Semi-Truck Pulls an Entire Train

The next time you’re at a railroad crossing, you might want to pay attention. You might be surprised to see what is riding those rails. It might be a locomotive, or it might be something else. Something else like a truck, but not one of those modified pickup trucks you may have seen. No, it could be a massive diesel truck, hauling a string of rail cars behind it.

Now at first, you might blink your eyes in disbelief, and/or your jaw might drop. The fact of the matter is that this big rig pulls a string of rail cars like it is a locomotive. Is this some weird twisted case of vehicle orientation? Is it okay to refer to the truck as a semi if it identifies as a locomotive? I say we go to the source and ask the Brandt Corporation.

The Brandt Corporation specialize in manufacturing material handling equipment for the rail road industry. You may not know that the rail industry is still thriving. I know in my town more than a few rail road tracks have been taken up and replaced by paved roads, or simply removed to let vegetation reclaim the land. Yet, railroads are still responsible for moving thousands of pounds of freight from point A to point B every single day. (more…)

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They haul everything from gravel to grand luxury imports vehicles. They do everything from long distance hauls, to inter modal transports of raw materials.