World’s Largest Things: Super-Sized Versions of Your Favorite Stuff

Good things come in all shapes and sizes – but the funniest, most unusual, and most interesting things are always the biggest! What you’re about to see is creative genius turned on its head for the sake of a good laugh. Check out this world’s largest golf club below, for example…

The World’s Largest Golf Club

This golf club is the largest you’ll ever see.  The club is about 14 feet long and was made by Karsten Maas from Denmark. Can you imagine playing golf with this kind of club? We don’t think it would even be possible! TaylorMade drivers aren’t this big, and neither are the Titleist drivers. Well, none of them are, because this is the biggest club ever! They said that if you could put a normal swing on the ball, the driver could produce a 450 yard drive with a 90 mph swing speed. But it’s too big to put a normal swing on for most folks!

How big do you think Nerf guns can get? Let’s find out.

The World’s Largest Nerf Gun

This Nerf Gun is about 6 ft. long and it was built by former NASA engineer, Mark Rober of the USA. Mark, not one to leave jobs undone, also created scaled-up darts to fit into the gun. Life after NASA gets boring, and this was what Mark used to while away time. Good for him, eh?

Next, we have the largest motorcycle in the world. 

The Biggest Motorcycle In The World

This is The Regio Design XXL Chopper, and it is the biggest motorcycle ever made. And no, it’s not just made for aesthetic sake. This motorcycle is actually functional. The bike was built by Fabio Reggiani and it is about 16 feet high and 32 feet long. The gigantic motorcycle is a perfect combination of size and speed, and it was even able to complete a test drive of 100 meters. Imagine having something like this parked in your garage.

Now you’ve seen the largest motorcycle, get ready to see the largest truck key. And trust us, this is pretty huge.

The World’s Largest Truck Key 

This very large key is the largest truck key in the world, and it was made in Casey, Illinois. We don’t think the key would be able to start an actual truck but we suppose it’s great to imagine the tools giants would need if they ever walked the earth. Interestingly, this key was a scaled-up version of the actual truck key of the artist. 

Enough about trucks and whatnot. Let’s read up on books. 

The World’s Largest Library

China recently opened a library with over 1.2 million books, and its interior would simply blow your mind away. The incredible library has white walls and bookshelves that reach up to the sky. This would certainly be reading paradise for people in love with amazing architecture and books. If you ever go to China, would you visit this library? 

The World’s Largest Ping Pong Paddle

This paddle looks pretty unwieldy, doesn’t it? For one, it would be terribly tough for a game of table tennis. That’s probably because it is about eleven feet tall and over 6 feet wide. Even lifting this monster ping pong paddle would take the strength of at least two men! It was made by Rise Brands (USA) at Pins Mechanical Company in Columbus. It is currently hanging at a place where you can watch it and play Ping Pong at the same time. 

The Biggest KFC Bucket Of Chicken Ever

This giant bucket of tasty fried chicken is about 8 feet tall and 9 feet wide. The bucket was made by the KFC fast food franchise to celebrate its seventy years anniversary, and my oh my, did they go all out on this one. The world’s largest fried chicken bucket is filled so much tasty chicken that it weighs in at a wopping 2,000 pounds. That’s some serious finger lickin goodness. 

How loud do you think you can be if you’re given the world’s largest microphone? 

The World’s Largest Microphone

The world’s largest microphone was created by David Aberg, a native of Sweden. The mic was also delivered and measured in Sweden. This huge speaking apparatus has a length of about 14 feet and a diameter of about 3 feet. It’s interesting to wonder what type of incredible music shows this mic could even be used for!

The World’s Largest Gold Fish?

This picture of a french man that looks to be carrying a thirty-pound goldfish surfaced on the internet recently, and it has gotten people’s imagination going. The fish looks like a goldfish, but can goldfishes really grow to be 3 feet long? It seems unlikely. And it is. This is actually a common carp or koi, not a goldfish. 

The World’s Largest Yo-Yo Toy

You can find the largest yo-yo in the world at this National Yo-Yo Museum. The museum has about eighty years of yoyo artifacts on display, including competition details and memorabilia. This huge yo-yo is the largest of the lot and it weighs about 256 pounds. That’s about the weight of two human beings combined. The yo-yo is about fifty inches tall as well. 

