Cocky Car Salesman Mocks Elderly Customer, Later Finds Out Who He Is

All he desired was to purchase a brand-new automobile. It remained uncertain whether it was his shabby attire or his modest demeanor that led to the unjust scrutiny. A wicked smirk crept across the salesman’s face. Although he believed that the elderly gentleman would be an easy target for exploitation, he had unknowingly committed the gravest error of his existence.

Robert had entered the car dealership showroom with a simple request for assistance. Little did he know, the staff would judge him solely based on his appearance and the amount of money he possessed. Their brutal honesty was evident as they laughed at him and made it clear that he was not welcome in their establishment. Unbeknownst to them, they had made a grave mistake by underestimating Robert. His true identity remained a mystery to them, but one thing was certain – they would forever remember the face of the man they had so callously dismissed.

Hero of the Battlefield

During the 1960s, Robert Jack navigated his way through his formative years. Amidst the height of the Cold War, his father urged him to enlist in the armed forces as soon as he reached the eligible age. Immediately after graduating from high school, he wholeheartedly embraced military service, unaware of the profound and enduring impact that firsthand exposure to the atrocities of war would have on his life.

Permanent Harm

In his youthful years, Robert possessed a charming and engaging personality. Unfortunately, his time spent serving in Vietnam for a decade had a profound impact on his once admirable character. The harrowing experiences of combat left lasting scars on both his mental and physical health. Nevertheless, amidst the turmoil, there was someone who managed to see beyond the surface and discover the true essence of Robert that lay hidden within.

Ms. Kate

One day, a friend of Jack’s extended an invitation to Katie for a barbecue. Being a nurse, Katie’s keen observation skills allowed her to quickly notice the immense pain that Jack was desperately trying to hide. Aware that society often metes out judgment, Jack anticipated nothing but criticism. However, Katie’s reaction was far from what he expected. Instead, she found herself drawn to his aura and a strong chemistry between them quickly developed. In the blink of an eye, they found themselves in the midst of a blissful relationship. Little did they know, their story was far from reaching its conclusion.

Unleashing His Full Potential

After several months of dating, their relationship blossomed into years, and Robert believed that Katie had truly changed him for the better. She had helped him overcome numerous traumas that had once seemed insurmountable, and he had become a mostly functional and ordinary person as a result. However, there was one exception to his progress – whenever a stranger approached him, Robert would be overcome with panic. He would feel an overwhelming sense of social anxiety, reminiscent of the fateful day he had experienced at the dealership.

Tying the Knot: All About Weddings

After spending half a decade in each other’s company, they ultimately exchanged vows. As Robert celebrated his sixtieth birthday, he couldn’t help but feel as though time had slipped through his fingers. Their union had grown stronger over the years, yet the absence of children left them questioning the meaning of their existence. What was Robert destined to do with his life? And so, on a fateful day, he casually wandered into the renowned dealership.

Unusual Stares

Robert entered the dealership amidst a torrential downpour. The rain was falling so heavily that seeking refuge inside seemed like the only logical choice for anyone passing by. However, contrary to what others might have assumed, Robert had a purpose for being there. As he stepped onto the dealership floor, the salesmen’s eyes lit up with excitement. Yet, their enthusiasm seemed to be tinged with a hint of disbelief, as if they were convinced that Robert had just escaped from a mental institution and was completely oblivious to his surroundings. This unwelcoming atmosphere weighed heavily on Robert, causing his anxiety to tighten its grip around his throat.


Little did Robert know, the dealership he walked into had a notorious problem with individuals casually strolling in without any intention of buying a car. The staff had developed a keen eye for distinguishing serious buyers from mere window-shoppers with just a single glance. Regrettably, Robert found himself unfairly labeled as the latter. Without any valid reason, he would soon become the target of their relentless judgment.

