20 Awesome Scale RC Aircraft You Can Buy Right Now

Electric Powered RC WarHawk Plane

20. RC Electric Powered P40 Warhawk Airplane

Old war planes are fun to watch. They are favorites among RC airplanes for sale too. Take this Warhawk for instance. It is a prop plane, but don’t let it fool you,. These were World War II mainstays. They are not in military production today, but are still favorites among RC plane enthusiasts. Get this one and own the sky. The price is right too. This plane would be perfect for someone who is new to RC flyers. These planes are loads of fun, and priced right too. The easy controls and solid engine make flying easy and enjoyable. Buy this Skyflight RC P40 Warhawk Kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Remote Control Aircraft On Sale

19. RC Jolly Roger F-18 Kit Airplane

You might feel like Ace or Goose from Top Gun when piloting this plane. Of all the RC airplanes for sale, F-18s are among the most fun. They look, feel and behave in almost the same manner as their larger counterparts. You just have to know what you’re doing when you put the controls in your hand. Yet, if you have been looking for a stellar model F-18 to add to your collection, this is it. Stunning detail, quality craftsmanship, and expert controls make this one a fun flyer. Open it up and let her tear up the sky! You won’t regret it!

 Buy this RC Skylight F18 Jolly Roger plane kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC F-35 Lightning

18. SkyFlight F-35 Lightning II RC model plane

This next incredible scale RC aircraft is the SkyFlight F-35 Lightning II. It very closely resembles its full size counterpart and its suggested that you have some experience when flying this beast. Luckily, SkyFlight provides everything you need to figure out the best techniques to get the most out of your scale RC aircraft. Buy this F-35 Lightning II RC model plane now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC Airplanes For Sale Online

17. RC Skyflight LX EPS F-18 Diamond Viper kit plane

Own the skies with this scale Skyflight LX EPS RC F18 Diamond Viper kit plane. One of the top RC airplanes for sale this year, this plane behaves very similarly to the original. Watch it dip, dive and roll as it blasts across the sky. It’s size, speed and detail make it look like the real thing at first glance. It’s rare for a plane to be such an exact replica, and yield great performance. This is a quality piece of hobby equipment; one RC airplane that does not disappoint.
 Buy this RC Skylight LX EPS RC F18 Diamond Viper kit plane. Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC Jet Airplane For Sale

16. RC F-18 Bounty Hunter Airplane Kit

The F-18 Bounty Hunter is one of the top military air crafts ever made. They perform well in combat, and are the envy of other countries the world over. The are considered to be the back bone of the United States Air Force due to their speed and agility. Among RC airplanes for sale, they are always a top seller, and for good reason. Fine controlling and twin engines complete this beauty to make her a work of art as much as a fun toy. Don’t take our word for it though, get on and see for yourself. You will catch anything in the sky with the F18 Bounty on your side. Buy this Skyflight F18 Bounty Hunter kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Northrop RC Model For Sale

15. RC YF23 Fighter Jet

When it comes to RC airplanes for sale, you want two things, speed and affordability. Oh yeah, and performance. You also want performance. Well my friends, here it is, all wrapped up in this US Stock scale model YF23 fighter Jet. And what a beautiful plane she is. Painted signature black, this plane looks and acts like the real thing. The speed generated by the rc engine will have it streaking across the sky. You can practically have your own air show if you own this one. Superb craftsmanship and quality parts make this one a staple in your collection for years to come. Buy this F23 Twin RC Jet now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

McDonnell Douglas RC Plane For Sale

14. RC McDonnell Douglas MD11 Jet Liner

This is one of the most unique RC airplanes for sale you will ever see. It is a scale model of a McDonnell Douglas MD11. Modeled after carrier Swiss Air, this plane is hard to beat when it comes to looking realistic. Make no mistake though. You won’t see this on the set of any Godzilla movies any time soon. This RC plane is designed for loftier goals… like flying the friendly skies and delivering a quality piloting experience to the user. If jet liners are your thing, this plane is for you. Take her to the sky and let her soar.