At least we know that no one can actually use it— or can someone? 

Next, we have the largest fish tackle ever.

The World’s Largest Fishing Lure

This gigantic fishing lure is actually about 24 inches long and it weighs close to 8 pounds. Really? Yes, really! Is it used to catch a whale? A shark? A prehistoric animal? Who knows! The bait is called the BMT, and we are positively terrified for any fish that actually comes across its path. A bit bigger than a Berkley Gulp! lure wouldn’t you say? She’s got to be going for some monster catfish with this big thing, right?

Now how big do you think the world’s largest original Ketchup bottle is?

The Largest Original Catsup Bottle

This tower was originally a 170 ft tall water tower that was built in the 40s by W.E Caldwell Company for the  G.S. Suppiger catsup bottling plant. In 1955, the tower was saved from demolition and it retained its beauty as a roadside landmark. Now that the word is ketchup, this thing would probably made today fro Heinz ketchup!

How big do you think water guns can get? 

The World’s Largest Super Soaker

It looks like Mark Rober isn’t done building stuff. The YouTuber and former NASA engineer was the one who built the NERF gun earlier on this list, and he’s the one who built this fully functional water gun as well. The Super Soaker measures about seven feet long and can shoot out water at an incredible force. Amazingly, the water gun works precisely like a tiny water gun. The only difference is that this one is way larger and dispenses water at about 272 miles per hour.

Coming up — how big do you think a bbq lighter should get? 

The World’s Largest BBQ Lighter

Peter Sripol and Sam Foskuhl are two YouTube stars that are known for the most audacious videos. One day, they wanted to use a lighter and discovered that they were not content with the regular BBQ lighters. That’s when they decided to create their own monster with a flamethrower. This is not your every day Bic sir! This huge monster of a grill lighter was made through the combination of an actual weed eater, a blowtorch, and hand made housing. 

Next, we have the biggest Gameboy in the world

The World’s Largest Nintendo Gameboy

This Gameboy was developed by Ilhan Unal, a Belgium engineering student. This giant console measures 101 centimeters in height, is 62 centimeters wide and is about 20 centimeters deep. It’s not just for show either. It’s fully functional and works just as well as a regular Nintendo Gameboy. Sadly, you won’t be able to slip this Gameboy into your pocket. 

Up Next – How big do you think wastebaskets should be allowed to get? 

The World’s Largest Waste Basket

This wastebasket is a sculpture that can be found in a garden in China. It’s about 16 feet long, and about 7 feet wide. It’s filed with mock paper, but you get the idea. This is certainly the weirdest wastebasket you’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even look like a wastebasket. It looks like art!

You’ve seen the largest Gameboy, now get ready for the largest Xbox console.

The Largest Xbox Console Ever Made

Game consoles aren’t known to be extremely big, but this one can cover several car spaces on a pretty huge parking lot. This Xbox made its first appearance in downtown Vancouver when Xbox wanted to kick off the launch of the Xbox One. This colossal console is an exact replica of the Xbox one that was to be released on that day. Sadly, the game doesn’t actually work and is just a mere physical structure. 

Next, we have the largest shoe in the world. 

The World’s Largest Shoe 

The largest shoe in the world is a converse all star that measures about 18 feet long, 6 feet wide, and 9 feet tall. And we’re glad they went with an all-time classic – the Converse All-Star! Imagine having a shoe like this somewhere in your wardrobe. Wait, you can’t! The shoe is probably bigger than your room! 

How big do you think the world’s biggest phone would be? 

The Largest Cell Phone Ever Made

This Samsung and Cricket branded phone was unveiled in Chicago and ended up being the world’s largest working cell phone. The phone measures about 15 feet wide and is 13 feet tall. Amazingly, it can receive phone calls and take text messages with no trouble at all. Did you know that all text messages and phone calls made on this large phone are free? 

Next, we have the largest remote control in the world.

The World’s Largest TV Remote 

This remote control is about 6 feet tall and two feet wide. What makes it even more remarkable is that it is perfectly functional. Would you buy a TV if it came with a remote of this size? Even if it contained a lifetime Dish or Comcast Xfinity subscription?