Unkind Misconceptions

The anticipation on the sales floor was palpable as everyone eagerly awaited the familiar sound of the swinging bell that signaled the entrance of a potential customer. As the door swung open, all eyes turned towards the old man who had just stepped into the room. Each staff member visually scrutinized him from head to toe, silently passing judgment and internally ridiculing him. Unbeknownst to them, their assumptions and hasty judgments were completely unfounded. Without giving him a chance, the majority of the salesmen quickly returned to their tasks, assuming that he had no interest in buying a car. This unwelcoming environment immediately made Robert feel sickened, regretting his decision to enter the showroom.

Unusual Conduct

However, Robert’s actions were about to deviate from the ordinary. Surveying his surroundings, he quickly realized that he was on his own. His gaze fell upon the front desk, and he made his way over to the receptionist. Politely, he inquired if she would be willing to keep an eye on the cumbersome bag he had brought along. The weight of it was taking a toll on his back, making it impractical to carry for extended periods. As he glanced towards the vehicles displayed on the showroom floor, a sense of anticipation filled the air.

His Fashion

Robert didn’t bother to make himself look particularly impressive that day. It was just a dealership, after all. Why should he have to dress to impress? He wore an old and worn button-up shirt, and his loose jeans were held up by suspenders, a necessity since he had been rapidly losing weight. Little did he know, there was someone observing his every move.

Easy Prey

Robert admired the impressive array of cars showcased before him. Once upon a time, he had harbored a deep passion for these mechanical marvels, but now his gaze was fixed upon them for an entirely different purpose. However, unbeknownst to Robert, a salesman from across the expansive showroom was observing him with great interest. A sinister smile crept across the salesman’s face as he perceived Robert as his unsuspecting target.

Disturbing Ideas

The individual observing Robert harbored repugnant thoughts in his mind. He presumed that Robert, being partially senile, would be a vulnerable target. Approaching Robert with a smile, the salesperson informed him that the vehicle he was currently inspecting was their finest option. Interestingly enough, it also happened to be the priciest one available, he mentioned while rubbing his hands together.

Experience the Thrill of a Test Drive

With a smile on his face, Robert naively believed that the salesman had genuine intentions to assist him. Little did he know that his next words would immediately sour their relationship. “If it’s not too much trouble, I would appreciate the opportunity to test drive the car,” Robert politely requested. However, the salesman’s response would prove to be far from honorable, revealing his true sleazy nature.


The salesman struggled to conceal his evident disdain as Robert inquired about taking the car for a test drive. In a feeble attempt to dissuade him, he hastily conjured up an excuse, “I apologize, sir, but this particular vehicle is not actually available for purchase.” Robert furrowed his brow in bewilderment and glanced at the price prominently displayed on the windshield. Wasn’t that a clear indication that it was indeed for sale? The salesman persistently urged him to consider renting a car from a reputable company instead, but Robert adamantly refused to entertain that idea.

Bursts of Hilarity

The elderly gentleman found himself in a situation he had not anticipated. As soon as the salesman brought up the topic of a rental service, the other salesmen within earshot burst into fits of laughter. Robert felt a wave of humiliation and mockery wash over him. It was disheartening to witness such cruelty from others. However, amidst the laughter, there was one salesman who did not join in.


Richard had recently joined the dealership and couldn’t help but sympathize with the elderly gentleman. He strongly disagreed with the other salesmen, who he saw as nothing more than opportunistic predators. Determined to make a difference, Richard raised his voice above the boisterous laughter and urged his colleagues to allow Robert to examine the car. After all, Robert was a customer, deserving of the same respect as anyone else. However, his plea was met with dismissive remarks branding him as naive and inexperienced in the cutthroat world of salesmanship.

Complete Waste of Time

Robert remained frozen in place next to the car door, refusing to budge until he had the chance to inspect the interior. The unscrupulous salesman grew increasingly impatient, his tone dripping with condescension, “Listen here, buddy. This car is worth a whopping $200,000. I highly doubt you have the means to afford it. I won’t tolerate you wasting my precious time when a genuine customer could stroll in any moment.”

