This Dodge Ram Cummins Truck Makes a Nissan GTR Look Like a Snail

Believe it or not – Car and Driver ranked the Nissan GT-R as the fifth best premium sports car on the market. Now, whatever can be said about Car and Driver’s reporting is one thing – this shows something else entirely. But looks can be deceiving! We’re going to discuss how a top 5 ranking sports car can be reduced to a puddle of rubber by an unassuming Dodge Ram.

First off, a Dodge Ram equipped with a 6.7 L Cummins® turbo diesel is nothing to scoff at. Off the starting mark, it has over 350 hp and 800 lb-ft of torque – making it a great contender in the world of pick-up trucks. As a racing truck on the quarter mile stretch, though? The Cummins is too underpowered in terms of acceleration.


The Dodge Ram 2500 is a heavy duty truck meant to handle massive cargo loads and drive through bad conditions – not smoke a sports car. The answer is a lot simpler than any may think.

High Price for High Performance – Nissan Breaks Custom

This isn’t a trash talk about Nissan. They produce a decent line of pick-up trucks known as the Titan. The Titan is considered a real contender in these coming years in terms of innovation and engine performance. It started off with some lackluster stats. Out the gate, it’s tow capacity was a measly 8,000+ lbs which means it could barely haul another of its own out of a ditch – a problem Dodge Rams clearly don’t have. Nissan is making commendable gains on that. However, when we move to the Nissan GT-R – it’s obvious that its owner base loved it as much as reviewers. Definitely in the premium sports car category, a 2015 Nissan GT-R has a sticker price starting over the $100,000 mark. This price tag and its aesthetic appeal have drawn a surprising number of ardent advocates.

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Best yet, it comes out the gate with options that make it more ready to race. The special Nissan GT-R Skyline is a custom tuner that can be bought for racing purposes. It’s so special it was featured in the Fast and the Furious 6. A less expensive Nissan variant using all manufacturer stock parts is the GT-R R35. It’s certainly a performance racing car capable of over 830 hp. More than enough to smoke more expensive Porsches or Corvettes. And it’s 0-60 mph pull is leveraged by a 1160 awhp package – modified oxygen sensor, fuel intake, turbo charge, and programming.

How Programming Turns Sports Racing On Its Head

Straight off the assembly line, a 5.9 or 6.2 L Cummins turbo diesel engine is powerful. Powerful but not at all fast. The turbo charge helps spool up the engine to get it to its optimal pull and tow capabilities. This is extremely handy for recovering another vehicle while the truck is parked on a soft surface. It’s also how this truck fights its way out of mud pits and all sorts of hazards.

The Dodge Ram with a Cummins turbo diesel has a big secret, though. It was made to mod. This is especially true for the B-series Cummins turbo diesel engines after 2007. That was the year they managed to build an inline six cylinder that had just as much power and performance as its V8s from 2000. Let’s not split hairs – modifying a truck is tough business. But for the 2006+ models of Dodge Ram with Cummins turbo diesel engines, there are complete kits to bring that single turbo diesel to twin status.

S47 Turbo Charger Kit: Designed to increase air intake and maximize combustive capability of the Cummins engine itself, it makes spooling up to a new whopping 1200 HP that much easier. And who doesn’t like having 1200 HP to play with?

Upgraded Sensor Package: This includes items such as a Staging Limiter, and Throttle Sensitivity Booster. Both are like refining the senses of the truck so it can better respond to its driver. Staging limiter helps get the truck spooled up quickly to the optimal RPM. A throttle sensitivity booster changes how the vehicle responds to the gas pedal. With computer controlled systems, there is a definite delay between a foot slamming on the gas and the truck accelerating forward. Both of these sensor systems change that.

Gauge Tuner: For the operator, it looks like just a GPS screen. However, when connected with a Dodge Ram twin turbo diesel, it becomes the true brains behind the operation. Programmable presets geared for quarter mile drag races, distance runs, and towing – it’s the best way to make the most use out of that 5.9 – 6.2 L Cummins turbo diesel.

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This isn’t a trash talk about Nissan. They produce a decent line of pick-up trucks known as the Titan. The Titan is considered a real contender in these coming years in terms