What This Caterpillar Tractor Does Next Will Leave You Baffled

We have all seen heavy construction equipment at work, just not quite like this. Check this post of a Caterpillar that, well, you just have to see what I’m talking about. I don’t know about you, but it does seem like they always perform better when the tracks are on the ground rather than sticking straight up in the air. The antics that occur during the retrieval method though, are the real show.

After a couple of minutes of “corporate caucus”, the giant construction beast is righted with the aid of a tow cable and another similar piece of machinery. However, it is no sooner righted when the tow strap flies off and it proceeds to barrel down the hill at breakneck speed. It seems like there was no parking brake engaged on that pesky caterpillar. Where is a job foreman when you need him, right?

Yet, it seems like they made a noble effort, and the only thing that tripped them up was the tow cable that popped loose upon impact. In the end, no one was injured and that is really the best case scenario. However, you have to wonder how many of these types of accidents occur on job sites? I mean let’s be honest, there are literally thousands of construction projects going on across United States every day. To that end, we turn to OSHA and find a few surprising stats. (more…)

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Yet thankfully, that is not case. Coming in at number three is electrocution. This accounts for almost 9% of construction deaths, 71 deaths in 2013 to be exact. We tend to forget