Funny Auto Billboards That Are Pure Genius


Advertising has changed a lot since the advent days of public relations. The idea of advertising used to be along the lines of: present the product, make it sound perfect, make it sound professional. It worked for awhile, but then it grew stale. Nowadays, the idea is more along the lines of: be funny, be creative, assume the buyer already has some baseline knowledge, don’t over inform, and most importantly stand out in the crowd.

Well the hilarious car billboards you’re about to see are definitely in-line with that latter definition. These billboards seem almost like they’re aimed to make people laugh rather than enhance knowledge of a product. We think you’re going to love them. For instance, this first one. The Mini Cooper advertisement team has to be one of the best in the game. ‘Hang in there’ referring to the extra space in the Mini Cooper Clubman version. Love it.

Anywhere you can plug your phone in you can plug in your Chevy Volt!

At first I thought this was a coincidence, but then I realized the Polo is so tough that it help up the light pole. That’s a tough Volkswagen!

Above we have part one, and below we have part two. This is funny concept if we have to say so ourselves.

Not even a hundred yards down the road from the Ford Mustang billboard, the Chevy Camaro got its revenge. This is great!

Chrysler makes some pretty darn good minivans – and their billboards aren’t too bad either!

Two things that go well over ice; hard drinks after a long day, and the Mini Cooper Countryman.

There’s got to be an award for highest-quality billboards, and Mini Cooper is in the lead.

Here boy! This Bridgeport BMW (you’ll see them again) billboard is great. Tip of the cap!

We love it when companies go at each other with ingenuity and intensity. The Mercedes ad off to the left was the original billboard, but then the Audi Q5 came in and totally wrecked their idea. Well played.

NOTICE: The Audi R8 GT is in town, and you need to keep right. Just so you know.

The fellas from Marchant Chevrolet are back at it again! After Ford put up a pretty solid billboard for their Ford F-150, about a hundred yards down the road is this genius offering.

Audi tried to come at BMW, but it looks like the Santa Monica BMW got the last word here.

A visual representation of a definite reality, in the medium of an amusing billboard.

Mini Cooper back at it again.

Now this one is involved. The folks who created this Ford Mustang billboard really wanted this one to pop. And pop it does.

Can’t lie: Nissan got us on this Juke billboard. Look closely.

Rude. Fair, but rude.

Here’s that other Bridgeport BMW billboard we promised. These folks are pretty good at this advertising thing.

Just when you thought BMW had Audi by the cojones, they come back and Checkmate the Beemer. Well played!

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