Delta Winged Jet Does an Unbelievable Head-On Wheelie

If you’ve never heard of a Vulcan XH-558, you’re truly missing out. It’s a beautifully designed reconnaissance aircraft built by Avro for Great Britain. It really hit it’s mark in the early 60s and gracefully soared along the coasts of the United Kingdom for almost 20 years before being deactivated. The Vulcan was such an amazing aircraft that after the UK sent it off to become scrap, the Walton family picked up one of them and maintained it for airshows.

This is dated from 2012, is literally one of the last ever flights of this amazing aircraft. After this airplane landing, there was one other flight in 2015 that marked the very last time the Vulcan XH-558 would ever soar through the skies. When the Walton family – of Walmart and Sam’s Club fame – picked up one of the last of these Vulcans from the British government, they had to refit it for transport.


What aviation school do we have to attend to get that gig, right? Well, we can’t speak for the Brits, but here in the United States, aircraft pilots – non-commercial and commercial – have to complete a set number of hours before being allowed by the FAA to operate an airplane.

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This type of truly specialized and old-school jet aircraft would likely require at least some prior military flight experience or a lot of training. And it’s hard to take advanc