If you ever wondered how to play a gigantic console, well get ready to see a gigantic game controller. 

The World’s Largest Video Game Controller

This gamepad was officially verified as the largest one that the world had to offer in August 2015. The video game controller is simply enormous and measures about 12 ft x 5 ft 3 in x 1 ft 8 in. It’s made to play classic games like Mario Bros, Pong and Galaga with.

The creators of this monstrous gadget are Ben Allen, Stephen van’t Hof, and Michel Verhulst, all of whom have a stupendous amount of free time on their hands. The trio was studying at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands when they decided to build the controller. 

Next, we have another game item— the big old Rubix cube. 

The World’s Largest Rubix Cube

This cube was decided by a Brit named Tony Fisher. The cube is measured about 6ft on each side and is the largest Rubix cube you’ve ever seen. Why did Tony design this? Who knows. Perhaps he had too much time on his hand. Or perhaps he wanted to hold a Guinness World Record. No one will really ever know the truth. 

How large do you think a pencil can be? Let’s find out. 

The World’s Largest Pencil

Everyone get out your No. 2 pencils! This is the largest pencil in the world and it is about 76 feet long. That’s as long as five school buses lined up head to head. The pencil weighs about 21 thousand pounds and was created by Ashrita Furman of the USA. Ashrita didn’t create it alone either. He had help from the Sri Chinmoy center in New York. Ticonderoga would love to get their hands on this.

Next, we have an actual living thing. 

The Largest Cow In The World 

The largest cow in the world is named Blossom, and she’s gigantic. Although Blossom died in 2015 at age thirteen, she is still regarded as the tallest cow ever. She reached an incredible 6 feet 2.8 inches and weighed about three thousand pounds. We have a sinking feeling McDonald’s would love cows of this size! Blue Bell ice cream could offer free dessert to an entire town for a year with this lassie! Mayfield Dairy sure would like to get their hands on her. You know who wouldn’t? Silk Almond Milk, that’s who.

We are getting on an actual aircraft carrier next…

The World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier

The USS Gerald Ford was formally commissioned in 2017 and is the largest aircraft carrier in the world – the pride and joy of the U.S. Navy. The ship also happens to be the largest warship ever built in terms of displacement. The ship is more than a thousand feet long and is nearly two hundred and fifty feet tall. Are you awed? You should be. This thing carries those awesome General Dynamics F-16s, Lockheed Martin F-35s and many other styles of aircraft. It’s an absolute beast. And as a beast, it needs beastly propellors!  (This isn’t the last time you’ll something unusual from this ship…just wait two more slides.)

If you have a rocking chair at home, you would definitely want to see the next slide.

The World’s Largest Rocking Chair 

This chair can be found in Casey, Illinois (the town with the largest truck key), and weighs about 46,000 pounds. The chair is made up of recycled pipe and wood and it took the better part of a year to get constructed. Before the chair could be acknowledged as a rocking chair by the Business World records, it was asked to rock. To do that, it had to be pushed by several strong men during the Guinness World Records visit. 

Next, we return to the USS Gerald Ford to check some things out. 

The World’s Largest Anchor Chain

For the largest warship to move, it needs to have the strongest and longest anchor chain. The anchor system atop the ship is extremely heavy, as the anchor itself weighs about 30,000 pounds. The chain is 1,440 feet long, and each link weighs about 136 pounds. That’s a really heavy chain, don’t you think? 

Would you like to see some cool machines from World War 2? Check the next slide out. 

The World’s Largest RailGun

This monstrous machine was called the Schwerer Gustav and it weighed about 1300 tonnes. The barrel of the gun was about 106 feet long and the entire machine was about 155 feet long. It was about 38 feet tall and it took 250 men to assemble the gun in three days. Nazi Germany had developed this machine to help defeat their enemies, but it never played an important role. Interestingly, it was destroyed by the end of the war by Germans to stop it from getting into the hands of the allies. 

Next, we have something less tense than wars and such. 

