Construction Worker Goes for a Wild Excavator Ride

Ever look back and reminisce about the joy and exhilaration of all the rides at a circus? This construction worker obviously did, too. The driver of this Hitachi excavator must have known there wouldn’t be any representatives from OSHA around. But what were both of them thinking?

First, the worker has a full size climbing harness similar to what is required to operate at heights greater than 6 ft. These harnesses are extremely expensive and reliable. That’s why cell phone tower climbers use them to latch onto thin steel beams at heights of up to 330 ft. The harnesses seen and the tower climbing one are actually called Fall Arrest harnesses. That’s because their job isn’t necessarily to help someone climb but to work with other equipment to ensure the climber doesn’t fall.

These harnesses are typically rated for up to 2,000 lbs of force. That’s essential when, while working at height, anything from a mechanical failure to an act of nature can strike at any moment. This is important as everyone from oil workers to roof construction. And when it comes to construction site amusement rides – OSHA certainly doesn’t approve. (more…)

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However with a bucket swing of the ZX290LC-5 excavator weighing in around 28,551 lb-ft of force, it’s certainly not something to ever underestimate. Thankfully, with the proper