This Is Not Your Average Jeep Wrangler

First off, the only thing “Jeep” left on this behemoth is the back 2/3rds of its frame. Where the classic Wrangler has a 3.6-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine, this haus packs a 2000 HP engine with modified 5 ton axles. This Frankenstein beast is the brainchild of Kenny Miller. He released this wildebeest through the mud at the 2014 West Georgia Mud Watch. Faces were melted and mud was sent soaring into the atmosphere as this 2000 HP Jeep took on five foot mud puddles without even breaking a sweat. But what’s the method to Miller’s madness? Where did he figure out this design?

Monster Truck Sponsorship

It starts with a close partnership with Yukon Gear and Axles based out of Everett, Washington. These monster truck builders specialize in the load bearing axles and gears necessary to take a vehicle from the street level to muddin’ madness. YGA specializes in 4WD differentials, hubs, and lock-outs for standard sized vehicles. For Miller’s project, it’s necessary to find the right sponsors to contribute both parts, labor, and design recommendations.


If you’re going to mount 64” mudding tires onto your beastly Jeep mud thrasher, you’re going to need a bigger suspension and axles. For Miller’s 2000 HP Jeep, he used custom designed rims and tires. This is evident because of the non-concave design that most manufacturers use to absorb shock. Additionally, the market for 64” tires is pretty limited.

Axles and Suspension to Suit the Tires

For this build, Miller uses two 5-ton axles probably imported from either an Oshkosh 5-ton tractor truck. This allows it to accept an Allison® MD 3700 SP automatic/select 7 speed which is electronically controlled. That makes for a complicated drive environment but it also gives unprecedented speed and control over the engine’s power.

Four batteries in this Jeep…. FOUR!

We mentioned the electronically controlled transmission? This is not anything special until you take into consideration – this truck has no alternator! Miller’s 2000 HP Jeep isn’t using an alternator – so the batteries are not charging while the vehicle is in use.

Because this V8 engine is running on pure alcohol, it needs batteries to help coordinate some complex movements. One battery is needed for the nitrous compressor, one for the ancillaries, and one for the main firing.

Brake on the Drive Shaft

It’s called a pinion brake. This is pretty common for most monster truck builds because you’re dealing with a truck so massive, traditional disc brakes wouldn’t come close to having meaningful stopping power. Additionally, a pinion brake ensures that stopping is an option no matter how much damage the vehicle has experienced.

Is This Jeep Really 2000 HP?

Short Answer – Yes.

However, those sort of horses don’t come from your normal gasoline fuel blend. You have to take a 5.7L+ V8 engine and modify it to accept straight ethanol. While Miller is keeping mum about it – commentators have speculated this Jeep is using an 8.0L V8. A supercharged V8 running on straight alcohol means that it’s able to achieve a staggering compression ratio.

In addition, it’s likely he’s using nitrous as an added power boost to his supercharger which takes the nominal 450+hp that the engine would have generated and pushed it well up past the normal limits. But this is no normal Jeep. It’s modified to be closer to a drag racer – in terms of sacrificing a lot of peripherals and ancillaries for pure unadulterated power.

The exhaust was also modified to run straight from the block – cutting out the middlemen found in normally any other style of vehicle. This is not a highway cruiser. It’s a one-purpose design: to eat mud for breakfast. What’s the truth about this vehicle’s design? What are the specific parts that make up this beast? With Kenny Miller keeping his recipe a secret, it’s left up to auto experts and speculators on how to replicate this 2000 HP Farm Jeep.

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For this build, Miller uses two 5-ton axles probably imported from either an Oshkosh 5-ton tractor truck. This allows it to accept an Allison® MD 3700 SP automatic/select 7 sp