Trying to Crawl Out of a Moab Hot Tub

Subaru 4-wheel-drive SUVs are pretty much a thing of the past. Seeing them languish in junkyards, though, is only inviting a mechanic to dream big. That’s precisely what this crew did when they saw the infamous “Mickey’s Hot Tub”. It’s a finely worn sandstone pit where trucks can get in but good luck ever getting back out. It’s the perfect test to see how much punishment this Subaru’s custom four wheel drive and hydraulic suspension can handle!

Well, first thing’s first – The Subaru GL was never meant for this sort of off-roading activity. The GL has been around in various formats since the early 1970s but the big thing that made them stand out was their 4WD transmission and suspension. It’s doubtful that this one is an original suspension or transmission, but it seems the owner isn’t too concerned about scuffing it up “in the hot tub”.

In fact, it looks like they took an old 1989-1994 Subaru L series wagon and turned it into an SUV by greatly upgrading its suspension and probably giving it a new transmission altogether. From the bangs, bruises, and scuffs, however, this Subaru GL has seen and felt some major damage in its time. And now that we think about it – the engine definitely isn’t stock, either. The original 1989 series Subaru GL engine only had a measly 65 HP – definitely not enough to fight your way up an almost straight rock face with no traction. (more…)

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