Amazing Car Topper Tractor Unloads Like a Boss

Remember the old song I’ve been working on the railroad. It’s catchy, but depressing. It talks about getting up early in the morning, and going to sleep all day at the railroad. However, if you had to work at the railroad like these guys do, he would probably fight for the chance to be first in line. What you’re looking at is known as a car topper. It is made by Herzog.

Don’t let it’s long spindly hydraulic arms fool you though. It is one mean piece of equipment. The car topper was designed to efficiently load and unload railroad cars. Despite what you see, it is one of the safest most economical means of unloading rail cars. It completely revolutionized the industry when the product hit the market.


The reason for its development was singular in the beginning. It can be summed up in one word… cross ties. That’s right, the car topper was originally developed to unload cross ties and was quickly modified to handle a variety of tasks. In the beginning, they were unloaded by hand. Then they were unloaded by forklift. Both of these methods took hours. The Herzog car topper greatly reduced this time, making business more efficient.

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Yet just as the railroad did not stop expansion, the car topper did not stop with cross ties. It underwent a few modifications. Now, it can unload a host of things including rail