World’s Manliest Trailer: Manley Off-Road Vehicle (MORV)

Do you like doing manly things? We’re talking off-road expeditions, your rugged equipment in tow, and setting up camp in the middle of nowhere. We know we do. And that’s why we’re psyched to review the Manley ORV Explore trailer (or MORV). When we come across something this cool, this useful, this well-made, we can’t wait to share the details with everyone.

What’s the Big Deal?

From the Vietnam War until the 1980s, the M151 Jeep was the go-to service vehicle for the US military. With it came the need for a rugged, amphibious cargo trailer – the M416. It was an upgraded version of similar models in use by the Army since WWII.

And the inspiration for the Manley line of trailers. They borrowed the military trailer’s basic design but didn’t stop there. This bad boy is sleeker, sexier, and fully featured to meet the needs of the demanding outdoorsman and his even more demanding hobbies. Lighter too, at just around 775 lbs. (more…)

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The MORV is covered in a gorgeous and long lasting powder coating. The bed is laid with a custom rubber mat and protected with a secure aluminum lid. All of this sits atop 33â€