Duramax Diesel Truck Takes the Venom Out of a Cobra

When Ford released the 1995 SN Cobra, they were looking to revive an old classic. Trying to bring this classic muscle car towards the new millennium is no small task. Yet, when up against a turbo charged LB7 Chevy Duramax – things sure got interesting. This isn’t the typical back country quarter mile race.

When Chevy worked with General Motors to produce one of the world’s best turbo diesels on the market, it was truly a no holds barred race to the finish line. And the LB7 model of the Duramax engine line is a great example of where they started to really get some great performance out of an engine built for tugging – not flying down the road.


In this classic LB7 design, it’s a turbocharged and intercooled overhead valve with four valves per cylinder. All said and done, the Bosch 23,000 psi high pressure system is taking a normally sludgey and viscous diesel and pushing it through at extremely high pressures. This changes the very way racing is done.

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Let’s be honest – the turbocharged diesel competitors such as Ford’s Powerstroke and the Cummins 6.2 – 6.7 liter series all share some common power features. Becaus