Half Jeep, Half Tank: Full Metal Jacket Jeep Review

A full metal jacket bullet is designed to allow for higher velocity. FMJs are standard ammunition for military exercises and are often used for target practice. Along comes the Full Metal Jacket Jeep, one of the latest customizations from Starwood Motors, designed to allow for higher badassery. Quite possibly the toughest jeep around, this beast will serve you well.


Whether you’re on the front lines of the Vietnam War or going for a romp through friendly terrain, the Full Metal Jacket Jeep will be right at home. This highly customized Jeep Wrangler serves up a large helping of both strength and stability. Here, we see the Full Metal Jacket Jeep casually soaring through the shifting sands of the desert.


That’s just the beginning – Starwood Motors really means it when they say you can conquer any terrain! Equipped with a Pentastar 3.6 litre V6 engine, there’s no shortage of power to push through even the roughest, toughest landscapes.

The Jeep gets you from 0 to 60 in only 8.4 seconds. That’s three seconds faster than their earlier model. And with 285 horsepower, you’ll definitely get where you want to go – no obstacles are slowing this bad boy down


The result of 100 hours of work and 80 pounds of sweat (according to Starwood Motors), the Full Metal Jacket Jeep rides like a luxury car. Not only can this monster of a vehicle take you anywhere you want, it definitely turns heads. Featuring Smittybilt SRC Stinger front and rear bumpers as well as Smittybilt XRC Body Armour for the front fenders and rear guards, the jeep is lined with Kevlar in a handsome glossy black. Lit by Rigid Industries 50” and 10” LED Light Bars, two side Firewall Mount Lights, and JW Speaker LED Headlamps, nobody’s going to miss you as you roll around in this Jeep.

The suspension and lift upgrades now have this baby sporting Curry G2 Rock Jock Dana 60 Rear and Front High Pinion Big Nearing Axle Assemblies, Rubicon Express Long Arm Suspension System with a Synergy Suspension Rear-extended Shock/Coil Over Mount Kit. It also boasts Synergy Suspension Front Shock/Coil Custom Shock Towers to take even the roughest bumps.

The Full Metal Jacket Jeep has also got a Warn-Zeon 10,000lb Winch with a 94’ Kevlar/Nylon Braided Rope, a Safari Nylon Strap Fastback Top, and Remote 22″ Off Road XD Bomb Wheels. Once those 40″ x 15.5” x 22″ Nitto Mud Grappler Tires hit the road – paved or otherwise – look out.


The interior is quite comfortable, boasting a leather wrapped steering wheel and shift knob. Plus black leather Procar seats with Alcantara Daytona Style Inserts. The Full Metal Jacket Jeep lives up to its name, boasting Kevlar panels on the interior and exterior, a kevlar-lined floor and a bulletproof suspension.
There are front and back cameras for you to see exactly how much road you dominate, a Kenwood DNX 6990 Touchscreen Nav/DVD Player, and satellite radio for those times you go way off-road. Looking for safety? Starwood Motors has taken that into account with their built-in side airbags and a pair of dry chemical fire extinguishers.

With a 5-speed automatic transmission, the Full Metal Jacket Jeep is efficient, powerful, and much more comfortable than its counterparts. Starwood Motors also offers this amazing beast with a 24S package, which includes power locks, windows, and side mirrors, keyless remote entry, an electrochromic rear view with built-in map lights, and an alarm system.

You can hook up your iPod or smartphone through bluetooth or auxiliary input and blast out those tunes through its Alpine Premium Audio System with powered subwoofer.

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The Jeep gets you from 0 to 60 in only 8.4 seconds. That’s three seconds faster than their earlier model. And with 285 horsepower, you’ll definitely get where you want to g