Chainsaw Motors With an Identity Crisis

Chainsaws are awesome, right? Noisy, smoke-blasting, powerful wood-chewing monsters. They’re even a little bit scary and dangerous in the wrong hands – we’re looking at you, Leatherface – but that just adds to their overall awesomeness. So what happens when your trusty old Stihl needs replacing, but you just can’t find a way to part with it, even though the blade bent months ago and the teeth are blunter than blunt? Answer: you turn it into something even more awesome.

Here we’ve put together a few of our favorite uses for chainsaw motors but the ideas don’t stop here. Be sure to let us know of all the creative ways you’ve used or seen chainsaw motors used for something other than cutting wood. Like the Germans themselves, German machinery and equipment is dependable and extremely efficient, and Dolmar, based in Hamburg, has been churning out tough as boots chainsaws since 1927.


It is one of the oldest makers of gas chainsaws around, and its founder, Emil Lerp, would be proud of the company’s standing in today’s ultra-competitive world of wood-grinding beasts. What he’d be even more proud of, though, is what crazy Dolmar mechanics came up with a few years ago: an outrageous marriage of Harley Davidson and 24 chainsaw motors to produce the ‘madness on two wheels’ called The Dolmette.

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This animal is a sight to behold: 24 bright red engines from Dolmar PS-7900 chainsaws, hooked into the chrome frame of a Harley Davidson with 5-speed transmission and 12 toothed b