RC Cars Are All Grown Up: RC Tractor Pulls?

When we were kids, we played with toys. As men, we still have that same fondness for “toys”, they’re just a little different. Today we have sports cars, motorcycles, and boats. And we traded in our little green army men for big screen TVs, tools, and gadgets. But not all of us. There are some brave men who get together every weekend to build and race remote controlled cars. These aren’t just any RC cars either.

This is the type of stuff that would make our 8-year-old selves wet our pants from a combination of joy and intimidation. They’re not just electric, with many models powered by nitro or even gasoline. And not only do they race these beastly rigs – off-road and on – there are also clubs for everything from drifting to tractor pulls.

For the uninitiated, tractor pulling is a motorsport popular throughout the US, Australia, Europe, and even Brazil. It’s essentially what it sounds like – a souped up tractor pulls a weighted sled down a dirt track. Whichever tractor makes it the furthest before stalling out or exploding into flames (okay, that doesn’t really happen) wins. (more…)

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There’s also events for trucks, both the four wheel and two wheel drive varieties. Pretty much the same idea, just a different kind of vehicle doing the pulling. In the late 198