50 Cool & Clever Truck Wraps You’ll Love

Who doesn’t love a good sense of humor? And if you don’t love a good sense of humor, then you can at least appreciate a great marketing campaign, right? The following custom semi trucks are the perfect blend of both. And the only thing better than the cool semi trucks at the beginning of this post has to be the even cooler semi trucks at the end! Just wait and see what they got away with at the end of the post. Unreal. Enjoy this list of our very favorite funny semi trucks.

Look Out!

Take a second look. That is not the front of a cab over semi truck, but the back of a trailer. It took us a second to notice, too, but you can tell with the latches on the doors. The person who thought of a custom semi truck trailer to look like the truck itself is devilishly creative, but probably not the safest thing on the road. The level of detail, including the drivers looking back, is incredible. We could see ourselves having a heart attack or switching lanes.

Next up is another prime trucking prank!

Hauling Nightmares

Truckers must have a sick sense of humor. If we saw this wrap with the illusion of wooden logs breaking through the side, we’d back away as far as possible. Just thinking about logs coming off a vehicle gives us flashbacks to that frightening scene from “Final Destination 2” (2003). In any case, we can’t say that these custom semi-trucks aren’t creative, but maybe some of these wraps could tone it down just a bit with something less heart-pounding.

Check out the subsequent slide! It is pretty super.

Lazy Truck

Believe it or not, we never put two and two together. We always thought that the jingle “Gimme a break” referred to a piece of the Kit Kat Bar, not a literal lounging break. The more you know. Anyway, we love the wrap on the semi-trucks trailer. It makes it look like you are seeing through the freight and watching someone take a break in a hammock, enjoying candy. Thankfully it is only art; we don’t think this action would be the safest thing to do on the highway. Another thing we noticed with the image on the truck is that the passenger has no inventory. We think semi trucks do more towing than that.

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All Aboard

We would not fault you if you confused this Freightliner semi truck (we assume) with a subway car. The question you have to ask yourself then is, why is a subway car above the tunnels in the middle of the road? This wrap on the trailer is pretty neat down to the “graffiti’ on the side. We just want to know why the windows look tinted lol? Perhaps prime trucking has its secrets.

The following picture will make your stomach growl!

The Donut Den

The wrap on this custom semi truck trailer makes it look like it is a circus cart or a haul to the zoo. If you observe the artwork, you will see that there are no animals, just two zebra-donuts. We think the image is a fitting ad for the product and makes us hungry just looking at it. We might have to buy a box ourselves. We just hope there isn’t any hay on the goods.

Speaking of animals, you’ll want to see this next truck!

Looks Fishy

We can’t tell what Waste Management (WM) truck this is from the angle. It could be a Peterbilt 320 with McNeilus M/A body, a Freightliner Condor with McNeilus Pacific Series body, or perhaps a Volvo. We know these manufactures make quality semi trucks, so we bet that level of excellence carries over to WM vehicles. As for the picture itself, we like how the fish looks like its eating garbage. When the drivers dump it, we bet fish appears like its vomiting, haha.

Our next vehicle is has a custom semi truck wrap based on a popular television series. Can you guess what show?

Just the Good ol Boys

Something tells me this Scania semi truck driver must be a fan of the “The Dukes of Hazzard” (1979-1985). They nailed the orange color of the “General Lee.” We also love the graphics on the side of the vehicle. If Luke and Bo drove a truck instead of their Dodge Charger, I’m sure they’d pick a vehicle like this. However, since Scania is a Swedish manufacturer, they’d probably get their hands on a Peterbilt semi truck.

If you’d like that truck, we bet you’ll love the next ones.

World’s Largest Can

You saw the Heineken wrap on a Scania semi truck from a video game in the first slide. Now, here is the real deal! Someone got lucky enough to take a good picture in the parking lot. Unlike the virtual vehicle at the beginning, the trailer is not as extended, which makes it look even more like can. We could definitely go for a big beverage or a regular-sized drink if you are King Kong.

Check out another slide with a truck with a TV-show inspired wrap. You’ll never see it coming.

Straight Out of Columbia

There’s no business like, well, if you are a fan of the show, you know the slogan. From this angle, the vehicle looks like a Scania semi truck. As for the wrap, do you think the person who wanted it on the vehicle is a fan of the Netflix series “Narcos”? We’d have to say YES, given the bold design featuring the title and characters. Driving this would be an excellent promotion for the show, but hopefully, the cargo inside doesn’t reflect the cargo in “Narcos.”

