popular. Not only popular, they were considered relatively ‘healthy’. Everyone from movie stars, common proletarians indulged in the compact tobacco sticks! Now they are almost a novelty.

Golf Bag Mailbox

Golf Bag Mailbox: This creative mailbox idea is definitely par for the course. And the upside to this mailbox is that there’s plenty of space for packages and boxes and the like. The folks at 715 Gallagher certainly like the game of golf, and for that we offer up our best golf clap. Cheers!

The Mooneys

The Mooneys: Located at 1969 Buzz Aldrin Lane, Craterville, Moon. We have a lot of questions. Do these people live in that moon-like building? Did they build it themselves? They clearly built the mailbox themselves, but we want to know more.

I Wanna Go Fast

I Wanna Go Fast: This one is for when the mail just can’t come soon enough! Clearly, someone had a spare engine and no idea what to do with it, so here’s the result! If you look closely, it appears that there are two mailboxes in this one. A twofer!

Do You Smell Gas?

Do You Smell Gas?: Well, you shouldn’t because what you see above is actually a mailbox. Hopefully, the cost of taking out mail is cheaper than filling up our car.

Big Boy

Big Boy: This rogue arm is actually a feature off of an American food chain called Big Boy. They served classic American fare such as burgers, fries, and shakes, logging over 70 restaurants in America alone. Now the arm is serving up your mail. Times have definitely changed. 

Steve Jobs Type Innovation

Steve Jobs Type Innovation: So the next time you have an old computer, hollow that bad boy out and slap it on a stick out front of your house! No, not like a dystopian Lord of the Flies, but as a receptacle for mail. I have to believe, if Steve Jobs saw this, he would be proud.

Luring In The Mail

Luring In The Mail: We get it, you like to fish! We love it when creative individuals have a little too much time on their hands – it usually ends up in something great!

Pucker Up

Pucker Up: Honestly, we have no idea what’s going on here. But we’re intrigued. And yes, this is a real mailbox. It almost looks like a spine as it meets the lumbar and sacrum. But what’s with the lips? Who knows.

Motorcycle Mailbox

Motorcycle Mailbox: This creative use of an old motorcycle gas tank, handlebars, and wheel are just great! It may look odd, but, still pretty sweet!

Combine Mailbox

Combine Mailbox: Funny mailbox ideas for farmers or just fans of John Denver in general. Either way you look at it, this is a one-of-a-kind mailbox. Hey, and the shovel doubles as a package holder for all the Amazon delivery people.

Winchester Mailbox

Winchester Mailbox: This creative idea really makes a bang! A great idea for hunting fans. I guess they really decided to bite the bullet here. Probably was a present for a shotgun wedding. Oh, goodness the jokes write themselves.

Forklift Mailbox

Forklift Mailbox: This creative mailbox is for a lumber yard, so it’s fitting that a forklift represent the company out front. Something tells us its also automated giving it some extra points for being interactive as well.

Truett Cathy’s Mailbox

Truett Cathy’s Mailbox: If you’re not from the south, Georgia specifically, you have likely never heard of Truett Cathy. Let me shed some light – Truett was the inventory of Chick Fil A, and their mascot is a cow. Obviously the artist of this box is a fan.

Diver Box

Diver Box: The mailbox we have pictured here is an early rendition of a diving suit. The copper helmet you see pictured here was used to not only hold air, but to weigh the diver down, allowing them to sink to the bottom.

Fore! Golfball Mailbox

Fore! Golfball Mailbox: For all you golf lovers, take a look at this mini Epcot ball! Just kidding. It’s a golf ball that doubles as a mailbox.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan: This is the most logical yet kooky idea we’ve ever seen. It makes perfect sense! But boy oh boy it sure does look like it is being held up by a twist-tie, doesn’t it?

A Tale As Old As Time

A Tale as Old as Time: Ah, we all know them, we all love them (probably)- books. Before the internet, the original information transfer happened through storytelling preserved on paper pages.

Frosty The Mailman

Frosty the Mailman: In the busiest time of year for the postal service, Christmas, Frosty the Mailman was able to cover a couple of extra routes ensuring all the children’s presents got delivered. But seriously, this was a fun winter spin to put on a mailbox!

A Bus For Ants

A Bus for Ants: “What is this? A bus for ants?” You really know someone is passionate about something when they build their mailbox out of said thing. In this case, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a full sized, exact model bus parked in the driveway of this house. Can you blame them?

Hot Rod Mailbox

Hot Rod Mailbox: A whole lot of clean chrome and smooth lines with this classy custom mailbox creation. This mailbox is meant to look just like the owners classic car. Well done.

Wall-E Robot Mailbox

Wall-E Robot Mailbox: If you haven’t seen the movie, definitely give it a watch. Afterwards, you’ll understand why this family found the lovable robot worth of such praise. Kudos for creativity, extra points for detail.

