45 Funny Bumper Stickers You Can Buy On Amazon

We’ve all been there; sitting in traffic, going nowhere fast, mindlessly drifting into oblivion, and then you see the car to your left creep up past you and then you see it: the bumper sticker that pulls you out of you glazed-over daydream and you have no choice but to laugh out loud. That’s what we’ve tried to reproduce here. The following bumper stickers made us laugh, smile or shake our head in disbelief. You can purchase any of these for yourself if you like one enough. Just click the hyperlink.

All of these funny bumper stickers on Amazon are enough to make anyone laugh, especially whoever is right behind you in traffic next weekend! The last few on this list are especially hilarious, but all 45 are going to make you happier than you were before you saw them. We hope you enjoy the list. We’ll start off with a classic, easy-going one. The funny part is…this happens entirely too often. This is a great way to start out our list of bumper stickers available on Amazon, because it’s equal parts funny and actually beneficial…….potentially. Get this bumper sticker from Amazon, right here.

This one is for all the guys out there who refuse to ask for or receive directions. Make the driver behind you laugh out loud, order this funny bumper sticker from Amazon today.

Whereas the first bumper sticker on the list was potentially beneficial, this one is just for comic relief. Unless any beer actually does fall out, then we’ve got a serious situation on our hands. Get this bumper sticker right here.

If you can read this, you should probably go ahead and buy this funny bumper sticker in order to make someone laugh while you’re out on the road.

Hey…they make a pretty good point, don’t they? If you drive a stick, you need this funny bumper sticker from Amazon. Get it right here.

If this ain’t the truth! You need this one…just imagine the look on the officer’s face when he sees this!

We’ve seen a bumper sticker telling you to honk if a vehicle part falls off the car, and we’ve seen a bumper sticker telling you to honk if beer falls out. But this one takes the cake! Make someone who is driving behind you howl with laughter, get it today!

Seems like these priorities are a little backwards? Nonetheless, this hilarious bumper sticker can be yours!

Prius fans, look away. And whatever you do, definitely don’t click here.

Although we aren’t 100 percent positive how that works…we still think it’s a pretty funny bumper sticker. Check it out, from Amazon.

Sheesh. Well, at least they know they’re an awful driver? Hopefully this doesn’t describe you. If it does, maybe don’t drive? But if this describes you and you just HAVE to get out on the road, do us all a favor and have this disclaimer of a funny bumper sticker on your car. Much appreciated.

We audibly laughed out loud when we saw this one! This is too funny. Scary, but funny. Be the funniest person behind the wheel of a car in your city when you buy this one.

Stick figure families are so played out. Thank goodness we’re starting to understand that making fun of them is an entire genre of funny bumper sticker in itself. Get this one from Amazon, today.

Call us crazy, but we have no desire to be on this particular team. But hey, that’s just us. Would you want to be a part of this team? If so, join them right here.

Well, isn’t that just kind. Help spread the good vibes by adding this bumper sticker to your collection today.

Ohhh okay…this one is good. This is a funny one because it’s the Jeep icon and the classic Jeep lettering, but when you flip it upside down you’ve got ‘beer’! Get this funny bumper sticker for yourself.

This bumper serves two very specific purposes. Either 1) you are actually a student driver. Or 2) you are pranking your buddy who is an awful driver. Either way, if you need this funny bumper sticker, don’t hesitate to grab it.

Can’t say the driver didn’t warn you. Personally, we don’t like this particular type of attitude out of a driver. But in the name of safety, you can’t argue against it. If this is you, then by all means – let the world know.

This one is great. Timely, funny, and it has to be in a specific spot in order for it to make complete sense. We’d probably give the driver a thumbs up on this one if we saw it out in traffic. Do you like it? If so, feel free to add it to your collection – right here from Amazon.

Not sure if you knew this or not, but there really are people out there that believe in Bigfoot. Are you a Bigfoot believer? Get this bumper sticker from Amazon if you are.

Look out! Hey, listen..this driver is simply behind kind enough to give you a warning. So do yourself a favor and find another lane. Or better yet, a different road entirely. Check out this funny bumper sticker from Amazon right here.

Oh, boy. A bumper sticker that is making fun of bumper stickers. Look out, everyone. This one’s almost too good to be true. You want this one, don’t you?

So rather than a bunch of trashy bumper sticker – you could instead just have this one, massive, wordy bumper sticker. That doesn’t look trashy at all. Not at all, right? Anyways, if you’re wild enough to want it…get it here!

Dang. That seems a little excessive, doesn’t it? Well…see it for yourself, right here.

This one speaks for itself. And laughter is the result. If you’ve got some serious exterior issues on your car, then consider making fun of yourself in the funniest way possible with this funny bumper sticker from Amazon.

The good part about this one is that it can go on pretty much anything. A truck, an ATV, your fridge. No limits here. Buy this funny bumper sticker today!

Woah, woah, woah. Now, that’s uncalled for. I mean, it’s hilarious…but uncalled for! If you want to make someone behind you in traffic laugh – then you need this funny bumper sticker.

We would pay good money to see an officer’s reaction to this bumper sticker. Honestly, there’s probably a few out there who would have to laugh when they saw this one! Get this funny bumper sticker right here.

If you’re as serious about your truck (and who isn’t?) as this guy, then you need this bumper sticker.

He is all that is MAN! If this is you, then let us know by checking out this funny bumper sticker here.

Any “Friends” out there that remember this hilarious scene when the gang was moving the couch up the stairs and all Ross could say was, “Pivot!”? Well, good news is that applies to more than just that moment. Pivoting is a crucial part of being an adult. Check this one out.

Didn’t we all? If this is you…then get this funny bumper sticker right here.

Well, well, well….my how thing’s have changed, huh? This is great. The level of defeat on this driver’s face is probably worth the price of the sticker. Check it out right here.

Same idea, different presentation. Have you ever said you’d never drive a minivan? If so, and especially if you’re currently driving one, this funny bumper sticker is for you.

Here’s to looking at you, kid. You want this bumper sticker, trust us.

It’s funny because it’s true. Check out this funny bumper sticker right here.

What this driver is trying to say is….”I know how fast I’m going. Back off, m’kay?” If you think this bumper sticker is something you want. go ahead and have it sent straight to your door.

For the newer models, this is nonsensical. But for so many classic Ford trucks…65 miles per hour was something to really strive for! This bumper sticker speaks to so many people, so if you’re one of them then give it a look!

The Mini Cooper might not be the best example for this…but we can all think about a car that needs this bumper sticker! Does yours? If so, go ahead and throw it on there today. This funny bumper sticker is available from Amazon right here.

Should it be, “Get Off Me Booty”? It feels a little more piratey…but nonetheless you can have this funny bumper sticker all to yourself.

Well, that’s one way to make sure your airbags are working! Get this sticker, here.

Don’t do anything stupid. Or if you do, at least make sure it doesn’t hurt anyone else…then we can all laugh at you on social media. You can have this funny bumper sticker from Amazon, delivered to your door.

So much angst against the Prius on these bumper stickers! If you agree with this one, let us know by claiming it for yourself!

They don’t need your support. Or do they? We may never know, these NSS folks are always so hard to read. Check out this funny bumper sticker here.

A clever twist on what you’ve seen in this list prior….get off my bumper! Get this one right here from Amazon.