Incredible! This Fecon BHP270 Power Pack Mulches A Cedar In Seconds

The heavy duty Bullhog is an attachment you put on the end of your excavator to help clear brush and small trees. First, you’ll need a good excavator capable of wielding this mighty brush clearing machine and then you’re probably going to want to consider the Fecon BHP270 power pack. The reason is simple: when you’re clearing out a river bed or a mixed light forest, you don’t want to waste the time and fuel of having ground guys remove it for you. Why not just turn all that wood into pulp and mulch?

It’s pretty incredible seeing one of these Bullhogs in action. First, it’s amazing to see how it effortlessly chews through small undergrowth in moments and then when you actually get to see it up against a real tree? Incredible. Bullhogs really are the best solution for lumber and forestry services looking to cut down on manpower but not at the sacrifice of performance. One excavator with a Bullhog can tear through acres of undergrowth without breaking a sweat.


But why add a power pack? Because horsepower matters when you’re grinding through live growth. Trees are full of water and thick fibrous material that can slow down a standard 70 bhp mulcher attachment. Giving it an optional boost of up to 270 bhp can really make the difference when tearing through small growth.

Now, this is obviously not the right tool to take down a fully grown oak or maple. But it does clear the area so your lumberers can come in with their chainsaws and fell the bigger ones that will likely fetch a great price at market.

This Fecon 270 bhp power pack weighs close to 5,000 lbs – so definitely set it down on a trailer or flat bed before mounting it onto your Cat excavator or similar. It’s not something your guys will likely be able to push around and maneuver too much. The good news: once it’s mounted and hooked up, you’re pretty much good to go.

Forestry Professionals Call In The Heavy Cavalry Of Machinery

We’ve seen some real interesting developments in just the last couple years when it comes to forestry and tree removal. Long gone are the days when you need to move a crew of men through the woods armed with only axes and wedges. That’s not to say that forestry professionals don’t still do that – but now for larger jobs, they have the option of calling in the heavy cavalry.

For instance, take a look at the Bear C6. It’s a tree cutting machine designed to saw through fully grown trees and stack them in a matter of minutes. You can take a thick, wooded forest and reduce it down according to your spec plan in days where it would normally take weeks or even months to complete. Even better, with innovations like the Bullhog, you can completely grind down stumps right to the dirt. This is a real improvement because with some of the underbrush and smaller trees removed, a Bear C6 or other similar tree cutting attachment can move through and quickly gain access to the real prize winners in the forest.

The cool thing about the Bullhog is that it’s designed with a three rotor system that brings in double carbides, chipper knives, stone tools, and single carbides. This is really ideal when you’re dealing with a variety of different small growth and want to make sure your equipment gets the job done.

Forestry is far from an easy line of work. Long hard days and plenty of troubleshooting are necessary to make it through. The ingenuity of the tools being developed nowadays really makes this profession just a bit easier.

Where we can see tools like this being very useful is for landscape restoration. Often times, once arable fields will become overgrown with early stages forest. If that land needs to be turned into development or just restored to its original condition, tools like the Bullhog with a 270 bhp power supply will surely bring that landscape back to its former condition in no time. This really is a tool designed to turn forest back into acreage – ideal for potentially dividing into subplots for housing development or business.

For ecological management and preserves, tools like the Bullhog also help forestry professionals keep the wooded landscape in a pristine condition. This is a great tool for fighting against invasive species like kudzu and others which, if left unchecked, will try to envelop the forest they’re situated in.

For crews out there with experience in these matters, feel free to comment in the comments section below and tell us what one piece of heavy machinery you can’t do without! We’ll look it up and see what we find!

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Now, this is obviously not the right tool to take down a fully grown oak or maple. But it does clear the area so your lumberers can come in with their chainsaws and fell the bigge