Old AEC Militant Truck Pops an Impressive Wheelie

If you’ve ever parked somewhere you’re not supposed to, just pray the towing company doesn’t have an old AEC Militant Mark III on hand. There’s no hiding from this monster. Designed in 1966, the AEC Militant Mk III is now commonly available from surplus UK Ministry of Defense supply stocks, and construction companies from all over the world are eager to get their hands on one.

Quite simple, really – the AEC Militant Mk III is a tow recovery vehicle rated to haul 25 tonnes. Here however, you’ll see it hauling nearly two and a half times that amount. That’s because this tow recovery vehicle is towing two daisy-chained Scammell Constructors. Those are equally massive trucks used for hauling in heavy supplies into remote construction sites.

Here’s a little background on what makes the AEC Mk III such a powerhouse in the tow recovery business. Originally designed in the United Kingdom in 1966, it is a 10-ton truck with a powerful 6×6 O870 (FV11046) transmission. It is rated to tow a maximum of 28 tonnes – almost 31 tons by US standards. Powering the AEC Militant Mk III is a diesel AV760 engine. (more…)

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The diesel AV760 used to power the AEC Mk III is a six cylinder 12.5 L inline engine with a max rated power of 226 hp. Don’t let those low numbers fool you – that’s plent