A Reaction

Robert was taken aback by the way he was being treated, although it was not entirely unexpected. Despite this, he maintained his composure and confidently retorted, “What makes you so sure that I cannot afford it?” Undeterred, he politely requested another opportunity to test drive the car. The salesman’s frustration became increasingly evident as he gestured towards the prominent “Right of Admission Reserved” sign displayed above the reception desk. However, Robert remained steadfast in his refusal to back down.

Requesting His Departure

“I’ve been in this industry for quite some time,” the salesman sneered. “I have a keen eye for identifying those who are just wasting my time. Judging by your attire, it’s clear that you wouldn’t be able to afford this vehicle. I kindly request that you leave. Immediately.” Robert was taken aback by the salesman’s disrespectful behavior, feeling utterly disrespected and degraded.

Contacting Security

Nevertheless, the infuriated salesman promptly summoned security personnel, who dutifully accompanied the peculiar individual named Robert towards the exit. Throughout the entire ordeal, Robert maintained an unwaveringly impassive expression, yet his eyes betrayed a profound sense of disillusionment that pierced through the salesman’s conscience like sharp daggers. The salesman, content with having successfully rid himself of the elderly man, remained oblivious to the truth that lay beneath the surface.

Walking Away

Despite his familiarity with such mistreatment, the unfairness of it all nearly brought him to the brink of tears. With a hunched posture, he slowly started to retreat. However, the derision and ridicule were far from over; Robert had completely overlooked his bag in the midst of it all. Coincidentally, the administrator in charge noticed the abandoned bag at that very moment.

Laughter Filled the Room

Reluctant to make direct contact with the grimy satchel, she employed her foot to nudge it in the direction of the exit. The remaining staff members erupted in laughter upon witnessing this peculiar sight, yet Richard’s countenance remained devoid of any amusement. A profound sense of disillusionment engulfed him, directed towards his colleagues at the dealership. The manner in which they callously disregarded an elderly gentleman, denying him even the slightest opportunity, had shattered his faith in humanity.

Making a Bad Situation Worse

At that very moment, a woman and a young girl entered the room. She purposefully kept her distance from Robert as she made her way past him and into the doorway. Robert found solace in welcoming unfamiliar faces, as it served as a means to confront his social anxiety. Little did he know, the woman he had encountered was about to escalate the situation, making it even more challenging for him.

Don’t Drop Out

“Good day, Madam,” he reflexively greeted the lady despite being in the midst of being expelled. To add insult to injury, she stooped down and feigned a whisper to her daughter: “This is precisely why it is imperative for you to remain in school. Otherwise, you may find yourself destitute and unkempt like him.” The entire room burst into laughter, filling the air with mocking amusement.

The Final Straw

Robert’s body went rigid, his muscles tensing up. This was the breaking point. He had exercised immense patience and empathy, not just in this moment, but countless times before. However, he could no longer remain silent. Summoning all his courage, he spoke up, his voice calm yet firm. “Excuse me,” he began, making a conscious effort to appear non-threatening as he locked eyes with each person in the room. Despite his polite greeting to the woman, she, along with everyone else, turned against him in an instant.

Grabbing Her Interest

He captured the woman’s attention with his words. “I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation with your daughter. I must say, I find it rather unkind to pass judgment on someone without even knowing a single thing about them.” He had grown weary of being ridiculed and belittled. Usually, he would brush off such remarks, but he had reached his breaking point.

Refusing to Remain Silent

Robert had encountered numerous instances of rudeness in the past, but he had always chosen to let them slide, deeming it not worth the energy to retaliate. However, this particular incident was different. He had resolved to speak up and enlighten others about their misguided behavior. Regrettably, his words would go unnoticed and unheeded. He had hoped that his esteemed position as an elder would lend weight to his message, but he soon realized how mistaken he was.

An Important Life Lesson

This incident at the car dealership was about to leave a lasting impression on everyone involved. With a firm tone, he emphasized, “It’s important to remember that being financially disadvantaged doesn’t warrant derogatory remarks.” In a surprising turn of events, the typically nervous and reserved man underwent a remarkable transformation. However, what he said next left everyone in the room astonished.