You’ll be hungry to see the next slide!

I’m Lovin’ It

Have you ever driven next to a semi truck and saw an ad on it that made you really hungry? We did after witnessing this McDonald’s trailer. While we only go to fast-food restaurants every once in a while, we have to admit McDonald’s French fries are some of the best, making this wrap 100% accurate. We can smell them in the fryer right now, which reminds me it’s my lunch break…Now that I’m back, the question remains, where is the truck?

The slide coming up will make you so excited, you’ll want to climb the Empire State Building!


What more can we possibly say about this one? It’s beautiful.

The Eighth Wonder of the World

Is this semi truck for sale? It’s really cool. We always wondered how Carl Denham and his crew transported King Kong around New York. Who knew it was by a Peterbilt semi truck. All joking aside, the custom semi truck wrap is very creative. It gives the illusion of looking inside the vehicle and seeing the full scale of the ape. We think it’s an excellent way to market the new Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride at Universal Orlando (still wish we got to a chance to see the old ride King Kong Encounters). We are massive fans of every incarnation this series, how awesome would this be to pass this on the road. Hope we don’t get distracted, or else it really would be “Beauty that killed the beast” (Beauty being this gorgeous wrap).


Open Your Truck

Nothing can make you thirstier than seeing a Heineken wrap on a Scania cab-over semi truck. Now, that is advertising for you. The custom semi truck is a mod that you can easily download. We like the detail the designers put on the trailer, making the freight look like beer cans. It definitely makes us want to grab one.

If this virtual semi boggles the mind, wait until you see what we have next.


This is the concept for the Samsung Safety Truck. The company unveiled an official prototype in 2016. Samsung Electronics Argentina and its partners teamed up with Volvo Trucks Argentina to make this vehicle a reality. It has two cameras built-in to the front, which captures the road ahead. The cameras transmit the image to the back with a high-quality display made from four Samsung OH46D video walls. The purpose of the setup is to allow trailing drivers to make more knowledgeable choices when passing. If we have a sleepy passenger, we think it would be fun to drive real close and wake them up to make them feel a car is coming at them, but that would kind of defeat the purpose. Anyway, we are intrigued by this Volvo semi truck. It looks straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The next truck is something smoky!

Roll Tide

Alabama football memorabilia is one thing, but to cross the line and deck out your own personal belongings with a tribute to Coach Saban and the Crimson Tide is just craziness…and we fully support it! This Roll Tide sticker is awesome. What a great truck wrap (unless you’re an Auburn fan of course).

The Opposite of a Fire Truck

Pringles, what the heck did you do to this truck? This new spicy flavor burnt everything; you can see right through the trailer. It is going to be really hard to put this semi truck for sale. If this is what these chips did to the vehicle, imagine what they’d do to your stomach. Phew! We have to hand it to the artist of this wrap; they did an excellent job making everything look scorched. If the chips are even 1/10th this hot, I’m bringing plenty of water.

After that fiery example, we think you’ll find the next truck a little more relaxing.


Can you name a better way to demonstrate who has the superior delivery service to passerbyers than to have your semi truck towing the competition? We thought not. That is precisely what Fed Ex illustrated with their custom semi truck wrap. In the picture, you see Fe Ex’s trailer carrying two UPS (United Parcel Service) trucks. Perhaps the graphic suggests Fed Ex is bigger and better at delivery? We’ll let you decide. But we’ll tell you this when we want our packages transported we prefer the moving vehicle. So, Fed Ex well played.

You may find that the next truck is not a truck at all!

The Hungry Bus

This is one of the most clever wraps you will see on the list. We know you clicked this article for the Peterbilt, Volvo, and Freightliner semi trucks, but we just had to share it with you. On the picture’s transit bus, you’ll see a graphic of a man eating some food with the slogan “Just in one bite!” The image is on the side door of the vehicle. As the doors slide open, it looks like the man is bringing the food farther and farther down his throat. Whoever came up with this idea should get a medal.

If you like that illusion, wait until you see what else we have in store on the following slide!

Remember, Brush Twice a Day

Honestly, we are not sure what truck brand that is in the picture. Kind of looks like a Volvo or a DAF. Anyway, this odd vehicle is part of an ad campaign in Japan to sell Braun GmbH Oral B toothbrushes. It combines a street sweeper truck with an electric toothbrush to illustrate the effectiveness of round rotating brushes. In a commercial that you can find on YouTube, a man is cleaning the side of a road with a push broom. He runs out of the way of the street sweeper as it quickly cleans the area with “Ride of the Valkyries” playing in the background. As the truck drives away, you can see a sign on the back that reads, “A round and rotating brush cleans better than a manual brush.” Pretty great stuff, though I don’t think the brush on the truck will fit in anyone’s mouth.