The World’s Largest Radio Flyer 

The world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon is located in Spokane’s Riverfront Park. This gigantic wagon was created by Ken Spiering and was commissioned by the Jr League of Spokane. It looks really great too— the handle of the wagon is a slide, and the insides are padded. It’s simply the best addition to a park. 

How do you feel about large watermelons? 

The World’s Largest Watermelon

Kroger could make a million dollars on this thing! Watermelons are large fruits, no doubt. But they aren’t usually so big that one person can’t carry them! Farmer’s Markets all over the world would salivate just looking at this beauty – I mean how many shelves do you think it would take Publix to house this whole thing?!

Next, we going to show you the largest animal ever to exist (that we know of). And yes, it still exists today. 

The World’s Largest Animal 

The Blue Whale is, simply put, the largest animal to ever exist. They are even larger than the largest dinosaurs, and they can grow to the size of an actual jumbo jet – we’re talking roughly the size of a Lockheed C-130 Hercules. Did you know that the average female Blue Whale can grow to a length of about 82 feet? Thankfully, these gigantic animals don’t eat human beings. They eat tiny animals called krills instead. 

Brace yourself— there’s a sad story coming next.

The World’s Largest Sinkhole

The largest sinkhole ever is in Berezniki, Russia. And, sadly, it’s not just one sinkhole. It’s a city of sinkholes littered all over the place. This is just one example. The city has about a hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants and was built directly on top of a potash mine. This meant that, after years and years of extraction, there were deep voids beneath the city. In 2006, a freshwater spring began to flow into those springs and it dissolved the pillars holding the mine’s ceiling up, leading to sinkholes appearing all over the place. Thankfully, the city has finally stopped sinking as the mines under it have now been flooded. 

Next, we check out another animal.

The World’s Largest Alligator

You may think you know just how big and long crocodiles are, but you really don’t. The monstrous Florida alligator (not Florida Gators, mind you) is about 17 feet long and can weigh up to a thousand pounds. That’s a lot. If you’re ever out on an adventure and you see a gator, you know what to do. Run like your life depends on it. 

Basketballs are next! How big do you think they could get? 

The World’s Largest Basketball

The world’s biggest basketball can be found in Knoxville Tennessee, and it is stupendously large. The ball is called the Baden ball, after the sports apparel manufacturer and it measures about thirty feet tall. It perches atop a gigantic basketball goal, and it has about 96 thousand dimples. Baden basketballs are slowly going out of style, Spalding basketballs are the cream of the cop these days.

Next, we have the biggest KFC sign you’ll ever see. 

The Biggest Chicken 

The pride of Marietta, Georgia (other than the Wheeler High School basketball team, of course)! This sign is called the Big Chicken and it goes as high as 56 feet. This huge sign is the major architectural expression of this KFC outlet, and it’s the biggest KFC has ever built. Why? Marketing, that’s why.

Speaking of marketing…

The World’s Largest Statue

The Spring Temple statue reaches a simply mind-blowing height of four hundred and nineteen feet. The Spring Temple statue depicts Vairocana Buddha and is located in the Zhaocun township of Lushan County, Henan, China. 

The project for the entire temple cost about fifty-five million dollars, and eleven years were spent on building it. Does the Buddha not look like the kind of being that would make use of 7 feet lighter? Well, let’s just hope it never comes to life!

Time for letters!

The World’s Largest MailBox

This is the third time the tiny city of Casey, Illinois is appearing on this list. And yes, the largest mailbox in the world just happens to be built in this small city. The interior of the mailbox measures 5,743.41 cubic feet and will soon be used as a museum of mail history. Jim Bolin is the brain behind the entire set up of the mailbox, and he has gone on to build eight more ridiculously large items in the small town. They don’t want to hear about UPS or FedEx or Amazon…the good ol’ fashioned USPS will do, thank you very much.

If you thought we were done with huge statues, you were wrong.

The World’s Largest Dump Truck

CAT equipment, need we say more? I mean, look at it next to that Chevy SUV!

The Belaz 75710, with an outrageous payload of 496 tons, is the largest dump truck in the world by a country mile. You may not appreciate how big this truck is right now except you stand close to it. However, since you may not be able to do that, you should know that it is 65 feet tall, 26 feet high and 22 feet wide. That’s one gigantic truck.