10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Jet Engines



General Electric Engineers Built The First American Jet Engine

10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Jet Engines - Fact 1

This is the first of our “10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About Jet Engines.” A top-secret group of General Electric engineers built the first American jet engine in 1942. The Bell XP-59A, officially the first American jet plane, took off from Lake Muroc in California on October 1, 1942.


Jet Engines Are Significantly More Powerful And Formula-1 Race Cars


The power of one jet engine is equivalent to 28 Formula-1 race cars.



Engineers Structure Jet Engines Around Hours Flown

Jet engine maintenance is structured around hours flown, whereas car engine maintenance is structured around distance driven.



Boeing 707’s Thrust Allows It To Takeoff With A Lot Of Weight


A Boeing 707 aircraft, with a take-off weight of 172,500 pounds, set on a 6-degree angle of climb requires approximately 78,100 pounds of jet engine thrust. The four engines on a Boeing 707 each can supply 22,000 pounds of thrust.


It Takes A Whole Day Or Longer To Replace A Jet Engine


A jet engine can be replaced in 24 hours, if a backup is on hand. An engine that needs to repaired and replaced has a timeline of nearly two months.



The Pratt & Whitney J58 Engines Are Extremely Heavy

The Pratt & Whitney J58, two of which powered the fastest aircraft of all time (SR-71 Blackbird), weighed 6,000 pounds.



There Are More Than 40,000 Parts In Jet Engines


A jet engine consists of over 40,000 parts. The largest of which is the air intake duct, which can measure up to 18 feet in diameter and 12 feet long in some of the largest engines.



Hangers Are Enormous


A typical hangar used for engine maintenance on passenger jets is the size of six football fields, or roughly 130,000 sq. feet.



General Electric Built The Biggest Engine In The World


General Electric’s GE90-115B is currently the biggest engine in the world. It has a diameter of over 10.5 feet and 11,500 pounds of thrust to power the massive Boeing 777s.


Jet Engines Are Expensive


A typical passenger jet engine costs roughly $12 million – $35 million. An entire Boeing 737 passenger jet costs about $102 million.

If you live these, here are 50 little known engine facts!