Incredible! This Fecon BHP270 Power Pack Mulches A Cedar In Seconds

The heavy duty Bullhog is an attachment you put on the end of your excavator to help clear brush and small trees. First, you’ll need a good excavator capable of wielding this mighty brush clearing machine and then you’re probably going to want to consider the Fecon BHP270 power pack. The reason is simple: when you’re clearing out a river bed or a mixed light forest, you don’t want to waste the time and fuel of having ground guys remove it for you. Why not just turn all that wood into pulp and mulch?

It’s pretty incredible seeing one of these Bullhogs in action. First, it’s amazing to see how it effortlessly chews through small undergrowth in moments and then when you actually get to see it up against a real tree? Incredible. Bullhogs really are the best solution for lumber and forestry services looking to cut down on manpower but not at the sacrifice of performance. One excavator with a Bullhog can tear through acres of undergrowth without breaking a sweat.

But why add a power pack? Because horsepower matters when you’re grinding through live growth. Trees are full of water and thick fibrous material that can slow down a standard 70 bhp mulcher attachment. Giving it an optional boost of up to 270 bhp can really make the difference when tearing through small growth. (more…)

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Now, this is obviously not the right tool to take down a fully grown oak or maple. But it does clear the area so your lumberers can come in with their chainsaws and fell the bigge