Luxury Civilian Tanks Are The Ultimate Vehicle

We know, we know – who needs his own personal military tank? It’s not a question of need, though. It’s a question of want. And for those who’ve been eagerly anticipating, that moment is here. Say hello to the Ripsaw EV2 Super Tank luxury vehicle. It has all the power and capabilities you’d normally picture any modern tank having – minus the turret. That’s because the Ripsaw was designed to wow from top to bottom. We’ll get into that.

Normally, when people think of owning their own tanks, it’s usually the picture of some rusted former Soviet-bloc state’s scrap heap. In fact, plenty of people have bought their own decommissioned tanks for various purposes – air shows, collectibles, historical re-enactment. But where a tank has always excelled is in its off road capability. Tanks were designed to go places where roads hadn’t even been constructed yet.


And that’s what makes the Ripsaw EV2 all the more impressive. It holds true to the original concept of a tank and brings pure entertainment and fun to the experience. The design came from trying to produce a high-speed tank for the military. As many government contracts as there are, sometimes they decide they don’t need or want one by the end of development. Thus, Howe and Howe Technologies decided to offer a civilian model to the public in a limited edition, hand-crafted run. These are designer sports luxury vehicles with unparalleled performance features. During its testing phase, it won the accolade for fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed.

The Two Big Enemies Of Tanks: Mud And Desert

While tracked vehicles are notoriously great for treading through rough terrain, there is a weird tendency for them to get hung up on soft sand and deep mud. Every machine has its limits and tanks are no exception. Thankfully, the EV2’s design accommodates for both with a very powerful engine and enough suspension travel to get it up and over the dunes.

The trick for getting through the mud with a tank is to stay above it. That’s precisely what the EV2 Ripsaw does. Because it’s capable of extremely fast acceleration and handling, it can get up to a speed where it cruises over the mud instead of sinking into it. Its diesel engine features 600 horsepower – a work horse like any would expect in a tank. Since coming out, the Ripsaw EV2 (Extreme Vehicle 2) has garnered the attention of major publications like Popular Science and Fourwheeler magazines. The Ripsaw is definitely the talk of the town. And for a king’s ransom, it can be yours! Jokes aside, Howe and Howe Tech reportedly put an extreme amount of time handcrafting and custom designing each tank to meet their client’s desires. If you think of it as a luxury land yacht, you’re half-way to the sheer amount of design and engineering prowess that’s poured into these luxury tanks.

Each Ripsaw EV2 Is Hand-Crafted, One Of A Kind

The Ripsaw design is extremely unique. No other tank in the world can boast a 0 to 65 mph acceleration in three seconds. The fact that it’s available to the public came with a lot of surprise. Most people tend to look at a dune buggy or sports car as a luxury treat – not a luxury sport tank. But just because it’s a tank doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with all the plush interior design one would expect in a luxury yacht. After all, anyone interested in racing around the mud and sand in a tank is probably interested in doing it in comfort. And with a heavy-duty suspension, you can be sure no matter how rough the ride – your ride stays smooth the entire time. With a price tag estimated in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, the wait line for these Ripsaw EV2 tanks has already become pretty long. According to Howe and Howe Tech, it can take up to six months to fulfill an order. We guess if luxury tank cruising is your thing, though, you probably won’t mind the added wait. After all, you have a lot of snow, rock, sand, and mud to carve through. One thing is for certain – bringing the Ripsaw EV2 tank to a mud rally almost guarantees the audience’s attention. It’s a sign of extreme love of the outdoors and a commitment to adventure. With custom featured controls meant to put you in the cockpit’s seat, it will be hard to step back into a set of regular wheels. But don’t worry – if you find yourself heading to the grocery store in this thing, it has rubber lined treads which won’t crack up the asphalt like an Abrams.

Would you test drive a one-of-kind civilian luxury tank? Do you think other companies will come out with their own version of the Ripsaw EV2? Check out more military videos.

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While tracked vehicles are notoriously great for treading through rough terrain, there is a weird tendency for them to get hung up on soft sand and deep mud. Every machine has its