Front Loader Gets Owned By Much Smaller Skid Steer

If you’ve ever been to a construction site debacle, you’ll know there’s always two groups of people – the guy fixing the problem and twenty others standing around looking. Uprighting a tipped over dump truck is no easy feat. Whether it’s because the road gave way or simply a heavy load, dump trucks can have a real rough time.

And once a big giant goes down, it’s no small feat to get him back on his feet. This was actually a pretty intelligent way of going about it using two good pieces of equipment – the GEHL V400 skid loader and a CAT 986H. But good equipment is nothing without a few good operators – so cheers to the fine folks helping to get this tri-axle truck back on its wheels.


A big thing we wanted to point out is the presence of a dozen knuckleheads mucking up the scene while these two heavy pieces of machinery get to work. While it’s good to have ground guides and another set of eyes directing movement, a dozen guys gaggling about while tons of machinery are moving feet away isn’t a smart move.

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For reference, a CAT 986H front loader weighs something to the order of 94,000 pounds. That’s pancake breakfast if it lands on the wrong spot. Let’s forget for a moment that t