 Buy this RC Mcdonnell Douglas MD11 kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC jets for sale

13. RC F/A-18 Blue Angel Jet

Who didn’t grow up hoping to one day be able to fly a legendary Blue Angels jet? Well, this just might be the closest you’ll get. If you’re familiar with F/A-18s, you’ll know they are a versatile plane that serves in ever branch of the US military. And as the Blue Angels have proven over the past, they can do some amazing maneuvers in the sky. Take this bad boy to the sky with its 4100KV 64mm ducted fan unit and 30 amp brushless electronic speed controller supporting the current draw of this powerful motor. The steerable nose-wheel make taxing the aircraft easy even for beginner RC enthusiasts. Buy this RC F/A-18 Blue Angels jet now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC Stealth Bomber For Sale

12. RC B-2 Stealth Bomber

Have you ever wanted to own your very own stealth bomber? Well, thankfully, you found this one amid the many rc airplanes for sale online. Made true to scale, this B-2 stealth bomber does not disappoint in the area or performance. Also, look a the detail. It is true to life, a definite head turner at local rc air show gatherings and club events. Take her to the air and watch the jaws drop. Yet, it gets even better with this one. Purchase it and it comes ready to fly. No assembly and a great time? It does not get any better than that. The price is right too. Buy this RC B-2 Stealth Bomber now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Best RC Plane

11. RC A-10 Warthog

Gas or battery powered? That is always the question when dealing with RC airplanes for sale. Sometimes, though, that answer is moot. Take this A-10 Warthog RC airplane for example. This electric powered Warthog looks and acts like the real deal. Beautifully detailed with true colors and decals, it comes ready to fly. That’s right, no assembly necessary. What a dream! Plug in the battery, let her charge, and then take to the skies for a while. While it might not sound like its turbine powered real life brother, no one will be the wiser while driving by. This warthog is first class all the way.
 Buy this RC A-10 Warthog plane kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft and also checkout these stunning A-10 Warthog Images.

Remote Control Stealth Plane

10. RC F117 Blackbird Kit

This electric powered RC F117 Blackbird replica is a standout among RC airplanes for sale. Look at the accuracy and detailing on the wings. It looks authentic to say the least. Even the cockpit is detailed to look as realistic as possible. You don’t find ready to fly models much better than this. It’s why the Blackbird is the envy of the sky. The way the controls work will make it the envy of your friends. The only thing separating you from it it is the small matter of a purchase. Click the link and you can solve your RC airplane problem. You won’t be disappointed.

 Buy this RC F117 Blackbird plane kit now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Best RC Planes Blackbird

9. RC Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird

RC airplanes for sale typically don’t run this inexpensive. Finding a plane, like this Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird for under $400 is a dream come true. It looks and acts like the real thing. And while the real deal still makes its rounds on the US Air Force circuit from time to time, you can make your friends jealous or provide hours of fun for you and your family with this scale model RC flyer. No assembly is required either. She comes ready to fly out of the box. Take to the skies and watch her soar, dip and dive like the real thing. It’s the perk of having twin motors. Brand new, great value, don’t pass this plane up! Check here for more info on Military AircraftBuy this RC SR71 Blackbird Jet now!

Cool RC Plane

8. RC Orange F-16 Falcon Jet

Falcon jet fighters look just as impressive as they perform. Designed to strike fear in enemies, and deliver the heat in action, they deliver. It’s to be expected though. Falcons are F-16 fighter jets after all. This RC aircraft looks like the real deal. So much so that you would think it was mistakenly listed among RC airplanes for sale if you were just causally scrolling through. You aren’t though; You are on a mission, and we have the answer. It is this orange fighting Falcon. Click the link for more info and to make a purchase. Minor assembly, hours of fun. That’s a fair trade.

