4×4 RC Trucks Mudding Will Make Your Day

You’ve always dreamed of owning the biggest, baddest monster truck in town, or a powerhouse 4×4 rig which scares away young children and animals whenever it growls through the neighborhood – but you can’t afford it just yet. So until then, the next best thing could be a smaller version: a radio controlled (RC) scale model which does exactly the same as its big brother or sister, but is just 1/10th of the size.

Some might think this is crazy, but the RC car and truck culture is growing – and fast. Radio controlled trucks already have a huge online presence with stills and websites showing these cool mini rigs in off-road action, with teams, clubs and whole communities springing up to go crawling and mudding in the woods. The mantra is ‘fun, friends and total carnage’, and it really is that simple – joining up and taking part is easy.

And for anyone thinking this is all about teenagers out messing with their toys in the mud, think again. RC trucking attracts people from all walks of life: fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, families and groups of friends, and even high-powered businessman looking for a fun GTG (Group Trail Gathering) break from the drudgery of nine to five office work. So where do you begin? (more…)

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Search the Internet and there are RC trucks for sale pretty much everywhere, so starting off is easy. Places such as HobbyTron and TowerHobbies offer everything from basic models,