New Tire Pressure App Could Save You Hundreds

We sometimes forget how important maintaining proper tire pressure is to our cars. It keeps us safe, comfortable, and can even save us money. Potentially thousands of dollars, in fact. But what’s the best way to keep track without doing a lap with a pressure gauge once or twice a month? Well, newer cars are starting to include a built-in tire monitoring system. Most of us, however, probably don’t have brand spanking new rides with all the latest features.

Know My Tires

That’s where this new smartphone and tablet app comes in. It’s called KnowMyTires, and it’s available for both iOS and Android. Just pull it up on your device and bam! A real time display showing each of your tire’s pressure readings and temperatures. You’ll also get a notification if the temp gets too high or pressure too low. Sounds sweet, right?

But you’re probably worried about installation. Don’t be. It couldn’t be simpler. Unscrew your old valve caps and replace them with your fancy new ones, plug the receiver into your lighter socket, and you’re done. Oh, and install the app. This should be easy in practice, but not all of us know how to actually work our smartphones. That’s what kids are for. (more…)

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Everything will run you about $200. Fortunately, the caps have an anti-theft design, so you don’t have to worry about anyone running off with them.