The Absolute Best Way to Cut Down a Tree

There are many ways to clear land for development but using a brush cutter attachment manufactured by DENISCIMAF has to be the coolest one. It brings a whole new meaning to the words “heavy duty”. This brush cutter mows down trees in seconds, and makes light work of clearing just about any sort of brush you could imagine.

It’s like what you think would happen if a lawnmower and a massive piece of construction equipment had a baby, and then hopped it up on speed! Now before the law suits start flying, let me be clear… I do not think this machine is operating under the influence of any foreign or illegal substance. It just seems to be really good at chewing up things.


Did you see how that thing chews up a massive spruce tree in seconds? There was nothing left but toothpicks and sawdust! Yet, the story gets even better folks. 
Even though this type of construction equipment attachments are somewhat new, they are already making strides in innovation.

If you head over to DENISCIMAF’s website, you will find a host of products on display. As it turns out, that little brush cutter can be attached to just about anything. They have boom-mounted forestry brush cutters for excavators and backhoes, and a separate forestry brush cutter specific to compact loaders and skid steers.

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If you’re looking to grade a road and would like to clear brush at the same time… no problem! They have a brush cutter for your grader that attaches to the side. They even sell vertical shaft brush cutters that attach to mini-excavators. Like I said, they have made quite a few innovations for a piece of equipment that is still fairly new.

The Cost Of Speedy Brush Cutting

The price might seem a bit steep to some. In order to get a price on a new model, you have to submit a quote, but we were told that the price ranges from $20,000-$55,000 depending on factors like the type of machine that you’re attaching to. I don’t blame them for hiding the sticker shock. If I were them, I would do the same.

 Yet, I’m thinking I could sell these tree chewers like crazy if it were my job. All you have to do in order to sell a new one is simply show a prospective client what it can do, sit back, and shut up. Who could say no to that? Once they see the high productivity power behind the beast, a sale is a shoe in.

Think about it like this. If you own a company and are looking to increase your profits, there are only two ways you can do it. Either you sell your services for more, or you trim your expenses to keep your profit margin fat. Well, the latter certainly applies here. I’m no forestry land clearing expert, but I do know a few things by observation. I’m guessing it takes a pretty long time to clear land by traditional means. Chainsaws, chippers, and debris piles as high as a five story building seemed to be how it works. You know what I’m talking about. You have driven past massive construction developments on the interstate underway, with big piles of trees and other brush waiting to be burned.

Cutting those trees down takes a lot of time, and manpower. However, outfit yourself with one of these little guys and you can cut that time in half for sure. That saves time and money, allowing the land clearing service to still charge the same amount that they normally would for a job. Moving on to the next job means more money in their pocket. So, like I said, if I’m selling this machine all I have to do is push a button and let the customer see my brush cutter mowing down a forest in record time. How do you get that job, right?

Well you may never get that job; neither will I. Yet, these heavy duty pieces of construction equipment are fun to see. It gets your brain going too, doesn’t it? You start to think that if you had one of these in your backyard, that pesky neighbor that bothers you so much would not be a problem anymore. He would probably shut his trap pretty quick if you started mowing down all of the trees in his yard. Hey, don’t judge me, I’m just thinking out loud. I will say this, though. If you just chuckled, then you pony up 20 grand, and I match the same. That way, we can go in together on one and solve two “neighbor” problems with one brush cutter, allegorically speaking of course.

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If you head over to DENISCIMAF’s website, you will find a host of products on display. As it turns out, that little brush cutter can be attached to just about anything. They hav