Make Your Own Engine with a Coke Can

They say you can do a lot of things with coke. We know this to be true. You can use it to clean corroded battery terminals, scrub rusty sinks and toilets, and of course, create a true soda fountain by chucking a few Mentos inside. Yet, who knew that you could use coke to make your own Stirling engine?

Stirling What?

Now if you don’t know what a Stirling engine is, it is essentially a one piston wonder. It operates on the basic principles of cyclic compression and expansion of a gas (such as air), using temperature differential to move the piston.

It is considered to be a closed cycle system which means that the fluid is permanently contained within the system (piston chamber). Unless you are an engine guy, that probably makes no sense to you whatsoever. All of that is fancy talk that simply means the piston goes up as the fluid gets hotter and is driven back down as it rapidly cools. (more…)

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The up-and-down movement is connected to a drive shaft of sorts, which in turn is connected to a fly wheel that can be used to power whatever you need it to. These engines were or

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