This next wrap is not monkeying around!

King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me

Another bus… we know. But look at that custom wrap! It makes King Kong appear like he is bursting from the ground and crushing the vehicle. If we want to create a narrative between slides, we’d say Kong escaped the semi truck from the previous image, grew several more feet, and began a rampage until he found this bus to take out his anger. We hope no one is inside. In all seriousness, we really like Universal’s marketing for the Skull Island ride. We’d love to see more of these on the street.

Coming up next is a custom truck wrap advertising a beverage you may or may not recognize.

It’s the Real Thing

Things go better with a Coke, and that includes Peterbilt semi trucks. We love the Coca-Cola wrap around this trailer along with the red truck and white mud flaps. The choice of color is a potent reminder of the brand. Plus, we like the art and how it makes the vehicle look like it is housing giant Coke bottles. If we saw this on the road and were thirsty, we WILL pull up to a gas station and pick up a 6pk of the beverage, no questions asked. We wonder how Pepsi will keep up?

Up next, we have another Scania semi truck with a television wrap. What are you waiting for, check it out!

It’s All About the Stache

How cool would it be to drive this Scania Semi Truck all over Hawaii? It would be fitting since the TV show “Magnum PI” that the custom wrap is referencing took place in that setting. It starred the great mustache man himself Tom Selleck and Roger E. Mosley, Larry Manetti, and John Hillermann. We think these actors are depicted wonderfully on this vehicle’s side along with the Robin Master car Ferrari 308GTS. So, seriously, are any of these semi trucks for sale? We want to live out our 80s fantasy.

If you liked that one, take a sip of our next slide!

Joy of Pepsi

Pepsi strikes back. We saw what Coca-Cola offered with their custom semi truck; now, we are moving on to their rival. The trailer on this, we assume Scania semi truck, takes a slightly different approach. Instead of having seven giant carriers of Coke bottles, this wrap depicts several crates of Pepsi hanging from the ceiling. If this is really what it looked like inside the trailer, we wonder how much the trucks shake those bottles? Well, enough with that digression. Which cola truck is your favorite?

Here we go. You saw some of the beverage trucks, but what about something more substantive? Click on to find out.

The Farmers MarTruck

We love fresh vegetables as much as the next person but don’t run into a wall like Wile E. Coyote. The items and person here are an image plastered over the back of a semi truck trailer. Though we bet if you parked the truck at a farmers market, at first glance, people might think it’s the real deal. But perhaps that is all for best with your wallet. Those prices are pretty high.

Are you ready for the next slide?

Open Your World

If you aren’t a Heineken fan, Guinness has you covered. That’s right! The famous dark Irish dry stout has their own semi-truck too (we are guessing it’s a Volvo). Just try to seize your thirst with this beer shaped trailer. Luckily you don’t have to pull a “Fast Furious” heist to get this drink because it’s wildly available at almost any place that sells liquor. But feel free to admire the engineering of this beautiful trailer wrap.

We can’t tell if this next slide is funny or inspirational. Click on over and find out for yourself.

Big B̶r̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ Trucker

It’s always important to plan for the future but know your place. These Volvo trucks indeed point that out with the giant quotes written on the back of their trailers. Once you pass the Volvo that says, “The Future is ahead of you,” you will be greeted by another that reads, “This Truck Is The Leader.” So that must mean the future equals truck. Well, better get started while we are ahead and begin to plan to obey our trucker overloads!

If you think Volvo is in “charge,” you got to check out the next slide.

Don’t Forget To Bring Batteries

This must be one of those new electric trucks we’ve all been hearing about, but who knew that the battery would take up so much space. Moving past the joke, that trailer wrap does an excellent job emulating a Duracell Ultra battery. Imagine if you had one that big, we don’t think you’d ever have to pay another electric bill in your life. A MAN Truck & Bus SE semi truck carries the battery. We hope the vehicle takes “charge” with enough “power” to bring the battery to its location. That would definitely be a “positive” circumstance rather than a “negative” one, haha.

Ok, we are hearing some booing in the back, time to get off stage, and hop into our next truck on the following slide!

