Off-Roading RC Trucks: Go Big or Go Home

With views of individual RC vehicles reaching into the millions, it’s clear that what was once a hobby with a cult following is becoming increasingly popular and gaining mainstream attention. As internet publicity raises awareness of RC vehicle culture and more people are experimenting with the limitless possibilities the hobby offers, it is time for us to take our position on the starting grid to see what all the fuss is about.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Part of the appeal of these on and off-roading RC trucks and tractors is the fact that such a wide range of products is available; whether you are a parent looking for a ready made toy to use in the driveway with your kids or a die hard grease monkey looking to test your invention in the high octane pressure of the track, the perfect truck is out there for you.


While a simple ready to run toy grade vehicle might set you back $100, the cost of a custom truck made with top of the range parts can run into the thousands. When you see what some of the top of the range trucks are capable of, you will begin to understand why.

One very talented enthusiast posts on his YouTube channel RCSparks Studio showing some of the impressive feats that these custom RC vehicles can achieve. These are some of the most impressive posts you’ll see on YouTube, with excellent production and sound. A particularly popular post (seen below) features his 4×4 Beast MT gracefully powering through thick mud that many full size 4x4s would struggle with. The truck eventually flips onto its side only to be hauled back onto 4 wheels by his custom 6×6 HD Overkill semi-truck complete with smoking exhaust stacks.

For those of you wanting to replicate the 6×6, it features 6 RC4WD Evo Predator Tracks, 4 Brushless Roc 412 Tekin motors, is powered by 3 Gensace Lipo batteries and has apparently cost the proud owner around $6,000. While that may sound like a hefty price tag, this is a prime example of the level of artistry and attention to detail that can be applied by a committed hobbyist and represents the top of the range for RC vehicles and what they can achieve. The ultimate potential of these vehicles is typified perfectly when you consider that earlier this year RC legend, Nic Case, broke his own speed record with his RC Bullet, which reached an astounding 188mph.

Where To Start

Looking at these feats, it is no surprise that these awesome little vehicles have such a loyal and committed fan base or that there is a strong community that regularly congregates online and at races. On sites such as and, hordes of enthusiasts gather in virtual conventions to seek advice and discuss technical and aesthetic ideas for their custom vehicles. There are often heated debates, but these forums provide supportive communities and are valuable sources of information for beginners and experts alike.

For those who want something with a bit more of a competitive edge, a number of races take part throughout the year. A calendar of these events can be found on and there are also various RC vehicle leagues dotted around. The leagues can be fiercely contested and offer a more prolonged commitment to those who want to immerse themselves in a long-term project and the RC vehicle community wholeheartedly.

With so many possibilities available to the RC truck owner and so many dimensions to the community, it is little surprise that the hobby is growing in popularity or that people are increasingly coming to understand and respect the skill and knowledge that goes into designing and building these great little vehicles. But above all, it is an extremely fun past time with a thriving community that anybody can become a part of. Why not join the race by visiting one of the numerous stores that sell these trucks and putting some of your personality into your own custom vehicle? Here are a few to get you started. RC Superstore, RC4WD, HobbyTown. You might also like our post on RC Tractor Pulls.

Below is the post produced by RCSparks Studio. It was shot in HD so be sure to turn that on to fully enjoy the small details of these incredible trucks. Here you’ll notice how well it was filmed. Rather than just seeing trucks siting still, it tells a short story of a truck getting stuck in the mud and being rescued. We think you love the post so keep your friends in the loop and share it with them too.

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One very talented enthusiast posts on his YouTube channel RCSparks Studio showing some of the impressive feats that these custom RC vehicles can achieve. These are some of the mos