How Awesome Are Trucks? This Kid Explains All

What could be more awesome then a young boy explaining why trucks are so awesome? Well, according to this little guy, not much else. He explains with all the pomp and circumstance you would expect from a seven-year-old boy. Yet, even though his delivery is a bit dry, a few points are well made.
Trucks were made for more than just hauling lumber and sheet rock from your favorite big box store to your house to do a bit of home remodeling. They were made for more then towing your boat, or filling the bed with items to take to the dump.

According to our tiny tyke, they were made for climbing hills. When you hear that, all of your grown-up imaginations seem to take a backseat, don’t they? It’s as if you’re instantly transported to that time of being five or six years old, riding in your dad or granddad’s truck through an open field, up massive hills and down again, just for fun. If you grew up in the country then you know what I’m talking about.


If you grew up in the city, you probably still know what I’m talking about because most of us ventured out of town on the weekends to enjoy a bit of the outdoors. We did this with our trucks. This kid is experiencing it as the next-generation, and as far as he is concerned, the first thing that makes a truck awesome is the fact that it can climb a hill. 


Second, what guy would not want a truck that is capable of plowing through mud? We have entire sports in this country devoted to that very thing. In fact, there are entire sporting venues, known as mud bogs, devoted to the soul purpose of seeing how much mud you can apply to your truck… and the audience. Of course, if a dedicated mud bog is not available, I’m sure the locals can point you to something quite similar. If you’re not sure where your nearest mud patch is, find the guy with the biggest truck and ask him. He certainly can point you in the right direction.

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This is insane!

Puddle Jumping

Third, splashing through a massive puddle is probably the second reason trucks exist. The first is obviously for hauling things to and fro. Beyond that, there is nothing like jumping into a good puddle and seeing your truck get the sort of bath you would expect a 400 pound sow to get on a hot summer’s day. The wetter the better, the dirtier the better, the muddier the better… you get the point. The dirtier your truck after you go crashing through a mud puddle, the better.

Lesser Known Points of Awesomeness

Finally, our junior analyst points out a few lesser-known features of trucks, but they are probably things you already knew anyway. For instance, evidently the chick magnet effect that trucks have starts working on girls as young as age 4 or 5. That’s handy for your son to keep in his back pocket when he’s wandering around the playground with juice and cookies in hand. If he needs to impress a young girl, all he has to do is mention that his dad has a truck! The next thing you know he’ll have an instant date to go along with his juice and cookies!

Second, he simply states that trucks are awesome. That’s a pretty good descriptor. It’s succinct, poignant, and honest. It leaves nothing to the imagination. Us grown ups might use words like fierce, tough, boss, etc. However, given his age and vocabulary limitations, we think it’s pretty awesome that he came up with the word awesome to describe the awesomeness of his dad’s truck. 

Finally, he gives us a bit of detail as a sort of afterthought. He blurts out unabashedly, “Did I mention 4 x 4?” Whether or not he did is irrelevant. The point to make here is that the kid recognize the truck has a 4 x 4 feature. Whoever that kid’s dad is should be crowned dad of the year. He also needs a few extra bonus points added to his man card. That’s a good way to start your son off on the right path. There will be plenty of time later to discuss Allison transmissions, Edelbrock carburetors, expensive lift kits, and massive, knobby, Goodyear tires. For now, simply teach them the basics and watch their little minds soak it up like a sponge. You are not just rambling, you are imparting important life lessons here. The results of your hard mentoring can really surprise you one day. I’m sure this kid’s dad was impressed with him. He proves to be one heck of a narrator after all, and didn’t even pick his nose once, during the entire affair.

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Second, what guy would not want a truck that is capable of plowing through mud? We have entire sports in this country devoted to that very thing. In fact, there are entire sportin