The Perfect Gum and Truck

Again, it is hard to identify the vehicle given the angle, maybe a Scania semi truck. Anyway, what a fun custom wrap. It looks like the semi truck is towing a giant pack of Wrigley’s Spearmint Chewing Gum. If gum was manufactured at this scale, the “long-lasting” slogan might actually mean something because there is no possible way we’d ever finish chewing these. We wonder if truck drivers like driving this product. We imagine it makes the trailer smell better with that fresh mint flavor.

This following truck wrap will get your blood pumping!

Is it Love?

We enjoy Mini coopers all the way “to the moon and back,” but something people need to understand is you cannot contain these vehicles. This poor semi truck driver learned the hard way as the Mini cooper broke through the back of the trailer, probably off to participate in an “Italian Job” style heist somewhere. Seriously though, that is a fresh custom semi truck wrap. We think it captures the speed and fun of driving these cars without even showing it. Our hats off to the BMW marketing team.

You’ll want to chew up what we have for you on the next slide!

Stay Fresh

These gum companies are slaying it with these custom semi truck wraps. Mentos Gum is no exception. They took it to the next level by decorating the trailer to look like a bottle of Mentos gum gomme. The balloons exiting the door enhance the effect. They resemble the shape of the company’s product and appear like they are falling out of the bottle. That would, for sure, grab our attention.

We don’t even know how to describe the following trailer, but we will try!

What is this?

Seriously, this is a weird custom trailer wrap, and we emphasize “custom.” What’s the theme here? I’m seeing Cheetos, multicolored flames, an American flag, a Texas State flag, and a cowboy hat. We suppose it is a hodgepodge of different things that the owner enjoys. You do you, my man. Also, how could a trailer of this caliber be complete without a pickup truck? Luckily they seem to have it covered. Wonder what brand, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge? What do you think?

Trucks are fantastic, but this next trailer is offering something slightly different?

Keep it Mini

Okay, here is another Mini cooper custom semi trailer wrap. Unlike the one from the previous slide, the car actually appears in the illustration. The ad emphasizes fuel efficacy and calls out the competition as “GASoholic.” There is nothing wrong with saving a little money and driving in style. But hey, as we said earlier, we love Mini coopers but give up our 2003 Chevrolet Silverado. Never! We are not one-vehicle kind of guys; we prefer to have choices.

We think you’ll be pumped to see the next truck!

Feel the Burn

If you live in Minnesota, perhaps you’ve heard of ACE Solid Waste. They are a waste management group founded in 1955 and currently possess over 60 trucks with 85,000 customers. The trucks they use can vary in brands such as Autocar Company and Mack Trucks. We are not sure which truck is in the picture or even if it’s the same “ACE” waste management. On the other hand, we do know that the garbage truck trailer has a great and creative cross-promotion for Power House Gym. We love as the lifting system goes up, so does the character’s legs on the side of the truck. The configuration looks just like a leg press, though if you ever thought about using a garage truck for one, you probably shouldn’t. Leave that to professionals.

Here is another truck for our wish list!

I’m Dreamin of a Coke Christmas

Forget the sleigh; Santa has a new ride this year. Take a glimpse at the Christmas Coco-Cola Freightliner semi truck. They decked all the halls for this one folks. Look at how the lights surround every part of the vehicle creating a high contrast with the red finish. Who needs Rudolf when you are on driving a literal light show? The custom trailer captures those warm and merry feelings with a classic logo followed by a fantastic painting of Kris Kringle by Haddon Sundblom. We hope that Santa is willing to put this semi truck for sale or under our tree for good behavior.

We are telling you, the next one is one of our favorites so far. Check it out!

I Want You for the U.S. Army

Gordon White Lumber was founded in 1927 in Oklahoma. The business stayed in the family, with the founder’s great-grandson Hank Bocuks in charge of the company. In a 2015 interview with Pro Sales magazine, he said he wanted a look to unify their 10-truck fleet. Bockus said most of his trucks were a bland white color. He also had blue, yellow, and red ones with the company’s name slapped on the side, but he said it didn’t look very good. One of his employees, Kevin Joyner, came up with the idea for a Delta Force theme. They made the truck look like a World War II fighter plane (specifically the P-40 War hawk) with authentic metal diamond plating. We think it is a drop-dead gorgeous custom truck vinyl wrap and would undoubtedly make our heads turn if we passed it. As a joke, Bockus showed his employees a fake design with flowers and unicorns, before bringing out the real thing. They were ecstatic wondering when they’d get to drive one. As of 2015, Bocuks said customers were talking about the trucks which hadn’t happened before the wrap. He thinks its good exposure. We agree.