 Buy this RC Orange F-16 Falcon now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC Helicopter For Sale

7. RC Funkey Bell Model 222 Helicopter

This scale model RC helicopter has a lot going on. For starters, she is a Funkey Bell model 222. The really awesome part? The landing gear is retractable and the scale is 1/10. This firmly cements the Funkey in a top spot among model RC aircraft for sale. The maneuverability, performance and form that this electric, gas and nitro powered engine provide give it everything you need to become a top chopper RC pilot. The authentic look and feel will keep you entertained for years to come. This will be one you can pass down to your kids and grand kids – and it’s the last one in stock so don’t miss out! Buy this RC Funkey Bell 222 Helicopter now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Hobby RC Planes

6. RC TopFlite F4U Corsair Airplane Kit

Old war planes look grand, don’t they? The impressive wingspan, huge props and bright colors add to already great performance in the air. Now, they make show pieces as model aircraft for RC pilots who love the history and detail behind these great flyers. They can always be found wherever there are RC airplanes for sale. This one is made from balsa, so it is light weight. Furthermore, it is produced in line with the Gold Edition standards set forth in 1991, featuring concealed tail control linkages and true to scale wing shape and span. These are perfect for the war plane RC enthusiast. Check here for more info on Military AircraftBuy this Top Flite F4U Corsair Kit now!

RC Model Airplanes For Sale

5. RC TopFlite Douglas DC-3 Twin Airplane Kit

Top Flite is known for making quality RC airplanes for sale. This Douglas DC-3 twin kit model is no exception. Minor assembly is required, but once the wings are in place, she is ready to fly. Enjoy hours of air time from this battery powered plane. Perfect for those starting out or seasoned pros, the Douglas will thrill young and old alike with its round fuselage and tiny landing gear. These are always great fun at RC air shows because they are easy to fly and require almost no time to get off the ground. Click through for more info. 

Buy this TopFlite RC Douglas DC-3 Twin kit plane now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Best Remote Control Model Kit For Sale

4. RC Cessna 182 Skylane

Cessnas and Piper Cubs are two of the go to planes for those pilots which hold a sporting license. They are easy to fly and maintain, and always have favorable price points. Well, the same is true when you find them in their RC version as well. They also happen to be some of the most reliable RC airplanes for sale. Check out this Cessna 182 Skylane to see what we mean. The distinguishing hanging wing design and detailing make this one authentic electric powered RC flyer. Great for anyone looking to explore RC planes, this Cessna can’t be beat. 

Buy this RC Cessna 182 Skylane now!  Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

RC Model Airplane For sale

3. Huge Thunderbolt ARF RC Flyer

Here is a true showstopper. This Thunderbolt ARF rc flyer is huge! It is 6 feet long and has a wing span of 106 inches! That is a little over 8 feet! All of that to say, get out of the way when this gas powered plane takes flight. It is one of the most impressive rc airplanes for sale you will ever see. It comes unassembled, but hey, if you are a true enthusiast then you love every part of the process. Getting it in the air is icing on the cake. So what are you waiting for? Get this one and start turning heads!

 Buy this huge Thunderbolt gas powered RC Flyer now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Best selections Gas RC Planes

2. Zero Fighter RC Gas Engine Airplane

This Zero Fighter gas engine RC airplane is no joke. For starters, look at the prop. It is huge and can definitely generate some thrust to get the plane airborne. Second, look at the design. It is fierce! The red dots give this 6 foot beast real attitude. You don’t want to mess with this one if you see it in the sky. This is one of those RC airplanes for sale that means business! It also takes a skilled pilot to fly it, so be prepared. Once you get comfortable with the controls though, you can perform tricks and maneuvers like the real thing. Then once it is on the ground, take off the wings for easy storage.

 Buy this Zero Fighter gas powered RC airplane now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

Gas Powered RC Plane For Sale

1. 50cc Gas Powered RC Aerobatic Airplane

If you are looking for one of those RC airplanes for sale that is a true performer, look no further. This 6 foot beauty can dip, dive and swoop wit hthe best of them. Perform loops, spins and rolls for hours, or as long as you have gas at least. Then land the plane, refuel, and get her air born again. This ARF Aerobatic Airplane is one of the best if you are looking for a trick plane. Take some time to get comfortable with her, then impress your friends and family. This rc airplane is a real crowd pleaser.
 Buy this 50cc RC Aerobatic Airplane now! Check here for more info on Military Aircraft.

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