Lamborghini Changes Colors Right Before Your Eyes!

Chances are you had your own car as a teenager that you liked to fix up. Perhaps you would change out the accessories, add a bit of trim, maybe even change out the stereo with some custom speakers. I know I certainly did back then. I was a fixture at the local auto accessory store, always looking for things like custom floor mats, chrome gear shifters, and modified tail lights.

Yet, I never quite went to this extreme. Check out this car. 

At first, it seems like you’re staring at your standard Lamborghini Gallardo. You know what I’m talking about, that little $200,000.00 run about you keep in your garage. They are expensive vehicles for sure, and perform beautifully on the road. However, even the paint job on this one performs.


If you look closely, you will see that the individual appears to be pouring some sort of unknown liquid on the car. As he does, the first paint job disappears to reveal a stunning custom paint job featuring Captain America. 

Now, whether you are an Avengers fan or not, you have to admit that this is pretty epic stuff. I mean, let’s be honest. Sure, I had a car or two repainted to my liking when I was a teenager, but nothing like this.

At best, my options were limited to gloss, matte, or pearl finish. I would have been flat out dangerous if I could have gotten this type of custom paint for my car.

Anyway, enough nostalgia, back to the matter at hand. How do they do it? Well, it is not as mysterious as you think. The secret lies in the paint itself. As it turns out, the liquid that the guys pouring on the car is simply water. The paint responds to the temperature change. It is known as thermochromic paint. To reveal the Avengers character underneath, all he needs to do is pour a bit of hot water over the hood of the Lamborghini. Captain America appears out of nowhere. To put him back into hiding, he pours cold water over the vehicle, and the previous paint job is restored. Water is used to show how dramatic the transformation can be, but keep in mind, the paint responds to temperature as a whole. This means, after the Lamborghini has been driven for a few minutes, portions of the hood will begin to change as the engine heats up. Also, driving on a hot day will cause the car to reveal its second paint job as well.

Thinking of Getting One?

Think Again
! The paint job looks pretty cool, but be prepared to pay if you want one. Keep in mind, the car you see is a Lamborghini Gallardo, so obviously this individual has a bit of scratch to spend on things like custom paint jobs. Thermochromic paint cost somewhere around $400 per pint. Yes, you read that correctly, not per gallon… per pint! At that rate, you could easily spend thousands of dollars to repaint your car to give it a cool, custom look.

 Also, there are some other things you would have to look out for as well. Thermochromic paint is sensitive to UV light. Because of this, if you expose your vehicle to the sun too much, your color changing car will no longer change colors. The best way to prevent that from happening is to drive your vehicle early in the morning and just after dusk. Night driving is fine. However, any other driving during the day puts your paint job at risk.

It almost seems like a cruel joke, doesn’t it? You get your first Lamborghini Gallardo, trick it out with custom thermochromic paint, and then you are told that you can drive it any time you want, just not during the day. No turning heads, no joy riding, no chance to show your vehicle off to jealous coworkers. Yet, you could throw one awesome party at night and invite them over to see them drool. Hey, we all have our crosses to bear, right? 

Beyond that, you have to consider other factors such as the potential for accidents to happen. It’s one thing to bump a Lamborghini to begin with. It is an entirely different matter to have a fender bender in your Lamborghini with a custom thermochromic paint job. Auto insurance usually doesn’t cover things like custom paint job repair, especially when it costs thousands of dollars.

The Moral of the Color Changing Lamborghini Story

So what have we learned here today? Thermochromic paint jobs look very cool, but they are not the most economical route to take. They all but prevent you from driving your vehicle during the day, and can be a pain in the keister should you have an accident. That’s the Captain Obvious version at least.

However, if you are like me, you are just thinking one thing… I really want one of those paint jobs!

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At best, my options were limited to gloss, matte, or pearl finish. I would have been flat out dangerous if I could have gotten this type of custom paint for my car.