The Humvee vs. The 6 Foot Wall

After reading this you may be tempted to hop in your hummer and try the same thing. However, unless you want massive damage to your vehicle, I would not suggest it. For starters, this looks like a standard original Humvee. It’s not a Hummer II or a Hummer III, developed for those real-world people who drive on asphalt but day-dream of excursions like this.

No, this a standard first-generation “high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle”, featuring four wheel drive performance, and built to navigate a standard 60° incline. Those are the specs the United States military asked for at least, and they seem to have worked out quite well. However, this guy just scaled a six-foot wall with his Humvee like he was stepping over a curb.

You have to wonder how he was able to pull off something like that? Take a closer look. Notice anything different about that Humvee? For starters, it seems like a bit of the hood is missing, as in the part where the side blinkers should be located. They have been looped off clean to expose the tire. And since we are talking about tires, how big are those suckers? (more…)

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They look to be a lot larger than your standard Humvee issue, right? I think that would probably help a lot if you were trying to scale a six-foot vertical wall. One other thing,