You are not prepared for this next slide, go ahead and click to find out!

Uh-Oh Oreo

When we have milk with our Oreos, we typically dip the cookie in the glass. We had not considered using a Peterbilt semi truck. On the side of the trailer, the artist played around with the physics. When the vehicle is in motion, it looks like milk comes out of the glass and hits the Oreo. We think the word “genius” is a bit overplayed, but it fits here. Gotta say we like the custom wrap, and we bet it makes for ideal prime trucking.

You’ll want to watch out for the next truck we have for you!

The Truck Bed

You yell to your friend in the car next to you, “Slow down! Those mattresses are about to come loose” as you look for a way to dodge the potential hazard coming from the truck in front of you. Then you spot the door hatch on the trailer, and your friend begins to slow down. They played you with just one of the series of truck gags you see on the street! We have to say they did a great job with the custom wrap on the back. It looks genuine and could probably fool a lot of people. The question is, why?

Nothing says the U.S.A. like a semi truck! You’ll see what we mean if you keep moving along.

American Trucker

This decked out patriotic Peterbilt truck is owned by ABC Wrecker Service in Fort Worth, Texas. For them, it’s Independence Day every day. They use semi truck towing to move vehicles off certain properties. The company is instantly recognizable since its entire fleet of trucks is painted in good ole’ red, white, and blue. Nothing screams FREEDOM than retrieving your vehicle from an impound lot. Also, why did it take this long for Old Glory to be put on Peterbilt? It seems like an obvious mash-up.

This next vehicle is untamed!

The Green Eagle?

If anyone sees the artist who made this, we’d like to know because this custom semi truck wrap is wild. We are not sure what is going on here with the eagle or what the sign means by “Trophy Winner,” but we love the green, black and gold paint job, and the chrome/silver elements. Who knew you could transform a Mercedes-Benz truck into something like what’s in this image; that definitely has to earn you some street cred.

The following slide will make you think you see doubles! You don’t want to miss this!

Out for Delivery

Your eyes are fooling you. There is only one truck in this image. Again, Fed Ex does not waste it’s time slamming their competition. With this custom truck wrap, the artist added an illustration of another vehicle. The illusion makes it appear like two trucks are racing. Also, since the other truck is only a graphic, Fed Ex will always come in first. We see what you did! We have to give it to the marketing team once again, well played.

This next trailer coming up is…how we put it…colorful!

Art on the Go

Faber Castell went all out on this one. The impressive custom semi truck wrap makes the trailer look like its carrying giant colored pencils. What does that equate too? One tree per writing utensil, haha? Now, we need to find the Volvo semi truck towing enormous sheets of paper, so we have something to draw on. Oh, and one nice touch they added on the trailer door was an illustration of the back of a bundle of pencils. It really is quite a display.

We have some trucks you are going to want to see! Click on!

Eat Your Vegetables

There is no doubt that it is a Kenworth Cement Truck. The question is, what kind is it? Perhaps, a T880 or a W900. But we are not here to discuss the vehicle you want to know about the custom wrap. With cement trucks, they always put the nuttiest things on the mixer. For this one, they are promoting asparagus of all things. I mean we are not complaining, its good stuff. The mixer even resembles a pack of the vegetable you would see at the grocery store.

Don’t’ stop now; keep on going!

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Personally, we have never heard of the company before that the truck is advertising about, but if the custom truck wrap is anything to go by, it seems like a decedent place to congregate and hang out, maybe even goof around a bit. The people in the ad almost look like they are discussing to dump the wood on the street. As for the look of the wrap, we think everyone did an excellent job getting the objects to appear on different angles of the trailer. Nice! One last thing we want to say, our guess is the vehicle pulling the trailer is a Mack semi truck. What do you think?

This next truck is out of this world!

Welcome to Mars
They made a semi truck look like a Mars chocolate bar with this custom wrap. We can’t speak for everyone, but suddenly we have the urge to buy one. The art looks so good; we can almost taste the caramel filling. Speaking of which it is an excellent little detail having the opened part of the candy wrapper be the trailer door, it looks like the real deal. Unfortunately, we can confirm it’s not. We could not wait to go to the store to buy one, so we took a bite out of the truck. Needless to say, it wasn’t chocolate, and we don’t recommend doing it.