A Dedicated Worker

“I work in the construction industry,” Robert declared. “But don’t let my dirty appearance fool you, for I am a highly educated individual.” He proceeded to reveal that he not only possessed a college degree, but also held several medical certificates. However, his qualifications were not the only surprising aspect about him. Robert was about to disclose a heartbreaking secret that would leave everyone in shock.

Katie’s Healthcare Expenses

Despite my advanced age, I have not been able to retire due to the financial burden of my wife’s medical expenses. Her health has been deteriorating, and she heavily depends on my support. In fact, the reason I find myself in this situation is solely because of my commitment to her well-being. It deeply saddens me that some of you have chosen to pass such harsh judgment on me without understanding the circumstances. However, my story does not end here.

Opening The Bag

It is utterly ignorant to assume that I lack education or wealth based solely on my appearance. However, even if I were to be in a state of poverty, unemployment, or homelessness, it does not grant anyone the right to pass judgment on me.” With anger fueling his actions, Robert swiftly reached down to retrieve his bag from the floor. He then proceeded to open it, briefly revealing its contents to the entire room. The sight left everyone, including the impolite salesman, utterly speechless.

Chasing After Him

With that, Robert made his way towards the exit. The salesman, envisioning the substantial commission he could have pocketed from the sale, hastily attempted to persuade him to reconsider. Suddenly, everyone in the room began showering Robert with excessive attention and apologies. A mischievous smirk formed on Robert’s face. However, he had reached his limit and decided it was time to depart. He grabbed his bag and confidently strode out of the door.

Keeping Up with Him

Richard, a young salesman, quickly pursued the elderly man who had attempted to make a hasty escape. Fortunately, the elderly man had not managed to put much distance between them. Overwhelmed with embarrassment, he expressed sincere apologies for the disgraceful conduct of his colleagues. The elderly man, aware that Richard had not been involved in any of the reprehensible actions, simply smirked and proceeded to unveil the contents of his bag to the astonished young salesman. Richard was left in disbelief as he beheld what lay before him.

The Sack

Mistaken for a homeless person, the elderly gentleman carried a bag filled with bundles of 100-dollar bills. Richard’s curiosity piqued, and he exchanged a questioning glance with Robert. The old man cleared his throat and securely closed his bag before embarking on his narrative. With a polite introduction to the amiable young salesman, he commenced recounting the extraordinary events that had shaped his entire existence. Richard found himself rendered speechless by the captivating tale.

Challenging Times

Robert shared with Richard that he had dedicated his entire life to hard work. Despite his advancing age, he continued to labor with his own hands. His recent appearance, disheveled and impoverished, was a result of his time spent at a construction site. Despite earning a decent income, retirement remained elusive for Robert due to his responsibility of caring for his wife, Katie.

On the Verge of Financial Collapse

Robert shared that his spouse had been battling cancer for numerous years and appeared to be on the losing end. He found himself losing faith and feeling utterly shattered, yet he remained determined to continue fighting for her, despite the seemingly bleak circumstances. However, there was an unforeseen factor that he had not taken into consideration – the heartlessness of certain individuals, which added an additional layer of difficulty to his already challenging situation.

Cancer Treatment: Chemotherapy

Despite not being impoverished, Robert and Katie had faced significant financial strain due to the exorbitant expenses of Katie’s chemotherapy treatments. Robert had successfully managed to keep their heads above water, but he yearned to do more for his beloved wife. Driven by his desire to provide her with a special gift, he made the decision to visit the local car dealership. However, little did he know that his visit would not unfold as he had hoped.

Final Desire

Upon realizing that the treatment was no longer effective for Katie, Richard made a heartfelt decision to grant his wife’s long-standing desire of owning her dream car. However, he faced the pressing challenge of ensuring that Katie could still enjoy the car while she retained her mobility. Regrettably, by the time Richard had diligently saved up the required funds, the price of the coveted vehicle had significantly surged. Consequently, he found himself unable to afford the exact car he had envisioned for Katie.

