40 Hilarious Fishing Moments Captured on Film


Who doesn’t love some funny fishing pictures!? These are the cream of the cream. Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies around the world. It’s not only fun but very rewarding as well. There are few things as exciting as coming home with a fresh catch. However, not all fishing endeavors go as planned and some people come back with funny memories and hilarious photos that we have covered in this article. Let’s start with the warm up…a tale as old as time.

bride and groom fishing, funny fishing pictures

Setting Your Priorities Right

We’re not sure what the funniest thing about this picture is – the bride’s lack of interest, the empty basket, or the husband paying more attention to fishing. We assure you this isn’t a custom in Russia, where this picture was clicked, but going by the kind of reaction it has received, fishing when you get married might soon turn out to be a tradition. However, we hope the same doesn’t happen with our next pick.

smart fish

Smarter Than You

Science might not agree but we feel that fish can be smart, at least smarter than this fisherman. This fish seems to be aware of how hooks work and appears to be cautious. Looks like this beauty has experience handling and ditching fisherman and it isn’t planning to get grilled anytime soon. Legend says the fish is still roaming in these waters.

bear photobomb

A Dangerous Photobomber

You might have seen this one before as it’s known as one of the funniest fishing photos ever. We couldn’t even believe it when we first saw it but a Google search proved that this picture is real. If you search the web, you may find more versions of this incredible photo. The man apparently survived and the bear is a bigger star today.

These funny fishing pictures get better and better.

Oh My God

Perfect timing. Right as the photographer snapped the photo this fish – what looks like a dolphinfish aka maki maki – made a run for it. The slippery little devil! These things are a beautiful, abundant catch and make for a perfect catch of the day. But not this one!

funny fishing photos

Not The Best Plan

This funny fishing picture proves that proper planning is very important when you go out to fish. While this girl has been able to get the attention of her prey, we’re not sure how she plans to catch it given a lack of tools. Even the expressions on her face tell a sorry story but the next pick on this funny fishing photos list is even funnier.


fishing cats

Stand in a Queue

We told you cats make everything funny and they are here again to make you laugh. We’re not sure if the fisherman owns this clowder or if they did ‘cat’ things and came here smelling a fresh meal. A quick fat: there’s a species of cats that can fish. Now, that’d make for some interesting fishing photos.

falling fishing

Not What I Came Here For

If you’ve ever been fishing, you might have seen something like this happen with your own eyes as such incidents are more common than you’d like to think. Despite this, they’re very funny. If you ever go fishing, make sure you have full control over your body and avoid keeping phones or other gadgets in your pocket otherwise, a lost catch won’t be your only regret.

She’s A Noodler

If you’re familiar with the sport of noodling – then you know the determinations, skill, and pain tolerance necessary to excel in the muddy waters where giant catfish roam free. This is Hannah Barron – she’s one of the elite noodlers in the world.

These funny fishing pictures get better and better.

fishing fails

Is That a Whale?

Had the photographer waiter for a few more seconds, we might have seen this dude fall far first into the water. Whatever he has caught seems to be more powerful than him and appears to be in no mood to get eaten. Though rare, such instances can always leave people laughing.

Cast Your Nets Off The Other Side

Perhaps she knows something the men don’t, fishing from the other side of the pier. What a contrast between the fisherwoman and the fishermen…funny!

cow fishing

Fishing For Some Milk

Just in case you’re confused, let us remind you that fishing stands for ‘catching fish’. If you’re lucky, you might end up with some other marine creatures but a cow is never gonna be your catch. Despite a lack of chances, these gentlemen appear to be trying but not very hard.


It’s All About The Numbers

Statistically speaking, these two rods absolutely increase this man’s chance of hauling in a big catch. But what’s gonna happen when he gets a hit on one of the other polls and then these first two end up in the water as he’s going after the other one. Huh? What about that? What then? Anyways…funny fishing photo!

These funny fishing pictures get better and better.

doing splits

Has Me in Splits

If you have been in a similar situation, you might understand the pain of this victim but for the rest of us, this is one of the funniest fishing photos that is also a perfect example of wrong timing. I hope they were able to complete the excursion and didn’t have to rush to seek medical help. 

bear fishing

Posing for the Camera

Bears are definitely better at catching fish than humans but it seems that this is not it. They also seem to be funnier and more photogenic than us. The photographer must have put a lot of time and effort to get this perfect shot. Let’s appreciate the efforts and move to our next funny fishing photo.

funny fishing

I Wanna Take You Higher

I’ve seen people try different fishing techniques but never have I seen anyone go this far. I’d love to meet this guy and ask questions like what prompted him to try a crane, what kind of catch he had, and if it’s worth a try. Who knows, he might be able to convince me to rent a crane.

sleepy fishing

Wake Me Up Tonight

We love fishing but we can’t deny the fact that it can often get boring as highlighted here. The man seems to have fallen asleep while waiting for a catch. The good thing is that he seems pretty alert given how he’s holding on to the rod. You’ll see more similar examples in this funny fishing photos guide, let’s move to the next one.


hilarious fishing fail

Honey, I Got a Catch

If I had to select my favorite among these funny fishing photos, I’ll go with this one. Since I’ve gone fishing, I understand the feeling. You don’t immediately know what you’ve caught. You pull the rod and you feel you’re going to have the biggest catch of your life only to figure out it’s your own jacket.

funny fishing photo

Not Gonna Let You Go

Come rain or fire, I’ll catch you appears to be the mantra here. Despite needing assistance, the man is out there with his fishing rod ready to make an impression. This funny fishing photograph is not just hilarious but also very motivational. It teaches us to never give up, but our next pick has a different message.

a fish and a man that have identical sets of teeth, funny fishing pictures.

