Super Diesel Tow Truck Pops Wheelie Pulling Farm Equipment

It’s another typical Tuesday in your big, badass truck. You know, climbing large mountains, crushing weaker trucks, and scaring small children with the sound of your beastly exhaust. Then, disaster strikes. You bite off a little more than you can chew and get stuck, your radiator springs a leak, whatever. Now what do you do? You call up a big, badass tow truck, that’s what.

Something like this one. Check out how that baby’s front wheels lift off the ground while it tows a huge tractor. Just two powerful machines in an epic game of tug of war. Kind of reminds us of Godzilla vs. King Kong. Let’s take this opportunity to talk a little more about the biggest and baddest tow trucks out there.

Way back in 1916, a mechanic from Chattanooga, Tennessee named Ernest Holmes got a call from an old buddy who’d managed to flip his Model T after running off the road. Holmes was able to get the car upright – after eight hours and the help of six other men. That’s when he decided to: 1. Never talk to that friend again, and 2. Figure out an easier way of recovering wrecked cars. (more…)

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He used poles to build something like a makeshift crane on the back of a 1913 Cadillac and used a system of pulleys to operate it. But it wasn’t until he added something to brac