Find a Solution

In a display of unwavering determination to fulfill his wife’s final wish, Robert made the difficult decision to part ways with all his belongings, even his cherished gold wedding band. The oncologist’s prognosis had left Katie with a mere twelve months to live, casting a shadow of sorrow over their lives. Despite the overwhelming sadness that engulfed him, Robert resolved to maintain a positive outlook during these trying times.


Robert was devastated, shedding tears every night over his predicament. The destitute man found himself completely shattered. Despite having almost no money or belongings left, he couldn’t fathom their worth without his wife by his side. To his dismay, he discovered that he was still $5,000 short of his target. The realization that he had come agonizingly close to achieving his goal only added to his despair, as all hope appeared to be slipping away.

A Salesperson’s Determination

Upon learning of the substantial amount of money that Robert required, Richard’s mind began to churn with ideas on how he could assist. Fully aware that the car dealership was in no position to offer such a generous discount, Richard pondered on a solution. After accompanying the elderly gentleman, Richard returned to his duties at work. However, he found himself unable to shake off the thoughts of the old man and Katie’s aspirations. His heart overflowed with empathy for the elderly gentleman, and he genuinely desired to extend a helping hand.

The Entrance to His Domain

After wrestling with his thoughts throughout the entire day, Richard had reached a firm decision. Once his workday concluded, he planned to make a detour before heading home, although he anxiously hoped that it wouldn’t be too late. As the evening descended, the youthful salesman found himself standing before the weathered door of the elderly gentleman. What could possibly be the reason for this unexpected visit?

The Assistance He Required

Clutching a wad of cash tightly, the youthful salesman eagerly informed Robert that he had successfully procured the necessary funds. With a sense of urgency, he urged Robert to use the money to purchase a car for his beloved wife. As the salesman would be the one facilitating the sale, he generously offered to deduct the $5,000 from his own commission. Without waiting to witness the old man’s reaction, he swiftly turned on his heels and departed, unaware of the tears welling up in Robert’s eyes.

Getting Even

The following day, Robert made his way back to the dealership. The perplexed salespeople were utterly baffled by the drastic transformation he had undergone overnight. Gone was the disheveled appearance, replaced by a sharp business suit that exuded confidence. Clutching the familiar canvas bag, Robert seemed to have regained his composure. The salesmen, however, believed they had the advantage this time. Little did they know the true extent of the old man’s capabilities, which were about to be unveiled.

Working At It

The impolite salesman, under the impression that he had been given another opportunity, began to excessively flatter him, going as far as pleading for him to make the purchase of the vehicle. However, the elderly gentleman merely smirked in response to the salesman’s desperate attempts. After taking a moment to process the situation, he uttered, “If you have no intention of acquiring a car, would you kindly vacate the premises of the dealership?” Firmly, Robert replied, “No, I insist on collaborating with Richard.”

Freshly Discovered Courage

For the first time in his life, the man exuded an air of confidence that caught everyone around him off guard. Robert had always been the type to back down when faced with salesmen who mocked or tried to take advantage of him. However, this time was different. He had a secret weapon hidden up his sleeve, and he was eager to unveil it to the entire dealership.

What’s in the Bag

The elderly gentleman eagerly unzipped the bag, revealing a bountiful display of cash that left everyone in awe. The salesman, who had once been discourteous, seethed with anger as Richard confidently emerged from his office. Without a moment’s hesitation, Robert made the impulsive decision to purchase the car right then and there. As he eagerly signed the necessary documents, Richard couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction, knowing that the commission he rightfully deserved would soon be returned to him in the form of the money he had initially provided.

Make Her Dreams Come True

Even though it wasn’t the entire sum, Robert felt a sense of satisfaction in knowing that he had played a part in making one of Katie’s dreams come true. As he made his way through the dealership, he couldn’t help but notice the curious glances he received from others. Undeterred, he maintained a smile, aware that he had emerged victorious this time. However, a lingering question remained: would this achievement be sufficient to bring lasting happiness to both himself and Katie?

