Shockwave: The Ultimate Modified Truck Has Its First Race

We’re not sure if you can even call these trucks after these modifications. They’re more like spaceships on wheels! Before a crowd in Martin, Michigan, hundreds of people gathered for two jet-powered trucks to pull off a death-defying drag race. For some, it would be an experience of a lifetime, but for the fine folks at 131 Drag Strip, it’s just another Saturday night.

That’s because Shockwave, a jet powered truck, showed up with what looks like something the Challenger space shuttle would use to get into orbit. And apparently, it’s not just jet-powered semi tractor trailers that they modify! For a 2014 show, they even hooked up a school bus with it’s own absolutely crazy jet-powered thrust turbine in the back. For those curious, Flash Fire Jet Trucks – the company that made these monsters – has measured the powertrain at 36,000 HP.


Thirty six thousand horsepower coming out through the back of a massive semi tractor trailer is just too much to believe. Well, as they explain, it’s all because they’re not using just ONE jet turbine engine, but using THREE afterburning J34-48 jet engines. At present record, they believe Shockwave has gotten up to 376 mph – speeds more befitting an airplane than a truck. If it’s ever been said that jet fuel can’t melt steel, no better place to check that out than with their smaller Flash Fire modified pick-up truck.

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When it was shown off at a recent Oregon International Air Show, Flash Fire kicked off at a whopping 375 miles per hour. The folks that work on Flash Fire say it packs a whopping