Under The Sea!

Under the Sea!: Alas, the ocean blue. Many creatures reside there – and it is estimated that we have explored only 10% of it. An Octopus is notorious for its eight tentacles and bulbous head. We think this is a decent representation.

Don’t Mess With Texas!

Don’t Mess with Texas!: Aside from being absurdly hot, Texas has a number of admirable qualities about it. A lesser known fact, Texas actually possesses 367 miles of coastline, with a barrier island and stunning beaches.


Utensils?: At first glance, yes it is a Turkey- a skillfully crafted one at that! However, upon closer inspection, I noticed it was a compilation of spoons, rebar, a propane tank, and a whisk! My question is, how does one retrieve the mail after it enters the mailbox?

Happy Gilmore’s House

Happy Gilmore’s House: We wouldn’t be surprised if Happy Gilmore had this mailbox! There are a number of movies that feature golf: Happy Gilmore, The Greatest Game Ever Played, Space Jam, CaddyShack, just to name a few.

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake: There are honestly so many different strawberry type things that you could choose to make once you have said “strawberries.” Things that come to mind: strawberry jam, strawberry butter…strawberry mailbox.

The Tour de France

The Tour de France: This is one of the most notorious races in the world which happens in France every year. The grueling competition started in 1903, and in 1904 the youngest person to win the race was victorious at the ripe age of 19.

Take You For A Ride On My Tractor

Take you for a Ride on my Tractor: He just takes the tractor another round and pulls the plow across the ground- and sends up “more mail.” 

We’ve Got A Live One!

We’ve got a Live One!: Bass fishing- an exhilarating sport where you are rewarded with food for your efforts. Just kidding. Typically you have to catch and release the bass during sport, the objective being to hook the biggest fish possible.


GONG: A wise man once said, “I don’t want to work. I just want to bang on my drum all day.” How true that statement is a legendary actor and musician Jack Black noted in the film School of Rock. We guess the owner of this mailbox subscribes to that philosophy. 

Benjamin Dover

Benjamin Dover: Ah yes, the legend of Benjamin. A fine fellow with a ‘hind of brass, though intelligent, found himself fairly crass. Ingenuity aside, the man did abide, in a cooler area, and drew warmth from a hide.

Airstream Camper Mailbox

Airstream Camper Mailbox: What a creative idea for fans of camping and the outdoors. Our guess is this homeowner actually owners an airstream camper but the fact that a normal mailbox doesn’t take much work to look like an airstream is an added bonus.

V8 Engine Mailbox

V8 Engine Mailbox: This custom v8 engine mailbox idea really got our creative juices revving. The engine looks like it could still work. Pretty impressive if you ask us.

A-10 Mailbox

A-10 Mailbox: BRRRT! The A-10 is a legendary piece of machinery, and if you’ve ever seen one in action, you’ll never forget it. The beastly aircraft provides ground support. Also, known as Tank Buster. Thunderbolt. Warthog.

Unique Deer

Unique Deer: How do you catch a unique deer? You ‘neak up on it. How do you catch a tame deer? Tame way. Do you have any other deer jokes? Ones that are really fawny? I have a few of them, but it’s going to cost you a buck.

Sponge Bob Mail Pants

Sponge Bob Mail Pants:  Our beloved cartoon companion has since retired and taken a job with the postal service. I’m happy to report he has been indulging in the Florida sun, like many retirees, enjoying life’s nuances.

Everything In Its Place

Everything in its Place:  Organization is arguably a cornerstone of success. Knowing where everything is at any given moment could be the difference between panic and peace of mind! If the mailman takes the time to sort their mail in the respective boxes- he deserves a raise!

Black And Yellow

Black and Yellow: No, not referencing Wiz Khalifa and his 2011 hit single, we are referencing this excellent recreation of a Pittsburgh Steelers football helmet! Contrary to popular belief, the famous sports team was actually not named after thieves but steel manufacturing. 

Glock Mailbox

Glock Mailbox: Some people like to decorate their mailboxes with flowers or flags, but not Mr. Smith. He had a different idea. He built a giant metal gun and attached it to his post. It looked like it could shoot bullets at any moment. He said it was a way to deter junk mail and unwanted visitors. But the neighbors were not amused. They complained to the city council and demanded that he remove his mailbox gun. Mr. Smith refused. He said it was his right to bear arms.

Chevy Bel-Air Mailbox

Chevy Bel-Air Mailbox: One of the most recognizable classic cars of any generation. The Chevy Belair gets some competition in this family’s neighborhood, by an unlikely contender. With the brushed chrome and clean lines of this mailbox, its hard to tell what’s more impressive.

TIE Fighter Delivery

TIE Fighter Delivery: George Lucas called, he wants his mailbox back. May the spam mail not be with you. We hope you enjoyed these clever and hilarious mailboxes. Maybe it’s time to upgrade your own mailbox