RC Excavators at Work Will Take You To a Happy Place

What is it we love about construction sites? Let’s face it, we all love excavators at work and seeing progress first hand. It’s the noise, the smell, the massive size of these amazing machines. Well, now you can have one of your own – in miniature! We’re talking about the many Radio Controlled Excavators – and other machinery – that are fast becoming popular today.

Guys even use the excavators to go prospecting for gold! That’s right, gold prospecting with an RC excavator. This incredible scale model is having a blast in the water, and it’s going to take a while to get any serious work done there! But let’s not be frivolous, these things are serious pieces of kit. RC cars have been with us for decades and there are even racing series for them, so why not RC excavators?


These are not toys for kids; they are built for enthusiasts. You could even create your own full construction site. It’s fantastic fun, and hours of enjoyment can be had with these machines. So, where do you get yourself an RC excavator? The best place to start is by checking online hobby stores. Our recent article on Remote Controlled 4×4 Off-Road Trucks has a variety of links to online stores that sell them.

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What comes to light when you start looking at them is just how sophisticated and capable they are. The most popular model is the one here; it’s known as the Earth Digger 4200