Look Alike

Of all the funny fishing pictures out there, how many feature identical twins? That’s right, only this one. Hilarious! If you’re looking for a little more hilarity, check out the funniest bumper stickers on the road today!

These funny fishing pictures get better and better.

sleeping and fishing

Time to Move On

We have seen several people give up and lie down in this funny fishing guide but this one takes the cake as this dude seems to have come prepared. Have a look at his shirt, he has a fish on it. And it looks like this is the only fish he took home that day.

fishing together

Show Me What You’ve Got

Here’s another couple giving fishing a try and we promise this is going to be the last one on this list of funny fishing photos. The man is busy catching dinner while the bride stands behind appreciating his effort. This ‘aww’ worthy photo is both funny and inspiring. We all want a partner like that.

holding fish

With a Mouthful

This lady seems to be good at catching. She’s holding not one but three fish that are bigger than my average catch. The smile on her face tells us she’s proud; however, we can’t help but laugh at her laziness. She’s like most of us – she doesn’t wanna take an extra trip and isn’t interested in investing in a bucket

funny fishing photo

Hey, Let’s Do It

There are few fishing photos as exciting as this one. This dude seems pretty kicked and surprisingly that’s the funny part about this photo. We wish this was a GIF or a video as he seems prepared to take an unwanted dip. Now that’d make for some funny fishing photos.

fishing bride

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

They say there’s a lot of fish in the pond and here’s this lady trying her luck. We found this fishing picture funny not only because of her outfit but also because she’s fishing at the beach. There’s no way you’re coming home with a catch, darling. You’ll only grab some trash.

kissing fish

Come Close, Señorita

If you have never seen a fish kiss a human before then you’re in for a treat as it doesn’t get better than this. I have seen a lot of funny fishing photos but few are as interesting as this one. The way she’s holding the fish is classic but it’s nothing in front of our next funny fishing picture.

skeleton fishing

The Worst Nightmare

Fishing can be quite an exhausting job, especially if it’s your first time. It can take people hours to succeed and this funny fishing photo depicts just that. This human has turned into a skeleton while waiting for the catch that we assume never arrives. This looks like my future!


girl fishing

Fashion Comes First

What happens when you invite your friends for a fish party but you’re out of fish? This is the result. My girlfriend thinks that’s a great top but I can’t look beyond the heels in this funny fishing photograph. Not sure if she succeeded that day but I bet she had a few falls.

fishing bridge

For The Brave Ones

If you love breaking the rules then this bridge should be on your go-to list. We’re not sure how much fun you’ll have jumping or fishing here, but it will make for some more funny fishing photos. So, go ahead, give it a try, and don’t forget to send us pictures from your adventure.

These funny fishing pictures get better and better.


three eyed fish

Fishing in Pandora

If James Cameron sees this, he’ll introduce a three-eyed fish in his next alien flick. According to science, it’s very rare to catch a fish with three eyes on the same side of its head. Such things usually happen due to birth defects but the good thing is that it doesn’t affect the taste.

cat fishing

Meow, Meow, My Turn Now – Funny Fishing Pictures

The best thing about cats is that they make everything funny. Most experts say that cats can swim but it might not be the best idea to make your cat your fishing partner since they can’t always control their excitement around fish. You’d end up concentrating more on your royal partner and less on your expedition.

couple fishing together

Fishing For Our Future

Another funny photo, another couple doing the same thing…fishing. Unlike other funny couple fishing photos we have posted, this couple seems to be into it this time. Maybe, they are fishing for what’s in store for them and hoping it’s something good. Let’s wish them some luck and move to our next pick.

fish eater

Hugh Glass, Is That You?

If I ever see a man who can pull this stunt off, I’d be mighty impressed but we know that this is only meant to be funny and isn’t real. If you can catch a fish with your mouth, do get in touch with us. We’d feature you in our superhuman piece. Don’t miss this opportunity.

fishing fail

Sssh, I am Busy – Funny Fishing Pictures

This fishing picture brings so many emotions out – it’s funny, sad, and iconic. I see a lonely man, a dead fish, and a lost smile. The funniest bit, for me, is what he’s wearing. What’s that camouflage for, sir? If you found this funny then wait for our next photo, this husband’s going the extra mile.


friends fishing

Trying a New Position

Friends who work together win and this duo seems to have taken the mantra a little too seriously given how they’re working together to find their next catch. We’re not sure how effective this technique is, if you have any idea then feel free to get in touch with us and let us know.

funny fishing pictures

When Life Gives You Lemons – Funny Fishing Pictures

When it rains, make the best of it. When it floods, go fishing. This isn’t actually the worst idea in the world. The worst idea in the world would be to be inside one of those cars in the flood.

fishing in the snow

Not Stopping Today

This isn’t from an episode of Fear Factor, this is a man who is wild and brave enough to go out in the snow to find a fresh meal. Too bad he forgot his clothes. While some may find this sad and shocking, we think this belongs to the list of funny fishing photos.


funny fishing pic

Paint Me Like One of Your French Girls

Take a leaf out of the book of this fisherman who seems to have no worries. He’s relaxing next to the bank. Pay special attention to how he’s lying, as if he’s waiting for a maestro to complete an unfinished painting. He’d be lucky if he ends up with a nice catch given the amount of effort he appears to be putting into his work.


fishing surprise

I Wasn’t Ready for This

How do you react when you catch fish? You jump with joy, show it to the world, and make sure you have memories in the form of photos or selfies. This trio, however, doesn’t seem to be doing that. The girls are excited but also very surprised. It doesn’t look like they expected to taste success the way they did.


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