Jealousy in the Color Green

The entire staff at the car dealership was consumed with envy – not only for losing out on the commission from the sale, but also because the man they had mistreated had the means to purchase such a luxurious vehicle. A few of the salesmen even appeared to be grappling with a sense of shame and regret. However, there was no turning back now; they should have treated Robert with more respect when they had the opportunity.

Guiding Her with Care

Robert and Katie stood outside their house, hand in hand, as Robert pointed excitedly at the sleek, shiny car parked on the street. Katie’s eyes widened with delight, her heart filled with overwhelming joy. At long last, her lifelong dream had become a reality. The car before her was a newer model of the same brand her father used to drive every day. Her father had passed away when she was just a young girl of ten, leaving behind a void that could never be filled. The memories of him behind the wheel of that car were etched in her mind, and now, being able to own a similar one made her feel incredibly special. But there was more to this moment than just the car.

Without His Knowledge

Little did Robert realize that the entire dealership was nursing a collective sense of discomfort. The lingering embarrassment from the recent incident had left them yearning for retribution. However, instead of confronting Robert directly, they clandestinely devised a plan to settle the score. Their intention was clear: they were determined to ensure that he faced the consequences he rightfully deserved.

Persuaded Richard

Upon learning of the situation, Richard advised everyone to simply allow Robert to leave with the car he had acquired. However, the others were not satisfied with this resolution. They were determined to ensure that Robert departed with more than just the gleaming new vehicle. After sharing their plan with Richard, even he became convinced of its merit. Together, they resolved to take action.

An Intriguing Story

The entire dealership was determined to take action after witnessing the havoc Robert had wreaked upon their charming establishment. Numerous salesmen found themselves overwhelmed with embarrassment, surpassing any previous experiences, and were eager to seek retribution against the elderly man. Consequently, they convened a meeting to collectively devise the ideal strategy.

Surprising Robert

After an extensive hour of strategizing, they ultimately devised an impeccable plan. The consensus was unanimous, and they collectively determined that Richard, due to their shared history, should be the bearer of the news to Robert. Despite feeling burdened by the responsibility, Richard felt compelled to assist them, even though he believed that Robert did not require any further interference from anyone. His sole desire was for the elderly gentleman to peacefully coexist with his wife.

Locating His Residence

Since Robert had recently acquired the vehicle, Richard diligently recorded all of his information. Among the crucial details was Robert’s address. Richard promptly retrieved the document and swiftly perused it until he successfully transcribed the address onto a sheet of paper. With this task accomplished, he now prepared to embark on a visit to Robert’s residence.

Someone’s at the Door

Robert had recently taken Katie for a joyride in her brand-new car. As they cruised along the open road, memories of Katie’s father, who used to take her on drives, flooded her mind, causing tears of joy to cascade down her cheeks. It was a moment of pure bliss, the happiest she had felt in quite some time. Eventually, the enchanting drive came to an end, and the couple returned home. Katie, still basking in the euphoria of the experience, decided to relax in bed while Robert took charge of preparing dinner. Suddenly, amidst the tranquility of their home, a knock at the door interrupted the peaceful atmosphere.

Richard Arrives at the Entrance

Robert found it rather peculiar that there was a knock on his door at the late hour of 7:00 PM, but he decided to investigate nonetheless. Approaching the door, he cautiously swung it open, only to be taken aback by the sight of Richard standing before him. A wave of curiosity washed over Robert – could it be that Richard had come to inquire about the money he had borrowed?


“Hey, Robert. The folks over at the car dealership cornered me and coerced me into visiting this place. They were seeking revenge for your actions on the sales floor,” Richard recounted. Robert’s heart constricted with anxiety, anticipating the worst. However, Richard surprised him by presenting a webpage on his mobile device.

The dealership had recently established a GoFundMe account to assist Katie with her chemotherapy expenses, and all of them had generously donated $500 each. This act of kindness ensured that Robert would no longer have to bear the burden of worrying about his wife’s medical bills.

To ensure the confidentiality of the individuals portrayed, certain names, locations, and identifying details have been altered and are purely fictional creations. Any similarities to real events, places, or persons, whether alive or deceased, are purely coincidental.