Truck Driving Olympics: One Driver to Rule Them All

Sure, the National Truck Driving Championships may not have the TV ratings of swimming or gymnastics. But that doesn’t mean the “Truck Driving Olympics” aren’t just as big a deal to our nation’s truckers, guys who are right at home at rest stops and eat pavement for breakfast.

Only the best of the best drivers from each state earn a spot at the annual event, where they’ll get a chance to prove their skills and knowledge. The NTDC (National Truck Driving Championship) goes way back, all the way to 1937. It’s been held annually ever since, drawing in talent from all over the US. Canada has their own competition as well.


The requirements for entry include being employed with a fleet and a clean driving record for at least a year prior to the event. That mailbox we hit back in April held us out of this year’s competition, unfortunately. I guess that’s what we get for trying to dip chicken nuggets while driving.

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There are nine different classes for drivers to choose from, ranging from tankers to step-vans. After a champion emerges from each group, they’re pitted against each other in so